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West African Food - EXOTIC DELICACY in GHANA!

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►SUBSCRIBE for 2 new videos per week: http://bit.ly/MarkWiensSubscribe ►T-shirts and caps available now: https://migrationology.com/store/ Bushmeat is a term that is used to often describe wild game meat in Africa. And while there some types of bushmeat that are not good or unsafe to eat - grasscutter - also known as a greater cane rat, is safe and one of the most popular types of bushmeat to eat in West Africa. It’s a delicacy! So while we were driving on our way to Elmina, Ghana, along the side of the highway, we stopped at some hunters, and bought a grasscutter. Later in the day, we met up with our host family, and we drove over to the Elmina fishing market. The market was amazing, bright and colorful, and energetic, with some unique fish and seafood available from the Atlantic. We bought some fish to go along with our grasscutter, and then we continued back to the house to start cooking. First for lunch, Mama made us a dish called Eto, a mash up of yam and palm nut oil, topped with eggs. It was a little on the dry side for me, but it was an honor to have a chance to try that special Ghanaian dish. For dinner we prepared the fish and grasscutter. The fish was made into Ghanaian groundnut or peanut soup, which is one of the best dishes I at in Ghana. The grasscutter was made into a bushmeat grasscutter light soup which included chilies, garlic, onions, ginger, and tomato. Finally, for the main start of the meal Mama made omo tuo, Ghana style rice balls. How does grasscutter taste? The greater cane rats run around the fields and eat grass, so unsurprisingly some parts kind of taste like grass. But they are a white meat, and have a similar look to chicken, but the meat is even sweeter. It was also surprisingly fall apart tender. I thought it was amazing! Across West African food, grasscutter is a very popular meat, and a delicacy eaten on special occasions. MUSIC: https://artlist.io/ ***CAMERA GEAR*** I used to make this video (these are affiliate links): Main camera: http://amzn.to/2sV0XQO Main lens: http://amzn.to/2szLZNf 2nd lens: http://amzn.to/2EjBeEg Microphone: http://amzn.to/2rBKD3z Drone: http://amzn.to/2CrtAHz I would love to connect with you! Instagram: https://instagram.com/migrationology Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/migrationology T-shirts available now: https://migrationology.com/store/
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Text Comments (7479)
Shakti Singh (52 minutes ago)
African people are good humans... Its a reality western world have exploited them.... Forced people of africa into slavery... #now visit africa to praise them.... for their culture , food etc. Why western colonisers didn’t noticed it earlier when africans were slaves... #hypocrite world of white skin colonisers.🤨
Cass H (3 hours ago)
You're so respectful to every culture. And I love how you and your wife are allowing your son to be open to other cultures, and people from such a young age!!
*INDIAN ReviEws (14 hours ago)
*it was a long hieeeee*
KaKa Bawa (20 hours ago)
Africans are our very first ancestor the early life begun from them... Love you guys.
KaKa Bawa (20 hours ago)
Grass cutter 🐁😟
Lavender Love (1 day ago)
Ghana Humber (1 day ago)
This guy is having way too much fun lol
elijah njenga (1 day ago)
The rice "balls'' and the sound it's producing.
kaylaglazz (1 day ago)
Am I the only one imagining everything tasteing like pizza or tacos or whatever looks familiar to the dish he is eating so I can agree with his yummm
Sohail Jefferson (1 day ago)
All i can see your huge eyeballs falling off your face... relax dude!!
FunnyBrainTV (1 day ago)
That smile 16:35 😂😂
LeRoy Marshall, Jr. (1 day ago)
What a wonderful viewing. God bless "Mama" cook. She is beautiful.
abida zahid (1 day ago)
Rat or grass cutter is not healthy
Dân Tộc TV (1 day ago)
Hello friends
Oudom Zin ll (1 day ago)
I love watching your video 😍😘😘
Patrick Guillory (2 days ago)
I live in the United States and I have a friend from Africa...... Whenever he is cooking, I’m eating...... Yummy!!!! Food has so much flavor.
Jerry Schwartz (2 days ago)
Can you say gout?
anupam sahore (2 days ago)
Hamed Qambari (2 days ago)
Who eat with dirty blacks, blacks r dirty .
Kahlia Waite (2 days ago)
I cant believe you have never drank cocunut water before
hudson stanley (2 days ago)
Hadeel Amer (2 days ago)
Could you come and visit Sudan 💜
Nik Aria (3 days ago)
I always love to eat veggies rice. Big no to meat
Soul Catcher (3 days ago)
T I A. this is Africa. you love it / you hate it (no consensus).. my roots forever love you i bring you in my soul, my food, my drink, my girl's, my song and my skin and course... my only pride ;=P
S. K Yadav (3 days ago)
Where are you from brother
Wahyu Widya (3 days ago)
If every people in the world just like him.. whatta peacefull life we live..
sanju kumar (3 days ago)
Sala ganda khana khate ho
Monica Enyonam (3 days ago)
I love Ghana
Usman Kultum (3 days ago)
nice one
Dennis Kipchirchir (4 days ago)
Its good they can't take away our black colour and cannot move our continent. The way we associate all White people with evil due to their complexion is what they want it vice versa. Where on earth can't you find a black all over the continents yet not whites. I think this gives an assumption that the original person on earth is a black man dating millions of years whereas the whites are only 60,000 years on earth since creation.
