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Bank fishing gear - 11 awesome tools for shore fishing

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Awesome bank fishing gear!! 11 items for bank fishing. If you like bank fishing or shore fishing here are some awesome items. Some really expensive fishing gear and some really awesome gear. Here is a full review of of my Rod Quiver https://youtu.be/hxHaRTwU0KA Here is a Kelly Kettle video https://youtu.be/wAe-CsTgFus My Cygnet Rod Pod Review https://youtu.be/aglEF3IBbhI My Trakker Wheel Barrow review https://youtu.be/a064q5wpWb8 Bite Alarm Review https://youtu.be/60uQB8Z8oP8 For more information about fishing gear and carp and catfishing check out www.CatsandCarp.com
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