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Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010 (Platos Atlantis Spécial Edition)

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HD and long version Watch more Alexander McQueen Fashion Show on my playlist Alexander McQueen almost all Show in HD 5 Exclusives Version HD (720p) FULL FASHION SHOW (17'21) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_2bBiAZgXk HD (720p) RTW FULL FASHION SHOW (5'03) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e26Gws4-slw HD (720p) RTW SHOW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2pv6QquKFQ HD (720p) PART 1/2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7n5CUuMPPM HD (720p) PART 2/2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2EEYXksjtc **Selgi14✞
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Text Comments (540)
Sou estudante de design de moda...sempre fico impressionada com os desfiles...mas hj senti êxtase ao ver uma exposição de arte e de moda , mesmo 9 anos depois desse show, contemplei uma exposição de arte mesclando conceito e comercial de uma forma contemporânea jamais vista. Como pode algo tão incrível? É muito massa! Como se diz aqui no Ceará...Eita homi arretado de bom! Uma pena que suicidou-se Alexander McQueen. Com certeza muita arte ainda poderíamos apreciar.
*_walk a mile in these louboutins_* *_but they don't wear this shit where I'm from_*
Cinta Indonesia (14 days ago)
getnasty08 (15 days ago)
This — I can’t find the words. The one and only show in this history of fashion that renders me truly, truly, awe struck and speechless. It makes me feel, but not want to open my mouth in the event all the feelings inside fly out.
Chrissi (20 days ago)
Respect how the models managed to walk in these things so effortlessly, even looking straight ahead the whole time. Fast too. I can't even walk that well in flats
Ali Productions (21 days ago)
5:57 amazing😍
Montrosesister12 (1 month ago)
I’m so happy I’m a homosexual
Montrosesister12 (1 month ago)
먀옹 (1 month ago)
Fashion is not art but McQueen did art, and He have super amazing pattern skill
Brunhylda Spell (1 month ago)
McQueen...!!! 🖤😭
Diane R (2 months ago)
Bizarre. Uncomfortable.
sofia van der hoock (2 months ago)
Nirośe니로스 (3 months ago)
지랄하고 자빠졌네ㅋㅋㅋ 신발만 팔거야? 모델들 걷는 거 조마조마해서 발밖에 안보이네;;
Robert G (3 months ago)
A triumph of dressmaking.
Joygernaut M (3 months ago)
It’s hard to admire the clothes when the women wearing them are so émaciated. They look like they just escaped from a concentration camp:(
coco harm (4 months ago)
If I saw one of these walking around outside at night, I'd freak out.
Zorian (4 months ago)
Saw Lady Gaga wear those Egg shoes. Some of the Models walk like their feet hurt and they are way too skinny. But then it WAS 2010. Too much Runway gimmickry though. I would have been so mad having to crane around those stupid machines to see the garments. His designs are almost bug like. Somewhat similar to what Thierry Mugler was doing in the 70's with slight variances. Seen this decades ago.
Landy82c (4 months ago)
这样 就赢了!
Landy82c (4 months ago)
哗! 你今天穿得很 唐 喔!
Landy82c (4 months ago)
The question is..... can everyone wear like this ? At this century?
Zita Lopes (4 months ago)
characteristic of Futurism Very Iconic....Masterpiece
J Smith (5 months ago)
These models look insect-like...very dramatic and fantastically done with those armadillo shoes. Omg. They're soo skinny.
레이첼 (5 months ago)
Bgm is little scary
kássio Winícius (5 months ago)
I love Alexander McQueen.
L B (5 months ago)
The legendary collection and the legendary Armadillo heels
Narineh Vardumyan (5 months ago)
He was a genius. I cried watching his shows. They just turned me inside out.
Casey Williams (5 months ago)
This is beyond. They Jelly Fish dress is up there with my other favorite works of art. I watch this on a regular basis for inspiration.
Littly Snakez (5 months ago)
Casey Williams same
jcdelsante (6 months ago)
This show gives me hope in humanity.
Illary Perez (6 months ago)
orribles diseños de alexander
Darcy (6 months ago)
Lady Gaga brought me here
David Nolasco (6 months ago)
It looks painful and uncomfortable
Sophisticated Slut (6 months ago)
I just bought a pair of the armadillo boots!
Jonathan Castillo (7 months ago)
I miss him everyday
Mia R (7 months ago)
no models of color:( as usual
Justin rodriguez (7 months ago)
drag queen designer WHO
Prince Muhammad (8 months ago)
Man I do miss Tanya @ 9:40 !!
Vludi (8 months ago)
what's the music 9:25?
josh gordon (8 months ago)
This was fashion history
Jackie M (7 months ago)
Dat de la Cuisine (8 months ago)
This is future!
Việt Đỗ Tú (8 months ago)
Rest in your imagination heaven Alexander McQueen. You will live in our fashion mind eternally with your incredible talent, your legacy marked a footprint on the fashion world forever
한myung yun (8 months ago)
It is such a sad show.
Brian About Town (8 months ago)
Pure genius
Evgeny Z (9 months ago)
Genius... Btw, one of these Armadilllo boots were sold at Christie's for USD 161k: https://onlineonly.christies.com/s/handbags-accessories/pair-python-armadillo-boots-1/18193
MARIO CARRASCO (9 months ago)
RICOLOKO (9 months ago)
Truly magnificent. Rest In Peace my king.💗
blueboxjuggler (9 months ago)
Alexander McQueen was way ahead of his time. I cannot believe he got so many bad critiques about his work earlier. He made the models look otherwordly, majestic and ethereal. Th whole show is just a one big moving painting.
