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Whole vs. Skim: Which Milk Is Better For You?

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Researchers have found that skim milk might actually increase your risk for diabetes. So, how much milk fat should you be drinking? Soy, Almond or Coconut: Which Non-Dairy Milk Is Best? ►►►►http://bit.ly/20UevDJ Sign Up For The TestTube Newsletter Here ►►►►http://bit.ly/1myXbFG Read More: The Case Against Low Fat Milk Is Stronger Than Ever http://time.com/4279538/the-case-against-low-fat-milk-is-stronger-than-ever/ "For years you've been told to go for skim over full-fat dairy. Even the latest dietary guidelines for Americans urge people to avoid the full fat, and following this lead, school lunch programs provide only low-fat milk and no whole milk at all, even though they do allow chocolate skim milk with its added sugars. But large population studies that look at possible links between full-fat dairy consumption, weight and disease risk are starting to call that advice into question." The Relationship Between High-Fat Dairy Consumption and Obesity, Cardiovascular, and Metabolic Disease http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22810464 "The observational evidence does not support the hypothesis that dairy fat or high-fat dairy foods contribute to obesity or cardiometabolic risk, and suggests that high-fat dairy consumption within typical dietary patterns is inversely associated with obesity risk. Although not conclusive, these findings may provide a rationale for future research into the bioactive properties of dairy fat and the impact of bovine feeding practices on the health effects of dairy fat." Skim Milk Could Increase Your Risk of Diabetes, Study Suggests http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2016-04-06/skim-milk-could-increase-your-risk-of-diabetes-study-suggests If you love whole milk, you're going to be happy about this. A new study published in Circulation indicates that full-fat dairy, like whole milk, may be healthier than low-fat dairy, like skim milk. Researchers analyzed the blood of 3,333 adults taken over 15 years and discovered that people who had higher levels of three different byproducts of full-fat dairy had an average 46 percent lower risk of developing diabetes." ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube http://testtube.com/dnews Subscribe now! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dnewschannel DNews on Twitter http://twitter.com/dnews Trace Dominguez on Twitter https://twitter.com/tracedominguez Lissette Padilla on Twitter https://twitter.com/lizzette DNews on Facebook https://facebook.com/DiscoveryNews DNews on Google+ http://gplus.to/dnews Discovery News http://discoverynews.com Download the TestTube App: http://testu.be/1ndmmMq
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Text Comments (1386)
Awesome Leafeon (5 days ago)
Drink goat milk, it had more vitamins, protein, and has very little lactose
james kris (6 days ago)
Organic whole milk I can't drink none organic milk makes me break out !! And organic milk taste better and actually helps me too sleep
Ian T.J Brodrick (9 days ago)
Listen to what the government tells you and do the opposite.
Scp 173 (15 days ago)
Well look at skim milk made by formations then you will see the benefit of skim milk
Paul O'Neal (25 days ago)
Stay away from soy products...
Jem (30 days ago)
Soy is WAYY more unhealthy
Frank Chen (1 month ago)
looks at the edgy children attacking vegans down here.
jean-luc buczinski (1 month ago)
speed talking ..woah!
von sauerkraut (1 month ago)
i like a good fart
eagle eye (1 month ago)
Does skim milk have lactose
Nitin Pal (2 months ago)
Whole milk Kefir is great.
kaiviti2013 (2 months ago)
Do Vegans eat other Vegans?
Mistacole (2 months ago)
This is an issue, a lot like the organic vs nonorganic debate, there are pros to whole, there are pros to skim, either way, it's probably a lot better if you drink milk period, then just drinking soda like so many people do.
diredude12 Lindahl (2 months ago)
who here knows the skim milk meme
Olivia Plays (2 months ago)
My parents get skim milk and I have been drinking it for most of my childhood but I prefer whole milk. Personally, it tastes better and I just like it and I’m drinking skim milk right now and it tastes like whole milk so if anyone knows about that feel free to comment.
