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Funny Marriage Proposal Reject in Mall by Poor Indian

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Marriage proposal fail
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WildFire Studios (1 day ago)
That girl is a gold digger and nothing more than that. She only wants to enjoy that man's money and will move forward to the next guy...that's why she doesn't want to marry!
iLikE FriEs (2 days ago)
XxCJGamingxX (3 days ago)
He just wanted the bobs and vagana 😢
kartik ranjan (3 days ago)
What an asshole
Ibrahim lhotse (8 days ago)
I'm sorry but she's just an absolute bitch
Virus 1991 (10 days ago)
Destroyed In Seconds . . .
Pratyush Panda (11 days ago)
And kuch hi hafto baad............ Ladki ne Infosys Hyd transfer maang liya, aur Ladka ko mall dekhte hi mirgii aane lagti he😂😂😂😂
たむらん (14 days ago)
Is it fake???
sandeep (17 days ago)
haha kat gya iska
mihir dave (17 days ago)
she hit him with the guitar. it's clear - she wanted a no-strings attached relationship.
AK Kashyap (17 days ago)
show the full video
Alpha Gorrilla (17 days ago)
When your mom hits you in public
The Horizon (18 days ago)
Poor guyy hit by violin on marriage proposal xD LOL
Abhishek Patil (20 days ago)
Girls in India are pretty much the same.
Sub2Pewds ok (20 days ago)
Should've Subbed 2 Pewds i guess ;)
No name (21 days ago)
Is she Asian Chinese lol
ash hz (28 days ago)
What the fuck that girl things she is😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😠😠😠😠
Arka Banerjee (1 month ago)
Sakshamium (1 month ago)
I felt Pitty as well as I couldn't stop laughing....😂😂😂😂😂 #ZakhirKhanZindabaad. #sakhtLaunda #PIGHALNA #NHI
Zam1Fear (1 month ago)
Unfortunately it's fake... it was a viral campaign advert for Cabury. Still funny as hell though
Roy Barrows (1 month ago)
It could've been worse. She could've said yes.
You my absolute John But didn't you notice the train says : "NOT SO SWEET"
shrungus seal (2 months ago)
She just beat that kids ass, no questions asked.
Jessica Mae (2 months ago)
TRAP VIDEOS XXX (2 months ago)
Go iraq!
Shaveta Monga Monga (2 months ago)
She is a bitch
Kaycee Coty (2 months ago)
The train cars said NOT SO SWEET ironic 😂
mojo (2 months ago)
Lost it at the train but died when she hit him with the guitar! 🤣🤣🤣😂
Sanjana Shah (2 months ago)
I would've left him then and there when he said "you're my sweetie pie, my cutie pie, my shonu, my sweetheart!" I mean dude, what the fuck!
Sanjana Shah are you fucking kidding me right now? He’s confessing his love to her. It doesn’t matter how he says it, as long as it’s nice and true. Those are all cute and nice comments. If you’re going to be a bitch about everything then no man on this earth is going to want to propose to your nasty ass, grow the fuck up and try to have some goodwill in yourself. People complain too much.
No19649163915935193 (2 months ago)
The trains music and passing by lmao 😂 and when he says he wrote it his self but it’s Bruno Mars bahha
inter gal (3 months ago)
😱 Is the ukelele okay?
Lightbulb (3 months ago)
That guy should have stopped immediately when the girl said you are embarrassing me, he did that to himself.
ggJoker (3 months ago)
graham lionel (3 months ago)
1:36 that was COLD what ol' girl did that's why I always stay single.
Simple Bro Stuff (3 months ago)
Scripted af
Drew Yetti (3 months ago)
Wow, that’s some you don’t see everyday.
David McKelvey (4 months ago)
"You truly make me the happiest person on earth" *GETS HIT WITH A UKULELE*
Ethan (4 months ago)
It’s fake chill
Drag Leo (4 months ago)
3 months only and proposing in movie style.That chick was clearly saying no no no still why pushing your luck and do you want to spend your life with someone whom you dated for only 3 months,if she did said yes 97 percent she must be gold digger ...That's why nerds get arranged marriage
Ashley Laguna (4 months ago)
WoWo (4 months ago)
It’s funny cause he says U MY SWEETIE PIE then a trains comes along and says not so sweet
Lroy freAks (4 months ago)
Poor indians
Doge (5 months ago)
********* pohz (5 months ago)
Nabu Pandey (5 months ago)
For those who don't know it was a prank
YUDDY (5 months ago)
Anooying motherfucker
Jackson Wang (5 months ago)
Choo choo, Thomas the Train passing
3nzo. (5 months ago)
IABI TV (5 months ago)
can't take back the love that I gave u ;(((((
M'aiq The liar (5 months ago)
This is why getting a girlfriend is not a good idea, They will eventually turn on you or they prefer the Asshole Personality with the 6 pack.
