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Leonard Nimoy in Sea Hunt

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The Shipwreck (Season 1, Episode 30) (1958)
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aleon1018 (5 months ago)
I was young once too. Maybe there's a Leonard Nimoy clone out there somewhere.. RIP ..or not.
ARQUITECTOSTAR (11 months ago)
ARQUITECTOSTAR (11 months ago)
Bill Murray (1 year ago)
What the Hell no Spock Ears! Just Beam out Spock problem solved!
Marc Ziegenhain (1 year ago)
Spock, you should've go to camping again with Kirk and Bones.
Larrymh07 (2 years ago)
His behavior is highly illogical.
Glpi lpi (2 years ago)
Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking.
PsycheodeliaDelle (2 years ago)
You could tell he's Jewish, but he's fucking hot.
Lala Lulu (3 years ago)
all wet and sexy, fuck I fell in love
ProjectFlashlight612 (6 years ago)
By this time, my lungs were aching for SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHCK. :)
meridethtohayes (6 years ago)
What a Great Clip! I'm confused as to why she apologizes at the end, though. She must have what'cha call yer Self Esteem Issues. Thanks!
CHANNEL HAS MOVED. (6 years ago)
4:16 Left side of screen...LEG!!! XD Not sure if Leonard's...looks kind of disembodied When Leonard Nimoy dies I will never be the same...
helenmarko (6 years ago)
I Love this show! It comes on at 2:30 AM in this area! Has anyone seen the show with his son, Beau Bridges, when Beau was probably 18 or 19 years of age? I agree with Wilk196161 that Lloyd was a "Bad Ass!..." Thanks for sharing, Amalie1701B.
E Coli (2 months ago)
I love this show, too. It used to come on at 3am where I lived. His son has been in a lot of shows. My favorite show of his was afternoon specials.
Keith Wilson (6 years ago)
very funny
JAVOMAN (7 years ago)
They were cool.
stokepogue (7 years ago)
dominique raymond (7 years ago)
3:22 i can reply a hundred times
MrGchiasson (7 years ago)
It's funny, I've recently seen Leonard Nimoy in episodes of "Elliot Ness, Untouchables", "Combat" and now "Seahunt"...all from 58' to 65'......
hebneh (7 years ago)
There was a continuing scary wind noise on the soundtrack throughout a lot of this, but no visible wind - and no storm occurred either, which I thought the wind was intended to warn us of. But things were bad enough for these poor folks anyway.
kittykatBflat (7 years ago)
DAmn. yeah I.. damn.
Debra Girard (7 years ago)
Gotta love those whit short shorts!
kittykatBflat (7 years ago)
@pataphysician66 agreed unf
Melamagod (7 years ago)
oh... Lloyd reminds me of Liam Neeson.
denatonia (7 years ago)
Debra Girard (7 years ago)
@coonoocoo I also used to watch this show at five years of age. Love Lloyd. But what a dope his character was! I didn't realize this until I started watching the late night reruns.
Debra Girard (7 years ago)
@kittykatBflat Nimoy was a cutie!
Debra Girard (7 years ago)
I just started watching these old episodes on tv. What a hoot! I didn't realize how stupid Bridges' character Mike was. He is supposed to be admired, but in every episode he gets hired by some crook who uses him to commit crimes, unbeknownst to him)or his bosses get greedy and try to kill him. He needs to have better judgement. One episode Bridges punches his boss in the face, and then continues to do his dirty work for him- Hahaa dumb fuck!
kittykatBflat (7 years ago)
emo of the 50's
Angel Luis (8 years ago)
I am talking about Lloyd Bridges.
Angel Luis (8 years ago)
Favorite Tv show when I was 5 1/2 years living in Monterey, California, . Saw him in person (1970- 1971) San Juan, PR at the former Sheraton Hotel.
kyle geyser (8 years ago)
Not very logical.
Melazzee (8 years ago)
Oh man, Leonard Nimoy is so hot in this :P If only I was born back then rather than the 90's, blech.
Alyssa K. (8 years ago)
ah, wet leonard nimoy. that'll make anybody's day better. :D
Anjalime (9 years ago)
HE should have done Baywatch!!! Trunks were made for him.
ncmountaingal1960 (9 years ago)
Mr. Spock as a 20 year old. He looks so different with longer hair. If I didn;t know it was him, I don't think I would have recognized him!
Jessica Ess (9 years ago)
i wish i was Leonard's tighty whities!! <w<
Zurcness (9 years ago)
It's good that the girl asked him to forgive her...for a minute there I thought she was straight up CRAZY saying that she never wanted him to touch her again, lol. He's just too sexy for that kind of talk! XD
JohnnyDeppFan1433 (9 years ago)
I can't believe how INSANELY SEXY he is here!!!!!!!
David Sullivan (9 years ago)
It is absolutely hilarious to see an EMOTIONAL Leonard Nimoy. Great to see this...!
Catherine Ottinger (9 years ago)
(Sigh) I'm not sure if he's sexier younger or older...of course, this was a serious role. I'm more addicted to seeing him smile...
vixtopher (10 years ago)
HGAFHSDAH!!!! What a Fox! Thanks so much for uploading this!!!
VampireBiscuits (10 years ago)
Thank you for uploading this video! Always a great surprise to see these Leonard gems/clips. :)
Llaaseil (10 years ago)
Great post! I always loved SeaHunt as a kid. It is neat to see a yound Leonard Nimoy, too. Thanks!

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