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Me and My Boyfriend Morgz Lived Like Billionaires for 48 Hours and it was the most DRAINING thing ever. It was The Most Crazy challenge I've done yet. i DONT KNSDfaekjhd. ϟ HIT SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN THE REVOLT https://goo.gl/ehqY5E ϟ ☆ COP THE DANKEST MERCH www.kierabridget.com RESTOCK SOON ☆ BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: [email protected] ◎ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/kieraabridget/ ◎ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Kierabridget ◎ SNAPCHAT: kierabridget ▶ BINGE WATCH ME: https://goo.gl/LG9wUM ▶ WATCH MY VLOGS: https://goo.gl/AUKM3p Whats Gucci?! I'm Kiera & I'm a socially inept adolescent who has never been good at making friends so decided to get lots of followers instead! SUBSCRIBE and follow me on my family friendly *nope* journey to becoming a millionaire and to maybe laugh at my hopeless narcissism. DANK. ϟ HIT SUBSCRIBE IF U WANT (you do!) AND JOIN THE REVOLT https://goo.gl/ehqY5E ϟ psssttttt... if you see this comment 'description squad' and maybe I'll reply ;) *it's our secret*
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Kiera Bridget (2 months ago)
Pls subscribe ahhsjadurhdhsna
GamingwithAdela (2 hours ago)
Kiera Bridget sure
Leydi Contreras (22 hours ago)
i will
Mircea Luncanu (1 day ago)
Oh i know
Mircea Luncanu (1 day ago)
What dose ahhjadurhdhsna mean!? 😕
Yunus Mubashir (1 day ago)
Kiera Bridget love you Kiera
zoe chan (1 hour ago)
so your spending money like a billionaire not living like one because usually they are not worried about the amount of money they spend but you are
MoDerN__ PumA (2 hours ago)
Traveling like a billionaire more like a first class Emirates a380 that's what I would've did ohm ur to poor probaly
Lava Sir (2 hours ago)
He looks nice
Christian Costigan (3 hours ago)
Okay this time it is London except for France
Sophie Austin (4 hours ago)
who is older you or morgan
Sphinx (5 hours ago)
18 in 24 days.......... if you guys did it and fbi comes... i live on mars
Max Herbert (8 hours ago)
subscribe to one of the best youtubers
unicorn lover 1070 (11 hours ago)
Description squad
Hazel Quinao (12 hours ago)
slender man:let the suit search commence! wait Y slenderman is wesring the suit
Vlog Squad (20 hours ago)
Dont worry morgz I HATE cheese as well
Alexa Green (21 hours ago)
Who else saw Keira in the bath in the reflection
Dorina Trissia (1 day ago)
The ford car was not really a billion air am I right
haris mohammed (1 day ago)
Kira your foot is pretty
Jay & Kae Norwood (1 day ago)
Description squad
Amelia Durska (1 day ago)
Who is eating mackdonalds causa i am
Abdul Muid (1 day ago)
I hate this
Derpy Batman (1 day ago)
PUGGO IS SO CUTE(cuter than Morgan)
Hay i think i was on that train in first cladd
Max Summers (1 day ago)
Your such a goldigger!!
Baninit (1 day ago)
i was in that boat for my birthday i went out to London
Millie at home (1 day ago)
0:55, 0:56, 1:06 LOLOLOLOL
Lun Lun the panda (1 day ago)
Pause 8:13
Gacha Life Storys (1 day ago)
Description squad
Elf Babies (2 days ago)
I was born in Sheffield or Rotherham
Matthew Thurman (2 days ago)
Keare. Is. Better. Than. Team. Mum
Matthew Thurman (2 days ago)
Keara. Is. Better. Than. Team. Mum
4tnite 4life (2 days ago)
Why 2:38
A CCFC FAN 777 (2 days ago)
Spot different 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂
Milly With a y (2 days ago)
OMG my grandma lives in Sheffield! It is a really beautiful place! Unfortunately for me, she is moving down so I won’t go there anymore
Milly With a y (2 days ago)
OMG my grandma lives in Sheffield! It is a really beautiful place! Unfortunately for me, she is moving down so I won’t go there anymore
Keldeen Playz/vlogs (2 days ago)
Description squad
Ezmeralda Orallana (2 days ago)
Adventurers ?? (2 days ago)
Morgan actually looked good in that suit
Tank Gangstar (2 days ago)
Morgz sweres
kiera is so beautiful (your like my classmate)
SEENS LPS (2 days ago)
That car looks less expensive then our car.. (are we rich or something 😂?) Every like surves every one a dollar
Kate Pustkuchen (2 days ago)
You guys are amazing
Lianne Francis (2 days ago)
you guy are cool and awesome i want to meat yous are the best
J&T Gaming Adventures (2 days ago)
I will like my own comment cause nobody else will
Boston HairBraider (2 days ago)
J&T Gaming Adventures I liked yours
Yamaha 64 MX (2 days ago)
i dont like cheese
Khan Naveed (2 days ago)
I now that place in Sheffield 12:46
Benicio Rodriguez (2 days ago)
No judge 👨‍⚖️
Benicio Rodriguez (2 days ago)
I don’t like cheese 🧀
Unicorn Lover (2 days ago)
Who’s better? Like=Kiera Comment=Morgan Comment & Like= Both Edit: I don’t want likes I want to see who likes both or who likes Morgan or Kiera better! Lol ok huh!
