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Android: ListViews

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Demo of creating a ListView and binding it to an array data source.
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Avelino Dahotoy IV (1 year ago)
hi can I request for the link or the package of this? :) it would be helpful for us beginners
Cardinal J (2 years ago)
HOW CAN I INSERT there the datas in a database? you used arrays or individual names, how bout datas in a database.?
Mei Kuan, Choo (5 years ago)
Very nicely demonstrated with beautiful voice and simple understandable English! 
Ezequiel (5 years ago)
the your voice is beautiful
Kate Jane (6 years ago)
Can you demo how to bind data from SQLiteDatabase to ListView? Thanks.
Miķelis Baltruks (6 years ago)
But if I want to show it only in part of the window (to keep some buttons at the bottom), what should I change?? Cool vid though
Sushrut Kanetkar (6 years ago)
Thank you madam.. your explaination was really very helpful..
I have a question to you profgustin, when you extend a activity to a listactivity it is not neccesary to linked it to a layout? can you explain me how is that possible?
Coding Claws (6 years ago)
Your tutorials are the best
Jayesh Chandrapal (6 years ago)
Nice easy to learn tutorial.
keywordportal (6 years ago)
how do you link it to something else
quang vinh (7 years ago)
List not show??? what about this,android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1??
Artur Nunes (7 years ago)
1 - Create an XML file named list_item.xml and save it inside the res/layout/ folder. Just drag a TextView inside the XML This file defines the layout for each item that will be placed in the ListView.
Artur Nunes (7 years ago)
What is about "simple_item_list_1" that i couldnt find in this tutorial.
alks091 (7 years ago)
Good video!!.
Justin Padgett (7 years ago)
Is there a way to customize the simple_item_list_1? I'm trying to put images next to each string value in "presidents" How do I achieve this if there is no editable xml layout for simple_item_list_1?

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