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Billionaires Who Don't Want You to Know They're Richer Than You Think

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Asked to name the world’s billionaires, you will likely cite Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. Well, you aren’t exactly wrong going with traditional sources such as the Forbes Billionaire List. However, some individuals aren’t on this list but control an immeasurable amount of dark wealth. Subscribe for more! ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedSubscribe ◄ Stay updated ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedFacebook https://instagram.com/BeAmazedVideos ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: [email protected]
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Chris P. Bacon (15 hours ago)
Rothschild one was bullshit but nice list
flak jac (1 day ago)
they don't wanna help people in the usa,they run 2 sum poor country so they can set up shop,and u middleclass still living with mom and dadzy,computer jackoff?can u take yer hand off yer peter 4 a second?thats it let go,cmon u can do it,if u try.tell u what well set up an intyervention and get back wit chew
naan (5 days ago)
They could make the world a better place with all that money. But instead they only want more and more. This is sick world
Nishith Joshi (6 days ago)
Ratan Tata better be in this list
Gijoe215062056 Ham (6 days ago)
May i have cloths and shoes .
Y B (8 days ago)
Where can I be a dictator?🤔
Y B (7 days ago)
+Mill Cent plenty of practice at my house...I'm ready for the big league!!🤣
Mill Cent (8 days ago)
At your house
Amaresh Babu (10 days ago)
Rathan TATA... In india he was praised to a most charitable person... he t surprised me now
Ordinary Gamer (10 days ago)
You forget Modi , he has black money worth over 40 Billion USD
abrar rupom (11 days ago)
Where are Rockefellers?
D Carbs (11 days ago)
All that money and they still can't buy immortality. Or in most cases, even do anything useful with it!
Llamma (11 days ago)
Sees the title sees the thumbnail after reading the title Me : ;-;
Mateusz Bartek (11 days ago)
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One for you guys too.
DANELL JAMES (12 days ago)
This encouraged me to work smarter
Master Chief (14 days ago)
Shows pictures of all illegal wealth owners with Putin, turns out, the wealth is with military contracts with US. Great propaganda tool, moron. And why wasn't the US Federal Reserve included in this, they control the world's economy... What a dipshit.
I B (14 days ago)
Rothschilds stole Palestine and renamed in Israel
chrissio McKenzo (14 days ago)
You contradict urselfs hows billmgates the world's richest when not only the saudis are trillionaires but also the rothchilds are trillionaires idiots
skirts365 (15 days ago)
Sigh, here we go again about the Rothschilds. First how about saying their name correctly? They are not CHILDS they are SCHILDS ("shields," red shields = Rothschilds) CHILDS is not how they say their name. The Rothschilds are not the wealthiest, the Windsors are the wealthiest. Furthermore, the RothSCHILDS made the mistake of not converting to the Royal family's religion, the Protestant Anglican Church of England, which is most likely why no RothSCHILDS have been admitted into The Pilgrims Society since the 1970s, which is the awesome world finance network of the Royal family. Be Amazed, your information sure is weak and watered down! On the other hand, James B. Haggin is a member, the GG son of "the greatest mine owner on Earth," who beat the shit out of the RothSCHILDS in six of six rounds in the world copper and gold markets, 1888-1895. The original Haggin was a prime mover in "The Crime of 1873" by which the "gold only" faction seized more than ONE MILLION SQUARE MILES of USA land. Other ringleaders (NONE JEWS) were Haggin's brother in law Lloyd Tevis, Collis P. Huntington, Darius Ogden Mills and Alvinza Hayward. Haggin also dominated the world's biggest copper mines, the Anaconda and Cerro De Pasco, making his hell sized fortune bound outwards immeasurably in the 1890s world electricalization boom. Among Haggin's smaller pursuits? Ownership in more than three times as many race horses than any other person on earth and seizing control over the Kern River in California and intentionally killing by thirst, 16,000 cattle owned by would-be competitors. Over SIXTY MILLION OUNCES OF GOLD HAVE FLOWED FROM HAGGIN'S GOLD MINES! See "Silver Mining Kingpin Opposed Silver Money." The Rothschilds were behind the 1913 Federal Reserve Act? NO! Mostly it was Episcopalians like Haggin, the Winthrops, the Aldriches and others in the Morgan group and the Episcopalian Astors, "landlords of New York." Haggin was a prime mover via the copper connected Knickerbocker Trust in the Panic of 1907, which enabled the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The Oppenheimers had over 800,000 mining employees all over Africa, they converted to Church of England to gain favor with the much wealthier Windsors! In America the New York Schiffs became Episcopalians, due in part to their earlier linkage to the George F. Baker line of what became Citigroup, and his heavy holdings in 52 major railroads! The Guggenheims, another big mining dynasty, became Episcopalians for the same reason---to gain favor with the Royal family, history's wealthiest dynasty.