KermitTheFirece (6 months ago)
Poor guy
Taehyung ARMY (6 months ago)
Does anyone saw the 'not so sweet' in the train? 😂😂
Cool Dude (6 months ago)
If that was an Indian girl that dude would have ended up in jail!
Tuf Nut (6 months ago)
It was staged!!
Crusta Nox (6 months ago)
Ohhhhh wow I feel.... Absolutely no sympathy I'm so heartless sorry but it was funny 😂😂😂
Z Z (6 months ago)
aww the proposal was cute tho, but personally I hate pet names 😂
shivam mhatre (6 months ago)
waste age of money
sunny r. (6 months ago)
Thats sawage😁
UrShortMemes 47 (6 months ago)
I lost it with the train especially that It said “NOT SO SWEET”
UrShortMemes 47 (6 months ago)
Lmao I came with the meme were he gets slapped with the ukalala a fortnite sound plays
Jimbo - (6 months ago)
Did you just assume his economical stats
just golu (6 months ago)
Savage level over 90000
CosmicCitiZen (6 months ago)
0:56 It's an ad stratergy of Bournville Guys don't be serious :D
Dinesh Saroj (6 months ago)
Thats not funny man .
Munaf Alam (7 months ago)
tj of the universe (7 months ago)
Blatio1 (7 months ago)
At :52, more like train"wreck". Although I do feel this was scripted. As if she would pull an object from someone and hit the proposee in the head with it.
STUDENTS HUB (7 months ago)
Really ,the girl dont deserve him.!
pradumnya paul (7 months ago)
Oooooooouuuuuu behan chod Ab Toh Main Aur Bhi Darne Laga .
Truth Of Life (7 months ago)
It was scripted...???
B E L L A (7 months ago)
Bich she freaking knocked him out with that guitar
Pankai Chingsaham (7 months ago)
Becoz of cheap guys like you people thinks Indians are local head. You met just 3 months ago and this proposal... Fuck you..
Lovnish Garg (8 months ago)
Poor indian???
Eat Me (8 months ago)
why did you propose to that hoe if you can just propose to that sweet camera girl. x)
Blind Attraction (8 months ago)
These aren’t funny, I feel bad for this dude 😌
Clubmaster2005 (8 months ago)
brooklyn• (8 months ago)
Jimmy Guo (8 months ago)
Rip but I laugh so hard when that train came out of nowhere.
First of all : " We met here 3 months ago " Meaning that they just knew each other not long ago. AND in the beginning the guy was like pushing the girl into the spotlight. I think he was forcing her to accept his proposal by doing it in the spotlight. Cuz, who would say no ? Idk
Alexis Medina (8 months ago)
ArE u Ok? 😁 1:49
Gajendra Marndi (9 months ago)
Haha nice by the way
Pratik Dalui (9 months ago)
81SK (9 months ago)
This guy needs to find a love
Envy Trog (9 months ago)
He's asking for marriage and they have only known each other for 3 months
David Oladele (9 months ago)
You’re my pewdiepie
igot7 coco (9 months ago)
What the fuck...she is CrAzY...she could have just said "no" why so did she have to hit him in his head
kamal Kumar (9 months ago)
Kra lo insult
E L I Z A B E T H (10 months ago)
Omg god love him😂😂😂
Jav ed (10 months ago)
Seth Winters (10 months ago)
This is what happens if you're an indian guy trying to propose. You get hit on the head by a guitar cause she's in love with an American.
Danish Shaikh (10 months ago)
The train was a foreshadowing.. 'Not so sweet'
Popsthe Pug (10 months ago)
The guy that had the mini guitar thing i bet he was dying not to laugh
Violet Isabelle (6 months ago)
It’s a ukulele XD
Violet Isabelle (6 months ago)
Shaco (11 months ago)
Old but Gold 😂
Meet Mehra (11 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
treestump (11 months ago)
o o f
Robert Delgado Capetillo (11 months ago)
Curry noodles :3 (11 months ago)
I died at the train part
Ritika Dubey (11 months ago)
For those who have'nt observed this thing. At 0:55 you can see a train passing in between. Check out what is written there. "Bournville - Not so sweet. " It's actually an amazing advertisement of Bournville chocolate in India and the entire incident is related to this product.
Pavan Reddy (11 months ago)
Rather than hitting him she could have walked away to show rejection.. it embarrassed him.. sorry my friend..
Mohammed Fasi (24 days ago)
He should stop once she said no.. He continued he got hit
Uh She Up (1 year ago)
Indian are born to married indian

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