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Giving Strangers the Xbox One

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Text Comments (8547)
BigDawsTv (7 months ago)
Thank you guys for the support! I just dropped some new Merch, click the link & support the #FAM - https://bigdawsmerch.com 😁🤘🏼
Hussen ibrahim moalim (9 days ago)
That is good
Maira Ali (11 days ago)
Maira Ali (11 days ago)
Maira Ali (11 days ago)
awesome sir
I don't need your iPhone and Xbox but need to happy but am not because my life in danger and my family
M S G (1 day ago)
Giving away back to the people are the best videos.
J1500 mc (1 day ago)
Bruh.. you’re the best! I wanna do this too
Amber Hollinshead (2 days ago)
Wawwwwwwww... that’s a plot twist!
Quercus 434 (3 days ago)
I have 2 normal Xbox ones and 1 Xbox ones
gine :D (4 days ago)
1:20 it looks like a fire man backpack ha hah lol
Tamara BeautyTips20 (4 days ago)
Do you homeless vidoe
CreeperPlays (5 days ago)
The girl was probably like thanks for buying my boyfriend his birthday gift
the great MAAZ (6 days ago)
That bird 🐦 voice is annoying
No Tee (7 days ago)
The President of the United States of America can't give an Xbox to a stranger on the road. But this guy is just awesome
Etether Kannemeyer (8 days ago)
I want this to happen to me🎁😂
Taquini Leuta (8 days ago)
Muhammad Faizan (8 days ago)
can you gine pcs in pakistan
Murtaza Hassen (9 days ago)
Thank you, but Bruin really needs your help, for example, people who do not have a meal, always pray for you. Thanks again.
Charlieputh fan (9 days ago)
Hussen ibrahim moalim (9 days ago)
Oh my god
Marvel Martin-Aisance (10 days ago)
Please man!
Marvel Martin-Aisance (10 days ago)
Please could you give me Also?
Blk Foreign (10 days ago)
I catch myself smiling non-stop watching him do this. People that have the ability should do more random acts of kindness.
Zaddy (10 days ago)
MilesOfJourney 1121218 (10 days ago)
From that moment they are gamers
ALEX BLAKAS (10 days ago)
And i want the Xbox One with Fortnite 😂😂
Adiyoul (10 days ago)
thats how roaming in the street helps
Ryaan Jangheer (11 days ago)
wow it's nice
Boku No Anime (11 days ago)
I know it's 2019 but can I still enter the giveaway
John King (11 days ago)
Bro u so good
Reza Ananda (11 days ago)
Is that genuine?
Reza Ananda (11 days ago)
Brother Apollo (11 days ago)
Spreading the hapiness. Good on you. Edit: Rephrase
Yass wandri Franco (12 days ago)
I love Xbox one
Rungrudee Lindholm (12 days ago)
Bro I don't have Instagram so should just do it on YouTube
VOHara99 (12 days ago)
Who else thougt at 1:07 that guys friend was a girl
Joseph Perkins (12 days ago)
3:41 dude looks like JAZZ from Fresh Prince lol 😂
XxMusayibPlayz Xx (12 days ago)
Xbox one is better than Ps4 like if u agree
XxMusayibPlayz Xx (12 days ago)
I have one too
Joe Syiem (12 days ago)
Give me one bro
Pratit Bangdiwala (13 days ago)
3:12 destroyed her😂😂
Dawid P (13 days ago)
Dawid P (13 days ago)
Respect homiee from Holland, peace
My dream is to have $30k to buy 2 ps4 for me and my brother and 4 iphone x for my siblings and buy bean bags
MrNicebaron (14 days ago)
i love this dude
butsik finkel (15 days ago)
Not even a PS4... Smh try bringing that shit to me I'm smack it away #PSGANG
sam wright (15 days ago)
awesome Dawson!!!
