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Men's Outerwear Collection 2018 | Field Jacket, Topcoat, Parka and More (8 Pieces Total)

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My last outwear collection video was ni 2016, and I've added a couple pieces since then, including a down jacket and raincoat. Here's an updated men's outerwear collection featuring 8+ pieces. This isn't a minimliast collection, but it definitely has you covered for any type of weather or occasion. #notsponsored #outerwear #modestman — SHOP THE VIDEO ▪ Shirt → https://mdst.mn/2E3eFrD ▪ Nylon Windberaker → https://fave.co/2yi1DjQ (sold out) ▪ Walker Vest → https://fave.co/2yqShT5 ▪ Raincoat → https://fave.co/2I6UB57 ▪ Leather Jacket → https://fave.co/2pHmd9Y ▪ Field Jacket → https://fave.co/2ka20H5 ▪ Down Jacket → https://fave.co/2DZCosH ▪ Top Coat → https://fave.co/2yiwcpC (similar) ▪ Parka → http://geni.us/yJwB6XS — RELATED VIDEOS ▪ Low Contrast Outfits → https://youtu.be/5yF3ZZWXGXA ▪ 3 Types of Suits → https://youtu.be/CLFBsw_Jjes — MY GEAR ▪ Camera → http://geni.us/J626i ▪ Microphone → http://amzn.to/2fPfIhO ▪ Laptop → http://fave.co/2hgKaDF ▪ Laptop stand → http://fave.co/2vQwBj3 — YOUTUBE MUSIC → https://goo.gl/UhwtMb — STYLE GUIDES ▪ Free E-Books → http://mdst.mn/guide-pack ▪ Premium Guide → http://mdst.mn/tmmsg — FOLLOW ME ▪ Podcast → http://fave.co/2vej94M ▪ Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/modestmanstyle/ ▪ Twitter → https://twitter.com/modestmanstyle ▪ Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/modestmanblog/ ▪ Private Group → https://www.facebook.com/groups/modestmen — Contains affiliate links // Stay stylish!
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Text Comments (152)
Nic Turyna (3 days ago)
Hey the modest man. I was wondering if I could ask for some personal help with dressing? If so maybe I can dm you on Instagram lmk
The Modest Man (3 days ago)
Best place to ask is in my Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/modestmen/
Nick F (3 days ago)
Glad to see a hanger upgrade!
Trucker jacket
USPATRIOT99 (4 days ago)
You make me want to try clothes I would never think to fit into my wardrobe.
lostInSpace 1 (4 days ago)
Sounds good ..but you sounded like Chris Eubank the old boxer from England he used to have a bad lisp and fixed it now he has The Sss. But yes sounds better you do a great job my friend
Jack Cothron (6 days ago)
I've had my eye on the windbreaker for a while now but it always seems to be sold out, do you have any other recommendations?
The Modest Man (6 days ago)
Yeah I don’t know why they won’t bring it back. You could check the H&M and Uniqlo type stores, or grab the PMNYC Harrington when it comes out (very soon).
Theo Peters (7 days ago)
Good as always
ChestyMD (7 days ago)
Arcteryx is a top tier brand that I swear by. Very expensive but they have a lifetime warranty. They use the highest quality material with a very slim fit design.
Zobten (7 days ago)
What products do you use to style your hair? Looks great!
Kevin Zheng (8 days ago)
updated hair video please!
Brett Aho (8 days ago)
The video is looking crispy! New lighting or camera/lens??? Cheers! - Brett
Brett Aho (8 days ago)
It's noticable, KUDOS!
The Modest Man (8 days ago)
Thanks man! Yes sir, upgraded to the LUMIX GH5 🤓
Pyridius (8 days ago)
Surprised there's no Denim jacket in the list. Any reason you're not a fan?
Ethan Fish (9 days ago)
Your new hair style has got me thinking you're a grown up Jimmy Neutron, not a bad thing though
Greg Barber (9 days ago)
Gorgeous collection of jackets. Gorgeous hair. Loving the long hair look.
Cole Byre (9 days ago)
I bought that parka after you first featured it on the channel, and I love it.
Bishwesh Joshi (9 days ago)
Check out Arc'teryx jackets as well. They for great and look stylish.
What shirt is that?
The Modest Man (9 days ago)
Green and blue gingham 👍🏻
+The Modest Man is it green?
The Modest Man (9 days ago)
It’s an old MTM shirt from Blank Label.
Hexorian (9 days ago)
Anybody know what sunglasses he was wearing in the first few looks?
Hexorian (9 days ago)
+The Modest ManHaha of course they were!