Koofey McDonald McDonald (3 months ago)
Deaf Note (3 months ago)
1% and 2% = sugar water Whole milk is better
Avi Fajardo the fox (3 months ago)
Skim milk? Whole milk? WHO CARES HAND OVER THAT 2%
plasma dragon2 (4 months ago)
plasma dragon2 (4 months ago)
Alex Glavascu (4 months ago)
I have to drink whole milk to gain healthy weight I eat fruits and veggies, chicken, brown rice, potatoes, water, milk lol
KINGU DDD (4 months ago)
Listen here, scrubs. We are all supposed to drink cow milk. It improves our bones and it’s good! That’s the circle of life.
Bjørn Burnfield (4 months ago)
I'm drinking whole milk while watching this
Talking Dog (5 months ago)
Titty milk is better
larry hembd (6 months ago)
Anyone who drinks milk obviously hates America..why don't you just move back to Arabia since you hare America so much..fucking milk drinkers
Master jared gaming (6 months ago)
Semi-skimmed is the best
HoustonSongz (6 months ago)
Soy milk taste like shit so does almond milk.
Bill Wang (6 months ago)
silk unsweetened soymilk all the way
Jay Andrews (7 months ago)
Soy sucks!
NOBEL DJ (7 months ago)
Scott Cook (7 months ago)
why do all boxes of cereal use skim milk as the nutrition facts... I am a dairy manager at a large chain of supermarkets ... I might sell 8 gallons a week compared to hundreds of whole milk followed by 2% and then 1% then skim
Ian T.J Brodrick (7 months ago)
We’ve been lied too for a long time now.
Ziron2008 (7 months ago)
This is absolute BS and everyone with Diabetes knows it. The ONLY thing that causes diabetes is SUGAR
Jidan A (7 months ago)
Why do you think you can't buy raw cow milk is not because of bacteria or any other lie All th additives they put is what will kill you Almond milk REALLY ? yes I will be selling poop milk that is good for you is low in fat and sugar free
Rachel_roossey_ (7 months ago)
I drink skim milk
Stefan Trujillo (7 months ago)
Vegans keep ya shite to yourselves!
Cloud Howlett (7 months ago)
I was going to give a thumb's up until you started encouraging people to drink Soy Milk, non fermented Soy product's are now being shown to cause a large range of hormonal problems such as Creating Soy Boy's and Soy Girl's look it up Soy Is Bad. Whole Cow or Goat's milk is the best milk with Equal amounts of Fat to Carbs and fortified with double cream if necessary to achieve 50:50 Fat:Carbs. Fake milk is not Milk, Milk comes from Mammals
exec9292 (8 months ago)
Amazing boobs
Saturn Reign (8 months ago)
Milk and water, pretty much the only shit I drink
Jack Yau (8 months ago)
Begone vegans! I don’t fucking care what you drink!
Ry Ry The Science Guy (8 months ago)
This is why I drink whole milk. (It also tastes better but whatever lmao)
davidpar2 (9 months ago)
Milk is not bad for you. Skim milk is bad for mens’ skin
Jessica Clark (9 months ago)
I was forced to drink 1 % milk lol its not that bad but fat free milk is trash 😇
Snooze00 (9 months ago)
Soy and almond milk tastes awwful. No thanks
Varinder Singh (9 months ago)
She is so milky hot!!!!
UnorthodoxRomance (9 months ago)
"The only thing I hate more than lying is skim milk, which is water that's lying about being milk." - Ron Swanson
ShintyShinto (9 months ago)
You should be having at least three glasses of whole milk a day in my opinion. It bridges nicely between mealtimes and personally I feel much better after a refreshing glass of cow's milk than any sort of other milk. Nice to have after your workout routine too.
SUGAR XYLER ! (9 months ago)
ShintyShinto I've already had my 2 today 😊
LoWoodsYtClips (9 months ago)
this is why a always crave peanut butter after drinking whole milk, or maybe i'm just weird :)
naothns (10 months ago)
apparetnly 10 calories is a lot of calories *make up for the lost calories*
naothns (10 months ago)
skim milk is not 2% it is 0% this is clickbait
Al Olsen (10 months ago)
Fairlife milk is amazing!
