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Jim Rohn: How To Become A BILLIONAIRE (SERIOUSLY) "I teach kids how to be rich by the time they are age 40, 35 if they are extra bright. Most kids think they are extra bright, so they go for 35." -- Jim Rohn. Rich people live in a world of abundance. Poor people live in a world of limitation. Poor people think there’s not enough to go around in the world. They come from a fear-based mindset. Their answers are “either/or,” but never “both.” In a poor person’s mindset, they go for security above love, safety before self-expression, and protection over possibility. Rich people understand that with a little creativity, a willingness to be unconventional and an open mind, they can have both. When you build your life on the “Both!” mentality, you will see opportunities that you were once blind to. What about you? Are you a possibility theorist or a fear-based thinker? *CREDIT Jim Rohn Visit Jim Rohn's websites: https://www.jimrohn.com/ https://store.jimrohn.com/ Follow Jim Rohn @: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialJimRohn/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialJimRohn FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER * Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use. 1)This video has no negative impact on the original works 2)This video is also for teaching and inspirational purposes. 3)It is not transformative in nature. Law Of Attraction Coaching does not own the rights to these images, videos and audio files. They have, in accordance with fair use, been repurposed with the intent of educating and motivate others. However, if any content owners would like their images removed, please contact us by email at [email protected]
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Text Comments (2246)
proffxtrader (1 day ago)
Hello! My students have 95-100% of the Forex transactions are profitable. I invite everyone to the courses BST.
J T (1 day ago)
Your dad is... hard! Your mom is... easy!
J (1 day ago)
Things have changed.. china isnt hard anymore
Leon Reaper (1 day ago)
I think the best advice is Go MGTOW. Focus on yourself, don't get married don't have kids either. Caring for offspring drains resources. Women can divorce you and get settlements, alimony and child support, that's more money out of your wealth. Save save and be an entrepreneur. Mould yourself.
satnamo (2 days ago)
I love to teach kids enterprise! The adventure of life is to learn.
Laskipike Ra (2 days ago)
While in Poland my friend Eddie from Rwanda use to tell me that America is the land of opportunity, all I had to do was to find a way to get there, and the rest is EASY. SO TRUE.
goodvibe betterlife (2 days ago)
I feel every single one of dislikes for this video. True sight.
Arun (4 days ago)
India is hard 😄
Lyn Remar Punay (5 days ago)
interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about about law of attraction try Tarbetti Amazing Attraction Tutor(Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate got cool success with it.
United Braves (4 days ago)
Lyn Remar Punay I just need to add something, There are a lot of laws in the world that law of attraction is just one of them. I can strongly tell that people can't become rich just by knowing law of attraction! They need to other information, laws and a lot of things. For example I decided to invest in stock, I don't have any information on stock just tell myself that based on law of attraction I'll buy the best one! You see I also should know about markets and a lot of information about stock. We need to other things beside law of attraction. I hope you achieve your goals. Good luck
My House (5 days ago)
I agree that America is the land of opportunity. I don't know any other place in the world where you can get a job training for almost free, where you can easily get a job to make money to feed yourself and put a roof over your head, where you can barrow money from the bank to invest, where you can find any information you need to educate yourself in any subject, where people are willing to help you in anyway they can to succeed in life, where people are willing to share their good ideas and wisdom that help them become successful so you can be successful too, ONLY IN AMERICA. Thank you for posting this video. It is very much appreciated.
United Braves (4 days ago)
My House Actually there's no difference where a person is! For example if a person hasn't done anything in his life and just nags about government, economy and his bad situation in his country, even if you put this person in the best country in the world, he will continue his life like before! The first thing that we need is to change our wrong beliefs and working on them to better them. Imagine you take a stone from the worst country to the best country then this store would be changed, of course no! Some people's minds are like this stone, just by changing country for living doesn't help us, working on our thoughts, beliefs, skills, reading, self-improvement and ... surely can helpus where ever we are. I hope you achieve your goals. Good luck
Andrew Yuniar (5 days ago)
Jim Rohn clickbait liar
Markeys Maru (5 days ago)
I will be a millionaire by 35 years old!!! #TALKNICEPOETRY... my book is coming. God is Great
Raven (5 days ago)
The biggest thruth ever spoken, America is easy, thats it. If you can’t make it in America, then you are a literal failure 👏👏👏👏
mark forestier (5 days ago)
dude is clan mason rich....cool speech though
Ethan 401 (5 days ago)
So those of that don't stay in the US might as well not listen to this at all?