The Modest Man (9 days ago)
Warby Parker, but those frames were discontinued (sadly).
Lezmajz (9 days ago)
I feel so envious that you can wear all those out wear I live in South Florida and we have “winter” 2 or 3 days only for a few hours in the morning of those days, and there is a hassle of suffocation 😁 but… I wear some winter outfit in the “season” I like this video because it is very informative and a great help Thank you
David Coleman (9 days ago)
You left out the P jacket . They look sharp .
Jay Wizzle (9 days ago)
Great video, man. I am a lover of jackets as well. I've been eyeing that PM Navy Field Jacket from your vids for a while. Too bad they're sold out.
Simon (9 days ago)
Hi Brock, what brand are your black aviators?
The Modest Man (9 days ago)
They’re actually navy blue, from Warby Parker.
wholeNwon (10 days ago)
I'd ditch the Blimpie Michelin Tire Man jacket. Add a pea coat.
Luyang Che (10 days ago)
Is there a name for the type of collar design that they used on the raincoat? I have clothes with similar design and I really like it
The Modest Man (9 days ago)
I actually don't know, other than it's sort of soft (unstructured). Like it doesn't have thick interfacing inside it, so it's not too stiff.
Tybran (10 days ago)
Great vid - any do's or don'ts when it comes to longer coats for shorter guys (similar to a shorts video you did some time ago)?
The Modest Man (9 days ago)
I'd say don't go past mid-thigh for longer coats, but I'll work on a video for topcoats.
Quentin 33 (10 days ago)
Woods and Canada Goose make great parkas.
chapu8 (10 days ago)
Any recommendation for denim jackets for the modest men?
Donnie Aloot (10 days ago)
I hope peter manning comes out with restocks, been waiting for overcoats and field jackets. Also polo shirts.
voidz (10 days ago)
My favourites were the brown leather jacket and overcoat.
nikhilsrl (10 days ago)
I was also deciding between Olive and Navy for the Field jacket. Finally went with the BR navy that came out last season. I really love how it looks. In fact the navy makes it look good even when you wear it over a suit jacket.
Bane Discreetmon (10 days ago)
Loving that shirt, B.. :)
stef (10 days ago)
The blue puffer is a handy jacket but boy it is also a coat for sheeple. You should throw on your tan BR with jeans, works a lot better than you think.
Pedro Alves (10 days ago)
What type of jacket would you recommend for a young man with semi-casual style aka button downs w/ chinos/jeans and white sneaks. Something in the midle in terms of warmness
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
Leather jacket would be a good bet. Field also works but it won’t be quite as warm.
Alex (10 days ago)
That leather jacket 👌🏽
Iam goona try them
Hein C (10 days ago)
Hey Brock I was wondering if you have any experience with Beckett Simonon's sneakers? If so can you do a review or some insight on the quality? Awesome content as always!
Daniel Sunmugavail (10 days ago)
Great video Brock, looking forward to F/W18 from Banana Republic to see if those coats will be available this season. Side note: Peter Manning seems like a great company, solid product, and decent price; however I'm 6'0 ~190 lbs and typically always find jackets off the rack always carry one compromise, my arms. I always have to buy a size up in order to get sleeves that are long enough for me, sacrificing fit through the torso. Are you aware of any companies LIKE peter manning, but in the reverse where they focus on taller, slimmer men's clothing?
Per erez (10 days ago)
Brock, no recommendations for down jackets (puffer style) with hoods? I suspect I know the reason why, but just curious....?
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
I haven’t tried on too many jackets in this style, actually. I’ll usually wear a hat instead of a hood. But most outdoor brands like Patagonia make puffers with hoods.
Gentleman Within (10 days ago)
Pretty complete collection here. Looks like we have lots of similar pieces! The PMNYC down jacket fit looks great. I have a uniqlo one for a few years now, but definitely doesn't hold a candle in terms of fit.
Romano Gitano (10 days ago)
Nice video⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Unlike yourself, I'm a tropical weather kind of guy don't get me wrong, I have had my share of cold weather including snow the kind one has to shovel etc. since I was born & raise in Madrid, Spain, however, I prefer the warm weather here in Hawaii, I gave away all of my coats & jackets, but couldn't get rid off my leather biker jacket... Abrazos y OLE~
Pao Weezy (10 days ago)
I swear you look like Doug from hangover
TheBooban (10 days ago)
You know, a good blazer is warm too. You get away with only a blazer and layering for most of the year!
