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Chrono Trigger Review

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Here is my review of Chrono Trigger! www.thefemtrooper.com www.facebook.com/thefemtrooper www.twitter.com/thefemtrooper
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Thwompthing (1 month ago)
this is the definitive version. if you still haven't played this game as of 2019 you're wrong. Tyrannical Castle or w/e is what you're talking about with that awesome metal music.
Cristian Villela (1 month ago)
13 endings if I'm not mistaken
Ultimate Fantasy (4 months ago)
I liked more the PS ver . Looks better in the TV and the music sound better too.
Street Hierarchy (6 months ago)
Joachim Ruud (8 months ago)
A really good and detailed review, much love for talking about the soundtrack, it’s phenomenal! Time travelling rocks, I love it :) Plus, you’re so beautiful <3
PHMPessoa (11 months ago)
Is the song you are looking for "corridors of time"?
PHMPessoa (11 months ago)
Hey dear. Don't be sad that it ends. Don't!!! Another great thing about this game is its replay value. Once you start a New Game+ the game has multiple endings. Depending on what time do you fight Lavos (now that you are up to that lvl), depending on what you have not seen, the game will make a future in which those things did not hapen. Also, the DS version has a lot of extra sidequests
Avalon Justin (1 year ago)
I heard Mitsuda was so stressed from composing the soundtrack he got an ulcer or something.
psovegeta (1 year ago)
Playstation version was basically a straight up SNES port with added cinematics. It wasn't too bad. The only thing I found frustrating though were load times. But I suppose its kinda hard to judge the Playstation for that considering. Same problem though for the other remakes like FF1 thru 6. Still I wouldn't say ity was a deal breaker. They were still better versions than what I'm seeing for the Steam remakes.
attilathehun0 (1 year ago)
Holy Shit is your mom the progressive insurance girl?
Paul Pius Ink (1 year ago)
Good review! The Playstation version is fine. The loading times are definitely there, but I've seen far worse on PS1 native games. I've owned both the Snes and PS1 versions and finished the PS1 version all the way through. The DS version IS the definitive version though, whatever SNES purists might want you to believe 😉
Alberto Cartin (2 years ago)
12 alternate endings :)
GreenDbz (2 years ago)
This woman doesn't even have the snes version? The best version for the game?
Wiseman (2 months ago)
That's the DS version.
louis mandujano (2 years ago)
I just got the snes version.
Theblizzardking (2 years ago)
You're so hot.
Daniel Kittendorf (2 years ago)
love the emphasis on the music in these games
Randomark3087 (2 years ago)
This game is suck a classic! Nice review!
Evera Outta (2 years ago)
You hate on Crono cause he's a thug, but I bet you had him rob people's houses.
Joel Wyatt (2 years ago)
This is a really well-lit YouTube vid. I like your Canadian accent. Chrono Trigger was really cool. I think I beat it a few years ago.
Vova Syhin (2 years ago)
Wow 20 US dollars for a second hand copy, you got ripped hard. LOL
Wade Smith (2 years ago)
I can play pixel perfect on your erogenous zones; Kiss your neck, a lick and a peck! We can play all our old video games between sessions of passionate love making! Lovely brown eyes. The hands and the eyes can't lie!
Marc Duval (4 months ago)
Wade Smith Jesus Christ dude
Wade Smith (2 years ago)
You're cute. Can I talk "Nadia" with you?
Brandon Renner (2 years ago)
@Wade Smith That's nice. And you can think that - but posting on her fucking video telling her how you want to give her a "slurp kiss" is fucking disgusting. It's sexual harassment. But then I saw one of your videos.. you obviously lost the part of your brain that tells you what's socially acceptable and what isn't a long fucking time ago. Get help.
Wade Smith (2 years ago)
Hey, the girl is cute, and she's pretty darn smart too in order to be able to do perfect step manipulation in a video game. I like it young. :).
Brandon Renner (2 years ago)
Dude, you're such a fucking creep. I can't believe nobody called you out on this but seriously - get some fucking help.
