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Match Outfit to Person | Lineup | Cut

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Text Comments (7529)
Love how the subtitles at 10:50 are "simple patterns" yet he said "bold patterns".
Elektracity20 (3 hours ago)
I feel the same way as the guy who is like Clark Kent. I don't like people naked or close to naked.
Ximena Espinosa (3 hours ago)
The guy in the yellow jacket just pissed the fuck outta me
Random Guy (7 hours ago)
Julia Fithian (8 hours ago)
That tux was 👌🏼😍
Cerise Min (9 hours ago)
I guessed 3 right
zap Branigan (9 hours ago)
Why were they picking on the black guy about his suit? It actually suits him
King Tut (10 hours ago)
Is that Thoraya?
jenna caroline (13 hours ago)
3:40 her eyes😍😍
ynazzra (13 hours ago)
7:38 Guy on the far left. I knew it.
Seungri's Everything (15 hours ago)
Who's the guy wearing the white hat ?
Janki Patel (12 hours ago)
Seungri's Everything THANKS 😭😭🤧
Seungri's Everything (12 hours ago)
+Janki Patel good luck to u 😂👌🏻
Janki Patel (12 hours ago)
Seungri's Everything Lmao thanks I need more blessing cuz about to give final exam in 15 min which I didn’t got time to study for 😂
Seungri's Everything (12 hours ago)
+Janki Patel you're blessed for noticing it
Janki Patel (13 hours ago)
lmao seungri is everywhere
Enzo Assis (17 hours ago)
I really liked that one "monk" guy who did his own outfit, it looks so good, I would really like to wear it
July Raugust (18 hours ago)
Can we have all these people's instagrams please because they all look amazing
starmaze1 luchavez (21 hours ago)
It's soo cute.
Just a person (1 day ago)
Oh gosh. Calling that outfit out as a ‘gay theatre kid’ wasn’t so nice. Also, you could definitely tell by height that it didn’t belong to the male who wore it. I feel bad for him.
Bill Kong (1 day ago)
Old dude looks like Brian May.
Alyssa Gaskarth (1 day ago)
The guy with the curly hair. I this his full of wisdom and compassion haha
Danielle Withers (1 day ago)
Anyone know where to get the outfit at 6:15 ???
Danielle Withers (1 day ago)
Uuuuugh! He made it!
Alana Smith (1 day ago)
Why was everyone shading the dude in the green 😭😭😭 he didn’t look that bad 😂
thedanoi (1 day ago)
this was fun, i love it :)
Giselle Mena (1 day ago)
I didn't like the guy in glasses he was really annoying
Calling the black guy cheap?!?!?! *cough* racist 🤣
Velocity (1 day ago)
The guy with the earring looks like a model and the eyes of the girl in the pink jumpsuit are amazing wtf
Helen xo (1 day ago)
the woman in the pink jumpsuit is so damn pretty! she has just super beautiful eyes😍😍
Maddy Kulbeth (1 day ago)
Yellow should do guess my lifestyle like kink kind of thing I know you already did it but like one side have like a lifestyle I pet play abdl you know all kinds of different lifestyle
Cem Bonnier (1 day ago)
That clark clent nerd has no life and is fk annoying
Nicolas Bertin (1 day ago)
Wow this guy knows Daredevil had a yellow suit at some point ? Comic book expert alert.
CRASHYY :p (1 day ago)
Is that lionel messi?
PatPat Lewis (1 day ago)
wtf shes so beautiful at 3:38
Selish (1 day ago)
Miklo YT (1 day ago)
7:34 that butt tho
Row Blanka (1 day ago)
„teenage whitegirl“ yeah reverse the roles and its racist, i actually dont care about the statement at all just about the double standard shown over and over
LC (1 day ago)
I WANNA BE FRIEND with eonni!! where do i find her!!
Michelle Kay (2 days ago)
this was a super fun one to watch
Ashley Marie (2 days ago)
The black chick should model. She’s freaking gorgeous
ucuz12 (2 days ago)
Why they all sounds gay?
Evil Kitty (8 hours ago)
Bae Seungyeon (2 days ago)
I love timmy
Daring Dog (2 days ago)
.....Nigerian uncle
Fabiana Tapp (2 days ago)
The light colour eyed woman who was guessing the outfits is soooooo beautiful. What a beautiful woman!!!
Ilia Chankotadze (2 days ago)
I like bartenders personality a lot))
butter fly (2 days ago)
3:39 wow she has really beautiful eyes :o :D
FiskereNtv (2 days ago)
Imagine getting a bone Jesus i would go kys
Minoites13 (2 days ago)
What the heck Why do the choose so many gay people?
MegaJf16 (2 days ago)
black girl with the green eyes is beautiful
why?! TM (2 days ago)
Why it feel like they all gay
Daniel Woods (2 days ago)
Why so many queer in these videos? They are like 1% of the population?
Swoop Le froop (2 days ago)
PART 2!!!!
Sakura Kasugano (2 days ago)
$150 for a skirt is low? Man I wish my budget would consider that low. Fucking love the skirt tho
Rafael Durán (2 days ago)
The guy that wore that floral romper is SO CUTE !!! I want his name and fb lol , I love him
FRASER ANDERSON (2 days ago)
Where the fuck do they get these people
Glacies.Yin (2 days ago)
Can they just check the shoulder and fit of each outfit to each person?