A Mohamed Nazel (10 months ago)
Best is raw goats milk..fully compatible with the human body
A Mohamed Nazel (10 months ago)
Lactose intolerance, bloating, spoilt milk is caused by Uht..or pasteurised heated milk..drink raw to get the full non allergenic experience...UHT or pasterised milk is unheatlhy and is commercially produced to keep u sick and dependant on the so called "health n pharmacetical industry ..whiich is worth billions worldwide if not trillions..dont get tricked...do the research yourself
Lizzy Dilday (10 months ago)
My dad is diabetic so my whole family drinks skim milk. It is honestly the best thing ever. I don’t know why people hate it
Anti zarof (10 months ago)
I’m in Love with red milk 😋
Anti zarof (10 months ago)
You know what nvm I had to use the bath room every time lol
Alan (10 months ago)
other than regular cows milk, Hemp milk is amazing, i love it.
blitzyclint (11 months ago)
Cow milk is acidic and it removes calcium from your bones. So when you drink whole milk with lactose and cream in it, it actually brittle your bones, look it up! Don't believe the lies the government is trying to deceive you with.
Kovosis Cainian (11 months ago)
Hah See Here's The Problem
Zaherul Huda (11 months ago)
It’s incorrect that mere excess sugar turns into fat. You’d have to have thousands of calories surplus of carbs for that to start happening
SUGAR XYLER ! (9 months ago)
Sugar NEVER hurt me
L B (1 year ago)
Milk gave me a sexy body
SUGAR XYLER ! (9 months ago)
Lauren Bradford Me too
cslimes 101 (1 year ago)
Here's what I would recommend.... *whole milk* ~for babies or kids growing up since the whole milk has fat but it helps them to grow more *skim milk* ~for teens or young adults since they don't need a lot of sugar or to grow.
SUGAR XYLER ! (9 months ago)
cami cams Whole milk for me!!
Payton Allen (1 year ago)
s t i c k y o u r d i c k i n i t
Woody (1 year ago)
Unsweetened almond milk is better
mimi fufu (1 year ago)
She reads too fast from the prompter
Succ Master 56 (1 year ago)
I don’t care what you all say but whole milk will all was taste WAY better than skim.
Johann (1 year ago)
Her beauty stuns me as I open the video
tvops (1 year ago)
Soy is GMO. Not good.
Stella Maris (1 year ago)
Milk is a white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals. It is the primary source of nutrition for infant mammals (including humans who breastfeed) before they are able to digest other types of food. Early-lactation milk contains colostrum, which carries the mother's antibodies to its young and can reduce the risk of many diseases. It contains many other nutrients, including protein and lactose. As an agricultural product, milk is extracted from non-human mammals during or soon after pregnancy. Dairy farms produced about 730 million tonnes of milk in 2011, from 260 million dairy cows. India is the world's largest producer of milk, and is the leading exporter of skimmed milk powder, yet it exports few other milk products. The ever increasing rise in domestic demand for dairy products and a large demand-supply gap could lead to India being a net importer of dairy products in the future. The United States, India, China and Brazil are the world's largest exporters of milk and milk products. China and Russia were the world's largest importers of milk and milk products until 2016, when both countries became self-sufficient, contributing to a worldwide glut of milk. Throughout the world, more than six billion people consume milk and milk products. Over 750 million people live in dairy farming households.
Angela Barone (1 year ago)
There would be a lot of midgets without cow milk
Fat Guy (1 year ago)
Have been drinking whole milk for over 20 years, have not felt any better. I always knew skim milk is not a better option.
zach (1 year ago)
Badger milk>
NÄNØ D ROSE UWU (1 year ago)
I drink whole milk
Lolz Dinosaurz (1 year ago)
I am surprised how no one is using the skim milk joke made by piemations
Lolz Dinosaurz (1 year ago)
imma regret saying that i bet...
tirpitz19 (1 year ago)
That blouse was busting at the seems,i couldn't concentrate.Which one is healthier ?
Peter Faber (1 year ago)
Cereal is carbs too. Bad idea.