TheBooban (10 days ago)
Ps. You should maybe do a blazer / sport coat vid for appropriate seasons. Because Im looking for such a blazer.
kntwing (10 days ago)
ALL YOUR OUTER WEAR IS LIKE OFFICE JOBS TYPE OF WORK? i don't work at a office places. so no need to dress like this? i don't know any guys wear XS? i love parka jackets..that puffy jacket i have a few like those not the same brand name's ..
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
It’s mostly casual, other than the rain coat and topcoats.
Ariel Valenzuela (10 days ago)
The rain coat is cool *AF* also the little vest. I really like you videos man.
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
Thank you 🙏
Anthony Johnson (10 days ago)
All the coats were great, but I really loved the Vest, the Leather Coat, and REALLY loved the olive Field Jacket. Thanks.
Christopher Saenz (10 days ago)
You’re hair looks great. Product recommendation for styling it that way?
Anthony Johnson (10 days ago)
Thanks for that info, Brock. Was going to ask the same thing for the same reason a few days ago.
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
Thanks! I've been taking better care of it lately. Using some supplements, not too much shampoo and light product. In this video, I had used Nioxin Thickening Gel on towel dried hair before blowing dry with a brush (to shape it).
Quan M Chu (10 days ago)
I have that J Crew waker vest!!! And great video! I really dig that black topcoat !
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
Nice, love that vest!
Youngrunner17 (10 days ago)
Great vid as always, good to hear about diversification in the PM outerwear line. Hope the upcoming parka and harrington are slim as puffy jackets ruin my proportions. Would love a video for waist length jackets like harringtons, bombers, and denim jackets. I think a jacket that hits at the belt line can be super slimming but most of them I try end up being 2-3 inches too long. It's hard to get them shortened because they generally have pockets near the hem. Sleeves are of course too long but that can be tailored. The alpha industries slim ma-1 might work but I don't like the puffy look. A chore coat video would be great too. The one from apolis is beautiful but I'd have to get the sleeves shortened and I'm not sure that works well with the functioning cuffs.
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
The Harrington is pretty slim. I tried on a size 2, and it was snug when I zipped it up. The sleeves were a bit long, so I'd probably go with the 1. The cool thing is, the double zipper lets you open up the bottom of the jacket while still wearing it zipped (like a traditional Harrington). The parka won't be as slim as the N-3B slim fit, but it will be a nicer looking jacket.
Tyrone E (10 days ago)
Awesome. Will you do another shoe and watch collection video?
Tyrone E (10 days ago)
+The Modest Man Great 👍 Looking forward to it.
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
Yes, definitely due for an update to both of those...
Anthony Almodovar (10 days ago)
Can’t wait to see what PMNYC comes up with for their parka!
Pramod R Sankar (10 days ago)
Do you have Gortex
Randy Garcia (10 days ago)
No denim jacket?
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
Nah it’s just not my style.
BenLi (10 days ago)
For down jacket i think you can try uniqlo
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
Sleeves are too long, unfortunately.
Nathaniel Eames (10 days ago)
Hey Brock, awesome collection! I'm trying to figure out what 2/3 coats I can have in my minimalist wardrobe in NYC. I already have a PMNYC field jacket, so I'm thinking parka and maybe a lightweight down? What do you think?
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
I’d say lightweight down would get you through most of the winter, but it’s not waterproof like many parkas. So if you could only pick one, a parka might be the way to go.
Zachary Nagle (10 days ago)
Have you done any modifications to your watch?
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
Nice...I've thought about doing some other mods. Might have to look into that bezel insert...
Zachary Nagle (10 days ago)
Cool! I have a skx013 with the same bracelet but also got the 12-hour ceramic bezel insert by LCBI. By the way, my go-to fall outwear piece is my GAP cardigan.
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
I put it on an oyster bracelet from Strapcode 👌🏼
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
I put it on an oyster bracelet from Strapcode 👌🏼
yo bro squad (11 days ago)
Yo Brock I thought that your hair was long on the thumbnail because of the jacket hoodie and i thought it was magnificent. certainly grow it out longer like shoulder or back lenght you'll look damn good on it
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
That would be epic...
TheBooban (10 days ago)
yo bro squad you don't understand. Long hair hangs down. He has high hair because then he looks taller.
Ben Leshchinsky (11 days ago)
Hey Brock, do you know when Peter Manning will restock the olive field jacket?
The Modest Man (11 days ago)
Should be very soon (like this month), but I’ll see if I can get a firm date.
uuuultra ✔️ (11 days ago)
Brock, drink more water and get 8 hours of sleep per night---you're facial skin is lookin a little peaked
The Modest Man (11 days ago)
MTobin1000 (11 days ago)
Brock...great video. I'm a recent subscriber. Still getting up to speed on your videos. Have you done any videos about leather bags gentlemen carry in 2018. Have you already done this or is it something you might do down the road? I carry both Saddleback leather as well as "NutSac" brand..."man-bags"..... Both are excellent. Thanks Brock.
