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10 Dark Secrets Brands Don't Want You To Know

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It's a brand's business making sure you get a warm, fuzzy feeling like when you crack open an ice cold Coke. So it should come as no surprise the lengths they go to protect their image. From computer giants IBM to the cuddly charity Kids Wish Network, there is a lot that brands are trying to keep from you. Music = Abdication by Igor Dvorkin / Duncan Pittock / Ellie Kidd Click to Subscribe.. http://bit.ly/WTVC4x Check out the best of Alltime10s - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLec1lxRhYOzt2qqqnFBIpUm63wr5yhLF6 Where else to find All Time 10s... Facebook: http://ow.ly/3FNFR Twitter: http://ow.ly/3FNMk
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Alltime10s (1 year ago)
If you learned something new from this video - please hit the LIKE button!! P.s. Thanks for watching.. Let's hope the video doesn't get taken down! #MoneyTalks
Ynol Membrebe (5 days ago)
David Dylan (6 days ago)
I'm actually dumber after watching this, you impressively get nearly every fact wrong or half-right.
LivingWell TV (6 days ago)
Knowing is good, doing something about it is another thing altogether. The least we can do is boycott these companies?
VT -800 (8 days ago)
what +Computer Crazies
Computer Crazies (8 days ago)
I learned that if you shame a company on the internet you can try to be content with the ad money you made promoting controversy instead of building your own company. I wouldn't trade with you for the world. :D
Billy Okode (18 seconds ago)
Eye seered (3 hours ago)
Thanks Douchepoint.
Kevin (18 hours ago)
fcuk Nestle and fcku Bayer
Brian Ted (19 hours ago)
the white man is the devil including some jews who masqurade as whites
janie camacho (20 hours ago)
In the book, "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" John Perkins mentions that (@ 8:21), George H. W. Bush owned/partner United Fruit. United Fruit exploited several South American countries with an iron hand. Bush Sr, later became head of the CIA. So the Columbia massacre with US Gov. help had a lot to do with Bush.
Bones (21 hours ago)
Coca-Cola ust to have the drug cocaine in it it was there main ingredient
A Dubbs (22 hours ago)
3000 people? That’s how many people died in 9/11!
whackamac420 (22 hours ago)
And not one f-in person will do anything "real" about this other than hold a sign and whine while these corporations poison your children. Maybe it's the stuff they put in your food that makes you docile. Don't think they do that? Then you are blind and the world only has room for those whom see.
whackamac420 (22 hours ago)
So if someone decides to do the right thing and murder the people that run Corporations that have gotten away with murder, that someone should get off scott clean. Just push discrimination. NVM.. they will just kill you. And get away with it.
MrRedstone (1 day ago)
I don't care what India says about cola. I will defend Coca Cola to the grave. They illegally shut down a cola facility. They're the bad guys.
George Evangel (1 day ago)
man is the cruelest animal-Nitzche
ASMART Lettering (1 day ago)
Jesus Monsanto is like the Rockefeller’s of crops.
Mike Mills (1 day ago)
How does the formula interfere with lactation?
Haker fromAW (2 days ago)
Why do you poste it when you don't want us to know ayayayyyyyy
Pentu Prager (2 days ago)
Alltime 10s pushes the myth that only Jews died in Nazi concentration camps.
Clifford inggs (2 days ago)
i love a conspiracy. All big corps are evil.
JadeRaqs (2 days ago)
GMO is not okay.. I have heard lectures by doctors, the ones they haven't killed yet, and it leads to cancer.
Pentiumboots (2 days ago)
Trump wants no regulation.
Sandi Billingsley (2 days ago)
And now the EPA has a leader who is a science denier.