TITAN VIEIRA (15 days ago)
Leevi AC (16 days ago)
men, u luuk gud
Ron Anicete (16 days ago)
Wait wtf why does that guy in 1:06 sounds and looks like the younger version of lasercron from smosh
Swaggylove Baller (17 days ago)
Your a blessing bro
trinh kien (17 days ago)
I won't it!!!
savage dude (17 days ago)
He looks like clay Thompson
BASS IMPACT (17 days ago)
Try helping homeless bruh
Superior MAN (18 days ago)
I have a ps4 am I missing out
You sir have lots of money 😂😂😂
Moises Visperad (18 days ago)
can you give me to....
Ezekiel Pulido (19 days ago)
Can you give me a iphon plus x1.philiphines
XoX Nation (19 days ago)
Im a stranger plz give me PS4 😂😂
Chaitan Pagi (19 days ago)
One Xbox for me❤️❤️❤️
Emman Tabuga (20 days ago)
Im your number one fan
Emman Tabuga (20 days ago)
Can i have one pls im poor from phillipines pls 😭😭😭can i have
Giving Trash to Strangers
Dale Spencer (20 days ago)
I just discovered your channel and am binge watching these giveaways. So fun!
putra ku (20 days ago)
Good people. 🙏🙏
Fu zze (20 days ago)
Love that shirt dude
VampireKiller999 (20 days ago)
2:32 Angry grandpa is back to life !!!!
U tube (21 days ago)
"is it gonna blow up".
ProQ _ (21 days ago)
1:28 lol
Devin Uyemura (23 days ago)
Its my lucky day, im ur 5,350,000 sub
Afri Nanda (23 days ago)
Dunkles Licht (23 days ago)
Next Step go to Ebay and Sell it :P
Khairin Ikhwan (23 days ago)
1.47 "shut up" 🤣
Belthazor22 (23 days ago)
An Xbox for a wamen? Way to waste some precious bucks right there
Mario Gamer Martinez (24 days ago)
BigDawsTv omg yo are a rich guy men
Tiki Chhangte (24 days ago)
2:34 to 3:06. best scene on the video.
1:07 the other guy is smiling in pain screaming inside "can i get an xbox too!"
Alisa Brown (25 days ago)
Can u come to Florida and do that I dont have one and i would live it if u had one for me pls😧😟😓
Sam Tv (25 days ago)
You just did great job bro luv u
it's jazlife (26 days ago)
I want canon camera
Davey Jones (27 days ago)
I wonder if dude ever accidently prevented a suicide or some crazy shit doing nice things like this.
Ranj ramadan (27 days ago)
Glasses was funny 😂
Lieutenant prism (28 days ago)
Man I wish I was one of those people
Miah Francis (28 days ago)
2:05 he looks drunk lol
poor guy (28 days ago)
Coming back again and again
Jdkjsjs Jdksjjdn (29 days ago)
2 guys Kissed in the background
ZATUN bravoo (30 days ago)
YoCalMEBEAST (30 days ago)
Imagine if someone said I want a playstation
Adam Mohamad Ali (30 days ago)
This video was posted a day before my 12th birthday...
Steve Janas (30 days ago)
Give me one
Your Boy (30 days ago)
The background at 1:16 tho. LOL
Arfaan Solanki (30 days ago)
Very nice man
Gelu Sherpa (30 days ago)
Lots of love from Nepal 🇳🇵
Mustafe YM (1 month ago)
Bro give me one ☝️ please 😭😭
Nagaraj Kh (1 month ago)
Why don't you come to INDIA🇮🇳
Miralyn Estalani (1 month ago)
pls give x box
XSChaoXS (1 month ago)
Plot twist they sold them.and bought a ps4
Thirsuh TV (1 month ago)
Khalid Khan (1 month ago)
I want ps4 please
Mr Trasïn (1 month ago)
You should help homeless
SAID Ali PAPAKHA (1 month ago)
Hhhhhhhhhhhhh send us
SAID Ali PAPAKHA (1 month ago)
Daws plz we want xbox
MNIFD _ (1 month ago)
1:10 that guy whit long hairs looks like: "you have also one for me" xD

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