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The Perfect Trip to Paris

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Lana and I got to explore one of the most beautiful cities in Europe - and we totally fell in love with it! Paris, thank you for being the perfect getaway :) Where should we explore next? Hotel Moneau Wagram - http://www.hotelmonceau.com/uk/index.php SUBSCRIBE - http://bit.ly/11f99ZQ COME SAY HI :) Instagram - http://instagram.com/rayawashere Twitter - https://twitter.com/rayawashere Tumblr - http://raya-was-here.tumblr.com/ Snapchat - RayaWasHere BUSINESS EMAIL: [email protected] MAILING ADDRESS: Raya Encheva 151 1St Avenue #187, New York, NY 10003 TRY AIRBNB: $25 off - www.airbnb.co.uk/c/rencheva?s=8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The amazing people in this video: Lana - https://www.youtube.com/user/lana Cameras used: Canon G7X GoPro Hero 4
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Text Comments (349)
SugaryEagle 6948 (15 days ago)
Lisbon 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹
varghese thomasm (26 days ago)
Thank you very much dear for sharing your travel experience
Tharindu Rajapaksha (30 days ago)
Amazing 😉
TOURS VLOGGER 24 (1 month ago)
Wow awesome maybe one day I'll be there in Paris.
Rubaida Allen (2 months ago)
Really beautiful city. Cannot wait to see it. Stunning!!! Love your friends reaction to the Eiffel Tower. So cute.
Sarah_And_Lydia (2 months ago)
I love Paris! I wanna live there when I grow up! I loveee Paris! Me and my friend Brooklyn are going to live their together!
Sasminto Roger (3 months ago)
Amazing.your girls besutiful
Adrien Schmidt (3 months ago)
I loveeeee Parissss
Funny Vids (5 months ago)
That's my dream vacation
Madeleine Manno (5 months ago)
I’m going to Paris in the summer and this made me so so so excited for it!!
SanjudasTadeo enParis (5 months ago)
https://www.facebook.com/sanjudas.tadeoenparis.3 St. Jude Thaddeus is the Patron Saint of Hope and impossible causes., you can find him here in France. St. Jude Thaddée, le patron des causes désespérées et des prières impossibles, tu pourrais le trouver ici. Cuando este en Paris o en Francia en estos lugares encontraras presencia de San Judas Tadeo  https://www.facebook.com/sanjudas.tadeoenparis.3 Saint Jude Thade inside of the church in the 4 stained-glass in the right side. Pueden encontrar a San Judas Tadeo entrando a la iglesia en el cuarto vitral de lado derecho. Vous pouvez trouver Saint Jude Thaddeus dans l’église sur le quatrième vitrail du côté droit
jose rodriguez (5 months ago)
She looks french.
Eric Bautista (7 months ago)
What the name of the hotel you stayed?
Alexis Sanchez Jimenez (7 months ago)
Paris Music Tales (8 months ago)
lovely video of my city :)
YUME'S-SECRET (8 months ago)
J'ai jamais vu mon pays comme ça 😂😂
C&A xox (10 months ago)
*comment ça va?*
Sheryn Otom (10 months ago)
It's similar to Germany only the French language & people r way hotter 😂
elena dilello (11 months ago)
How cuteeee nasal voice ciryyy
Kzey (11 months ago)
I from Belgium in Wallonia and I have been 20 times in Paris and this holiday, I’m going to Tunisia
Витя Из 90-х (11 months ago)
Hi girls . Are not you married? I want to marry both! Especially more like a girl like Hindu
Ellen Tan_ 04 (11 months ago)
I love paris
Sayandip sinha roy (11 months ago)
Raya your hair style is stunning...
Miquetta de Castro (11 months ago)
Hello! Love your video! I am heading to Paris for my birthday in August but by myself. Do you have any recommendations for me of where to eat and what I can fit in for 3 days
Jhenny Rivera (1 year ago)
I wish it was sunny when we went there... 😭 it was so cold and gloomy... but still pretty.. 😍 check out my vlog about my adventures in the city of Love... 💗 https://youtu.be/dhL_YfPNcgA
Adrian Zainea (1 year ago)
Too much bla bla and no usefull info
juste une personne (1 year ago)
any kabylian here?? at 7:40 we can see one x))
Sam Benghazi (1 year ago)
Les français sont les personnes les plus renfermées et malignes sur la terre. Je les déteste .. mais les Anglais sont les meilleurs en Europe
Robrobin Hembram (1 year ago)
Raya gada District
femaleskater1185 (1 year ago)
Wow the video shots of Paris are so beautiful! Did you edit them at all (like put a filter on them)? If so how did you do it?