princam _ (18 days ago)
Nice clickbait/lying
Gary Creasy (19 days ago)
It's called net worth and its not real dollars for the most part, any non government worker or non welfare person that has had to work at real jobs knows this. Even taxpayer sucking government employees that own a house or have private savings have a net worth. Wealth is generated by investments either in new ideas as Microsoft or Amazon that can take off or fail and you lose your money and those who believed in you idea or in a business that just worked hard at a stable business such as farming or sales or even real estate. Real estate being the most difficult and you will lose a lot and make a lot, but if you are smart enough you can win big. Senators and congressmen that have become rich have done so under table at the expense of the American people and thus hate Trump who is wealthy not by their methods. I believe no elected individual at any level should receive more than a small level of pay (public servant which means slave) and no benefits or retirement at all which would end career politicians. Also all government employees get a fixed contribution to a 401K account and that is their retirement. NO TAXPAYER hits later to make up loses or what I call buy votes. Taxpayers in the private sector have not fall back STOP IT FOR GOVERNMENT. Now all that is now investments and everyone will love the rich as they are the ones that make their lives better.
Sounds plausible Dutch royalties have also more money than they say. Same with British royalties.
iEuno1 (20 days ago)
World's Inequality is against the law and ground for war.
Funny Filipino (20 days ago)
Dr Jose Rizal is a real rich why ?? Because Jose Rizal have million million tons of gold and Jose Rizal pay Marcos 30% gold of Rizal proud to be ophirians !!
Funny Filipino (20 days ago)
Is the link for the truth >>>https://evangelriclapore.wordpress.com/2016/08/13/the-real-truth-about-the-720000-metric-tons-of-gold-of-the-maharlikan-empire-the-philippines-owned-by-one-family-the-tagean-tallanos/
cool müsik (21 days ago)
5:50 15k family member😯😯😯 *and I tought my family was big*
Heil Golwalkar (23 days ago)
TATA are no generous...they are crooks of the highest order, they fool gullible poor indian but not the establishment.
Avi Rozin (24 days ago)
Fake news
Avi Rozin (24 days ago)
Not true
Filipe Miguel 11 (24 days ago)
Rothschilds own 50% of earth money
vikram solestealer (25 days ago)
Y u so negative for wealthy peoples specially non american & non european.......U r being racist I think....Being rich is good thing, if other peoples r happy about it of their country.
tati12345able (25 days ago)
Today’s world is running under unjust system. Means hardly working people earning more than hard working people.
Johnny Wettu (25 days ago)
Guys click me n subscribe for great stuff
Johnny Wettu (25 days ago)
I want to be a multibilionare too😄😄
_jP (25 days ago)
with all these wealthy fucks...why is there still World Poverty , Pollution, Famine, Diseases, Wars ??? They could stop all this & bring human society together & yet they don't...The sad truth Is they profit on human misery
Barez Barznji (25 days ago)
i like the video transitions
bent540 (26 days ago)
haha the story about assad and putin is fucking stupid ass bullshit! LOL GTFO!!
beau jeste (26 days ago)
What a load of bollocks.
Freeman Muringi (26 days ago)
It's not about working hard..lol.Its who you know.
Richard Cherry (26 days ago)
Rothschilds worth in hundreds of trillions..Rockefeller >10 trillion...your info is bullshit.
Al TheHibby (26 days ago)
Yet again, another video by ignorant Americans that are unable to realise that England is not another by word for UK. How would Americans like it if the rest of the world referred to USA as New York or Florida or Alaska! England is not much more than a state of the UK. Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland AND England make up UK. Try reading a book
Diaralcasan Ibrahim (26 days ago)
Bismillahir rahmaniir Rahiim! Not one of the billionaires will smell Heaven in the next Eternal Life while the great majority of people are starving with no roof over their head against the Words of Allah swt in the Quran. Masha'allah! Allahu'akbar!
Diaralcasan Ibrahim (26 days ago)
Bismillahir rahmaniir Rahiim! Not one of the billionaires will smell Heaven in the next Eternal Life while the great majority of people are starving with no roof over their head against the Words of Allah swt in the Quran. Masha'allah! Allahu'akbar!
