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Jay Leno's Funny Story about Italian Americans in Chicago

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bsullivan7 (1 day ago)
Chicago's Best Italian Beef: Mr. Beef on Orleans - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdmePMFDTuM
Jay Aldrich (14 days ago)
The guy at Mr. Beef showed me the back room where the let Mr. Leno stay when he was just beginning. Used on and off for two years.
SEXY VEGAN (1 month ago)
jay is a great story teller
joe Moschetta (1 month ago)
everyone can be proud of their culture but as soon as an italian is we hear or the trash talk ,well i think we are great in every way and jay was funny as all ,and italians make up large populations in so many different countries and italy is the stuff so be it
Gioacchino Catanese (1 month ago)
World without italians? So boring! Love from 🇮🇹 😙
Jackandmel (2 months ago)
Leno has the typical southern Italian looking face , I know because I have the exact same features
enemigo 505 (2 months ago)
Lenos one of the last greats. We'll appreciate him when hes gone, not that i would wish such a thing.
JENDALL714 (2 months ago)
I knew an Italian guy from Chicago who used to work with me repairing computers. This lady brought in a really old computer and wanted it repaired, it was her dead son's computer, she just wanted it working since it was her son's computer. "Whadda 'ya mean, you want to this old piece of crap working?" "Lady, I know it's your dead son's computer, but I'm no miracle worker, whadda 'ya want me to do?". She runs out crying. "Whadda I say?"
Rick Manzuk (2 months ago)
My family owns fontanos subs best in the nation
Joseph B (4 months ago)
Too many late night shows these days. Seth Myers sucks, not funny at all.
Lymbe06 (4 months ago)
That guy couldn't be funny if his life depended on it. Which one you say? Either one.
1 Alsaidi (7 months ago)
A lot of people say Italian people are racist There not racist They just gotta shit on everyone
Clay (7 months ago)
I thoght this Leno was an arrogant big man, full of sexy women around him....insted I learnt he has been married to the same woman for many many years, no other women, no scandals, no drug, not even alcohol, nothing, he is really a nice guy !
DontNeedToKnow84 (7 months ago)
What’s up with all these butthurt Italians. Foh
Atheist Mind (8 months ago)
Leno has more money than god !
Marc Pyskaty (8 months ago)
Al’s beef is better then Mr. Beef
FM L (8 months ago)
Seth Meyers sucks, he had Leno on his show to help boost his ratings.
MrItaliano1900 (8 months ago)
the most important presenters, actors and singers in america are Italians or Jews, why? it's my curiosity, can someone answer me?
Negation F (4 months ago)
+67claudius I didn't think of it that way, but yes, that sounds accurate.
67claudius (4 months ago)
+Negation F So Italians and Jews turned discrimination into an opportunity.
Negation F (7 months ago)
Because in the early 1900's, Italians and Jews were barred from certain big businesses in New York. As such, many of them tried to make their fortunes in the entertainment industry, where such discrimination didn't exist.
GeorgeBridgetower (8 months ago)
I once heard a joke that Seth Meyers comes across like an overeager pediatrician.
Ken Mendoza (8 months ago)
Leno looked like Stallone without steroids
Q8 Fly (8 months ago)
Go to Italy & you’ll Think twice of the italians
adsf (9 months ago)
i want to break his fat chin with a baseball bat
Mob olios (9 months ago)
If you like...that then you'll love... Mobsters... a comedy tv show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cesG3EuSuBo
Sweden721127 (9 months ago)
Miss you Leno <3
Soxfan73 (9 months ago)
I love Mr. Beef!!! It`s a little pricey but the beef sandwiches are on point!!!
P 3 (9 months ago)
He is WRONG....Best beef in Chicago is Johnnies. BY FAR !!
Quentin 33 (9 months ago)
Lenos the Greek !
PasswordBosco (9 months ago)
Leno, make all the fun you want of the soft Italians, but if you insult we Sicilians you'll get your ugly, half moon face broken. Come over here and try us. Please.....
Dan S. (9 months ago)
Al is better at hyping his sandwiches, but Mr. Beef makes a better sandwich.
Chitown Cat (9 months ago)
I love Mr. Beef, but I love Al's even more!!!!
Bonzi Buddy (9 months ago)
Seth is suck a cuck.