NeoGeoSNK (4 days ago)
No thanks
Dim Paco Lombertini (4 days ago)
You re the best for traveling with us to discover some foods. I was in Ghana 🇬🇭 but I never taste grass cutter
Abi Okelade (4 days ago)
Shawon Khan (4 days ago)
Your son is so lucky to have an adventurous father like you!
Bo Lobell (4 days ago)
Good thing you did not go to the zoo.
Abu Huraira Farooqui (5 days ago)
I love food I love African cuisine
Lala Shelala (5 days ago)
I agree with Mark. There is nothing better than being invited into someones home for a home cooked meal and I love the different mortal and pestles too. In fact, I collect and use them.
Lala Shelala (5 days ago)
I am glad he showed respect to the ancestors of these people by giving information on Elmina castle. I havent been there, but I saw a program where some African Americans went there and they were heart broken by the inhumanity their ancestors endured.
Lala Shelala (5 days ago)
That fresh green coconut looks delish. It reminds me of the great times I had in the Philippines.
eight Snow (5 days ago)
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Bumi Khalifah (5 days ago)
I want to have TONGUE like Mark! Which only for Taste and Talk To make money and travel around the world..
Jennifer Dang (5 days ago)
Omg it looks amazing and your son is so lucky he gets to experience other cultures with their food and travelling!!! Awesome work Mark!!!👏👏👍👍👍
Love Love (5 days ago)
Love your videos. I’m hoping to soon travel the world and eat too😊
Joe D (5 days ago)
You just got yourself a new subscriber.
Nes Jos (4 days ago)
Joe D me too, this guy is incredible
Ac MsB (5 days ago)
That's asking for Ebola
Merve Ünal (5 days ago)
Mark, you like everyfood 🙄😀
ac43childz (5 days ago)
So everything just taste good huh😂😂😂 yea right
Jag Mil (5 days ago)
its not hygienic the way the rice ball is made.Stop playing with the food
Jag Mil (4 days ago)
+Edem Anku you dont seem to understand ! not canned/frozen !! when hands and finger nails are not clean and you are touching food. ....that is unhygienic
Edem Anku (4 days ago)
+Jag Mil lol funny,you don't get sick from eating canned foods frozen foods, chemically prepared foods,people eat snake they don't get sick, but then we eat common grasscutter and eyebrows are raised,jssss give some break.ive eaten grasscutter since I was a kid,but I don't have cancer,I'm perfectly fine here.
Jag Mil (4 days ago)
+Edem Anku so ?? people can get sick !! or maybe you are use to this preparation
Edem Anku (5 days ago)
why Im alwayd Scared on Africa ? always i watch on media african cruel,
Iyanifa Ifayemi (4 days ago)
Cruelty can exist in all races.
Mae Douglas (6 days ago)
Wow the food looks so good 😳😳 i want some yea yea yes 😁😀☺😳😄
Joni Marien McConnell (6 days ago)
Every Race&Culture has its own God given uniqueness. The world is getting smaller everyday. This is the Era of Mankind to be One! Just the word "rat" to eat seems awfully shocking! Rabbits are Rodent specie. And extremely expensive in Paris Michelin Gourmet Restaurants. Respect to EACH other is what the food we eat tastes more scrumptious.
King Tutt (6 days ago)
Mother fucker stop smiling so damn much.
Dimas Miranda (6 days ago)
po cd as colher
prince kollie (6 days ago)
African food is the best tasting food in the world....
Iyanifa Ifayemi (4 days ago)
It certainly is, I love it!
ManJU DIO (4 days ago)
Gurpreet Singh (6 days ago)
Visit to any country and visit to somebody home for 1 or 2 days. Then you get good food. If up from 2 daya then u will get know the problems and many things of host family.
Charlie Peters (6 days ago)
I get your a positive person but surely you don’t love every single meal you eat, I’ve never seen you say you don’t like something. Literally react the same way to every meal lol
Donald Dacuycuy (5 days ago)
Bubu mo. Alangan naman na sabihin nyang "ang pangit naman ng lasa neto ayaw ko to" tanga kupal cancer edi marami na magalit sa kanya kupal ka
TheShinefully (6 days ago)
I love me some bush meat 😬 My parents are from Ghana
Social Market Place (7 days ago)
Awesome they found food that is plentiful
Patrick Guillory (7 days ago)
They are cooking with love.
