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Men's Waxed Cotton Jackets -- Wax Jacket Styles - How To Re-Wax Jacket & Buy Waxed Jacket

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http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/waxed-cotton-jackets/ - Men's Waxed Cotton Jackets -- Wax Jacket Styles - How To Re-Wax Jacket & Buy Waxed Jacket http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/free-ebook/ Click to receive my FREE 47 page eBook on Men's Style and Fashion. Are you ready to up your style? Click here for the BEST style course on the planet! https://thestylesystem.com/youtube https://www.facebook.com/groups/rmrscommunity/ - Click HERE To Join our online Facebook Community https://www.facebook.com/RealMenRealStyle/ - Like Us On Facebook! https://www.instagram.com/rmrstyle/ - Follow Us On Instagram https://twitter.com/rmrstyle - Tweet Us! https://www.pinterest.com/rmrstyle/ - Follow Us On Pinterest
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Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
What's your Waxed Cotton Jackets? Comment below! Are you ready to up your style? Click here for the BEST style course on the planet! https://thestylesystem.com/youtube https://www.facebook.com/groups/rmrscommunity/ - Click HERE To Join our online Facebook Community
Barnpicks888 (4 months ago)
Real Men Real Style barbourinternational Black Original Jacket
Harly_Brus94 (13 days ago)
Is oilskin the same?
EL EVO (4 months ago)
I learned that you like Eddie Bauer Waxed hunting Jacket :o/
Jacob Martin (5 months ago)
Thats stuff I havn't heard since my dad got his barbour jacket. thanks 3:29
Suhayb Ibrahim (6 months ago)
Selling a cp company hand waxed jacket with leather details and weighs around 3kg! For about 200
Fish of War (9 months ago)
I have to agree with others below that you did too much talking with no real substance or depth about the jackets. Didnt see anything much on how to actually rewax a jacket. Thumbs down.
John James (9 months ago)
The Barbour factory is about a mile from were I live
Jesus Lapuz (10 months ago)
Barbour rip off. Yuck
Oussama Boudaa (1 year ago)
Any idea how to remove blue denim transfer from a wax cotton filson duffle bag ?
Lawrence Tendler (1 year ago)
RNB (1 year ago)
I'm up to my second Barbour Beaufort- bought the first one from Orvis over a decade ago. While shoveling snow one day it ripped, so I sent it back to Orvis, and they gave me my current brand new one. Both were made in England. Unfortunately, today, I'm noticing some Beauforts being manufactured in "Europe," which is code for Eastern Europe, where labor is much cheaper.
Edward R (1 year ago)
Complete waste of space, did not mention how to re-wax.
Abdul Rahman Malik (1 year ago)
Barbour, belstaff???
willblake72 (1 year ago)
Ducks would be wise to wear Barbour jackets; their feathers don't really get the same level of patina.
Tempus Vernum (2 years ago)
A lot of talking...not much of a demo
Navy47 (2 years ago)
you can find Barbour through Orvis, an excellent company !
Joel Cedric (2 years ago)
when you said -20 i was like, damn that's cold!! then you said ferenheit lol
Joel Cedric (2 years ago)
@Farquar Zergface yea. You're right lol
Farquar Zergface (2 years ago)
Joel Cedric -20 Farenheit is -28 Celsius, while -20 Celsius is -4 Farenheit
Joel Cedric (2 years ago)
@Farquar Zergface Nice try. You almost got me. Lol
Farquar Zergface (2 years ago)
Joel Cedric you know -20 f is colder than -20 Celsius right?
Roger Wilco (2 years ago)
What can You say about L.L. Bean jackets?.. I'm a student and cannot afford Barbour right now...
Marvin Harrison Smith II (9 months ago)
Go for the Eddie Bauer Kettle Mountain jacket (Antonio's wearing it in this video.) Genuine Millerain waxed cotton, and unlike LL Bean or Barbour, they have a lifetime guarantee. It's a good price compared to the Barbour.
graycloud057 (9 months ago)
Roger Wilco L.L. Bean has some really nice jackets and the quality is very good. I personally buy a lot of my clothes from Bean. Easy to purchase, easy shipping, and incredibly easy returns.
Dan G (3 years ago)
Filson, Filson, Filson, Filson.
Dan G (3 years ago)
Classic American brand, still make the majority of their pieces here in the States. If you're lucky enough to have an authorized dealer by you, check out some of Filson's stuff. 
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Dan Goldsmith Looks good. I haven't used it though.
Andrew Gold (3 years ago)
Antonio thanks for the Eddie Bauer advertisement but the fact is Barbour is the best wax jacket money can buy.
Kyle Cullen (3 years ago)
is that a size 42 or 44?
Pamela Miki Kaneshiro (3 years ago)
This was a thorough and helpful video. Thanks for answering all my questions about the maintenance, insulation, and history of the waxed cotton jacket.
Ryan Laurence (4 years ago)
Anyone interesting in trying on a Barbour jacket in store and do not have a Barbour brick and mortar should check out Orvis. They have stores all across the U.S.