David Dunford (3 days ago)
You missed a MASSIVE crime big oil did to an entire generation. Before "white flight" when most people in the United States lived in the city(30's and 40's), the big oil companies started putting lead into their gasoline to, "stop engines from knocking." (It's been rumored it was put in as revenge for the massive tax that was put on corporations like them for causing the Great Depression). However, the lead vapor didn't stay in the engines and instead came out the tailpipes of cars, most of which were strangely pointed at the sidewalk and homes instead of the center of the street. This led to lead vapor coating EVERYTHING. Doors, windows, plants, animals and people. Anything that was outside, the bike you rode to school, the BABY CARRIAGES being pushed down the street...every time a car went by, everything was hosed down with lead vapor. This meant that EVERY Baby Boomer that was born in the city had highly toxic levels of lead being blown at them daily. As these babies started to grow older, they started showing signs of lead poisoning. Things like being called the "Me Generation" because of their incredible selfishness, a symptom of lead poisoning, to Roman emperor Caligula style orgies in their "free love" movement...it all showed that big oil had poisoned the brains of nearly a hundred million people. When a single scientist realized what was going on and blew the whistle, they already had their actions in place. The scientist got the government to remove the lead int he gas, leading to cars using unleaded gas like they do today. But the damage was done and they knew it wouldn't be long before the truth came out. So they found the perfect scapegoat: Drugs. Marijuana, LSD, mushrooms and the like became the focus of the government who claimed the brain damage done by the lead vapor they allowed big oil to soak the population with was actually damage done by the aforementioned drugs. While it was a lie, most physicians fell in line with it because they didn't know any better and didn't have information telling them otherwise. In fact, ti wasn't until 2016 when marijuana was legalized in several states and actual scientific studies were done did they find NONE of these drugs damaged the brain like the government said it did. However, the lie paid off in spades and for the next 60 years, the government and big oil got away with it. In fact, only over the last year or two have *some* politicians come out to demand big oil give compensation to the Baby Boomer generation for what they did to them, but with Climate Change also their fault, the evil they did to citizens of both the Unites States and the world, (some of which still use leaded gas. Research Australia's leaded gas. They found levels of lead in children there 30 times higher than i children from Flint, Mi.), the poisoning they did to the Baby Boomer generation will most likely be swept under the rug as the remaining Boomers die off. But now you know where we get people with such evil, asinine beliefs and desires like we see in Boomers like Trump and Clinton. It also shows you why the Boomers hate political correctness, while ever generation after them, and all the generations before them, were far kinder to one another. Sorry, but Millennial aren't whiny snowflakes, the Boomers are just to brain damaged from lead vapor poisoning to be able to understand empathy.
Christopher Ball (3 days ago)
History will remember Monsanto the way we now remember the Spanish Inquisition.
Daddel Farmor (3 days ago)
Conspiracy theories aren't real. Correction: All conspiracy theories aren't real.
Pj Mack (3 days ago)
Someone should just wipe out all the Americans and let the Indian's take the land back
bairdi crab (3 days ago)
Cutter was the company that infected hemophiliacs with HIV. Bayer purchased them after most of this happened. Bayer should be well known more for its production of gas used in nazi Germany.
Kam Murphy (3 days ago)
There's a lot of company's,that used the Jews,loads of American company's!
P (3 days ago)
These are the same companies that fund our politicians that create law and control the working zombie force.
LemonNuggetPlays (3 days ago)
hio (39027) //sjointerror
Eris Eris (3 days ago)
Cool video
Classic80sStuff (4 days ago)
Wendy's pooped in a frosty, or did she?
legendary (4 days ago)
we needsome sort of united group that specifically goes after these companies and shuts them down with power from the whole world and all there work shared publicly
k1ngw00d (4 days ago)
Another Dark Secret is the alleged holocaust, the alleged gas chambers and the alleged crematoriums was examined by expert Fred Leuchter and his report was "There is no gas chambers in Auschwitz" samples of the brick work from the alleged gas chambers was tested and there was no traces of prussian blue was found.
Skye Fury (4 days ago)
1:22 When he said popcorn I looked down at the bowl of popcorn I had and thought.... “Oh!”
Jojo Chopito (4 days ago)
Mmansanto, if you know, then you know and ian gota say nomo
Adriano Bulla (4 days ago)
I have been boycotting these companies for decades.
Brenton Budd (4 days ago)
Lil Tow (5 days ago)
what is the "early noughties"??? 2:23
Romello Hodge (5 days ago)
Jews and Globalists am I right!!???
Mr. Lee (5 days ago)
lw216316 (5 days ago)
Bayer once made a statin drug to lower cholesterol. It was cheaper but killed some people and hurt others before they took it off the market. I was hurt by it but recovered.
Robert Matthews (5 days ago)
Evil people will expire but evil corporations may not.
ERROR_Animations (5 days ago)
The thumbnail tho That ☣ thing
T. B. (5 days ago)
Pepsi used ingredients synthesized from aborted human fetuses.
northspack (5 days ago)
The evil Side of capitalism, why can't there be a balance and it not be scared away with words like socialism or Marxism, there has to be some cap or control of profit and capital, something has to stop or.maybe it's too late , fukishima has basically destroyed the west coast and the gulf is destroyed by Exxon ..
Michael Myers (5 days ago)
That opening should depict Jews, not whites.
NaYawkr (6 days ago)
Corporations are NOT Evil, humans are. How about identifying satan's disciples who plague mankind on satan's behalf. Maybe begin with the Abortion murders like Planned Parenthood where they prefer no one ever become a parent.
NaYawkr (6 days ago)
Before food shopping at Walmart be sure your funeral arrangements are in place.
NaYawkr (6 days ago)
There is no test that proves Agent Orange is a problem for anyone. As a Combat Infantry Vet of Vietnam, I went to the VA Hospital and they explained this truth. The money we pay out to the 'supposed victims' has no basis in fact, it's just a scam that favors old veterans.