Will Reddish (9 months ago)
I literally want those shoes lol
Xxezioxx (10 months ago)
John McVeigh (10 months ago)
He had demons in his head IMO and expressed them on the catwalk, a big shame he couldn't control them RIP
Yolalicious (10 months ago)
wow! i still love 99% of that show! beautiful outfits.
Ian P (11 months ago)
I wish they didn’t use lady gaga music at the end. Other than that - it was a phenomenal collection.
AnthonyyRT (11 months ago)
itsrafa (11 months ago)
Love & Connection (1 year ago)
I miss the creative beast that was McQueen. Bravo to the models for being able to walk in those heels.
Reign OF Is REAL (1 year ago)
Kloss pretty much looks a smooth criminal @ around 9:01 .... I admire that walk. 🔫😍
lisa evers (1 year ago)
Aside from the fashions themselves, what I want to know is... WHO is responsible for the concept and execution behind the set design... the use of the constantly-roving, robot-like video cams that seem to have brains of their own, on tracks...the screen 'visuals' and lighting....the hair...the makeup, etc? All of it is pure genius....so utterly arresting that it brings me to tears! When I went to see the McQueen exhibit at The Met (maybe around 2012 or so?) , I just gasped at so many points during the exhibit...just shaking my head in disbelief at the genius...the beauty.....of McQueen's vision....but also about the exhibit curator and design as well. Whomever arranged and executed that exhibit did a spectacular job and, imho, truly and completely honored McQueen. When I saw the hologram of Kate Moss, that too brought me to tears. Just so beautiful!
Everett Rubio (1 year ago)
Teddy Bear (1 year ago)
The camera is way to far away sucks
Waiting Room (1 year ago)
always pure work of art everything he ever did <3
Putar Te (1 year ago)
This collection is still the most thrilling amazing and iconic show ever!!! The art is insane
Tj Finley (1 year ago)
His career was a bad romance
buffalo birdie (1 year ago)
14:25 she loses her footing and nearly takes a dive.
MsHardendheartt (1 year ago)
OMGGGGG I love this!!
Adriano (1 year ago)
This will be remembered and talked out long gone after you and me are gone from this earth. Exquisite.
Jhon Lloyd Magdugo (1 year ago)
All is I see is Lady Gaga. 🔥😍💋
Isa E (1 year ago)
Her legs OMG!
Teddy Kurniawan (1 year ago)
This is such a legendary collection from legendary fashion master..love this so much!!! And look the models put the exquisite walking technique..some people still hunt for this pieces..preloved or pristine if i have lot of money i will do it also.
Eugenia Islas (1 year ago)
¡Simplemente fantástico e hipnotico! Amo por siempre Alexander Mc Queen
zhihuatanio1 (1 year ago)
Terror, bloodthirsty, aggression, oppression, passing through the ultimate beauty of death.
Septian Wicaksono (1 year ago)
Too gold to old
gustavo gonzalez (1 year ago)
Is there Evan still talent like this ? Circa 2018
Michael Triangle (1 year ago)
Erick Bitch (1 year ago)
MightBeHeavenleigh (1 year ago)
The third girl slayed those shoes
bedru mohammed (1 year ago)
Wow no one fell
Trumpy Cat (1 year ago)
They’re like new cars going down the runway .. I can’t explain it better..
Earl Joseph (1 year ago)
GOD I miss this.. McQueen was a master at silhouettes; so inspiring. We lost a pure genius.
This shoes scard me!!!
Ellie 69 (1 year ago)
Magdalena opening the show was just perfect! I could watch her walk for hours
Rolando Benitez (1 year ago)
Este 20 de Febrero Del 2018 es Carnaval de los Transvestis En Atlatlahucan Del Estado De Morelos
Thxshyt (1 year ago)
Legendary moment debut of gagies most iconic song
darius enoch (1 year ago)
Heidi T. (1 year ago)
This is DEMONIC!😈 Horrid! Ugly!! Satan inspired! How boring robotic models😑
galaxiid (1 year ago)
playlist anyone?
Sterling Infinity (1 year ago)
Savage and graceful
Rafa Herrera (1 year ago)
Magdalena Motherfucking Frackowiak coming throught ready to slay everybody at the venue.
Alexandria Bast (1 year ago)
cuajeron (1 year ago)
I wonder if those shoes were actually comfortable and had a good ballance. They look like the opposite, just by the shoes themselves and the way the models walk..
YouTubeMaster2949 (1 year ago)
Shoes look AMAZING but how can they walk in those shoes?
lolarocco99 (1 year ago)
I'm watching again!! RIP
Ozymandias (1 year ago)
That is the real fashion.
malcolm CHAULET (1 year ago)
Musique ?
Bo Dez (1 year ago)
Still makes me want to cry. This was fashions swan song, it has never been the same.
Bo Dez (1 year ago)
Best show ever. There is still a hole left in the world now that Lee is gone.
stancexpunks (1 year ago)
Марат Каир (1 year ago)
Yunlong Zhang (2 years ago)
still, fucking B E A U T I F U L
symplectomorphism (2 years ago)
that little bounce in Karlie's step and the death stare just KILLED me
phrr3 (2 years ago)
who did the remix of Pig's Inside for this show?
craig harrison (2 years ago)
Magic!................miss him!

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