A Jacob (10 months ago)
well fuck mr Beef lol not going there no more.
udrdoug (10 months ago)
If an Italian said Leno as a plural wouldn't it be Leni
einsjam (10 months ago)
Feged about itt
Italian Troutaholic (10 months ago)
lets be polite..........FUCKING FIRM!!!!!!!!!!!
Max (10 months ago)
Adoro gli stereotipi che gli americani hanno su noi italiani, così ci sentiamo meno in colpa quando di loro pensiamo che siano il popolo più ignorante, tonto, grasso, ipocrita del mondo ! Trump è il loro degno Presidente...
The Sabature (10 months ago)
Italian peoples !!
OceanBlue (10 months ago)
What would his grandpa say if he saw a black guy sucking on a watermelon?...😂.
Matteo Cadamuro (10 months ago)
Bacio Global (10 months ago)
Leno is Italian as the Irish are black.
Simone Reghitto (1 day ago)
+Kassidy Farrell the stereotypical italian looks more like a Mexican or a Turkish,surely not italian.
SammyT (2 months ago)
Italian father and Scottish mother; he said it many times.
Bacio Global (9 months ago)
You definitely don't know your Italians If anything he looks looks he is from Calabria!
Kassidy Farrell (9 months ago)
He probably is Italian but looks more like a Northern Italian.I would know because I am Italian that grew up in Chicago but when I tell people i'm Italian they don't think I am because I don't look like the stereotypical Italian (dark hair,dark skin,and dark eyes) I have light eyes olive toned skin and light hair which makes people think I am Irish, but I see where you are coming from because he looks like he could be Irish or something.
Bacio Global (10 months ago)
9am? give me a break.
Gene Bone (10 months ago)
terrible chicago accent
michael (10 months ago)
Seth is so annoying.
Mark Arpiu (10 months ago)
Best beef in Chicago is, "Johnny's" in Elmwood park, Than "Portillo" all over town than it's "Bona Beef" all over town.....Than it's Al's" all over rated...
FSEVENMAN (10 months ago)
blonde Jay Leno? Really?? Jay Leno it's about as blonde as the pubic hairs on my butthole
Aleman (11 months ago)
Linos tha chin
Carlos Gonzalez (11 months ago)
Buona beef baptized... delicious.
greenguy4u (11 months ago)
How is this Seth guy in the entertainment industry????
Elijah (11 months ago)
Jay leno was the best late night host
John Smith (11 months ago)
Italian AMERICANS are not real Italians anymore.
Slex Magick (24 days ago)
depends how many generations deep in america the family is
joe Moschetta (1 month ago)
yes we are what are you dirty irish
Ennio Paone (2 months ago)
+antonio gutierrez jr Idk how it was in America, but in the Netherlands all Italians used to get discriminized, not just the Sicilians.
San Tommaso (2 months ago)
Flowers & Roses 10 wrong Italy is part of Europe, Germany is a hunnic shithole
AbstraktZ (3 months ago)
+Flowers & Roses 10 No you're wrong, the majority of Europe and Africa are still native to their specific countries.
Juan Billion (11 months ago)
Jay is a legend of late night t.v, and the other guy is working hard to become the worst of all time on late night.
odeerg (11 months ago)
I never like him on the tonight show really, but anywhere else he is really funny and tells great stories and is great to listen to.
Racist grandpa
golden child (11 months ago)
I remember when Jay was just a stand up comedian. He'd come to Chicago and be on the air with Steve and Gary and he'd always KILL it. Steve and Gary would be laughing hysterically at Jay just being himself.
screenfixer (11 months ago)
I'm southern italian ...and this is very funny...
G Bae (2 days ago)
KRALTAIR47 (1 year ago)
Miss Jay Leno
IncognitQ (1 year ago)
http://www.alsbeef.com/ it worked...I wanna visit the place now!
lovestabia97 (1 year ago)
I m italian can someone translate please. Also in english because for me it s difficult to understand
Gianfranco Rutigliano (1 year ago)
La battuta è questa: il fatto è che Tony è un capo ed va da uno strizzacervelli... the fact is that Tony is a "capo" and had to see a shrink"
Johnny Yum (1 year ago)
John Wilkerson (1 year ago)
Usually, the head italian is an obese wop, so the back of the chair supports his disgusting gut, so that's why they sit in chairs backwards.
Sideshow Bob (1 year ago)
Tell the one when you hid in a closet . Shady and Slimy are his best attributes.