Public Figure (6 days ago)
It’s Hard in Cuba In Sudan In Venezuela In North Korea ..
Myles Gray (6 days ago)
He is right. Seek the highest income you can and simply live cheap and save. Incomes are so high here, you can save a lot of money. You will not have a cool new car and you will not impress a lot of people who are materialistic but you will have a simple low stress lifestyle. That’s the hard part, the social expectations. If you can get over the social hang ups, you can live bellow your means and become wealthy very naturally.
Femi Olowe (6 days ago)
This guy is a sheethole!
Steve Oxley (6 days ago)
I love me some Jim Rohn
Pethy12 (6 days ago)
Hello, could you please help me out? Where can I find the original entire session where this talk was held? Thanks in advance!
DR. CRANKNSTEIN (7 days ago)
sounds like he got rich being a pushy dick- which is a common trait for these elite blood suckers..when they step on your head, they don't say sorry, excuse me, they say- "you deserve it loser" move your head outta my way..
NoPro (7 days ago)
China is haaaarr.....oops I take that back
straight forward (7 days ago)
Fuck u and fuck america... it's just u who says it's easy.. yeah and the white bitches like u
Matt (7 days ago)
Some very old truths that are no longer so. The speaker talks about an era long gone. Why is it hard to start a business in Cambodia. I live Thailand and started a business in Singapore, it cost me a dollar to register. Why is it hard ? Asia has a hell of a lot less regulations than USA. why hard? Thai people eat in groups, its a dream for a resteraunt owner, its common with local restaurants with 200 people capactiy, how does it stack up to a local restaurant in usa suburbia? You think america is the only place and the rest is 'hard' . I never seen such nepotism and concentration of ownership as in the USA. There's nothing particularly easy about it other than the fact that the peeps who rode the tech wave or started a few decades ago in bricks n mortar industries have managed to scale and there s a consumer base avail, but that's true for many countries. There was a big time gap between Ford and Tesla for a good reason.
Adam Taylor (7 days ago)
People need to realise as well you an have all these ideas in your head and make up and create ideas and future plans but it’s all about commitment and actually physically do what u need to do and put in the work and have a good mindset
wally 007 (7 days ago)
awesome book change your mind AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE https://amzn.to/2IJQXz8
wally 007 (7 days ago)
A great book https://amzn.to/2IJQXz8
Afia Zaman (7 days ago)
Omg He said Bangladesh thats my countryyy💕💕omg
niggafromcompton (7 days ago)
this is a fuckin golden video holy shit
swiischeeseisnasty (8 days ago)
polandio hammer37 (8 days ago)
Thank you.I am now a billionaire.
Sodham G'morris (8 days ago)
The rest of the world is HARD precisely _because_ the West is EASY!
KMY_YUDAH KING (9 days ago)
I'm glad I found this channel 😍👍....
Jeoffrey Zakka (9 days ago)
Time to take action
Omar Faroq (10 days ago)
Average yearly income of bangladesh is $1600 now. So we can say Bangladesh is easy
Tiffany Velez (10 days ago)
Leo Vega (11 days ago)
Worst 11 minutes of my life SMFH.
Raga Etsenna (11 days ago)
So this is a motivation for Americans or people who lives in USA only?
Steven Giji (12 days ago)
Which mf s disliked this
&Not2Yield (12 days ago)
The Spanish guitar music at the back is gorgeous. Anyone knows what it is? Thank you
BagleyOutdoors (12 days ago)
Pointless vapid drivel
scotty2hotty2205 (13 days ago)
All Americans are rich?
