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Match Outfit to Person | Lineup | Cut

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Text Comments (8156)
Olivia Stanic (4 hours ago)
ok but are we not talking about "eonni"??? like I've been spellin' it "unnie" this whooole time. oops?
Clark Kent if he was a little less white 😂
Katy Stanford (1 day ago)
they are all beautiful people!
Josie Park (2 days ago)
Brown guy is dropping DC references.
kirrrsten prince (2 days ago)
The "kenyan uncle" guy has amazing style, i love it
World of Jadelyn (3 days ago)
The guys who made his own clothes looks like the guy from the Kardashian’s who became a woman aka their dad
Bee Bee (3 days ago)
Their comments toward the suit guy calling him cheap and "Kenyan uncle" or whatever it was were messy
Kateřina Velínská (4 days ago)
everyone is so beautiful and the way they all explain their style is honestly so wholesome ♥
Sienna Delaney (4 days ago)
Omg the girl in the pink jumpsuit is gorgeous
Roger Taylor (5 days ago)
The guys with the mustache seems very confused on the point of this, he just seems to be putting it on whoever he wants not who he thinks wore it 😂
SELUCIA (6 days ago)
no ones normal
William Muhlbach (6 days ago)
New Clark Kent is adorable 😍
Raneem Khader (8 days ago)
6:11 his teeth are brighter than my future
Bhavya Chaturvedi (8 days ago)
11:22 bro she is like godess beautiful.
Cece Princess (8 days ago)
whos the hosts
Alex Torres (8 days ago)
The guy all the way to the left cracked me up😂
IRIS (9 days ago)
It is okay to be cheap on something.. Nice bruuhh..
valentine (9 days ago)
i want that black girl with the blue and yellow top, jesus christ she is hot.
Addison Whited (9 days ago)
I literally agreed with the girl in the pink romper with every outfit
Laura Jones (9 days ago)
This was a waste of 12 minutes
L (9 days ago)
9:00 she’s really so beautiful I can’t get over it
Abhishek Sangavikar (10 days ago)
That Asian gal at the left who had that 150/- outfit.... She heard beautiful hair and damn she knows how to pose.
Sha dy (10 days ago)
I think the part were the woman got smacked in the butt was dumb
GCB (10 days ago)
I loved this!!
mia lopez (11 days ago)
That indian nigg thou he was all that
Manu PH (12 days ago)
The guy in the romper looked friggin awesome in the school girl uniform!!!!
Mike T (12 days ago)
What's your style? Wal-Mart shopper
Ok Ok (12 days ago)
I love the gay guy☺😆
Kristian (13 days ago)
3:38 she should go straight to Victoria Secrets
5:15 anyone else feel like the guy in the top left looks like Shane with that last look?😂
Everyone here was pretty and their unique styles were nice
ms teresa (15 days ago)
your little pink jumpsuit looks cheaper than his suit #basicisastateofmind
NyehhhHhH !1!1!1!!1 (15 days ago)
“I like comic books. A lot.”
obeasthead (19 days ago)
Who's the black girl with the short hair?
DK im (19 days ago)
I’m a Korean lady. I want to be friends with the both of the Korean sistas there. 😍😍 you go girls
Starlise Jun.from.17 (19 days ago)
1:28 No fucking way😭 he would be,paying me back if he ripped my shit.😭
Leanne Ott (19 days ago)
I feel like I could've guessed better -_-
A Man About Style (19 days ago)
Check out our reaction to being in the cut video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnWgK5trOE0&index=13&list=PLhRBOAFdP-QpYm4YurVXUyakSQvmyxVF1
matt (19 days ago)
Why they all so gay tho
leafy green foots (19 days ago)
The girl in the pink romper is beautiful
Saiph (20 days ago)
The man was wrong but still picked out great clothes for everyone
H. A. (20 days ago)
That intro laugh...
Deziree aguilar (20 days ago)
The ending was great with the spuerman shirt lol
LaRue V (21 days ago)
You guys should do match the name to the person
Unknown (22 days ago)
im a simple girl i wear an unknown t shirt wear a hoodie and wear a shirt ir long pants depend where im going. and done.
Rick Sanchez (22 days ago)
Finally someone who is interested in comics
Vienna Yu (22 days ago)
I love when they make up random challenges!
Rodney Player (22 days ago)
I'm loving the green suit.
A Man About Style (19 days ago)
I got it form indochino
Davmar (23 days ago)
Does anybody know the name of the short haired Asian woman?
Jung SuMin (23 days ago)
Can anybody tell me what the third outfit is called???Is it a romper?jumpsuit? something else???
