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WOW! Magic lipstick that CHANGES COLOR! +24 hours long lasting moisturizing ALOE VERA + BEESWAX!

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NEW! LINK TO BUY!!! AMAZING everlasting magic lipstick. Changes color when applied on your lips, stays up to 24 hours or more and moisturizes your lips thanks to Aloe Vera and Beeswax. BUY HERE http://vestidosyzapatos.es/cat/belleza-oriental/ Perfect for long nights and weekends, or even every day when applying a little! Review: http://livingextremekawaii.blogspot.com.es/ ORDER HERE, SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! :-) http://vestidosyzapatos.es/cat/belleza-oriental/ Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (42)
blau Mond (5 months ago)
This lipstick is found also in algeria and other arabic countries , it's not a lipstick that only morrocans have , and absolutely it's not made by them ,
Corynne D'Aragon (6 months ago)
Merci pour cette présentation , du coup je me suis laissée tenter par les rouges à lèvre VERT du MAROC et j’ai acheté toutes les couleurs sur eBay France pour une misère et ils sont vraiment géniaux ,c’est aussi une base idéale hydratante pour mes lipstick matte , et il peut faire office de blush .
Lucky Lakshmi (6 months ago)
Wow.. Thanks very nice video 😍 I want to buy them😀 Is it safe to use daily?? Does it have high chemicals? Plz rply...
Hanzla Khan (7 months ago)
Green lipstick sa lips black nai hota ya hota ha
Choirun Nazwa Chintya (7 months ago)
arbian lipstik
Vitamin K Cee (1 year ago)
Where can I buy these? 😭😭😭
Amy Linett (10 months ago)
Hello! You can order them here: https://vestidosyzapatos.es/cat/belleza-oriental/
Aisy Muzaffar (1 year ago)
I have some question?? This is halal or not???
Amy Linett (10 months ago)
Hello! Yes, I believe based on the ingredients that they are. No animal ingredients nor alcohol :-) Hope it helps! Take a look at the colours here: https://vestidosyzapatos.es/cat/belleza-oriental/
pardi aza (1 year ago)
Saya punya yang hijau
JNX_ kp-popers (1 year ago)
Saya punya yang biru
Anzida official (1 year ago)
حنا تنقولو ليه العفريت
لاشياء القديمة لصفحة موضة ههههههه
lola mmm (1 year ago)
كله عند
منتوج مغربي اسهه هنا بوس متخاف هههه
هههههههههههه ضحكيتيني والله صح ايبوس ميروحش الماجيك اومتقعدش لاتراس تاع البوسة كيما اخرجتي من الدار كيما تدخلي افار معاه والله ....ماجيك.. هههههههههههه
love you (10 months ago)
+fatima mohammad تمن ديالو 5dh او لي عيان 2dh sayi
fatima mohammad (1 year ago)
الهدوء شخصيتي اختي واش ولاو فيه ألوان ...وشحال داير الثمن كنظن غيطلع الثمن الى بدا كيصدروه
corn head (1 year ago)
I have green and black😁😁
corn head (1 year ago)
I have it
Miss Meeow (1 year ago)
What song is this???
Amy Linett (10 months ago)
Free song probably from https://www.bensound.com/
Peace Beuponyou (1 year ago)
Miss Meeow This is the theme song for ‘Secure Team’. 👽
rizky aulia (1 year ago)
that's arabian lipstick, i love that
Esha Khalid (2 years ago)
I already have one.Its my favourite and i use it daily
Hanzla Khan (7 months ago)
Iska use sa lips black tu nai hota na
Amy Linett (10 months ago)
And it´s great, right? I also use one and it´s the best moisturizer I could ever find . Surprising how so many brands and none work. Also for me the lush honey lip balm "honey pot" I think it´s called, works well. Any other brand? Lies! Little tip: a drop of honey on lips before going to sleep
Pepified _ (2 years ago)
I have the green one it stains ur lips for like a week(maybe 2 days) but it's cute
Aloosh علوش (2 years ago)
I have the black one
Aloosh علوش (2 years ago)
+keep believing no,its black,but when you put it turns into dark purple
keep believing (2 years ago)
oh !! is it makes your lips black ??? i want it badddd -_-
Kami Sone (2 years ago)
يااا الماجييك تحيا الماجيك هو ارخس مستحضر تجميل عرفته مع انه نتيجته روععععة في الجزائر ثمنه رخييييس
Israa Abir (8 months ago)
+farah mezrag خمسة الاف
cutie bybel (1 year ago)
شحال يتباع ؟
Sophie theunicorn (2 years ago)
I have the green one and it stains your lips for days
A (2 years ago)
same here unfortunately, stains :/
Angela Hill (2 years ago)
they have a black one too
Khatija Memon (2 years ago)
they r nt permanent i hav a box of thiz
afaf nabil (3 years ago)
وأخيرا وصلكم الماجيك
Ikrame Outmouhine (3 years ago)
there is also yellow and blue i know that cause i'm morrocan !
Ikrame Outmouhine (3 years ago)
there is also yellow and blue i know that cause i'm morrocan !

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