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Panasonic GH5 and Black Magic URSA 4k Green Screen Work

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Doing a quick test on how good the GH5 is on green screen work. I am comparing it to my blackmagic ursa 4k. 4.2.2 10 bit color depth is the minimum needed for greens screen work.
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John E Fly (11 months ago)
What shutter speed were you using when you were testing the blur while moving your hands? For green screen I like a much higher shutter speed to get rid of the blur and leaked green.
John E Fly (11 months ago)
1/60th is all about having natural looking motion blur. However, with the green screen the natural motion blur causes issues making it look not natural again. I would definitely recommend raising the shutter speed to reduce the green motion blur. The motion will obviously look more stuttered, but it looks better than the green bleed through. I look forward to your results!
Wai Lam (11 months ago)
its a 1/60 since im running 30fps, i have not tried running it up more yet.
NURK FPV (11 months ago)
What happened to audio at 1:30? Forget to turn on the overhead?
Wai Lam (11 months ago)
i know its bad, but i did not have time to record that part, this schedule is killer
NURK FPV (11 months ago)
hehe you gotta figure out something to do with your glasses there -- just gives you a hole in your head :P

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