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DeForest Kelley in Town Tamer (1965)

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info : http://klhalliday.com/DeKelley/Annotated/1965.htm#1965Tamer
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Asaph Adonai (11 months ago)
Asaph Adonai Stories ep 27 Deforest Kelley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpRGyZc2xNM Scott Ranf of Missoula's Community Media Resource has created a brand new segment show called Asaph Adonai Stories The stories can be about an Actor, Movie, even a Cartoon. We don't get into their personal lives, we only focus on contributions, awards, or accomplishments. Deforest Kelley Editer, Scott Ranf Enjoy Maranatha
Sal Lucido (4 years ago)
My apologies to the nice person that uploaded this turkey....but, really, this gets my vote as the worst movie ever made.....I hope you did not have a relative starring in it.
Sal Lucido (4 years ago)
@hempelchamp I salute you...you must be the happiest, least judgemental person on earth!
hempelchamp (4 years ago)
@Sal Lucido  I always liked this movie!!!
kataisa3 (4 years ago)
@Sal Lucido Have you seen Deforest's other masterpiece, Night of the Lepus? ;)
Sue Hutchings (7 years ago)
Okay, I know he's the bad guy, but I just love De.

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