Wade Smith (2 years ago)
I am a self-admitted retro gaming addict. However, you are intoxicating, and I'd much rather be addicted to you, my sweetheart. I don't want to "Provoke" you too much, but you have managed to "Charm" me. Mwa ha. Square lingo is sweet.
Wade Smith (2 years ago)
Can you teach me how step count manipulation works? Do you literally memorize exactly every step you take in the entire game? I supposedly have a photographic memory, and even I can't do that. I love it when a girl can teach me something!
bladesofadrith (2 years ago)
I recently played and beat the game for the first time in my life and loved it big time! Very impressive. JRPGs are where I come from so the appreciation I have for this game is immense as it came out to be one of the best examples of the genre. One of my most favorite and nostalgically beloved JRPGs is Breath of Fire III and after playing Chrono Trigger, I now see that it borrowed certain significant elements from it in a way that it's kinda beyond mere inspiration X). BoF3 is definetely its own unique game (highly recommended btw) but it was interesting to see those few specific similarities. As I was looking up videos about Chrono Trigger after my playthrough, I came came across your channel and stuck around to watch like probably every video of yours. I have one problem now... I'm out of videos XD. Your stuff is very genuine and relatable, lots of fun. Thought I should leave my appreciation below the video I started with. I hope you would upload more often in the future, you really should. Keep it up!
Darren Davenport (2 years ago)
the review stinks like your hairy ass....
Lycanthromancer (2 years ago)
Everybody seems to forgets Yasunori Mitsuda, so I'm glad you remembered him. He did 95% of the work on Chrono Trigger's soundtrack but began suffering from severe health problems from the stress of working on a tight deadline (which ramped up considerably when his hard drive crashed and he lost a ton of the tracks he'd already written), so Uematsu stepped up to help him finish it.
Murdokdark (2 years ago)
10:07 "chrono is a shitty character" thats actually the very first time ive heard someone NOT like chrono
Wiseman (2 months ago)
Usually I hear people say he barely is a character.
LakrimaProject (2 years ago)
1st time? Dude he is one of worst protagonists in games EVER. He is noone, he is human potato. I hate him, only good thing about that is you can let him be dead.
Emma Fuentes (2 years ago)
In the way she said it, it was like "Chrono is a bad Avatar character", given the fact that Chrono is actually a blank state like character, that it does not gives enough involvement oportunities.
Jessica Octostar (2 years ago)
There's always one who's gotta be hatin'
Zuchary (3 years ago)
Wow, you are beautiful, and a gaming Youtuber?
Jendye (3 years ago)
Great review. Awesome to see females who enjoy solid RPGs. The world needs more of ya!! hehe Instant sub.
Jason dp (3 years ago)
Just found the game with case and poster so excited. But how to delete other game saves?
Kyouku (3 years ago)
There are alternate endings, And the DS has extra content with some extra story.
Helloz World (3 years ago)
Have you played Chrono Cross?
Helloz World (3 years ago)
The PS1 version is just a Japanese SNES rom of the game with an English patch on it. Square was really lazy with this game and because the game is 4 megabites big compared to other PS1 games which be on average around 400 megabites big the PS1 could have easily have loaded the whole game at once; but what Square did instead of letting the PS1 load everything at once is they just let the game load in small parts. This led to the loading times to be long. But if you own a PS2 it is able to provide faster loading times for PS1 games. You can do this by going into the PS2 menu and press Triangle twice to get the PlayStation Driver Options. Select the first option to fast to enjoy faster loading on all games. :3
forbiddenXsanctuary (3 years ago)
battle royal poster! and this game is so great! thanks for the review :)
Jeremy Harris (3 years ago)
Great review. :) Just bought this game. Looking forward to starting it.
Jason dp (3 years ago)
I love your reviews!!!
Gimpler Da Happenin (3 years ago)
Yasunori Mitsuda is VERY underrated! I think as much of a genius as Nobuo Uematsu.
Matias Undurraga (3 years ago)
turntsidewayz (3 years ago)
i dont think i could of held that game case up for 7 minutes haha
bloody_albatross (3 years ago)
For the soundtrack look at ocremix.org There are lots of *great* covers of Chrono Trigger.