Nicole Weber (1 day ago)
epic tiger 35 (1 day ago)
Unicorn Lover I liked and commented!!!:)
Lola lomas (2 days ago)
I love the tuck Morgan
rawrstudios (2 days ago)
Wait if ur 18 rn then how are u dating morgz? Because it’s under age dating
Kimberlee Lazo (1 day ago)
There has to be proof that there sexually active
botan draey (2 days ago)
I KNOW OXFORD STREET I LIVE IN LONDON and I live in Boreamwood PLEASE COME TO MAH house and then I don't really live there but I live in Green court please support me
puglife gucci (3 days ago)
Taoiresa Nevin (3 days ago)
Maria Eleftheroglou (3 days ago)
Συχενομαι τον τρόπο που λες σε κάποιον που βλέπει τα βίντεο σου να σου κάνει εγγραφή δηλαδή έλεος
PATCHER JB (3 days ago)
Description squad
Red eyed Bull (3 days ago)
If you believe in Jesus give me a like 😇🙏
Trouble Triplets (3 days ago)
Ive always liked u becuz u love who u are 💖👊🏿💎
Katelyn Crampton (3 days ago)
Who else agrees Kiera is amazing. Like if you agree. 😁😁😁
roblox musicallys (3 days ago)
i don’t like cheese on my sandwich but i like string cheese
Wolf Girl 1123 (3 days ago)
Lol 😂
Mrs.Milkshake (3 days ago)
Wows left side car
Mrs.Milkshake (3 days ago)
Why does it look like you never brush your hair
Hamaad Khan (3 days ago)
👩🏻‍🦱 👚. This is Kiera’s Bridget 👖 👱🏻‍♂️ 👕this is Morgan 👖 They lost their camera 📷 each like gets their camera back
Ruby Lynn (4 days ago)
Why spend $1 billion
Dave Deola (4 days ago)
The part he says noooooooooooo is so funny
TheNameIs Renlm (4 days ago)
Who else was eating ribs when they showed it
TheNameIs Renlm (4 days ago)
Description squad
Carlos Rodriguez (4 days ago)
If you pause at 9:24 you can see kiera
Francis Charo (4 days ago)
Love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋
Blackplayz Awesome (4 days ago)
No no noOoOo...
Slenderman ;-; XD
TAHLIA shaw (4 days ago)
Yo I was on that boat
cheeky life (4 days ago)
I don't like how you ended that vidioe and called people names
Darlene Bruere (4 days ago)
I love these chalenges.
I hate cheese lol
Gabriela Bakun (4 days ago)
6:48 Someone’s jealous😉😉😂😂😂
XDDGamerXDD Bad Boy (4 days ago)
Now give me V-bucks
DPgaming 22 (5 days ago)
Lily Pudner (5 days ago)
I'm from Sheffield 😀 like if you are to
Rebecca dueta (5 days ago)
I love u kiera....... will you be my girlfriend?????Plz !!!!!!
Jack Rowson (5 days ago)
Hi come to Shrewsbury Shropshire
Briann McIntyre (4 days ago)
1:05 me tbh 🤣 "NoOoOoOoOoOoO"
Corruptive. (5 days ago)
So thicccccc
Ana Isabel Sandoval (5 days ago)
at the end when he says to subscribe that creeps me out and i just subscribed to kiera
Rylee Showalter (5 days ago)
cool i like it nise
Lade Mery (5 days ago)
She going to get depression oooooo
k.s wwe man (5 days ago)
Happy birth day kera I subscribe i Hope you get a millyin subscriber on your birthday I love you more than morgz
Olivia S (5 days ago)
Description squad
Lara Waldron (5 days ago)
i liked to help get your money back 😚
Micow 1234 (5 days ago)
Like thid if her dress shows toooooo much
fortnite vloggers (6 days ago)
i love u
adhasa adha (6 days ago)
Why they speak like that?
CC Movies (6 days ago)
Agree ment
What happened to the hey what’s hanging what happened what’s Gucci I miss that 💕 also in that suit morgz looks like Justin beaver
Jaecob Easter (6 days ago)
I Dont Like Cheese
Ava Koepke (6 days ago)
I don’t like cheese
Luis Garcia (6 days ago)
description Squad
wolf girl 77 (6 days ago)
I sub because you guys got locked in Lol
Logan Mallory (6 days ago)
My name is Logan I'm tossing my mom's phone I like u
Karen Gómez (6 days ago)
John Buitrago (6 days ago)

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