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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Soundtrack (Full)

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST. Composers: Marcin Przybyłowicz, Mikołaj Stroiński, Percival 0:00 - The Trail 2:51 - Geralt of Rivia 5:15 - Eredin, King of the Hunt 7:45 - Wake Up, Ciri 9:21 - Aen Seidhe 11:59 - Commanding the Fury 14:09 - Emhyr var Emreis 16:41 - Spikeroog 19:49 - King Bran's Final Voyage 22:03 - Silver for Monsters... 24:25 - Whispers of Oxenfurt 27:02 - The Nightingale 28:43 - City of Intrigues 30:52 - The Hunter's Path 33:46 - Widow-maker 35:58 - Kaer Morhen 38:35 - Eyes of the Wolf 40:41 - Witch Hunters 43:24 - ...Steel for Humans (Lazare) 44:53 - Fate Calls 46:53 - The Vagabond 49:43 - Cloak and Dagger 52:31 - Forged in Fire 54:37 - Yes, I Do... 56:13 - Welcome, Imlerith 59:00 - Drink Up, There's More! 1:00:38 - After the Storm 1:02:11 - Blood on the Cobblestones 1:04:16 - Farewell, Old Friend 1:07:10 - The Song of the Sword-Dancer 1:09:25 - The Hunt is Coming 1:11:32 - The Fields of Ard Skellig 1:14:44 - Ladies of the Woods 1:16:37 - Merchants of Novigrad 1:19:48 - Hunt or Be Hunted
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Text Comments (12879)
Kinga (9 hours ago)
My polacy jak już coś robimy to porządnie....
Durin Senzamorte (15 hours ago)
Still here in 2019. Maybe I'll stay here until the death. Masterpieces like the witcher go beyond time.
Thanks France UK USA for saving Poland
Finished this soundtrack and haven't finish my homework yet. Screw being an engineer
Jedibob (1 day ago)
Bogdan (2 days ago)
Ahh sh*t, here we go again...
Priscillas song isn't here :(
the dark batgamer (3 days ago)
”I’m a witcher. Heard you wondering about my swords, well one is for monsters, the other for humans. I’ve only got one prick though, in case you’re wondering about that too” -Geralt of Rivia 2015
Hitai (3 days ago)
I was somewhat sceptical to people praising the Witcher 3 THIS MUCH. Like all i've heard was "best game of all time" and i was like "it looks amazing and the soundtrack is nice, but is it REALLY that good? I'm sure it has some flaws" and after playing about 80 hours of it... Oh yes it is THAT GOOD, i've always done ALL of the side quests in RPGs, but this is the only game where it doesn't feel unnatural. The side quests are so good it's like i'm always playing the main story and the main story is also good (although i'm not even halfway through xd) and the combat is fun and the soundtrack is amazing and fits perfectly. The few flaws this game has are easily overlooked. I didn't like Gwent at first but it grew on me and now i'm hunting down all the cards. Witcher is the best game ever made and the only game that i see toping it is Cyberpunk 2077
Илья Ткачев (4 days ago)
Polska slovenia rossia
MrChayiet (4 days ago)
Ernest Bąk (4 days ago)
0:00 ciary. Dziękuje pozdrawiam
Recrue Des Sens (4 days ago)
33:46 i agree...
Joel Santos (5 days ago)
anyone else here found a game that could compare with the witcher 3? I upgraded my monitor for this game and I tried playing AC Odyssey and it just... felt empty :( The witcher 3 kind of ruined a lot of games for a good number of us
deanfoster7828 (5 days ago)
Amazing soundtrack
The Academy MN (5 days ago)
A masterpiece. Best game I've ever played.
danielq2993 (6 days ago)
I picked up this game a few days ago. It's amazing! Never played a game where I did not want to undo my decisions because I want to see where it goes. The music is epic, graphics stunning, story legendary.
Jest zajebiste nic,dodać nic ująć.
Goosebumps with the firs note i`ve heard
VD (7 days ago)
Good, but attempt to outperform the soundtrack of Skyrim failed.
The LegendaryGamer (8 days ago)
One of the best games ever
Mirjana Radolovic (8 days ago)
The best game with the best soundtrack.
Daniel Wong (8 days ago)
I just can't find the live performance for the first music [The Trail]....
Rezident (9 days ago)
The Nightingale is a masterpiece!
JM Libre (9 days ago)
Never before i had felt so moved as i have been with this game. A masterpiece in my opinion.
Sgt Pepper (10 days ago)
easily the best soundtrack put to a game, so much emotion and world building in every single track
marius peškaitis (10 days ago)
I read comments i see this game are loved by community that hype and stuff but rememmber skyrim? 5 years and it its forgotten by big part of players this game will wanish in some time you can say it is one of best ever made but still wait for new generation of games in 20's they will be better , sad true , btw how manny true fans we have here who read books? Btw why the hell people make this political? Like people did this political shit about metro?