Kamal Aulakh (13 days ago)
Wt a speech
Michael D (14 days ago)
Did people give him money to stop repeating shit to them?
motto sno (14 days ago)
Easy yes it is im on my way
adel kl (14 days ago)
Finally someone who's honest to say those motivation speeches are not made for everybody.
Aholf Ditler (16 days ago)
It feels so demotivating when he says Bangladesh is hard and you live in it
Legend Life Mastery (16 days ago)
Check this Jim Rohn Video on You Tube.😎👌👌 will blow you away https://youtu.be/n4b-VuapGMw
tig79 rover (18 days ago)
almost 2 million views: so much new billionaires we have:)))
aclvaz (18 days ago)
It's easy to waste time on Youtube
1234LMAO12345 (18 days ago)
He has a point, making money is easy!
Gigi Chincharauli (19 days ago)
no, npo not only americans or any other country. people still and they even can't notice. what they have done. that's why it is easy. and it is easy also to lie one another
Sam Lee (19 days ago)
India is average
Sam Sekalye (19 days ago)
everything is easy after reaching the top.....
M1k3 (20 days ago)
So you have to do something that's easy, being something you can do, but also have to do something you can do, but which leads to fortune... so basically do something that leads to fortune but which you can also do?? or just do something you can do and that specific thing will lead to fortune???
unafilliated x (21 days ago)
How do you say something and not say anything at all. Listen to this audio, you will see how.
BloodShedda (21 days ago)
Key word here is POSITIVE CHANGE. Add value to the world = $$$ for you because of your personal development.
st michael (22 days ago)
Grace M (22 days ago)
Everyone wants to go to America. I don't think so!!!!! I'd hate to live in that crime ridden, corrupt country that sticks it's nose in other nation's business. Jim don't talk about third world countries. There are many more countries that aren't Asian which are better to live in than America. Americans have no idea about world georgraphy. Wake up Jimmy!
John William (23 days ago)
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1234LMAO12345 (23 days ago)
Logic Can't Be Broken (23 days ago)
This has been up a year. Raise your hand if you're rich now? 3-5 testimonials please. Star with Billionaires, then the Millionaires and finally some of you thousandaires come out tell us how rich you got.
Vevencio Mastilero (24 days ago)
OMG This is so powerful! Thanks!
Animesh M (24 days ago)
Bangladesh is hardest.
Princely Knight (24 days ago)
1234LMAO12345 (24 days ago)
background song name?????????????????????????????????????
Faz Naz (24 days ago)
LOL .... This is how to speak but say nothing... so many people work their ass off way more than 6 years and most are "working class" nothing to do with neglect most people work extremely hard... then you get young youtubers some are 15 16 and they're millionaires. Stop being so naive, being rich is simple yes, does it involve hard work and discipline, also yes, but make no mistake that the final ingredient is luck. The luck one has to meet a teacher... have a wealthy family, start a business that blows up etc. We like thinking we're in total control, I say we're part in control.
ryan gliddon (26 days ago)
Don’t let anyone fool you it’s the law of action. You need to work your ass off to get rich. The concept is easy, the hard part is having the persistence to keep going and sacrifice. If you can do that and align your goals with something that can produce value to others or solve a problem you can get rich. If they put that in a book the book wouldn’t have to sell so many copies before people started catching on.
mcdouche2 (26 days ago)
Phase 1:  Collect Underpants Phase 2: 'America is Easy' Phase 3: Profit
Marthinus Ferreira (27 days ago)
Excellent talk, terrible music
Taichientaoyin (27 days ago)
Don't waste your time listening to this crap.
Róbert Nagy (27 days ago)
egyszeruen . ahogy akarom :)))) és az biztos ti megfizetitek a jogdiajm :))))))
Lemdul81 (28 days ago)
How to get rich.....be born into it.
M. Lo (28 days ago)
Everything's going to change after 2019, according to the Bible.
