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Oralce Access Manager (OAM) Architecture

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Learn about Oracle Access Manager (OAM): Architecture with the FREE Lesson from our Oracle Access Manager (OAM ) Trainer & Oracle ACE & Author, Atul Kumar Covering OAM Architecture. This video is from Oracle Access Manager (OAM) Training (http://k21academy.com/oam03) where we will cover all these in the most practical way. PS : Preparing for Your Job as an IDM Expert? Download your FREE copy of Interview Questions guide for OAM: http://k21academy.com/oam01
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Jodi Griggs (7 months ago)
Will all of the applications have to share the same user id?  ex.  Say I have an active directory user ID that is the same as my Ebusiness Suite user ID.  However, my work order system my user id is formatted in a different fashion.  Do you have to synchronize the user IDs prior to using Oracle Access Manager or is there something that tracks who a user is behind the scenes?
Gaurav Pant (1 year ago)
At what step does authorization happens? The roles and policies the user is accustomed to.
Gercon del Rosario (1 year ago)
really helped me a lot as a newbie on identity access manager
srinivas manoj (1 year ago)
clear and crisp session.Please share few more videos on OAM.Thanks for sharing !!
K21Academy (11 months ago)
Thanks you can get FREE mini course on IDM/OAM/OID at http://k21academy.com/idam06
Nasim Sheikh (1 year ago)
nice explantation Atul

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