MrSober4now (1 year ago)
LACTAID MILK!!! Everybody go out and try it. It's milk that tastes amazing and it doesn't have lactose so you won't be sharting everywhere.
Farrad Mohammed (1 year ago)
mmm i love my fresh canadian milk <3 best in the world <3 american milk is very sweet i can finish the whoel carton loll
Hypernova Sims (1 year ago)
Comments 60% Triggered vegans 30% Complaining about vegans 9% Ew skim milk is gross! 1% Random comments 0% Actually about the video
These vegans want my nut milk in their mouth
Mr Anonymous (1 year ago)
I think the survey is wrong fat people diet more. Just like fatter people drink Diet Coke. So the same with skimmed or full fat milk. More overweight people will drink skimmed milk than full fat. So obviously the survey will show overweight people drink skimmed milk and people who don’t need to worry about weight will drink full fat.
krytonic m (1 year ago)
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop this suks
Bam Bam (1 year ago)
Best milk for you is fish milk 😂😂😂😂
Aahley Nave (1 year ago)
what about whole milk that is organic without the chemicals that harmful? Real food is the trick to losing weight. Why are people saying low-fat milk is healthier when it's not always helpful?
Jack Star (1 year ago)
Why is this even a question? There's one thing I hate more than lying, it's skimmed milk! Which is water lying about being milk
Saphie (1 year ago)
Lactose milk is shit
Abraham George (1 year ago)
Wouldn't these studies be skewed due to the type of people who choose to drink low fat rather then full fat milk similarly to how people who drink diet soda are on average are more obese then those who drink regular soda, not because the diet soda makes people fat, but instead because it does the opposite so those who are obese and trying to lose weight will gravitate towards them.
Sicko Block (1 year ago)
I want this video to add a clip of skim milk from piemations
mooble (1 year ago)
shut up you vegans
Limiter Removal (1 year ago)
she's hot that what i understood about milk no idea dddhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Thor (1 year ago)
You said no benefits for low fat milk then go to say low fat milk is better for lactose intolerance. As for body builders drinking protein or people looking to regulate calories, low fat milk can have 30 to 50 calories less then whole milk while retaining the same protein and carbs per gram. So yes low fat certainly has benefits. The reason whole milk is tied to less weight gain is the same reason you loose weight eating mostly fats on a ketosis diet, it fills you up making you less likely to crave food in the day.
Ethan Goulart (1 year ago)
Vegan comments are annoying af btw whole milk ftw
David Bakhash (1 year ago)
“All the rave” lol
MrRwb1965 (1 year ago)
Do not eat soy!!! Do the research!!
Red Ross (1 year ago)
the answer is none of them...
Sabrina Gelbart (1 year ago)
I think this is correlation not causation? People with weight issues are more likely to try to turn to skim I think?
Quinacridone Rose (1 year ago)
You actually want "NON HOMOGENIZED" whole milk--- NOT "HOMOGENIZED" whole milk which can be deadly for our blood streams. The homogenization process centrifuges the milk and destroys the original fat molecule which our digestive system would take care of (eliminating most fat through the liver), but the homogenized fats go through the bloodstream and cause a lot of trouble there. People with cardiovascular diseases encounter this a lot. The ONLY reason dairies homogenize milk is to EXTEND SHELF LIFE. You see, nothing the food industry does is for the good of the consumer...all changes, including GMO and altering food processes is either for the grower, the harvester, the handler, the preserver or the grocer, not for consumers. Research for this was done by Tecumseh about 30 years ago, but the dairy industry hid this information from us, citing homogenized milk is easier to use (no fat floating on top)...I scrape off the fat and add a bit of salt and voila, non-homogenized pure, real butter! I never use margarine, its fat molecules resemble those of plastic!
Martin Stojanovski (1 year ago)
Are you nuts? Soy milk is good for you? Hahhahaha yeah it says in Monsanto funded research. It is if you manage to find 1% of the remaining organic soy otherwise your soy milk is GM food by Monsanto
Skim? Or skin?
NWS storm chaser (1 year ago)
I'm switching to hole milk

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