Peris Panagiwtidis (2 days ago)
N. Laughpuff (2 days ago)
Wow that girl just kept putting that guy down just because he tried to hit on her, women are scary
Aisha Rose (2 days ago)
The anxiety leaking from that guy like same
leighleigh (2 days ago)
Clark is a pathetic jerk.
Alā M. (2 days ago)
Did most of them purposely get weird clothes..
Benjamin Saejong (2 days ago)
This was so fun even to watch, it was like one big game of dress-up! All the outfits was super fun and I loved how how all the different outfits were matched so differently by everyone and even when they got the combinations wrong the the results were always fun and interesting. Especially loved how ideas about gender and style got to be mixed-and-matched and redefined. Even as a much more conservatively styled person, I love how much possibility and individuality fashion and style offer. I would have loved to have participated in this big fun guessing game of dress-up and get to Challenge and redefine myself with other people, through new perspectives of other people. Such a fun and for me a profound video about individuality and identity and creativity 😄😄😄
bree (3 days ago)
these clothes are so ugly omg i- edit: actually some of them cute nvm 😭😂
Bruh did she say $150 was on the low end?!?! Here I’m debating if I should get the $12 Top in the Clearance section of Forever 21
Salt (23 hours ago)
Confidential Bubble Tea i thought she said $1.50 lmAo
Tampatec (3 days ago)
3:38 she is beautiful and her eyes just Wow. 😍
metal mama (3 days ago)
The nerd was my fav! Omg i love him so much!! So hot!
The Johnson (3 days ago)
Cross dressers like these disgust me
Jasmin Mercado (3 days ago)
9:24 she lowkey looks like Edna mode 😭😭😬💀
Huma Onyango (3 days ago)
Green Suit to black guy seemed obvious.
g.thequeen (3 days ago)
the guy with the earrings is FIIIIIIIINE, damn!
briana joseph (3 days ago)
The guy with the earrings is beautiful
RETRO YOKAI (3 days ago)
All of these beautiful people really make my heart ache 😩😩❤️
aeroaa2 (3 days ago)
Hey Cut, I have an idea based on this video - Match the day meals to the person. Basically - each person will say/bring what his usual daily meals are - breakfast, lunch, dinner. And the picking person will have to say to which the meals belong to, like the outfits !
Benjamin Christensen (3 days ago)
Can I marry the guy wearing the rumper?
Benjamin Christensen (3 days ago)
0:14 Everybody's naked! I guess that is the difference between the US and Europe. They are not naked, they are wearing underwear/swimwear..
Mobile Core (3 days ago)
i love this video so much
northhyuck (3 days ago)
the asian girl with the dark clothing should teach me how to style like her. HER STYLE IS A M A Z I N G
Stefan Stezoski (3 days ago)
Shit gay video
Alisky (4 days ago)
Those people are just so beautiful and unique!
Alisky (4 days ago)
I don't mean to sound negative but the guy with comics references was just so annoying and such a snob.
Anne (4 days ago)
Everyone keeps saying the girl in the pink jump suit is pretty, but what about her attitude? She was kind of mean
Jake Thunderbird (4 days ago)
Who's the girl in the skirt at 9:58?
Andrea Mendoza (4 days ago)
The guy on the right neeedded that romper
Talkindurinthemovie (4 days ago)
Seriously that black guy could be a model
Talkindurinthemovie (4 days ago)
That black guy ate that romper look
richard is a SNAACKKK
Empress Rae (4 days ago)
How do I get on here??? Seriously . I want to match some people up
Twenty Heaven (4 days ago)
Love the glittery skirt and the green suit. Cool how everyone's outfits were so different from each other.
loixaaa (4 days ago)
The woman with the short hair on the left is like SO beautiful! I believe I saw her at 'Truth or Drink' and she's a fuckin queen tho <3
Coolrh13 (4 days ago)
Does any here dress like your average joe, and just chuck on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, maybe a hoodie or shorts depending on the weather.
Joanna T (4 days ago)
1st guy ok we GET it, ya watch superhero movies
Nicci BigBird (4 days ago)
The so called 'Clark Kent of he wasn't white' seemed really judgmental? And what's the guy wearing, with makeup? It looks so cute and I want one haha
tragic a39 (4 days ago)
The Clark Kent guy looks straight out of the Bing bang theory
pqrstu 15 (5 days ago)
Apparently, this Asian girl has all the outfits
Connor Ward (5 days ago)
That black guy though 👀
WeBe Flexin (5 days ago)
I can dress for any occasion, but I’m a simple guy lol all I need is some joggers, jeans, and a sweater or coat (since it’s always cold) for shoes I’m a sneaker head so I spoil myself with Jordans, Timbs, Adidas etc. These people on the other hand need some “adjustments” to put it nicely, but who am I 🤷🏽‍♂️
Helltime (5 days ago)
ABHoops (5 days ago)
9:27 Joji confirmed!!
Yana Ortiz (5 days ago)
3:39 her eyes are BEAUTIFUL
Frankie Kawaii (13 hours ago)
i think they are contact lenses . if not gorgeous indeed
Dark Mist (5 days ago)
Ive been watching your videos for a long time .. And I just wanna say to the gay pedo mustache bald guy who always wears short pants... Loose the mustache ... Loose the bald (if not possible consider a hat) That shit don't work with your feminine body language -_-
I actually like the guy with the green suit the best, as well as some of the flowy outfits.
Emily Natanova (6 days ago)
11:22 That blue hair
Ugly Loner (6 days ago)
That one girl is so pretty but she’s also kinda mean😕
hahaaylinsahah2 (6 days ago)
these people are so defensive lol

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