Amoud (10 days ago)
Can't wait for cyberpunk 2077
dylonji (10 days ago)
MajusiaMM (11 days ago)
Aa ♥️
Sukma Zaki (11 days ago)
This game make my gamer standard higher than Burj Khalifa
Someone in 2019?
Thibault brennus (12 days ago)
Lord_Vynos (13 days ago)
Witcher 3 is so damn good that I'm having trouble enjoying other games ever since I finished it - and it's been a few years already.
Alanerin P (13 days ago)
Aleksandr Tarasov (13 days ago)
1:14:44 - Ladies of the Woods , The best song :з
The Crow of Yharnam (13 days ago)
Hunt or be Hunted is
Luc Le Sorceleur (13 days ago)
ah ... qu'est ce que serait un the witcher sans musique ni bruitage ?
The Crow of Yharnam (14 days ago)
Legendary OST is a fucking moron deleting those Witcher 3 soundtrack videos: Steel For Humans which had 6.5M views, Silver For Monsters which had 5.4M views, Ladies of the Wood which nearly had 2.6M views, Hunt or be Hunted which had 3.4M views and some others. If you didn't want to have the account you could of just fucking logged out but instead you deleted your account which in return WASTED 17.8M views probably MORE. Absolute IMBECILE! You'll NEVER get those views back EVER AGAIN! Like honestly it's fucking pissing me off! The same happened with THIS VERY VIDEO it DISAPPEARED and then reappeared and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay Reveal by PixelEnemy which had 10.6M views got DELETED! Which is left is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay Reveal from CD Projekt RED which only has a pathetic 2.1M views the only reason their video DIDN'T get 10.6M views is because they DIDN'T put The Witcher 3 LOGO in the thumbnail! And now MORE soundtrack videos from The Witcher 3 are getting fucking REMOVED! It's ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT! why should Witcher be silenced yet every other game is OK to stay up for years and years getting views over time absolutely fucking ANNOYING! 1st was Pixel Enemy's Witcher 3 Gameplay Reveal with 10.6M views, then it was THIS video with 15.1M views, and THEN it was ALL of Legendary OST's Witcher 3 soundtrack videos which had a combined 17.8M views (PROBABLY MORE!) This BETTER not fucking happen EVER again! Can anyone talk to me and tell me you see what I'm seeing I CAN'T be the only one! :(
The Crow of Yharnam (8 days ago)
+La Hire 4 years LATER?! I don't fucking think so
La Hire (8 days ago)
Chill out dude, they probably got hit with copyright. Nothing they can do about it.
The Crow of Yharnam (14 days ago)
I'm so confused why is this only am hour long when there's other Witcher 3 soundtrack videos that are 2 hours long some music is MISSING!
The Crow of Yharnam (14 days ago)
1:20:28 for any new comers you MUST listen to THIS!
JellyandJam (14 days ago)
2019 anyone? I’m so late, but I started playing the Witcher 3, and haven’t put it down in months👏 Perfect game
Dobi (12 days ago)
JellyandJam My favorite game
Boktan sarkilar gidn mb warband sakisi deinleyin
Brute Pierre (15 days ago)
I Was playing Assassin''s Creed Odyssey when my 7 Years old daughter Said to me : can you play The Witcher ? The music is better. I saved and we are listening this.
1:11:32 - The Fields of Ard Skellig TOP
Chris (16 days ago)
Does anybody know a game which is as good as Witcher 3? I played through the whole game and both dlc and I feel kinda empty now like my life is over. I need a game just like it with this WOW feeling c:
dan j (16 days ago)
Play this music every time on loud when you enter Dunkin Donuts and when you finish your order.
MrDudi42 (16 days ago)
Słysze kurwa
Thor L (17 days ago)
Just bought this game, can't play it until the summer, but just by reading the comments I am excited to play it for the first time
zakrześ127 (17 days ago)
mogli by dac polskie tytuly
Blackbird9511 (17 days ago)
I have a hard time listening to this because every time I do it makes me replay the game.
Hillary Trump (18 days ago)
Valentino A (18 days ago)
This is not a game, it's a masterpiece. If you haven't played it allready.. please do.
marcos ponce (19 days ago)
que energia que tiene!!!!
This game had some of the best music ever. The whole damn thing was amazing I love The Hunter's Path
feedzzzzz (20 days ago)
Fathan Al Azka (20 days ago)
Good games come with good soundtracks
The Crow of Yharnam (20 days ago)
https://youtu.be/xYxt7cwDk4E https://youtu.be/cGmWwFpNIHg Get these videos 1M views and CDPR will give a release date
Steve Haraslin (20 days ago)
Yeah, the best game ever. CD Project should produce data discs to this great game not just two of them. I simply can´t get enough of this game.
noufal Irfan (21 days ago)
Game of Games
Jake (22 days ago)
only game to surpass will be cyberpunk 2077 ... which is technically made by the same studio ... so technically it doesn't count ... witcher 3 forever i guess....