Jlbmixes90210 (6 days ago)
IBM. Invisible Bureaucratic Murder.
abplusfive (6 days ago)
"There is nothing too evil for evil to do>" ~ author Vernon Howard. (Even top 10 lists).
EMA PLAYZ vuckovic (6 days ago)
*These brands want to know your location*
Joseph Bornagain (6 days ago)
I know the biggest secret of all. Your probably wondering. How do they get that not so brown golden chocolate shine. It's brown, but it's not chocolate
Joseph Bornagain (6 days ago)
How many will die thinking they were so smart. They were so proud. Then death
uhadme (6 days ago)
perpetuating the lies of the Jews is hilarious WORK CAMPS run by Jews, not death camps run by Nazi's. those tattoos are worker numbers, so the rejects can't trick payroll and collect two paychecks. that is all it was. those "gas" chambers never were able to hold the gas claimed, impossible fairy tales. You will answer to GOD for being a worker of satanic deceptions
jared (6 days ago)
Bayer also produces a large number of name brand insecticides
Kevin Hamilton (6 days ago)
Forgot the Clinton foundation
Pinkie Love (6 days ago)
what about vw....
Starvin Marvin (6 days ago)
Those people don’t need to be fined, they need to me executed to set an example
Antonio Talabis (6 days ago)
Here in the Philippines, Sanofi-Pasteur for the mass vaccination of seronegative children resulting to deaths associated with the vaccine. Around 800,000 children were vaccinated under the watch of president Aquino. He personally went to France to facilitate the purchase of the vaccine. DOH officials implemented the vaccination program even without a conplete clinical study to prove the safety of the product. The case is ongoing with Sanofi-Pasteur and Department of Health officials on the charge list.
Pinkie Love (6 days ago)
coke gave me diabetes
Little Traveller (6 days ago)
That bayer company paid out 160 million is like a speeding ticket. Works out to 6k per person on average. That is a ridiculously low figure.
This is CAPITALISM. Capitalism is taking advantage of people's ignorance or stupidity. It will collapse, JUST LIKE COMMUNISM.
Silviu 2007 (7 days ago)
The thumbnail is so photoshoped
Evangelist Jones (7 days ago)
They couldn't do any of these things without a big strong government. That's how 'regulation' works.
Derek Baker (7 days ago)
I had a lady rail at me because I was drinking a Coke and went on about how evil the company is... she was drinking Fanta 🤔
Gadesht Mounigama (7 days ago)
I learned there are children reuploading stuff that's been around before utube ever existed. It's still propaganda. Folks this is utube. 10 % fact buried in 90 % crap. Utter unbelievable excretion.
Victor Nthamburi (7 days ago)
The early naughties?
samuel xavier (7 days ago)
i died laughing at the end quote start your own evil organization
Cheyenne smith (8 days ago)
i an't read it with the double type on top of itself.
Stacy Bey (8 days ago)
For all Intelligent People, or All Dummies...  claiming to "love" their families, Mother, Father, daughter, son, and grand parents.  Law Enforcement you should be ashamed to look your love ones in the eyes. Disclaimer: This Contents is not an Attorney-Client Relationship and do not constitute legal advice, and is for the purpose of Education and informational purposes only, please do you own do diligence and re-search. Please seek a competent attorney licensed to practice law in the appropriate jurisdiction for legal advice. You arrest All American Civilians and naturalized CITIZENS on this land for victim-less crimes call STATUTES and CODES which are really suits of claims that only apply to CORPORATE FICTIONS and GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, BUT WON'T LIFT ONE FINGER AND ARREST THE TRUE CULPRITS FOR INTERNATIONAL GROSS VIOLATIONS OF WAR CRIMES, IDENTITY THEFT and human TRAFFICKING. but when an ALLEGED OFFICER [CAPS DENOTING CORPORATE DEBTOR] is killed in the line of duty for enforcing war crimes, human trafficking, and genocide in which none of this is law, nor does it have the proper grounds for contract law, breach of trust, breach of peace, in which all is void ab initio.   Now this is what you the m[ASS] is calling GOVERNMENT i.e. THE STATE OF ..... [YOUR alleged STATE, POLICE, SHERIFF, COURT ADMINISTRATION, MILITARY and last but least the biggest slave masters POLITICIANS AND BOULES carrying out secret plans to kill all Americans and NATURALIZED CITIZENS!!!!  *Also take NOTE they can't be [De Joure] government, because government derives its power from the "governed" which is "We the People" and has a fiduciary duty to protect the Substantial rights of the people. Now on the other hand these COMMERCE SEA PIRATES bringing a currency Tsunami [water] on the land, feigning as GOVERNMENT [QUASI foreign CORPORATE MUNICIPALITY], and THEIR focus is to take the country and the wealth from the true Americans / Al Morocans / Moors / Mu'ur / Indigenous / Aboriginal people birthrights by escheating and Hypothicated of their estate. forward forward forward.  This is not in any way, shape or form to combat real un-associated / un-incorporated de joure government. All Rights Reserved, WITHOUT PREJUDICE or RECOURSE to Me!!!!  Wake up and Educate, or continue to throw your loves ones to the DOGS, and  Vultures. Peace ISLAM I Self Law Am Master. http://humanity.stacybey.com
B T (8 days ago)
Capitalism at its finest! It’s got its drawbacks. But I’d rather live under the capitalist umbrella than the communist yoke. So people die. Gonna happen one way or another eventually 👊🏻 Stop whining and start living.
