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Kate Moss Hologram Alexander McQueen Fashion Show

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Min Sun (1 month ago)
Soooooo awesome...omg...my love kate..💙💙💙💙💙
Marian Doe (6 months ago)
I saw this in my teens and I wished horribly to be this kind of bride, I saw Kate as a ghost, spirit bride the installation
Marian Doe (6 months ago)
Funny how Kate was a heroin chic/waif but in fashion she could be a bombshell hippie blond but in other shows she can do this and be, I don't know just like this in the McQueen show
DreamWeaver Productions (6 months ago)
Goddess bless you Lee. We miss you terribly. RIP love.
Suzanne Bettina Gleason (6 months ago)
Gorgeous and phenomenal. Love and miss you, AMcQ.
Darth Traya (7 months ago)
2018 and Im just now seeing this! wtf?
Wilmer Villarroel (8 months ago)
greekgodlamb (9 months ago)
I feel like Alexander wants to capture the undertones of an apparition, of a mourning ghost and the haunting beauty of its presence.. Rest in peace..
Halloween 2017...me watching that moment when Kate Moss came back to life!💀🎃👻
Osonoおその (1 year ago)
its like a jellyfish...beautiful
Sloan Seaborn (2 years ago)
Mesmerizing....almost ethereal ... genius of McQueen.
Anthony Frazzini (3 years ago)
why do geniuses like this kill them selves...?
Franklyy (1 month ago)
I was wondering the same
Nina Kunkel (2 months ago)
more simple; if you have a certain IQ life can become unbearable cause you are surrounded by all these boring-fake ass people who don't understand you and are sucking the life out of your genius mind
Nina Kunkel (2 months ago)
I'm currently writing my bachelor's thesis about "education as a painful process" & can't claim to know why - but I guess that creative geniuses are so ahead of their time, a lot wiser & deeper human beings then most of us that they tend to feel misunderstood (think of Van Gogh), isolate themselves from this world full of injustice & horror - McQueen comes from a rather poor background and ended up in a world full of luxury & glamour - I can imagine it to be painful to not fit into where he came from but also not totally to where he enden up being (I hope this makes sense- Pierre Bourdieu is saying that our habitus (our taste/how we see the world) is formed during our childhood and won't change a lot while growing up, so if you distance yourself from your roots cause you can't identify with them any longer you still won't fit into the social class you're striving to be in)
J kK (1 year ago)
Even geniuses need a break every once in a while....trouble is they seldom get one. There are only so many puffs in a good cigar.
Ceili Jane (3 years ago)
This is not the original music.
Calmante (3 years ago)
Yimi Cruz (3 years ago)
Qué hermosa Kate, y en ese momento ella estaba exiliada en Arizona en una clínica. Todos los diseñadores la homenajearon incluso Galliano, quien escribió en una túnica: "'Dont'Cry For Me Fashionistas"
armstrong laidlaw (3 years ago)
A genius.
Maria Lenore de Leon (3 years ago)
Hauntingly beautiful, the music just makes it more special!
Nas Puar (3 years ago)
Amazing talent
charlie sim (3 years ago)
Widows of Culloden
airjaff (3 years ago)
This is beautiful, saw it in the exhibition,
Irina Kuksova (3 years ago)
You can see it live at #SavageBeauty  show in V&A Museaum… Saw it yesterday, the beauty made me cry.
Nareen (3 years ago)
+Irina Kuksova Just came home from the exhibition and the hologram was amazing. I especially loved how you could feel the vibrations!
Ollie Elphick (4 years ago)
Ollie Elphick (3 years ago)
+UKPP Colchester fuck urself
UKPP Colchester (3 years ago)
+Ollie Elphick You spelt shite wrong.
john (3 years ago)
+Ollie Elphick agree
germankiwigal (4 years ago)
Weird to choose the Schindler's List music. Not sure I find that tasteful, but I guess he just couldn't help but be as provocative as he possibly could, shrug.
Mark France (4 years ago)
This Video may also be found in the Scientific Hologram section of youtube. Now THAT is a Genius! Thank You for posting!
Jack Dempsey (5 years ago)
www.facebook.com/Jackdempseyart for awesome art and tattoo designs!
Kateryna Kokhanovskaya (5 years ago)
Gurdip Uppal (5 years ago)
Do you know that one star that doesnt move at the end whilst all the other stars float around it, thats Alexander McQueen and we are just little sparks that can float around his brilliance!
wormwood69 (1 year ago)
was he assass1nated
Michael Mihailov (6 years ago)
which is the composer,its so beautiful
Ryanne Boyer (6 years ago)
best moment in fashion history in my opinion.
Harpist Los Angeles (6 years ago)
Truly stunning.
Azul Púrpura (6 years ago)
Awsome, Beautiful...Like just Alexander McQueen. XOXO.
Sameer Khan (6 years ago)
It's so amazing yet unbelievable that a mere hologram touched so many hearts...this is the work of a great artist ...Words can't even describe how emotional I was watching this amazing model come back to life
Sameer Khan (6 years ago)
Watching at home and I'm speechless ...imagine what'll it be like to see such magnificence LIVE
Niko (6 years ago)
It was made by viZoo
Aejandro Cano (7 years ago)
@aalexjohna i know, alexander mcqueen was a genius, and Kate is an amazing model!!!
quite beautiful

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