Vlogger Barna (1 year ago)
rajesh kapoor (1 year ago)
Achieve Your Dream Of Moving To Canada Here -> http://bit.ly/2ECFUou
Ajaz Ali Shaik (1 year ago)
Have you ever been to dubai if not plan a trip to dubai
juan nann videografie (1 year ago)
wow! love this video!
LoreleiPopham (1 year ago)
Nadia Bondar (1 year ago)
Wow Raya! I am stunned by your video, I was in Paris a year ago also for the first time, and all these places brought my memories back!! I loved it! This video is bomb! Def make more
JFC (1 year ago)
Paris is so awesome in summer ! Watch this for seeing it in Christmas/new years eve time : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3pcPQlxlei56HeItR9Nc-C04yAp7UVS9
Arthur Fabre (1 year ago)
J'ai rien compris de ce qu'elle a dit mais j'ai cru comprendre qu'elle apprécie paris
The Journey Explorer (1 year ago)
that is awesome, thanks for sharing
Faisal Razaq (1 year ago)
Faisal Razaq (1 year ago)
Love u
I just loved your images! What is that camera you're using to vlog?
Steven Asidilla (1 year ago)
Seattle & Tacoma, Washington. You... Will... NOT... Regret. 😊
Oh what nice trip , i was in paris in 2002 .all the best .
Cassie Tad (1 year ago)
this makes me want to go so bad, but I'm scared after all the terrorist attacks :(
Sean J (1 year ago)
You do a great job showing the city! Quality vlog.
aidan flood (1 year ago)
this video has made me super excited to goto paris in 2 weeks!!!
Fisher Peace (1 year ago)
actually there is a Discover Walk starting in front of the restaurant MERCI, nice young guide, who told me a lot about the history in France
Hamad Covers (1 year ago)
Going to Paris tomorrow can't wait
LeoDahVee (1 year ago)
Coming home from Paris i felt sad ( i cried for 1 hour ) i check out videos, lists, basically i research about Paris because it feels like i will go there , i also listen to french music and close my eyes imagining i was eating in the Café Du Trocadero, oh god i just miss Paris so much.
Peter Ou (1 year ago)
LeoDahVee I feel the exact same way. I got back a month ago, went to Paris, London, and Berlin. I'm in love with Paris, was super sad when I got home.
brian willoughby (1 year ago)
it's was nice trip. your right it could be better vlog blog. anyway....
ehjustemotional lol (1 year ago)
Is it cold there... could someone tell me??
why why? (1 year ago)
verrry nice 😉😉😉😇😋😊😊
Jan-Marie Fourie (2 years ago)
hi travel to japan
Sanjeev Baral (2 years ago)
good vlog
I.M. (2 years ago)
7:37 vive les kabyle ⵣⵣⵣⵣⵣ
England ? the city of the crows i am Brasil thank you for video ok .
Oh beautiful Paris and beautiful music my dream
Crystal Smith (2 years ago)
Raya do you remember the name of the bookstore that the cute little car was in front of?
ddc163264 (2 years ago)
Guess you never went to where the regular people live on the outskirts (aka ghettos) not so much the city of "love" or "beauty".
imran ahmed (2 years ago)
Hi Lana . What city in England is this in end of video ?
Greg Turley (2 years ago)
Did you go to the Catacombs or the paris story?
I had the same reaction when I first went to Paris!! I was like "is Eiffel Tour real?". Paris is one of myy fav cities, I love its history, its writers, its beauty..and I really can't wait to move there next year for college!!
Wesley Buirkle (2 years ago)
Been there never going back
Liana Cryns (2 years ago)
What hotel did you stay at?!
1952mclean (2 years ago)
If you travel to France, make sure lower your expectations. If you are in a big city --be prepared for rudeness at every corner, very low work ethics, stepping on dog poop, taking your life in your own hands every time you attempt to cross the street , and witnessing how multiculturalism ruined this once great country. The French don't like to work, follow any rules , and they thing rudeness is chic. It looks like Spain the neighbour to the south took all the courtesy, welcoming attitude and hospitality, and Germany the neighbour to the North East , took all the punctuality, work ethics and law and order. The nanny state made most French feel entitled to all things without any obligations becoming lazy , dependant and pathetically apathetic. . Don't you dare ask them to do anything because they are always in a bad mood except if it is time for their 2 hour lunch or frequent cigarette breaks. The Grand Nation is no more
griceldaamiga (2 years ago)
Cancun Mexico, you will love it there!!