all religions of the world pray BAAL, thats the reason all of this happends. BAAl need sacrifices and big compaines accomplish those sacrifices this way.
Michele Zhang (8 days ago)
It’s like Russians left America in a skid row .... tampering with everything ‘cause they thought 💭 that they were related to Austria or Germany.... go figure...
Evil Anonymous Org (8 days ago)
Coca Cola, also responsible for the deaths of Union Leaders in Columbia, who where trying to organize coca cola employees.
Hidolf Atler (8 days ago)
I'm glad IBM got away with that!
Akeem Joseph (9 days ago)
Greed is suck a bad thing... There is a greater power this will not go unpunished...
Daddoo Bear (9 days ago)
Rothchild, Sorros & the House of Saude - Thats the 3 lines of the Devils triangle of death! These MFers are out to depopulate the world. Don't believe me then just read there Georgia guide stones! Thes evil demons are now rebranding eugenics and calling it environmentalism! SMH!!!! WAKE UP & RISE UP - Praying for the Yellow Vests..Keep up the great work!
oopsitsdeleted (9 days ago)
Well they did big oopsies doopsies
LOUD VOICE (9 days ago)
trainboy20072009 (9 days ago)
agent orange is still being used in farming to kill top vegetation. its said its not enough to cause any harm, do we really believe that ??
James Miller (9 days ago)
All of this information was gathered by Infowars years ago where have you been
Sir Eugene Courtney (9 days ago)
*Most of these companies are controlled by jews*
srah shep (9 days ago)
What the actual fuck. I mean I've known for probably a decade that all this shit has been going on for some time and honestly is just going to continue and get worse, but holy hell this video just made me sooooo mad omg. And I already kind of thought the world was gonna end soon and stressed about it but ever since trump it feels like this honestly can't even be real life. And I don't even live in the states anymore (I'm in Canada) and definitely don't plan on returning anytime soon, but it still freaks me the fuck out. And yeah I would definitely assassinate him if I had the means. Sometimes I seriously wonder how it hasn't happened yet. But that's a whole other discussion lol.
Joel Maxwell (9 days ago)
american airlines is a horrible company that likes small children to sleep on airport floors... oh wait they dont give a shit if you know #AmericanAirlinesSucks
Bookeyyy Booock (10 days ago)
Are bananas so serious
Lucky The_Catahoula (10 days ago)
Jews own all these companies.
Bookeyyy Booock (10 days ago)
Put another shrimp on the barbie
john smith (10 days ago)
Amazon famously raised wages and is lobbying for raising the minimum wage - they got credit for this but most would correctly say it was more about PR but more than this it is thought to be a cynical ploy to make competitors uneconomic along with mass property buying: https://www.spiked-online.com/2018/10/04/the-truth-about-amazons-wage-rises/
Dakuisha (10 days ago)
having gmo crops unable to produce their own seeds is important. If the crops that produce pestasides cross breed with other plants then soon all plants will kill off bugs and insects. Then the entire ecosystem would collapse. Im not saying they are a good company but seedless crops are an important safety feature.
1Rod1ReelFishing (10 days ago)
To anyone reading, just drink water. Thank me later 👍
Linda Brown (10 days ago)
Thank for the clarification and info on these products.
Finally Coca-Cola hot tubs
simone foster (10 days ago)
What about 66 million Russian's killed in world war 2.
Silly Goose (11 days ago)
dude, this is scary
so, who wants to found an evil company?
Victor Canfield II (11 days ago)
These companies need to be dissolved!
Charles Was (11 days ago)
World Powers are Destroying Mother Earth. They stole are God Giving Rights to plant Freely, Stolen Land Taxation, Poisoning are Water Supplies with Flouride and who knows what else. Chemtrails poison are AIR, are Children breath in Aluminum which builds up in the brain and causes many complications. Barium, Strontium, Aluminum, and other toxins, poisons, deseases and who knows what else
Conspiracy Bear (11 days ago)
I found a buyer Bayer boner pill on the ground at the pharmacy.
Christopher Kennedy (11 days ago)

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