The Hurricane (3 years ago)
ah, you played the DS version.. I really liked the bonus bits they added just for the DS version. Great review
TANKTREAD (3 years ago)
The DS version I purchased, which was brand new/sealed. included a fold-out poster.
Mubeen (3 years ago)
Currently playing it on my WP for FREE! :3
Be sure to play this game with your volume up..so you can perfectly listen to the awesome soundtracks it provides..
Kurayami Mononoke (3 years ago)
I know this is off topic but, I'm amazed at how steady your hand was holding that game throughout the whole video! Didn't u get tired holding it? hahaha
Helvete Ulver (3 years ago)
You should look into getting the Dragon Quest games on the DS,they are becoming rare and expensive.
lalleballe79 (4 years ago)
this and secret of mana made my childhood
firstname lastname (4 years ago)
The PS version is my fav. Some of the small changes that were made to the DS version kinda bugged me a little. Still one of the best RPG's of all time.
Wiseman (2 months ago)
@Ultimate Fantasy The graphics are the same on the DS version with the exception of the menus.
Ultimate Fantasy (4 months ago)
The music and the graphics look better. In the PS ver
disklosr (4 years ago)
a very cold review
radioactivechimp (4 years ago)
The only bad thing about the Playstation version is the terrible loading times. The DS version is probably the best version because it fixed the load times of the ps1 port and has the cutscenese that the SNES version didn't have.
tattoo6862 (4 years ago)
is there any differences between the ds and the snes versions?
Zulithe (4 years ago)
If you're new to this game, you NEED to get the DS version because it's the best version, this is coming from someone who played it on the SNES when it originally launched. Get the DS version while it's still cheap (under $25 on amazon)!
Seth Kauffman (1 year ago)
RetroPlaya786 apparently the DS version has a good bit of extra story and content ive been reading. Think im about to pick it up, played the original a long time ago and would love to replay it with more content.
Video Games Are Fun (4 years ago)
@RetroPlaya786 the ds version has been updated and you can take it with you.
RetroPlaya786 (4 years ago)
The thing is I am *emulating* the SNES version (don't hate me) but to be honest i'd rather pay for a physical copy of a game as it feels better and more legit playing it -.-' Also its quite hard to find in stores too :S Guessing my only bet is to buy it online :L
Zulithe (4 years ago)
Well if you already have the SNES version I'm not sure i'd say it is really worth changing platforms. both SNES and DS are great. The thing about the DS version is it's easier to find, cheaper and more 'new' gamers have a DS/3DS and a super nintendo (probably)
RetroPlaya786 (4 years ago)
@Zulithe im a couple of hours through the SNES Version, do you think I should switch over to the ds version?
Morir es vivir (4 years ago)
idk shiat! about chrono trigger.
That One Dread Head (4 years ago)
omgah, you're adorable @femtrooper <3<3<3
Chris Martin (4 years ago)
She didn't play the game all the way. There are too many endings that she didn't see, nice assumption though!
agentofxehanort (4 years ago)
I played the DS and PSN version a few years ago and I honestly prefer the DS version mostly because it feels faster. I might pick it up again just so I can finish it.
Oliver Surpless (4 years ago)
You don't like FFIV DS' graphics either? Great, now I have to subscribe and watch all your videos... A solid reason to if ever there was one!
That70sGamer1 (4 years ago)
I beat Pokemon Black in 16 hours it was so easy lol.
stuka80 (4 years ago)
probably the best rpg on the snes and one of the best i've played on any platform
postmortemjunkie (4 years ago)
I love this game and I think I love you as well.
William C. (4 years ago)
Awesome review, but mostly because it's my favorite game of all time. It was my first RPG (lucky me!). I fear I'll never have a game impact me again the way this has, but I'm just glad to have had the experience. And those Double and Triple Techniques! I loved combining different characters to discover them all.
klyzn (4 years ago)
Legend has it, she is still holding that game up in her right hand.
Bandit (1 year ago)
I'd let her hold my DS upright
Ni Hilanth (1 year ago)
holding it up for not too long and not too short
Vaporweebs (3 years ago)
+Oscar Same xD
Conker (3 years ago)
that is a good one. but honestly I was checking her out. I think she is beautiful.