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
@Ryan Laurence thanks for sharing
Gi Karadi (4 years ago)
 ancient egyptians  sailing into the open sea ? did they came back to tell?
lutz STÖHR (4 years ago)
Mr. Real Men Real Style, you talk to much!
Jack M (5 years ago)
He doesn't say how to rewax!? Wasted my time.
BREAKING NEWS (10 months ago)
Jack M Ha ha. You get some wax and rub it on. Glad to help.
Harimwoo (5 years ago)
is the jacket you're wearing a "Kettle Mountain StormShed Jacket" by Eddie?
Eric S (5 years ago)
A good addition would be the fact that these are great to buy vintage and second hand. I have three Barbours in my closet right now, two second hand, both of which are well over 35 years old. With an annual wax, they look no more than maybe a few years old. As long as there's no rips in the cotton shell, all it needs is a fresh waxing and you've got a brand new jacket. I'm early 20s. Those jackets are nearly twice my age lol
Tanay Albuquerque (6 years ago)
In the same boat!
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
That's very true.
misteroz (6 years ago)
The point about maintenance is an interesting one. In order to keep a good looking wardrobe, it's necessary to spend some time keeping your garments in a good state of repair - leather shoes being another obvious example - or you're just going to end up buying the same clothes year after year!
HemiCuda63 (6 years ago)
Antonio, it looks like you've learned not to point at the subscribe button in your videos because youtube keeps changing where the damn thing is haha.
Cf Cawley (6 years ago)
Thanks, I own a Barbour and was wondering about the proper upkeep. Very helpful.
Guitar'n'co (6 years ago)
Hey Antonio, it would be intresting if we can see you in half so we can see the whole jacket !
beatleguy64 (6 years ago)
Are military surplus field jackets made with this kind of fabric?
Canadians ! lol
Carlos Chowell (6 years ago)
Thanks for this useful video. Would you recommend brands that would fit a college student budget? Thanks again!
59Gretsch (6 years ago)
Filson makes a fantastic, high-end product, though it is a bit more robust oriented than the Casual line presented here.
M4tt506 (6 years ago)
how and at what occasion should someone wear a button down shirt? i looked for a video from you on this but couldnt find it.
TheFrontiersmn (6 years ago)
that and for melting waterproofing into my winter work boots is the only reason I own one.
TheFrontiersmn (6 years ago)
no, there are different waxes for that.
VeritasPanther (6 years ago)
How does it compare to Gore-Tex?
Mr bee (5 months ago)
I was an infantryman just when gore-Tex became available. I also where it to work. I work outside. The waxed jacket 🧥 is 2000% better. Here is why. Gore-Tex works great for the first maybe 4 washes. So unless you actually don’t get in real downpours and never wash is it is fantastic but very easy to rip or tear, melt or get destroyed. The waxed jacket However is durable , waterproof in reality and you are actually protected from thorns or rocks or terrain without it tearing. Also in full goretex you are loud , good luck on being quiet , one person sounds like 11 on the woods. So in the Army I used zero gotetex. I used wool, like humans have fir the last 8000 years. So goretex is great if you have a liner for a downpour and it’s hot out. It’s only good use is in boots. To keep your boots waterproof. However I used jungle boots a lot in the army which literally have holes on the bottom sides. So when I walked thru rivers in my jungle boots and wool sock 🧦. My feet would dry naturally quite quickly as the water just poured out the holes as I walked and wools retains 80% of its warmth wet. Goretex are fine to you walk thru a river. Then you got a mess. A boot filled with water that doesn’t know what to do.
Richard Shipe (11 months ago)
VeritasPanther Goretex is easier to manage, breathable, and superior for anyone who needs a more practical jacket in rainy weather.
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Thanks, glad you like it!
CoandCaSSTB (6 years ago)
I really appreciate these videos, Antonio. I'm a young man (22 years) who's starting to slowly (but surely!) transition my wardrobe from that "high school/college" style into "adulthood". Your videos/e-book are great for me!
Danny Ware (6 years ago)
Could you do a video talking about casual shirts?
Antonio Centeno (6 years ago)
I would speak with a leather professional about that.....
Antonio Centeno (6 years ago)
You are welcome!
Antonio Centeno (6 years ago)
And it love you!
HarshKY (6 years ago)
hahaha...loved this reply!!
TXCrafts1 (6 years ago)
dose the wax treatment also work for waxed leather also?
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Thanks Bruce - have Alfred clean it for you!
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Depends on the fabric - but most likely yes.
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
You did - now do you know how to use it:)
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
You are Canadian!
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Thanks Chaz - I think we only hit -25 this year:)
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Great tip!
Steve Stevens (6 years ago)
Ammunition - I guessed correctly.
Hayden Dunstan (6 years ago)
does this also apply to waxed denim jackets?
Bruce Wayne (6 years ago)
I actually picked up a black barbour international jacket the other day. Cost an arm and a leg but they're supposed to last a life time with proper re waxing. It does collect dust and fibres quite badly though, impossible to get rid of them all. barbourbymail would be a good route to getting one.

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