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Budget Magic: Mono-Green Monument vs Four-Color Control (Match 1)

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Our opponent is playing a mishmash of the best control card in the format, can we sneak in under their counters, removal and sweepers and trample our way to victory? Let's find out! ► Read more about this deck (full article): https://www.mtggoldfish.com/articles/budget-magic-87-36-tix-mono-green-monument-standard ► View this deck with the latest prices: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/850477#paper ◼ Purchase this deck (paper): http://mtg.fish/4Igsl ◼ Purchase this deck (Magic Online): http://mtg.fish/lPpVC
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Text Comments (46)
That last attack.... give croc +2/+0 and trample... 7/7 trample and 7/4 trample.
bball27matrix (1 year ago)
It's a cast trigger, you can't.
Xavier Hoppersmith (1 year ago)
5:31 that's what she said
Michael Katcher (1 year ago)
If you were making this not budget and playing as many Rhonas Gods as you wanted, what would you replace?
Michael Katcher (1 year ago)
MTGGoldfish Awesome, thanks!
MTGGoldfish (1 year ago)
Follow the link the the description (the "read more" one). There's a non-budget list!
James (1 year ago)
5:22 "...whaaat aya got opponent?" I'm gonna start doing that IRL against the salties.
Xavier Hoppersmith (1 year ago)
James 5:23
Diogo V. Kersting (1 year ago)
"Take that 4C tapland-stuff. Let that be a lesson for all of you." -> hahaha
William Unger (1 year ago)
Wow that player must have been so tilted from being mana flooded without white for so long.
Christian Heesch (1 year ago)
I thought dinosaurs would lead to mono green chompy but this is where it's at!
Elliot Loveluck (1 year ago)
mono green chompy... I love it
Elliot Loveluck (1 year ago)
So... this is mono green stompy?
Kyle Hart (1 year ago)
It's in the same family. Sort of like Forcemage Green.
MTGGoldfish (1 year ago)
With monuments!
Jason Annan (1 year ago)
I was thinking ripjaw raptor or ramunap hydra for the 4 slot, but the croc with haste looks really good actually. Deck looks awesome Seth.
MTGGoldfish (1 year ago)
Yeah, Crocodile looks underpowered, but it's actually really good in the deck.
Michael Shea (1 year ago)
What about channeler initiate instead of servant of the conduit?
Jason Annan (1 year ago)
What about Longtusk Cub in that slot? Would eat the energy more effectively and you could keep your rampager/lifecrafter loop going forever essentially.
MTGGoldfish (1 year ago)
The main reason we played Servant was to eat away our energy so we could keep bouncing Greenbelt Rampager, otherwise I'm not sure we'd even play a mana dork at all.
Jason Annan (1 year ago)
I think the servant paired better with rampager.
Chris Bendix (1 year ago)
I think Hazoret's monument has a lot of modern potential. Card advantage in red? I'll take it. Great with stompy bloodmoon decks.
Elliot Loveluck (1 year ago)
those kind of decks rarely run enough creatures for it to matter
Cicjose (1 year ago)
worst control player ever?
Cicjose (1 year ago)
i doubt that, there's a counter spell from 1 to 7 mana in standard atm to do absolutely NOTHING in 2 games that's not unlucky that's bad deck building
Mateus Viegas (1 year ago)
or unluckiest, we'll never know
Mr D (1 year ago)
Mono Green Stompy always fun. nicely done Seth.
Luliby (1 year ago)
Green vs. Every color except green! Who wins?!?
AntiheroFOREVER (1 year ago)
UWBR V.S. G How fumny
Stephen Lofton (1 year ago)
God damn that was sexy. Imo extra monuments is fine because of abrade
Stephen Lofton I want to see the blue one next
Adam Miceli (1 year ago)
"That's a pretty fast cROC" *ba-dum tssss*
Adam Miceli pls stop
Kyle Kovacs (1 year ago)
Because clock
Kyle Kovacs (1 year ago)
How come the four +1/+1 counters and one -1/-1 counter on the gearhulk at the end showed up as three +1/+1 counters?
Protagonist (1 year ago)
Melissa Grenier I was remembering incorrectly and mistook poisonous as a mechanic that gave -1/1 counters. I am actually not sure if rule 704.5 is the original rule or not.
Melissa Grenier (1 year ago)
Protagonist Didn't used to be the case? So that means that -1/-1 counters existed before Shadow Moore?
akamesama (1 year ago)
ZakanaHachihaCBC I am not a judge, however my understanding is that all state-based actions occur simultaneously. I believe you are referring to 704.7, where the last known information is based on the state of a game object before state-based actions were checked. If that is what you are referring to, the rule still applies, it just would not happen to matter in any case other than the card that tracks counters in all zones.
Zakana (1 year ago)
akamesama The only time this is not the case is if toughness drops to 0 or less. Like a 1/1 with a +1/+1 counter getting three -1/-1 counters. It will die with a +1 counter and three -1 counters.
Kyle Kovacs (1 year ago)
Protagonist XD

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