A O (2 years ago)
OMG the steps. No thanks! 😩
Nick Morphew (2 years ago)
Hi Raya, thanks for the fantastic videos! They are so inspiring :) I was just wondering, are you vegan? I got that impression from some other videos but noticed your desserts in thus video. Thanks!
Nick Morphew (2 years ago)
Hi Raya, thanks for the fantastic videos! They are so inspiring :) I was just wondering, are you vegan? I got that impression from some other videos but noticed your desserts in thus video. Thanks!
Henry Tudor (2 years ago)
maybe cos I went in the winter. found the city too brown and less dynamic. the streets looked dirty and less iconic. I mean, all the buildings looked the same. it was just dull to me. london works much better.
Robert Futrell (2 years ago)
Hi, Raya. What is the of the name hotel featured in your video? Was it expensive? I am planning a trip to Paris in the fall. Thank you for your content.
gturner38 (2 years ago)
Honestly, you can find a lot of hotels that will have basically the same view and they aren't really expensive. If you go through one of the big hotel booking websites you should be able to see lots of good deals in the central portion of the city. Just one small warning. I've found that if you stay in that portion of the city, it can be quite loud since your windows are right above a lot of motorbike traffic, but it's still worth it.
TheSmallPetShop23 (2 years ago)
I'm going Paris in 2 weeks, this has made me so excited!!!
Chantal van Huizen (1 year ago)
TheSmallPetShop23 how was it? :) I'm going to Paris tomorrow, I'm so excited!
Pang Yang (2 years ago)
Beautiful video. Were you there in late August? How was the weather?
LifeasAnnLaury (2 years ago)
luv this vid!! going to Paris next year, where did you stay?? thanks!
Ryan R (2 years ago)
BoOks' WoRld (2 years ago)
You both are so pretty togetherr! Please make more videos! I love youu!!!
nafe hasan (2 years ago)
paris is beautiful but you are more beautiful. 🙂
a123sophie123a (2 years ago)
I'm going to Paris this week, and would like to know what the name of that bookstore with the car in front of it is called. I would love to go.
Bless Hudar (2 years ago)
I will be in Paris in June for my birthday. Im super excited. I love the view and the little balcony of the hotel . What's the name of the hotel?
Yuliana Contecha (2 years ago)
I'm taking my parents to Paris for the first time in April and it'll be ny third visit. But i totally broke in tears when she saw the Eiffel tower for the first time, i can't wait to see my parent's reaction. it's such an amazing moment
RayaWasHere (2 years ago)
+Yuliana Contecha it really is isn't it? I'm so excited for you to share that with them!
Carlo Anton (2 years ago)
love your editing Raya & the way you talk in your vlogs! You have a relaxing vibe & this vlog was very entertaining. 👌😊
Ariana Byrd (2 years ago)
*ICONIC* (2 years ago)
u should go to Venice, Italy my 2 favorite place
*ICONIC* (2 years ago)
lucky u live in Europe u just made me jealous uer so lucky to be there its a wonderful place to live in
*ICONIC* (2 years ago)
I would totally have to same reaction as uer friend when I see the Eiffel tower for the first time but I would actually cry bcz am a really big fan of Paris and thats like my whole dream and life there ......sorry I forgot uer friends name..
bomjam 2 (2 years ago)
She has a very good vibe in this video. Makes me want to visit Paris.
Myrrh Balasoto (2 years ago)
What building did you go up to get that 360 view of Paris?
محمد حدادي (2 years ago)
the most amazing things in your vlogs is your fice and your smile , in fact your beautiful.
Ema BLD (2 years ago)
When you are the bitch who actually lives in Paris and likes to look at people commenting how much they want to go there...
Mark-Leon Thorne (2 years ago)
You should definitely explore Australia.
Aman Gill (2 years ago)
looks like u had a awsome time
DIANO MAYA (2 years ago)
Love your channel. We want more :-) Hello from Croatia!
KOUIHI SOUKAINA (2 years ago)
come to morocco there are alot of things to do and to do and its not that expansive ^^
nr-tour (2 years ago)
thanks for vidéo
nr-tour (2 years ago)
Paris is very nice city , originals architectures
Kelley Reardon (2 years ago)
Paris is sooo beautiful! I love this video of your experience there and especially love that you filmed Lana's reaction to the Eiffel Tower :)
Alethea Alberto (2 years ago)
I feel like you're so real, kind and you're gorgeous plus you're living my dream life of traveling around with the person you love! All of this was so incredibly shot!
aiimabel (2 years ago)
you should go to the fiords in Norway its beautiful!

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