Outta Angst (3 years ago)
+klyzn So funny. haha
chase smith (4 years ago)
You are everything i want in a woman
noobynooberson (4 years ago)
Well I'm sold on this game. Nice review!
Joshua Mozzarella (4 years ago)
My best friend and I were lucky enough to have this game around the time it first came out when we were around 11. It really made an impact on both our lives. Whether it's the story, the characters, the music, the time travel, it doesn't matter. This game will leave an impact on you if you play through it multiple times. Great review! CHRONO TRIGGER 4 LIFE!!
Athrun Dalida (4 years ago)
There are 13 different endings. Did you get all of it?
Pablo Slawyer (4 years ago)
A Super Metroid Review!!?
Aurablasé (4 years ago)
I've heard lots of good things about this game. I've always been interested in playing it. I think I'll pick up the DS version.
OSbyakkou (4 years ago)
nice Burberry
RobbieSuede13 (4 years ago)
Gosh your Hot !
Dennis Fleitz (4 years ago)
Draygera (4 years ago)
You should not have said that this game should have been a film. Watch the Chrono Trigger OVA film that came out to understand what I mean. :/
aLinktoMajora 64 (4 years ago)
Corridors of Time is crack to my ears...great review and totally agree about the soundtrack!
hecatomb (4 years ago)
The ds version is ok, I just wish the text wasnt so tiny 
Garrett Franzen (4 years ago)
With the port to the DS did they improve the time it takes for battles to start as well as with pausing/unpausing? I know it was just a couple extra seconds but over time it adds up.
shammai sanabria (4 years ago)
best freaking game ever and reviewed perfectly thumbzz up gurl!!!
Jan VanDerMeer (4 years ago)
I still whistle the theme to the middle ages at work sometimes
bevarden234 (5 years ago)
If u can try to get a repro cart of terranigma. Amazing games on the snes
kounter (5 years ago)
Tried to play Chrono Cross yet? and Secret of Mana series is like Chrono Trigger with the no random battle as well.
T'Challa BP (5 years ago)
Secret of mana is a must play if you love chrono trigger play secret of mana
Nick Coamey (5 years ago)
Just got this today for PS3 on a sale for $3! I need to get into this for historical purposes.
Johnwa (5 years ago)
Good review
Eastarpy (5 years ago)
If you like classic rpg, you have to play Suikoden 2. If you have Suikoden 1 save file, you can get some interesting extra. But I think you would definitely love that game too
Michael Anthony (5 years ago)
Nice video better than most reviews. I played the chrono trigger super nes version. I felt cheated though. I was severely lost in what to do and the dialogue of some of the characters were very random to me... so for the 20 th anniversary i am remaking the game on rpg maker vx ace or xp. Now crono trigger has never reached the pc and the challenge of this project is very amusing. So check it out on fb chrono trigger lendary 1999 its in a fb group. I still have room for other fans to join. I even work for square-enix. ffxiv arr online mmorpg. I did years of work for them.
backroomgentleman (5 years ago)
Great review, and you are absolutely gorgeous. By the way Yasunori Mitsuda is in my opinion just as great of a composer as Uematsu himself, and sometimes I actually tend to like him better. This is my favorite game of all time and it's always good to hear people liking it as much as I do.
Antnj81 (5 years ago)
Great review and you're also ADORABLE! :)
AyyJose (5 years ago)
i actually almost beat lavos at lvl 20. after goin to the end of time, i saw that you could travel to the time when lavos was just about to destroy the world, so i was just like "fuuuck it #yoloswag". i got to his last battle mode, but lost within 20 or 30 seconds into it :/
Santideis (5 years ago)
Favorite Final Fantasy? This review is just amazing, great job!
Dan Serafimov (5 years ago)
Hello there FemTrooper I'm sorry to say but this version of Chrono is not as good as the original. Reason for this is they re-translated it, and sadly the new translation is no where near as charming or memorable as the original!
Oliver Surpless (4 years ago)
Nothing better in the SNES version than being an evil fiend who is also tone-deaf! The horror!