Mohd Arif Bin Ismail (26 days ago)
Wheres Mahathir Mohammed the 4th & 7th prime minister of Malaysia 😆
A (26 days ago)
Indeed all these are surprising facts. So much of money...all ill gotten. All these individuals may be rich...immensely rich but if YOU look closely they are not enjoying life(Except for a few of course like Mr.TATA- who is a philanthropist and contributesa lot for the welfare of the under priviliged) Hosni Mubarak is in some stinky Egyptian jail....Bashar the Syrian President is hiding like a rat. He cannot enjoy his wealth safely as he has ruined his country and taken scores of lives. Kim John is despised and cursed every day. The North Koreans are living life like animals. Putin is only respected by teh Russians as they are scared and threatened by him. Here ONE has to deciede what he exactly wants- IMMENSE hoarded wealth accompanied by curses or a simple happy life with all the necessities. One day we ALL have to leave everything behind. As my Mother used to say "The ONLY thing we take away with us after we die are our good deeds and the blessings of others." I rather have a happy life devoid of curses and the killing of other human souls. The day I die I will die peacefully..... I know many of you must be thinking of me as a mad man but then I am happy. I will depart this earth with a clear conciense. DO let me know what do YOU think about my words. All feedback will be highly appreciated.
Good Reason (27 days ago)
Bull-Shit video, based on pure propaganda
Spartacus547 (27 days ago)
Money is an idea and some ideas change
Freddie Hankins (27 days ago)
Pablo Escobar
FugelKusch (27 days ago)
The difference between Bill Gates and all the other Billionairs is that he actually has most of the money in cash, while all other have an estimated value by estimating the companies worth in $$.
Asen asenov (27 days ago)
Well that is right, the rich people who are famous are ego speakers!
Arian Bagheri (27 days ago)
wealth is in hands of idiots! GOD!
Mark Ash (28 days ago)
This video encourages me to steal
Lawand Kurd (28 days ago)
Says billionaire *2 trillion dollars in thumbnail*
Jai Jatt (28 days ago)
I don't understand, after getting so much black money why Putin like people put it in bank, why they don't invest in Research and Development to make life changing technology so that it can help common man's life such as Elon musk is doing..... I believe after that no will question their income source then.
The Weeknd (28 days ago)
alexa rebecca (28 days ago)
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David Carroll (29 days ago)
Just like Obama and clintons net worth grew, while in politics, life of service to the people. People have no power, governments have all the power or die.
Joni Papillon (29 days ago)
People commenting here like they know a thing or two about Rothschild family and their wealth! Just some lame wild guessing! This is something that you can’t google ;)
elena Duffy (29 days ago)
that information about Putin is total crap,just because the Americans hate Russia they make up lies about Russia and Putin
Iraj Matthee (29 days ago)
Most billionaires will land in the negative life after death instead of sharing or narrowing the wealth gap.
Billgates is richer than Rothschild?
Dr Avraham Rozenzweig (29 days ago)
Bill Gates is like a homeless bum compared to Rotschilds.
Sachchidanand Dubey (1 month ago)
ammar hassan (1 month ago)
I have to pay my credit It’s almost 5000 $ One day
just me (1 month ago)
So could I get some of dah?
Majadi (1 month ago)
LOL not one fucking person EVER in this world can have 1 billion in cash so its all bullshit.
Happy Home Work (1 month ago)
I was waiting for Gandhi family, Sharad Pawar's name...I guess they hid their wealth so well that even you couldn't guess ;)
Denis Salimenya (1 month ago)
But how this is possible
Alberto Kanan Farca (1 month ago)
7:45 u guys put a political party like a enterprise 😂😂😂
Alberto Kanan Farca (1 month ago)
Nobody will mention satoshi nakamoto?
tola978 (1 month ago)
Honestly the 99% should just boycott anything and everything the 1% is involved in for a year and let everything correct itself. Get off the grid, raise some chickens, grow some vegetables and watch all the markets in the world crash. We're too dependent on them and it needs to change..
Chris Salas (16 days ago)
Then stop with youtube.
SilentSonar (28 days ago)
tola978 or support smaller businesses instead and cause their stocks to fall and rinse and repeat
AeronPron Zone (1 month ago)
Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines), former President of the Philippines, is maybe the richest man in the whole world, with a estimated money total of it's Gold, $989 billion.
Jeremy Jimenez (1 month ago)
What no one talks about is when President Nixon past the law that the dollar is its own revenue just cause it became common to under stand a dollar is a dollar and thats aww we need to know and we dont need gold to back up ghis dollar to the ones who created a dollar can keep there gold and just print money and buy up all the gold they can see we live in the world of money they live in the world of gold money is no million or trillion to them its nothing its infinite wealth
omegapointil (1 month ago)
Hey, they worked hard for their money.
MGTOW LOGIC (1 month ago)
Exactly why I wear a Spock super mask
Where is Mansa Musa???
Zayn Khan (1 month ago)
During Hajj - Muslim annual holy pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia roughly 2.5 million people visit the city and spend anywhere from $5,000 to $00,000 per person which boost Saudi Arabia’s economy by up to $20-$40 trillion dollars most of which goes to the royal family. Instead that money should go to poor people. Hajj is the biggest religious scam on the face of earth. The sooner Muslims realise this truth the better it is. Instead of going to Saudi to waste their thousands of dollars only if Muslims would use their money to help poor Muslim nations the misery would be long gone instead of only blaming white people, the west and of course the Jews. Also Saudi is one of the biggest exporter of human hair as during Hajj people supposed to donate their hair. These bastards will even make money out of your body see how pathetic they are.