Patrick Guillory (7 days ago)
You can say whatever you want, Africa has the best tasting food in the world.
negro93906 (1 hour ago)
Mexico does
SandStorm XII (4 days ago)
especially west africa
Lala Shelala (5 days ago)
I agree. Some of the best food I have ever tasted in my life was in Egypt where I feasted on Nile perch and pigeon with rice. In Kenya, I ate gazelle and white sweet potatoes. It was so delicious. In Morocco, the food is sublime. Africa always gets a bad rap due to ignorance of the people, culture and geography.
Miatta McGraw (6 days ago)
Yes, we do
L Robinson (7 days ago)
Your hangin' out with very cordial people☺
BB (7 days ago)
People. I don't think rodents should be food.
BB (5 days ago)
If its public, it's my business and everyone else's. :)
TheShinefully (6 days ago)
BB mind ur Business :)
matt newman (7 days ago)
Each additional video is a big fat risk for your family. You know this
Dorian bullet boats (7 days ago)
I call them wild rabbit cuz why not
Rex allen (7 days ago)
8:50 the egg yolk was white.
MLK HR (7 days ago)
I love your enthusiasm
Babu Morul (7 days ago)
Love all Gana people & also deepest love to Mark Wiens .... Love from Bangladesh.
Pre cie (7 days ago)
Visit Zambia
A Schwarzenegger (7 days ago)
He talks like he has a gun to his head
LODIELIE B (7 days ago)
He is overly positive
Darcia Mbaye (8 days ago)
I miss Africa
Harmesh garg (8 days ago)
ap hindi m boliye please
eltiarribero (8 days ago)
Dude your videos are OK but can you speak like a real man? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
As you tried these different meals, did any disagree with you later? So many opportunities for new cuisine! Exciting!
Frances Edwards (6 days ago)
Mark you are wonderful, witty and so intelligent. Thank you for sharing your passion for food, people and ultimately culture with the world. I love the same and I think you are an example of how we all should be by being open to experiencing things very different and not allowing certain conditions to close you of from experiencing kindness. You sir are rich! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Shakeela Naz (8 days ago)
😝 disgusting 😷
High LEAPERS (8 days ago)
hopefully you will not become a victim of food poisoning - try to visit Iraq and also Antarctica and Elephant island...
Danielle DeAnnuntis (8 days ago)
ho ok
rollin thirtys (8 days ago)
As unappealing as rat seems. I cant judge im from an island in the carribean where we eat green monkey 🇰🇳..On a side note watching her cook reminds me of my grand mother ..I make rice the same way as the woman in the video i even shape it in a bowl to make a ball ...I never knew why we did that or where it came from ..I thought it was just a westindian thing...Its amazing to know that black people world wide still seem to display some vestiges of african culture...I even make my fried fish the same way ..All taught to me by my grand mother...only thing is change is id need utensils maybe at one point my people did eat with hands but hundreds of years of colonization by the english changed that ..Ill be needing a spoon for the soup and a knife and fork for the rice and meat ..
Blkhorse1 (8 days ago)
The coconut, rice & fish I could enjoy but would have to pass on the grasscutter rat soupe.
Eugene Phelps (8 days ago)
Am I just the one who was wondering???? He eats everything but he is still thin...SMH!!!
Tshidiso Mokbubung (8 days ago)
@15:23 that is maize meal also known as “Pap” in South Africa not rice!
Samuel Anthonio (6 days ago)
I know it looks the pap but it's actually white rice cooked long. Normally Tastic would get that sticky but basmati properly would.
Yhadira Cruz (8 days ago)
You never go to the Caribbean. What is the about?
Adam Noor (8 days ago)
Any woman who contacts you and claims to be from Ghana especially if they are white Caucasian then stay clear of them lol
Zhiveli Berlusconi (8 days ago)
i will like the white women to see the meaning of housewife in black women not fighting your white husband expecting him to do all housework.
lawman (8 days ago)
Respect you Mark, love to see your family in every video. Keep posting.
Saleej Kp (9 days ago)
Ilik yr presentation an he is the king of food traveler Mark win absolutely likit yr vedio
Munner Abdi (9 days ago)
Yuk!!! These people eat crap
Tonya Moses (9 days ago)
OMG!!!! I can not.
Beltner Gon (9 days ago)
African countries are rich in oil. But because of their corrupt leader people are leaving in poverty. African people are amazing.
Danielle DeAnnuntis (9 days ago)
a grass cuter is like rat
Md. Mahabub (9 days ago)
I look now video brother
Jane Luwizhu (9 days ago)
You must also visit Zimbabwe
Jimmy jr Martin (9 days ago)
That yum is Cassava
nirjon chy (10 days ago)
Plz Stop laughing when u talking.. It's look wierd.
Ndiopapis Mballodiop (10 days ago)
U need to go to Senegal for the next
Mr S Gee (10 days ago)
I am from Trinidad 🇹🇹 in the Caribbean & I love Ghanaian food
Michael Asante (10 days ago)
P S (10 days ago)
Beautiful ppl vit even more beautiful heart 💖
#15 T.R. (10 days ago)
I love your positivity. I also love the fact that your wife and child are with you. Your videos are awesome.

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