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Oracle DB Vs MySQL for Enterprise DataBase Deployments

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Oracle DB is big, and expensive, but it brings a lot to the "table" when compared with MySQL. MySQL has limited ability to audit. MySQL's security is unsophisticated. There are no groups or roles, no ability to deny a privilege (you can only grant privileges). A user who logs in with the same username and password from different network addresses may be treated as a completely separate user. There is no built-in encryption comparable to Oracle. MySQL's Authentication is built-in. There is no LDAP, Active Directory, or other external authentication capability. MySQL has no MPP (massively parallel processing ) support. Unlike Oracle MySQL has no fractional-second storage type for times, dates, or intervals. There is no RAC (Real Application Cluster) support in My SQL, and no failover or server promotion either. These are strong features in Oracle MySQL's number of joins per query is limited to 61. Oracle's limit is much larger. MySQL Replication is asynchronous and has many limitations and edge cases. For example, it is single-threaded, so a powerful slave can find it hard to replicate fast enough to keep up with a less powerful master.
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David Nagani (1 year ago)
SAP is the best for top tier.
Joshua Muzaaya (5 years ago)
MySQL sql processing engine is too slow compared to oracle. Try giving MySQL deeply nested queries mixed with JOINS, that is when you realize how weak MySQL is. Oracle is perhaps (honestly) the best SQL-based DBMS out there. The biggest data storages for enterprises other than Google and Facebook , are actually using ORACLE.
DILAWARR (5 years ago)
the best database ever was the dbase III plus that I ran on my 386DX pc :)
Tamika Josiah (3 years ago)
You mean the easiest, because you do not understand real databases!!!
Al Pacino (5 years ago)
Well MySQL is good enough for Facebook. Now that's scale.
mrhypermagnetic (7 years ago)
@BlackwaterOpsDotCom Thanks for the speedy response. Im always learning and greatly appreciate all your videos. I just installed PostgreSql on my windows machine. Going to tamper around with RoR and Java...would be cool to see a video by you comparing the many languages and best use scenarios for each. Thanks Again.
Biz of Tech (7 years ago)
@mrhypermagnetic MySQL is no long SQL compatible. There are branches of WP that run on Oracle, but I can't imagine you have a site large enough that the support headaches would off set the scalability benefits.
mrhypermagnetic (7 years ago)
Thanks for making this video. What are some hosting providers that use oracle and can wordpress or drupal be installed using this type of dbs? thanks in advanced.
Biz of Tech (7 years ago)
@sinistar99 Well I was actually Face Palm Head Shake LMFAO but Didn't figure anyone would would know what FPHSLMFAO was.
sinistar99 (7 years ago)
@BlackwaterOpsDotCom THat's a big acronym. I bet you were just LMFAO... :)
Biz of Tech (7 years ago)
@4urge ROFLMFAO Google GQL/DataStore
Zeus13345 (7 years ago)
who else notices he wears the same shirt each video
nana insaidoo (2 years ago)
Zeus13345 So what Should we do about? He doing something useful. Show us your videos!
southeastpacarshows (7 years ago)
i didn't really know anything at all about either of these database deployments before this video, but now i'm interested in learning more. could you make more videos relating to this topic please?
Biz of Tech (7 years ago)
@gundambob646 Sort of. But that doesn't mean that understanding the differences isn't important. MySQL is OpenSource and there are multiple Forks so Oracle 'owns' MySql in the sense that Redhat owns Linux. There is also Percona MySQL, Drizzle, MariaDB, OurDelta, and a dozen other versions. The Original was SUN that Oracle Acquired.
Swapnil Gawade (7 years ago)
Oracle vs MSSQL PLZZZ............
Nicholas A. (7 years ago)
its been a while since i have worked with MYSQL.. if i remember its like.. spreadsheet with the queries.
kaneMANonFIRE (7 years ago)
@BlackwaterOpsDotCom you should do some reviews on some webcams.....i like webcams
Biz of Tech (7 years ago)
@kaneMANonFIRE Video Conferencing software doesn't work with my Windows 8 laptop currently. So I had to set it up today on the demo PC.
kaneMANonFIRE (7 years ago)
i had the same idea to put that exact webcam on top of my television. great minds must think alike eh ;)
Biz of Tech (7 years ago)
I could have 100k subs and no one would watch this video ;-) If I top 200 views I'll be impressed, this is a pretty geeky topic.

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