Great Video ! I hope you can join alphecka.com because they know how to make money. If you are selected maybe you can join...
Fookin’ Luvin’ It (1 month ago)
There's a special place in hell for most of these greedy fuckers. Heaven on earth for em now..
Sanjay Maharaj (1 month ago)
This is SUCH BS
Bianca Black (1 month ago)
These people didn't work hard they extorted it for other people!!
Danny .W (1 month ago)
Don't worry they will go to the same 6ft. grave a dark hole with no bank account, lights, luxury or money to help. A guaranteed place 1000%.
Danny .W (1 month ago)
I better be not rich with the blood of millions of innocents on my hand. +John Doe
John Doe (1 month ago)
Danny .W that thinking is why you’re not rich
B (1 month ago)
What is this inaccurate bullshit...
TheEnlightened88 (1 month ago)
What a joke you’re talking about the servants of the, Black Nobility, families who are trillionaire’s in quadrillion nearest you’re talking about men who are billionaires and one who is 2 trillion this is a joke calm talk about the real stuff in life and the solutions in the way we can get out of this for the whole people of the world this is a joke speak about the black nobility or you’re a gatekeeper
Dunque Mapping (1 month ago)
where the hell is bankers? they have about 730 trillion dollars and 90% of world gold.
Dark King (1 month ago)
So if someone is rich he should announce that to the whole wide world like a celebrity or otherwise he's a savage? Okay if you say so.
Parad0x (1 month ago)
The left and Democrats supporters don't realize that quite a few people on this list have gained their fortunes by using Communist/Socialist policies that turn in to authoritative regime. The leaders and government get richer while their people get poorer.
N S (1 month ago)
Hey man where is the Turkish president Erdogan. You are hurting the honor of AKP voter. They are honored with his dictatorship and his robbery.
Vel A (1 month ago)
when you said KIM 's people would rebel if they found out he was looting their money, they would retaliate and there will be an Uprising made me laugh so hard I closed the video!!
Diane Kerrison (1 month ago)
most of the super wealth is obtained by exploitation, subterfuge and wickedness
Phoenix (1 month ago)
That's how you get or stay in power. You get as much money as you can. It does not matter where it comes from. You may sell dissidents organs like the Chinese communist part, smuggle drugs like the CIA or the old fashion way with corruption.
Assani Saidi (1 month ago)
we have the audacity to call ourselves an advanced people who understand equality and fairness and yet 99% of the worlds wealth and resources are owed by only 3% of the worlds individuals. This proves that our economic systems are a failure, we have failed as a race.
Edson Osmar Gonzalez (1 month ago)
I'm not surprised, Think about it, anything that happens in this world has a cause and an effect, good vs evil. Evil conquers only because the powers that be unite to snatch the goodness from us and determine who will dominate. Kind of like chess. It's all a game
Sharon Quebral (1 month ago)
You mean billionaires that their controllers don't want you to know they are clones. I doubt humanoids need money!
Mansa Musa (1 month ago)
Girl @ 8:07 is fucking hot
Archit Jain (1 month ago)
Ratan Tata is not on this list. It is because he donated most of his wealth to his charitable trust. He's a damn good man. He didn't acquire even a single penny by uneven means.
Zodinzayama (1 month ago)
Don't be stupid. Hes a fraud.
Exciting Top (1 month ago)
hope people help themselves https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AtvtYc8lPQ&t=34s
Varun (1 month ago)
Last night I found 5 coins under my bed. I was so happy until now
Frederick Hewlett (1 month ago)
if i fouund 1 i was happy ,,,,,its sooooo good to be squeeky !!!!!!
3DManShadowland (1 month ago)
I see they left that ass wipe SORO's off the list. He is a 1% er as well, but he hides his money just like they do in Off-shores, so called charitable organizations, so on so on...net worth likely 200 - 250 billion. His hobby dictating governments through coercion and building private armies to create mahelm in small countries. Also responsible for most of the foreigners coming to the American Southern border, supports most of the Democratic caucus... owns Pelosi and many other congressmen through money bribes.. etc... Responsible for the Obama administration.
aK 245 (1 month ago)
There are no trillonere
Crypto Aka (1 month ago)
All African leaders are billionaires... corrupt mudafukas especially the president of Cameroon 🇨🇲
Jansher Peracha (1 month ago)
troy lenz (1 month ago)
Who cares? I know I don't.
Leland Shennett (1 month ago)
yo fuck these guys

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