Frances Van Siclen (1 year ago)
who is this little geek myers anyway ?
Frances Van Siclen (1 year ago)
We love Jay! He is funny without being a pig (like many others)! Plus, he has gorgeous hair !
Gall ery (9 months ago)
Amazing hair indeed.
Michael V (1 year ago)
Jay has morphed into Maury from Goodfellas.
Ken Kunz (1 year ago)
An Italian beef from Chicago... the best food in the World.
Elzurdico (1 month ago)
you gotta travel more man
Ram4 (4 months ago)
It can be, but a lot of people have not had most of the best joints around the area. You have to drive far to get to many of them.
Ante Geia (1 year ago)
He ate so many times there that he became like a specialist so they trully wanted to hear his opinion lol you know am saying ? Haha man , Leno must love this place
Killershootin 69 (1 year ago)
On Seth Meyer's...fuck...Seth Meyers is such a fucking beta male bitch boy
young5ever (1 year ago)
Jeez even Leno has more charisma and character than that cocksucker Meyers
Sandy Lee (1 year ago)
O irish PLEASE!!! "i" talian as can be!!¿ Lookin like jewish wedding that b . Readin, (((leno))), like meiyr, the horse face can be. JEWLLYWOOD!!!
Dannysubliminal (1 year ago)
I love how Americans are so confused by their identities, I mean your great great grandfather could of been italian but yet you still think you're 100% Italian lol. You don't speak a word of it, you've never been there and probably couldn't point it out on the map but you're italian, its hilarious.
voetballiekesman (15 days ago)
they may dress a bit americanised...off course...and a lot only know some words from granddad or father...but you can see they originate from south italy...the loud dressing and all...
Loom Fruit (1 month ago)
when somebody says they re italian or irish or german they dont mean they are from either country but they mean they carry the particular blood in them
Ennio Paone (2 months ago)
My grandfather says I'm Italian so why should I care about the opinion of some opinion online?
Ryan Harrington (3 months ago)
+Bill C-16 exactly! Great point amd example.
Flowers & Roses 10 (4 months ago)
Big Richard If that’s true, then ask my husband who was born and raised in Salerno likes me, I’m American.
Monty Kia (1 year ago)
I'm still with Coco <3
Viva Freedom (1 year ago)
I don’t think Jay has insulted Italians. Most people know about the great contributions that Italians have made to the world of culture, art, science, etc. Mafia is something entertaining and hence a topic for many American movies. I don’t think jokes or movies about Mafia diminish or overshadow the great contributions of Italians.
yevgeni10 (1 year ago)
No offence but Italian Mafia was unfortunately a fact.
Melania MoneyPenny (1 year ago)
leno is much funnier as a guest
Andy Johnson (10 months ago)
definitely I think that he was just getting for bored as the host towards the end.
baba yaga (1 year ago)
or as his grandfather called it...... food
Nitro Express (1 year ago)
watch Jay Leno on the Joe Rogan channel. it's great!
jane dais (1 year ago)
They introduced mafia style crime to US cities and ongoing even as they struggle for respectability
Smart Super Affiliate (1 year ago)
Love Jay!
madcurls (1 year ago)
You gotta love Jay Leno. I saw him only once at a SEMA show in Las Vegas. I wanted to shake his hand but he was surrounded by people. One of these days I will.
Amy Clements (1 year ago)
Seth just doesn't get it, he's trying to be "politically correct". His loss and Jay's GAIN! Keep up the good work Jay, you are one of the FUNNIEST GUYS I KNOW!!
Journeyman (1 year ago)
Never get enough of Jay's humor...
Joe Kacmarynski (1 year ago)
I love Jay. One of my favorite entertainers and probably the hardest working man in Hollywood. However, I read his book 'Leading With My Chin' and was very upset about his comment regarding a visit to Des Moines in the 1970s. He stated he saw an advertisement for 'PIZZA, the NEW TASTE Sensation (sic)'. I'm now unsure if Jay has ever been to Des Moines. Des Moines has a large Italian population and many Italian restaurants with very fine Italian food and even PIZZA. I grew up in Des Moines during the 50's and 60s' and enjoyed the fine Italian food including Pizza, Spaghetti and even Guinea Grinders.
Boat Axe (1 year ago)
Al’s beef was good but they over expanded and the quality suffered, Mr beef is still good, but the best is Gino’s in Bensenville!
