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Yiqing Yin × Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Full Fashion Show

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Yiqing Yin for Yiqing Yin 4 jul / Paris Full HD Fashion Show Original song
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Vicky Nieva (3 years ago)
Oh My God de music! make me dance!
Yeah, I totally agree. (6 years ago)
Incredible ! It's like as if god have given Yiqing Yin to us in return for the lost of Alexander McQueen.
parismatch (6 years ago)
There's a lot of people, all the body heat. Not to mention a lot of places in Paris, especially older buildings, actually do not have AC. The AC in my apartment was opening the windows.
Y Lin (6 years ago)
Funny to see people were waving their paper to fan themselves. The AC's probably not working well, huh?
MrRebelliousboy1987 (6 years ago)
i want to know how she make all those dresses ~ is incredible!!!!!
darscell douglas (6 years ago)
lovely garments n loving the textures

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