Bam Amlna (28 days ago)
bestintheworldmusic (28 days ago)
Many people can change it doesn't mean they will become rich, they may have a completely different lifestyle but not financially rich, many rich people are there because of extreme luck so obviously it was easy for them. You can follow the law of attraction and change the way you live your life but if your not lucky then nothing will happen. I have followed the law of attraction for many years, i have gotten things by incredible luck but never a millionaire lifestyle, a lot of money but not millions! You've also got to remember a lot of these speakers make money telling people the obvious, luring them into halls charging a fortune and telling them the obvious, that's how they become rich it's not by being smart, people listen and agree with them, yes he's right i just need to change and life will be so different! Obviously.
Matt Dickey (29 days ago)
He said absolutely nothing here
He's being what? AAANNNOOYYING!
Tegan WR (1 month ago)
I need to just figure out the formula to get into big business. I love business and love start ups. I own 5 successful up and running business already that have nice cash flow and 3 start ups I am working on at the moment. I’m really good at starting business that bring in.200,000 to Just over 1,000,000 a year. I’m pretty good at keeping them running lean and have low start up costs. I have zero debt other than my 2018 GMC pickup truck. My parents made me buy or should I say just dropped it off. It’s just pretty liability. I could pay it off tomorrow but the interest rate is really low. I have probabaly to much money sitting around not working for me but I like having moneh to fall back on. Funny thing is is I really don’t have any credit which is ridiculous and I’m struggling to get a damn cresit card. I just use cash for everything. I don’t own a house I just squat behind one of my businesses and I have a camper trailer.so I can always be on site and at work. I just love being at work, I don’t know what to do if i went home and honestly if I had a house it’s been zero time there and end up sleeping in my business anyways. Plus she’s more to clean . I live dirt cheep and work hard to underdress. I’m only 28 and it’s easier to think around and avoid sales people and we will just want something for me if they just think I am in employee. At my dispensory everyone already knows who I am because I’ve had the same customer since I started up and used to work behind the counter. Oh i got expelled from one college and dropped out of 2 others I want to say it’s the best decision of my life. On the other hand my sister went to college graduated towards the top of her class and procedures business college got a degree in finance has a pile of student loans are huge. She has a lifestyle of someone who makes them more money than she does. She lives in my moms basement. And I paid her for two years to do nothing because I was nice. And tell my cousin and her came down here and try to trick me into signing my business over to them. Even if I didn’t figure out what they where up to it would have worked!!! I’m pretty mad at her right. I don’t want to be an investor like my parents. A few investments might be ok. Like trailer parks or large apartments to diversify my profile. OK enough rambling I really need to get my day going. My point is I need to figure out how to transition into OK enough rambling I really need to get my day going. My point is I need to figure out how to transition into being able to have my business run themselves and be able to step away. When i do and come back they are doing as good or better. Plus I need to figure out if I move how much you need to grow yearly. I figure in 20 years on around 40 something I should be doing pretty good.
Tegan WR (1 month ago)
Ok I beet him I was only 26 or 25...it was easy!! how do I a few more decimal points!! I am in a industry...
Ayman Abdellatief (1 month ago)
India and China is still probably hard but a lot easier now then when Jim Rohn said this! Eventually it will be easy all over the world, not just America. It’s moving in that direction.
Siraj Muhammed (1 month ago)
I am from india. In india its hard😂
I think it is much easier to start a business in a developing nation if you are an ​American or a citizen of another nation if you have some savings than it is to start a business in America. It isn't just about being in America. It is about having ideas and finding ways to make those ideas work.
chris keane (1 month ago)
America is easy??? this country don't do shit for me...Hold this Dislike!