Basitin (22 days ago)
Honestly Witcher 3 wasn't that good, like at all. Yes it had good mechanics, but the game itself is boring af
La Hire (8 days ago)
Good for you.
FreeYourMind (22 days ago)
I play games more than 20 years. I can easily say the Witcher 3 is the game u see once in your life. Masterpiece.
-Robin- (22 days ago)
49:43, 59:00 + GWENT <3 @ Surement la meilleure de toutes
Filippo Sala (23 days ago)
the best video game ever
Prism Games (23 days ago)
So nostalgic.... The first time I played this game on Winter holiday was the single most enjoyable gaming session I ever had. Great job developers at CDPRED
AdrianStorms (24 days ago)
Witcher 3 is the best thing that people have ever created!
Uh Cold (25 days ago)
Still the best game ive ever played multiple times and still come back to listen to the OST.
Сус Шпак (25 days ago)
Best game ! Best soundtrack ! Лютик блять !
MaPaCoTa (15 days ago)
Asher B (25 days ago)
"I lost my daughter to the drowners.." "HeARd U PlAy CaRDs tho.." "ok." This aong 59:00
domst2002 (25 days ago)
24:25 this is actually pretty insane
The Crow of Yharnam (25 days ago)
Why did this disappear before? Please don't do that ever again don't pull a Witcher 3 gameplay video with 10.6M views gets taken down :(
The Crow of Yharnam (25 days ago)
+Болебей make sure to screenshot the channel so you know what channel posted this and tell other people on other Witcher 3 soundtrack videos
Болебей (25 days ago)
Ya-ya! I noticed it too, ant it scared me on!
BodyofBudha (25 days ago)
Haha, the copyright claims are gone!!
Edson Luiz (30 days ago)
SigMonolith (1 month ago)
with my old pc, wow very nice game, now ultra 4k and...holyyy shit wtf is this game
ArtoX (1 month ago)
4:15 so epic man! Best game ever.
Leon Kusek (1 month ago)
Ubojnia Ubojnia
Marcus Gomez (1 month ago)
This will go down as the best motherfucking game in history
Jess_10 (1 month ago)
I don't need husband with this <3
Adorable Jihyo (1 month ago)
*Kto z Polski?* 🇵🇱🇵🇱❤️❤️❤️
Rafael Coutinho (1 month ago)
2019, still no one made a better game than this.
SilverAc0rn (1 month ago)
4:18 It's so fucking powerful!
Mario Jones (1 month ago)
this is magic for my ears
Daniela Ella (1 month ago)
Cengiz Dağ (1 month ago)
Gr ex (1 month ago)
10:37 <3
R L (1 month ago)
4 years ago, I played this game with my young daughters (4 and 7 at the time). Just hearing the title song brings me to tears.
Alexander T (1 month ago)
36:00 Kaer Morhen
StreemPank (1 month ago)
Болебей (24 days ago)
+StreemPank Ну с тем, что это топ я согласен.
StreemPank (25 days ago)
+Болебей Я не рус ))) И я обыкновенно не матерюсь попросту это рил топово.
Болебей (25 days ago)
И отчего 1-ый попавшийся мне российский тут использовал мат? Ааа, это ж российские :)
Estetski junak (1 month ago)
Slava rodu, *_GLORY TO SLAVS!_*
Tomo98b (1 month ago)
Respect from Poland
CoolAlex 95 (1 month ago)
the witcher 3 Hunt or Be Hunted epic soundtrack
Roman Slavinsky (1 month ago)
Shout out to all my slavic brothers and sisters! Вместе мы мочь, славяне!
Aubanater (1 month ago)
I've not played this yet but it on my list. Love the soundtrack though!
Sanal abv (1 month ago)
damn it tw3, after playing this i cant enjoy any other game.
Mamene Gros (1 month ago)
best game of all time !
Wszechświat (1 month ago)
1:19:48 Oh god i can't control myself i cum every time i hear this
Wszechświat (1 month ago)
I'm gonna play this game again in 10 years. Remind me in 10 yrs. Starting from: march 15th 2019
Goran Aleksic (1 month ago)
Not even a better game in 2019
Eva Pohl (1 month ago)
Witcher 4 needs more hookers again, like in 1 and 2. ,)
sj shin (1 month ago)
simply alltime no.1 game, and best game music ever made
Jusspo Gaming (1 month ago)
Play Witcher 3 in 2019? :) ... Silver for Monsters is the best song :b

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