MTobin1000 (10 days ago)
That's awesome. I really appreciate it Brock. I'm a 53 year old gentleman who relies on a high quality bag to make my way through my day. I think such a video will be well received. Thanks again.
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
Thanks! Glad you're enjoying the videos so far. I've done a video about buying leather bags, in general. That video was a partnership with LeDaveed, who makes the weekend duffle I use. I also carry a Carl Friedrik slim briefcase and the Aer Tech Sling (which is my go-to most days). It's not leather, but it's a great little bag. I'll do a bag video soon, just to show which bags I'm using for various activities.
Putin Putin (11 days ago)
I quite enjoy bomer jackets n aw
Waldemar Gonzalez (11 days ago)
Awesome video Sir, (there's that shirt again 👌🏻) I need to rethink my coat/jacket hoarding after this one🤔
xshadowsx100 (11 days ago)
Are denim jackets not your thing? Great vid btw
The Modest Man (11 days ago)
Nah I’ve never felt quite right in a denim jacket. Looks great on some people though!
Ryan (11 days ago)
Is PM still working on their harrington jacket?
The Modest Man (11 days ago)
Yes almost done...
Robert Sweeney (11 days ago)
Brock, great selections. I really like this video and hope you do more. By the way, I agree with all your colors and have added a mid-grey field jacket which I find works for me when I wear dark navy, black or deep color. It adds a little more contrast which pops my outfit.
Donnie Aloot (11 days ago)
I thought you grew your hair long on the thumbnail lol. Great video Brock
The Modest Man (11 days ago)
One day...
Shaun Leonard (11 days ago)
Nice line of coats! 👍🏼
Richard Long (11 days ago)
Brock, What's your take on wearing flannel shirts--super comfy, but SO uncool? Just wondering.
The Modest Man (11 days ago)
I think they’re comfy AND cool 👍🏻
pattgsm (11 days ago)
Brock, 1st the hair... killer volume. I love your collection. I'm not comfortable in trucker jackets and leather jackets. Big fan of Peter Manning NYC outerwear. A few yrs back I purchased and returned the field jacket in their largest size. The sleeve and body length was perfect for my five ft six in frame but it was too tight in the arms and body. My weight flux btwn 170-190 and wear 42s Contemporary in Spier & Mackay suits which fit me very well. Please use any influence to have Peter Manning add another size for thicker guys. At 170 I'm seeing my ribs and spine and jackets are tight. If Peter Manning offered 1 size larger laterally (lengths on the largest size is perfect ), I would buy 2 field jackets and 2 rain coats, and a topcoat w/o hesitation because they already nailed the perfect style. A shirt jacket and shawl cardigan would be nice too.
Nathaniel Eames (8 days ago)
Thanks for the info, pattgsm! I find that Uniqlo usually runs pretty thin, but I'll try their thin merino sweaters. And I'll check out spier and Mackay too. BROCK, I second this idea of 5 and 5x sizes for PMNYC (or maybe a 3XX and a 4XX)! For all their talk about scaling everything properly for a shorter man, they don't seem to do the same for the X sizes. I think they just add to the width on everything without considering the other adjustments needed (like adding some length to the torso to cover the midsection). Please pass this info on if you can because I love their clothes and want to buy more!
pattgsm (8 days ago)
Nathaniel Eames - Hey Nathaniel, I often find that sweaters are too short in the body and too long in the sleeves. I haven't tried PMNYC sweaters but I can recommend Uniqlo thin merino wool v-neck & crew neck. After watching and reading reviews, I tried for myself. I agree it punches above its weight class. The large fits me snug (not tight) in the chest. The shoulder seam is at perfect position for me. The arms are snug (no bat wings). Sleeves and body are not too long (comfortably hits slightly above mid crotch but didn't expose shirt if lifting arms above head. I gentle wash and air dry. You can machine wash and dry but I choose to air dry the majority of my clothes. What I discovered w/ Uniqlo wrt sizing is that each item has its own size chart. Unlike say J-Crew which only gives general size ranges. Spier and Mackay has one of the best "how it should fit" information sections of any store. You may want to try their sweaters too. Regular price is fair but they do go on sale. I try to go to stores to try on other wise If it's not too expensive, I'll just order 2 sizes and send one back. I hope my ramblings were of some use.
pattgsm (8 days ago)
The Modest Man - Brock, yes. A 5 and 5x would be so exciting! Also, this is why I've avoid leather jackets all together. They are always either too tight or too long. I was so close with Peter Manning NYC field jacket. As I stated the field jacket in 4x had perfect sleeve and body length. It just needed to be slightly wider in body and arms. Peter Manning NYC really has great quality, and timeless outerwear for shorter men. Thank you for taking interest in my request. Your content and style resonates with me. Keep up the great work🙏👍
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
This is great feedback. So compared to the 4x, you'd want to see a 5 or 5x?