Street Talk (14 days ago)
Please go and live a year or two in Asian countries or African countries and then compare to America. There’s literally so many opportunities here it’s crazy, I’m an immigrant trust me I know how hard it is
Contessa Anna von Funk (1 month ago)
Tupac Shakur (1 month ago)
All i want to do is live a debt free life and become rich in the process goal is to become a billionaire and then send 80% of the money i make for the rest of my life to 3rd world countries
RaiNS kftk (1 month ago)
He had a teacher. That’s a big factor
hansraj agrawal (1 month ago)
we have the richest guy in the world.....remember the name....INDIA.....and the richest guy....its Ambani.for doubts go see his house in Mumbai
josh (14 days ago)
we have...shit what do u got..what so proud about that, that asshole control whole indian government
Madhav Trivedi (1 month ago)
U r mistaken " India is Easy"
Joe Neuman (1 month ago)
So many negative comments on here. Really people? There is opportunity all around us. Now more than ever the average person has access to the same technology as huge corporations. If anything the small company the one man company can shift more quickly than the large company can and it's technology progresses faster and faster becomes more accessible to the average person, it becomes easier and easier to become successful. Will there be failures? Of course there will be. That doesn't remove opportunity. It's a numbers game people just keep searching looking for opportunities and taking them eventually it will pop. I promise you. One day you'll get lucky and it's not one in a million. It's more like 1 in 50. Don't give up. There is opportunity everywhere. America is easy.
Craig Castanet, D.C. (1 month ago)
Ass wipes say America is....................."hard". Why? Because ass wipes say America is racist, homophobic, xenophobic, blah, blah, blah...............
The Bizness (1 month ago)
I love this speech by Jim.
Michael Shepard (1 month ago)
"I became rich by 31 but by, NOT MUUCH"
progress is beautiful (1 month ago)
A classic charming talk of one period in the 20th century, especially for mentioning China, and India in that context. What does it says if you think deeply? The truly wise and modern enterpenuer even in that time would not underestimate those rising countries. There is more milionairs there than in USA. This speech naively pump you up. Getting ritch is not easy, it is hard. For some more for some less, depending of the position. Hard to find opportunity, hard to work, hard to raise kids. Not impossible, but it takes total dedication. I have my own business, and let me tell you it was damn hard to get it on the level that is now. Maybe it is because I don't live in AMERICA 😄
Captain Howdy (1 month ago)
I’m 38 September 18 and I’m going to law school. What’s hilarious is my ability to destroy somebody is so much more aged like a bottle of wine.And I could care less where I get my degree. But I’m going online until I transfer to Rutger law . And I plan on staying in the same county which is Camden city and basically well this is kind a give them my secret. But I’m going to charge no more than $600. And do my best to give everyone the best possible dealMost likely I will only except the first payment of 300, so it’s borderline pro bono but I have an agenda. Like suing subway so called hoagies. Because it’s such an easy win. Because their sandwiches are tiny and it’s false advertisement. And I’m going to sue all websites that except children under 18 with their illegal and dangerous acceptance into their website, without parent consent the child has the ability to access anything and there is no rules that’s say that’s not child abuse . So that lawsuit is all about the balls of the attorney. As trey Gowdy said i’m shocked it hasn’t been done already. And if you know the law and you know the rights of your client you can’t be wrong. It’s all about selling yourself and presentation. Like the case I saw before when I was going to court just to watch . They had two police officers with conflicting stories. One said he placed a gun in the bush. The other officer said he toss the gun in the bush. Well a good lawyer would sell that in a Context that is unforgettable. Like walking up sitting a book down next to Jurors , and then walk up and slam the book in the corner to represent tossing. Because right there is dismissal. Well sad to say he was guilty even though he was guilty, but he was tried on his past crimes not the situation in front of him. You will hear about me on the news in five years and just so you remember my firm will be called silver lining based out of New Jersey in my Audi Q5, no reason to hire anyone or have a law office. It’s all about word-of-mouth. To the county in my local area coming soon. Semper Fi
Veysel Demiral (1 month ago)
Türkçe altyazı lazım
Krazykov (1 month ago)
I dont live in America, this doesnt teach me jack shit lol. I like Jim Rohn though he was a good motivator, but here you picked like the worsed bit for this video lol.
Showrov Mahmud (1 month ago)
Bangladesh Is Hard
iAM _ TeNKo (1 month ago)
It's funny how these videos have so many view yet so
Kleopatra (1 month ago)
Scammer. Ahha How he got rich by telling peoples how to get rich...lol.

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