Gustavo Avila (4 years ago)
I played the DS version. But I don't like the fact that the translation is different. Made me feel like I didn't have the same experience. I'm gonna have to buy the SNES cartridge ... And a SNES.
Dylan Jeffers (5 years ago)
I think the translation is actually very good, and usually I don't like re-translations. The added content is poor though, and playing it on a DS, or even a DSi XL is nothing like playing Chrono Trigger on a CRT.
Arvydas Ruibys (5 years ago)
Hello. I almost finished Chrono Trigger and I have to say it's not perfect. Storyline, music, graphics it's all perfect I agree, but gameplay is annoying at times. For example enemies are not always balanced, I have to fight same low level enemies numerous times to progress in a story and it's not fun at all. I wish battle system would be more balanced and more clear, because some enemies have stupidly high defence, some just have 50 hp and take 1-10 damage when others at the same time takes ten times bigger damage.. and stuff like that. However I enjoy this game a lot playing it for the first time in 2014. :)
Skyler B (5 years ago)
i have the japanese boxed copy =D a great game. i love RPGs
Bulletproof Monk (5 years ago)
Sorry about the typos :) sorry
Bulletproof Monk (5 years ago)
If it hasn't been said already but you should play chrono cross it is a fantastic game and it's the sequel :) you should get it
Bulletproof Monk (5 years ago)
you wont regret it good luck!
femtrooper (5 years ago)
I have Chrono Cross, I just need to get to it one day!  Everyone says it's great, so hopefully within the next couple of years I'll play it.
drunkpandainc (5 years ago)
lavos is just a bastard. played through without grinding. he was hard...beat him...then did game plus..got everyone to 99....lavos was still a bastard...i think the game scales with you. dunno. saw all 14 endings.
catazxy (5 years ago)
I play it on my Psp (for free) muHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAaaaa......hm
Michael Perez (5 years ago)
i bought mine for 5 bucks, and it is amazing 
BawesomeBurf (5 years ago)
Chrono Trigger is amazing, and they did a great job porting it to the DS.
ChocoBro (5 years ago)
Do u enjoy FF?  I have 1-9 minus 5 on my vita, and i just bought chrono trigger on it the other day.  I have basaically the same attitude as you about it, i NEED to beat it.  I just beat FF1-3 and i'm on the golden age of Squaresoft 4-6 and throw in 7.  But yeah, i'm just in awe of a female playing games.  If you were a pokemon, youd be my rare catch that i'm looking for in life lmao.  i'm sure you get that a lot though, every girl gamer ive met has.  But yeah ive got chrono trigger, plan on getting other rpgs like wilds arms, ys origin, ys 7, threads of fate, etc. etc. persona 3.  already hhave 4 which is aweomse!
ChocoBro (5 years ago)
I'm at final fantasy 6 now, they released 5 for the PSN store for Vita so my collection is almost complete lol, just need the X and X-2 HD remake.  I bought the Yoshitaka Amano artbook of 1-10 and I have several action figures...My collection is really starting to come together it's ridiculous lol.
femtrooper (5 years ago)
I love the Final Fantasy series!  :)  I have V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X-2, XII, XIII, XIII-2, and I am really excited about Lightning Returns and X HD.  I've been a gamer for 20 years, I grew up on video games and never looked back.  It was just a normal part of the 90s for anyone to play games!  :D
katsurades (5 years ago)
Very informative review, I will buy this gem soon! :] Glad there isnt tons of level grinding lol, after Persona 3 I am done with that type of shit for a long while.
President Snow (5 years ago)
...great review. This was my favorite game for the SNES back in the day too, and is still my favorite game soundtrack! =)
Ibukization (5 years ago)
it took me 5 tries to kill Lavos, at lvl 64 0-0, when he finally died i jumped up and down lol (i used megalixir and spammed Falcon Strike since it did the most damage)
Andrew glover (5 years ago)
Before i get into how great the game is and I'm glad my childhood favorite game is received well, but I must first say My God are you beautiful! I was having ha hard time paying attention to your review because of it.

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