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Magic Card Trick Deck Arrangements : Explanation of the Red & Black Separation Card Trick

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See an explanation of the Red and Black Separation in this free card magic video.
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Gustavo Mello (5 months ago)
https://youtu.be/yFmag9Zdtc8 here’s the second part
Stefan Höhn (8 months ago)
For those who wonder where it continues: Have a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFmag9Zdtc8 ...
Steffen W. (10 months ago)
Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFmag9Zdtc8
TwistedSage (1 year ago)
what the fuck is this shit
SAVAGE308SNIPER (1 year ago)
Expert Village used to be good about 8 years ago. Now...shit...look at this video...
Darren (2 years ago)
Fuck u
N Miller (2 years ago)
Wtf. It ends before it is explained
Kylie (4 years ago)
@DuangJai99 once a magician did that to me and my sis but he gave the cards to my sister to shuffle first and then gave them to me to shuffle, and it still worked!!! *MINDBLOWN*
Betadesk (1 month ago)
Roadrunner cull
Casting Pods (3 years ago)
+Kylie Au deck switch mate
umar kiyingi (4 years ago)
This is good trick
umar kiyingi (4 years ago)
I like this magic trick , i want to know how to play it.
Firey Red (5 years ago)
Annnnnd then??
ninotheyknow (5 years ago)
Because the trick is over -_-
vrishiram (6 years ago)
SuperUnicorn12 (8 years ago)
mr. hand lol
Codrut Cristian (9 years ago)
@DuangJai99 Yep, works perfectly with a well done shuffled deckc... but this guy is kinda stupid :]
MamUa1Siab (9 years ago)
give me the cards to shuffle first and if you can do that..... then u r good! if you already set up the deck the way you want, it's nothing at all!
Wiggy McWiggy (9 years ago)
Im confused... 2:49 and above, how is the cards all red... i keep getting all mixed because we cut the cards
john Bitriz (9 years ago)
part 2?
ahmed shiko (9 years ago)
wolves167 (9 years ago)
part 2 is found in "More videos from expert village" video called : Magic Card Trick Deck Arrangements : Techniques for the Red & Black Separation Card Trick
Gustavo Mello (5 months ago)
TheEmeraldDragon (8 months ago)
MMBeast4All (9 years ago)
gallosupreme (9 years ago)
Brazuzuan (10 years ago)
It worths for me....
Jamie H (10 years ago)
Dynosaur Kiddiescoop (10 years ago)
woah there lassie, why don't you calm yourself down. maybe a nice scented candle.
Conor P (10 years ago)
u look like shrek
TopShonuff (10 years ago)
What the fuckn shet, I can't damn curse on this dum fukn trickless God-damn Video.. This is the new damn Youtube.. If people made some good videos they wouldn't get cursed at, like this jack-ars.. Hope you burn in hell and get Herpies you fukin shet.. Jesus loves you..
TopShonuff (10 years ago)
What the fuck!! Another David Blain, Which is a Trickless fucking magician.. This is the 2nd lame ass fucking dumb trick.. You should of stayed with Smashing Pumpkin and leave the Trickless to David Blain, you Jack-ass.. Oh yea and , Jesus loves you ..
Brazuzuan (10 years ago)
nice... i wasted 3 minutes and 6 secods of my life... COOL!
John Caingles (10 years ago)
why didnt he finish the video
Carson Coley (10 years ago)
you didnt even finish the video clip
goukasxx (10 years ago)
Ok if you read this the nearest friday will be the best day ever. Love: Your crush wil kiss you secretly Money: You will find $100,000,000 at 5:00 p.m. on the ground. Luck: Someone will try to shoot you. You will dodge it and run. But, if you do not copy and paste to at least 4 other videos, your crush will slap you
Kirvase Dan (10 years ago)
1. copy and paste 2. send this to 2 other videos. 3. hold your breath for 10 seconds 4. press refresh twice 3. LOOK AT YOUR HANDS
Joshua Morales (10 years ago)
1. copy and paste 2. send this to 2 other videos. 3. hold your breath for 10 seconds 4. press refresh twice 3. LOOK AT YOUR HANDS
benny0507 (10 years ago)
this is a lame card trick
Kevin Garcia (10 years ago)
agreed, expert village doesnt only teach how-to magics but also other how-to stuff
Pedro Amaral (10 years ago)
excellent in what? reveal stuff for free?, ah ok, forgot, u gotta be inteligent to understand what is magic and the value of the secret.
Pedro Amaral (10 years ago)
expert village should be deleted from youtube, that will be cool! :D
Maxi L (10 years ago)
Lolz it doesnt matter.
Cat (10 years ago)
um actually itz maleke
Simon E (10 years ago)
old m8 sones (10 years ago)
wat the hell?!?!? where the fuck is the end of trick!!
Der Er (10 years ago)
a pop up says 5 ways for a flat stomach lmfao
La Taco Muerte (11 years ago)
for the begining in getting the eight random red black cards out u could have the spectator try to guess them
Rocco Pasanisi (11 years ago)
i do that trick all the time; it has a very good affect and everyone is stunned
777Skeptic (11 years ago)
knifezor3000 (11 years ago)
its just part 1. gotta watch part 2 for the ending
moomoomamoo (11 years ago)
omg i swear to god, none of you guys can read. FOR ALL OF YOU WHO KEEP SAYING WHERE'S TEH ENDING, or I DONT GET IT. You shouldn't, this is PART one! Watch Part TWO to finish the tutorial. =/
Jo Bla (11 years ago)
what're you doing??
Joanna Marie Savella (11 years ago)
nxt reveal the hover card magic trick please ^_^ thank you

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