Pontiac GrandPrix73 (1 year ago)
I'm Italian and I can take a joke, it's all good we got nothing to be ashamed of, ethnic people who take offense obviously have something that hits a nerve in the joke, well hey that's life
Joe R (1 year ago)
Gratci toto
Tommy Casidy (1 year ago)
I'm Italian and thought this was a fair assumption of the way some of us act. Someday in the distant future we will learn to laugh at ourselves and not be so politically correct , maybe someday we will see that we are all one race living on one planet and just a product of our conditioning.
Davíd Fandéz (7 months ago)
Tommy Casidy gringo
Davíd Fandéz (7 months ago)
Tommy Casidy cazzo
despicabledog (8 months ago)
non sei italiano, stai zitto
S. Whites (1 year ago)
lol, are you sure that you are italian? I doubt it
S. Whites (1 year ago)
Sono d'accordo sul fatto di usare un nome diverso (anche se inutile dato che google è collegato a facebook e youtube) ma non riesco a immaginare il tuo nome. Dove vivi?
Carol Benson (1 year ago)
Jay Leno hilarious!
phdfxwg Fischercat (1 year ago)
I had a small italian 5 ft 100 lbs gave me my last black eye !!
CGFields (1 year ago)
Jay fucked over Conan 🖕🏽
Gail Raby (1 year ago)
A-mericans thinking they're I-talian is funny.. culturally grabbing onto anything European yet hating everything that isn't A-merican..
Frankie Basile (4 months ago)
Gail Raby Yet you have never been to a Italian American area,come to Brooklyn were our heritage is everywhere,very different from regular civilian Americans and the rest of the confused Lil sheep,don't talk about stuff you know nothing about Lil Gail.....Morte Prima Di Disonore ...putana
al bundy (7 months ago)
Gail ,dont you get it that the freak calling himself shekel, holocaust ,lampshade, is a vile bigot ? just ignore him ,isolation is the only way to shut them up.
Gail Raby (10 months ago)
+Malachi Shekelshoah Lampshadestein Italian, were they not on the Nazi side in the war?
Rabbi Goldovich (10 months ago)
i don't know what your talking about but my dad has italian ancestry
Gail Raby (10 months ago)
+Malachi Shekelshoah Lampshadestein you're only "half" European? what half top or bottom ? I don't know how people quantify a percentage of how much Europe they have, my father was from the Ukrainian as were both his murdered (1939) parents, my mother was English as were all her family, myself I was born in England, my wife her mother was English and her father was from Mauritius (RAF 1937- 1960) brought him to Britain.. so my son.. he was born in England, as was his Girlfriend although her father was from India. they have a little girl, born in England is she 12/57th European?
rpsimons58 (1 year ago)
I agree with comment from Flores. Al’s #1 Beef Sandwich is the best. Little Italy Chicago. Then across the street for the best Italian ice in the city.
Jack Herer (1 year ago)
A lot like Ukrainians!
Bradford Eaton (1 year ago)
When I was in the service my best friend was a Sicilian kid from South Jersey. I'd go home with him on leave sometimes and his family would take me in as if I was one of their own. They are some of the most loving and wonderful people that I have ever known.
Karl Nordquist (1 year ago)
Mr. Beef on Orleans! Musta eaten there 2-3 times a week in the 80's & 90's when I was a bike messenger!
moonlighter6 (1 year ago)
Forgot to mention Jay, it's always gravy never sauce.
helpmenow7 (7 months ago)
That’s bs you musta be from Philadelphia
Vince Veloce (11 months ago)
moonlighter6 In Italian, its called salsa (i.e) sauce, not gravy or even ragu. That seems just like your bastardisation of the term 'Goomba" when you are trying to say "Compare or cumpari".
uhadme (1 year ago)
Lorne Michaels
mrabrasive51 (1 year ago)
Aay,maybe some day you could do a favor for Al's beef!..just sayin!
Migele G (1 year ago)
Yeah yeah sure and none of them speaks italian. All very much italians in the US......
keepit1oo (1 year ago)
I just checked out your video, it was litttt!! Keep it up and check out my channel if you get the chance!!!
Filomena Cam (1 year ago)
Love leno and i love Mr beef to from Chicago
Filomena Cam (1 year ago)
Gordon Reiher (1 year ago)
Filomena Cam Mr. Beef makes great meatball sandwiches, too.
PolinGuira (1 year ago)
jay leno have arabian blood

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