Nathaniel Eames (10 days ago)
Hey pattgsm, I've got a similar build. Any recommendations for sweaters? I find the PMNYC ones to be a bit snug and a little short in the torso.
coolerfiend (11 days ago)
Great Video as always! Update about the Banana Republic Topcoats: I am a little bigger than you (5'6.5" and 160 lbs) and I bought their topcoat in XS last fall. It was too big, baggy and long. Way bigger than these ones in your video. Alas.
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
Ah sorry to hear that!
beep boop Beep (11 days ago)
not hating but would you mind doing a vid on what to wear in a wedding party and things to take care before going into one..plzz.
Wei Wu (11 days ago)
We have almost the exact same build. I am 5'5, weighting in at 135ish, and have narrow shoulders. Did you buy your Leather jacket at size 1 on Peter Manning? I really like it.
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
Yup, size 1.
Gideon Owusu (11 days ago)
I love this video , nice
leicanoct (11 days ago)
I would of ironed the pieces you displayed.
leicanoct (10 days ago)
The Modest Man I’m a bit OCD with my clothes. I’ve used it on Jean jackets, field coats, trench coats, etc.
The Modest Man (10 days ago)
I have a steamer too but never tried it for outerwear...
leicanoct (11 days ago)
Haha, I use a steamer most of the time. A good video overall.
The Modest Man (11 days ago)
Come on over to the studio, I could use a helping hand!
Yoni Tubul (11 days ago)
Is that a skx013?
The Modest Man (11 days ago)
Yes sir!
Amol Gamer (11 days ago)
Leather jacket is awesome sir . Your Instagram is great . You should talk about Instagram tips bcuz you have a great id.
Jay Sterling (11 days ago)
I second getting a rain coat with a zipp-pot interior . I got mine in Peter Jones/ John Lewis (Sloane Square, London, UK) 18 years ago and it's still ok. Infact, what with climate change it gets more use in the summer than the winter nowadays (!).
Edgar (11 days ago)
This is great timing! In Chicago it’s been raining and getting cold means winter is coming
The Modest Man (11 days ago)
Chicago winters are legendary (from what I hear)...
inkix1987 (11 days ago)
Is there any word on the street about a Peter Manning athletic/slim fit line? (with tapered pants and cuffs) Hint - I'd pay a fortune for a line like that ;)
Donnie Aloot (11 days ago)
Slim fit stretch pmnyc jeans is the way to go
inkix1987 (11 days ago)
Moderately muscular so not sure about the skinny jeans, but like you I have skinny ankles and wrists so would love to see a line that worked for that build :) keep up the good work
The Modest Man (11 days ago)
Slim fit shirts are coming soon... Right now, the only “skinny” fit is in the jeans (which fit me perfectly).
Daym-ja3 -enol (11 days ago)
*you let your hair long for good!!!!!!!!!!!*
The Modest Man (11 days ago)
Matt Sanchez (11 days ago)
Solid video Brock. I think Peter Manning is great for outwear- It looks like you have most of their pieces! Is the raincoat warm even in the winter? Assuming you are wearing a sweater underneath..
The Modest Man (11 days ago)
The raincoat definitely isn’t a winter coat. Great for spring and fall, though!
Caesar Fadabi (11 days ago)
All jacket looks cool, but i don't have all yet. Definitely want to buy one of those pieces. Really struggle to get one rain coat after the all pieces.
GAPM (11 days ago)
love it thumps up man!
Ironic (11 days ago)
Great vid! Just bought a field jacket so perfect timeline in the vid
The Modest Man (11 days ago)
Hope you like it. It’s one of my favorites!
ABHIJEET DAS GUPTA (11 days ago)
what is your take on SHERPA JACKET ?? btw love the content :)
The Modest Man (11 days ago)
It’s very cool. I’ve never had one but many guys pull it off well.
Alexis Bhatti (11 days ago)
First, great video as always!
The Modest Man (11 days ago)
Tenzin Boss (11 days ago)
The Modest Man (11 days ago)
Second? Wait no, third.

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