LeBelle (24 days ago)
They are all so confident I love them omg😭
Katie Anderson (24 days ago)
The dude with the ear rings was SOOOO clearly the rumper
agamng (25 days ago)
The rainbow skirt omg I want one soooo pretty
Tayelynn Garbrandt (25 days ago)
I fw these outfits hard
Fiona Brennan (25 days ago)
The girl in pink guessing is so stunning
räkänokkakarvaperse (26 days ago)
0:09 Bellatrix Lestrange
Connor Beresford-James (26 days ago)
All of these people have a description for their style and I just kinda rely on black jeans and t shirts
Lilie M. Sharpe (11 days ago)
That's also a style 😁 minimalistic/classy and put together 😆
A Man About Style (19 days ago)
its ok most of work in fashion and style is developed over time
Sab_ ach (27 days ago)
10:25 *slowly walks up* It’s your favorite Nigerian uncle
cowboy edd (1 day ago)
9:57 skips fast “ am i allowed to say the f word “
blinky blinders (28 days ago)
8:47 🧡
Bella S. (29 days ago)
I feel like Timmy was the most respectful out of them...even if he got it all wrong. Like, he looked and talked about how great the people and clothes looked, and didn’t criticize it, like the others...
Wyla iBeast (29 days ago)
The girl in the pink was so damn rude ...
Livvy K (29 days ago)
Yep, Like a man is going to wear a skirt......😶😐🤨
Colby Santoro (30 days ago)
That gay ass bald guy can go fuck himself
Marissa Puckett (1 month ago)
That black guy is the only one who looked bomb in that romper tbh
Rabbab Lamba (1 month ago)
I loved the green suit guy! His style was beautiful
Sarion Burks (1 month ago)
The black girl with short hair literally would look good in anything.
Annika Collett (1 month ago)
That should decide the outfit by size and I guess the looks
Percy Jackson (1 month ago)
1:34 that wink killed me
Narnia Dici (1 month ago)
This was the best of them all lmao
dagda3000 (1 month ago)
Damn. The gay factor is big in this one.
Ashley M (1 month ago)
I instantly lost respect for the guy who said the outfit looked like it was for a *"gay theatre kid"*
Melaninyani (1 month ago)
Omg the girl with the low haircut gorgeous😍😍
sweet sunflowers (1 month ago)
this was so fun to watch lmaooo
Hamster Shoulder (1 month ago)
Timmy guessed them all wrong but they look good in the outfits he chose
The girl in the skirt,tie and shirt looks like spencer Hastings from pll
Moudy Alakhdar (1 month ago)
The girl in the baby pink is soooo beautiful omg god bless!!
LEXI C. (1 month ago)
The dark man looked good in everything 😍😍
God of Beans (1 month ago)
In theory rompers are really dumb but hot damn did the African guy pull it off
God of Beans (1 month ago)
The dude with the hair has the voice of Jordan Peterson and I'm unsure how I feel about it
Stéphane Cardinet (1 month ago)
Does anyone know the song played when they do the model montage ?
Zespinossa (1 month ago)
0:43 dying... how to make your ancestors proud
Black dude looking good, no homo
A Man About Style (19 days ago)
thanks and i laughed at the no homo! i got you fam
madSTAR_01 madSTAR_01 (1 month ago)
Richard is s e x y. And so is the green eyed girl (at 3:38)
Alexandra DM (1 month ago)
11:22 wtf with this lady? why is she so pretty? Look those eyes! <3
Alex Pither (1 month ago)
“A slightly less white Clark Kent.”
Besania Espinal (1 month ago)
The song 'Bohemian Rhapsody' comes in when I see @8:01
Ashley Lumawig (1 month ago)
obiwan kenobi haha
Lilibeth (1 month ago)
I knew that ugly skirt plaid combo was from the white girl who just can tell went through a horse phase.
Unia Do (1 month ago)
Kat R. (1 month ago)
This was SO fun!! More please!!!
Someone (1 month ago)
3:40 *FBI open up*
Nicole Nicole (1 month ago)
This girl at 5:08 is gorgeous and she looked good in everything MODEL STATUS
Abby Watkins (1 month ago)
That one girl looks like Edna Mode
Y&B vlogs ! (1 month ago)
I love this !
XB slm (1 month ago)
I like the Indian nerd
BTS Goddess (1 month ago)
I love them all and it was rlly fun to see them all in different clothing
Aveenas Thokar (1 month ago)
What's the background music of the slo-mo shots? Where can I find it?
Kpop Twash (1 month ago)
I like half of these clothes. <3
Kpop Twash (1 month ago)
6:30 I just yelled "DAMN THATS CUTE." no buh fr its so cute <333

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