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Kanye West - Famous

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Kanye West - Famous http://vevo.ly/cVDXmL
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Text Comments (121163)
Fernanda Santos (2 hours ago)
A orgia rolou solta por aqui
Long Rest (7 hours ago)
Guys that tailor swift is real?
Long Rest (7 hours ago)
Is it real?
khxlia khxlia (14 hours ago)
So this is where youtube rewind got their ideas?
Hamdije Dzemaili (16 hours ago)
7:43 is the blond one Taylor Swift?
Help Me (16 hours ago)
Up down
dj Crockett (17 hours ago)
rastafari evans (18 hours ago)
weird ass video Kanye has balls putting his and his wife ex in this video..i like the song thou
Aishwarya Khadka (19 hours ago)
i hate this some much
CiRdy34 (19 hours ago)
Ye YouTube isn’t RedTube
Rambo du 42 (21 hours ago)
Vous ne parlez pas français wesh
Cricky Doodle Dandy (22 hours ago)
The Worms Crawl In the Worms Crawl Out The Worms Play Pinochle On Your Snout 👃 ......semi.auto.matic......Ratatattat. .Done. & .Done.
girl new (1 day ago)
El video mas estupido que eh visto😂😂😂😂😂like si entwndieron la referencia dw taylor
A Sherif (1 day ago)
Do more
Bennet Fan (1 day ago)
Is that real Taylor swift?
bimxrsh (1 day ago)
god this is werid
Maddison Hi (1 day ago)
I saw Taylor swift and Donald trump
uddi pana (1 day ago)
Y'all need Jesus.
How To Dealete This Video?
WTF? Is This?
Lamar Pfleger (1 day ago)
Folks, this video is only a mere glimpse of who is really in bed together, meaning they all serve the same agenda and wickedness!
meiling_ (1 day ago)
Everyone here is plastic
BetterKid129 (1 day ago)
Ashton Mapes (1 day ago)
Cosby roofied everyone
Banned guy (1 day ago)
Hailey Stfield (1 day ago)
god naked trump is so sexy
brooke mcbride (1 day ago)
This video is innapropiate...
Ayano Aishi (1 day ago)
Bendy Demon (1 day ago)
Bu videoyu niye paylaşır ki bir insan inş tiktok un kapanır emirhan
Badnd (2 days ago)
They’re wax dolls you foo
Chase Kristoff Zablan (2 days ago)
All is naked xD
Faty ozzy (2 days ago)
Ew ...Trump
Femme Fetale (2 days ago)
Why would RiRi even want to be part of this video?
Hank Hill (2 days ago)
Yo this shit crazy lmao I fw it tho
myselfalan (2 days ago)
No wonder they were all sleeping. Bill Cosby was there lol
Jenn Wojack (2 days ago)
Those breathing sounds were fucking terrifying! Thank you Kanye for adding fuel to my nightmares...
Sudip Saha (2 days ago)
Being a swiftie , this really pisses me off 😬
Zlata Kozlovska (2 days ago)
The 1st part of this track is FREAKING awesome.
James Adu Boahen (2 days ago)
I love the girl
Shreyaa Varadarajan (2 days ago)
Thank you kanye, very cool!
Alper izz da (3 days ago)
Esther Okoyen (3 days ago)
Did he even ask permission ?
Rifda Rahima (3 days ago)
what the song at 8:55 ?
S.aldoseri 2000 (3 days ago)
I wanna slept ne’er with Tyler swift ♥️🙋🏻‍♂️✌🏻
Røhan Mathęw (3 days ago)
He really sat down one day and thought "this is it"
franss gone (3 days ago)
I was wondering why ray j was there, then I realised he made a sex tape with kim🤣🤣 P.s who else is watching in December 2018?
弘和田中 (3 days ago)
Black_Arnold 3636 (3 days ago)
This sounds lit
Boi Boi (3 days ago)
yoo those arent real people bruh
Carlito Talde (3 days ago)
Kanye west 🖕🖕
KCX3 (3 days ago)
Nudes enough
ll MonStaa ll Donovan (3 days ago)
This allowed on YouTube?
Charles Dellamano (3 days ago)
Taylor swift didn't deserve to get disrespected
Pro bro cash Films (3 days ago)
Savannah Forever06 (3 days ago)
2:16 literally she took a breath
KYLOREN 2910OFFICIAL (3 days ago)
2 pac (3 days ago)
1:53 *right up*
2 pac (3 days ago)
Ok buddy
Melissa Wright (3 days ago)
You did not make Taylor Swift famous Kanye. . . Sit down
Nonhlanhla Sibaya (3 days ago)
Beautiful art work. Nice 1 Kanye. I saw the making of it on keeping up with the Kardashians😊. Something new and fresh big ups
mariami mariami (3 days ago)
THUGS BUNNY (3 days ago)
This video is genius I mean just genius
Narfy EZ (3 days ago)
This video Can be on YouTube?
[[Rick Bagger ]] (3 days ago)
How could Taylor swift agree??
Lol she didn't ....
Thug life (3 days ago)
X videos
Siddharth Trivedi (3 days ago)
Wtf is bill cosby doing in this video (5:25)
Mukul Sharma (4 days ago)
They look dead
When Pornhub takes over Youtube.
Тайкун (4 days ago)
Было тяжело однако я подрочил
Arvind (4 days ago)
What a strange music video!
Came here to dislike the video
Wyatt Smith (4 days ago)
how is this on youtube
David Williamson (4 days ago)
is it just me or does it look like some of them are moving?
Chic Chi (1 day ago)
2:15 first time watching it so creepy what's even creepier is the music is less than 1/3 the entire length of the video so you know the main point of the video isn't even the music
Mathew Manoel (4 days ago)
Do they know that there beening video NAKED!!!!!!
Dan Frederich (4 days ago)
Lol who still thinks these are wax figures?
Jenn Wojack (2 days ago)
I did, but then they started breathing.... Haven't slept since...
StarlightPetals (2 days ago)
Guys i came here from the kardashians. The video was full of people who did what they wanted and had lots of power. He chose them cause they do what they feel like doing. One of the kardashians is in the video, too. (Its Caitlyn)
ZomBee (4 days ago)
Wtf did I just watch??
I do not like this song
shivam pundir (4 days ago)
Is that donald trump 😂
BK films (4 days ago)
Daniela Durán U3U (4 days ago)
Pink bunny (4 days ago)
My are bleeding with ears...
Pink bunny (4 days ago)
My are bleeding with ears...
Мusic lover (4 days ago)
А Трамп что там забил ?
why are they 12 just like Jesus and the apostles?
Why is Rihanna and Chris Brown in the same bed and why is Bill Cosby there?
MIKESTEEL150 (5 days ago)
Infinity War was the most ambitious crossorgy... wait WHAT?
Indraa Rio (5 days ago)
Indraa Rio (5 days ago)
Steve mc (5 days ago)
Baco exu do blues do Brasil.
sweetwildflower (5 days ago)
Feel the demonic energy. 🧤
XII XII (5 days ago)
БАТЕ ЕМО (5 days ago)
chippy dips (6 days ago)
Fuckin love Kanye man.. people just don't understand the guy and his statements that he makes I think, are well thought out and can be comical at times .. he knows more than most average people. He has plans and yeah , thank you Kanye for being fucking awesome!
E S (6 days ago)
so disgusting
Charles Hodge (6 days ago)
All in the same bed
I don't believe this (This Not Taylor Swift)
Sir Logan (6 days ago)
That’s don’t look like Rihanna’s facr

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