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T.I. - Whatever You Like [Official Video]

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T.I. - Whatever You Like [Official Video] Subscribe:http://bit.ly/YouTubeTIvsTIP The new US or ELSE EP is available on all digital retailers. Download and stream now.! Apple Music/iTunes/Spotify/Pandora/Google Play: http://smarturl.it/Listen2TI Tidal: http://smarturl.it/tUSorELSE Amazon: http://smarturl.it/aUSorELSE Connect with TIP: http://bit.ly/FacebookTi http://bit.ly/TwitterTi http://bit.ly/InstagramTi
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Text Comments (42667)
Jabu Christian (1 hour ago)
I just can't skip it#2018
Alex 10,000 (4 hours ago)
4:02 Smile bitch! smile bitch!
Adrian Knowles (5 hours ago)
I want your body Need your body As long as you got me won’t need nobody You want it I got it Go get it I bought it👊🏽👌🏽
tthegold standard (5 hours ago)
Still my joint🔥
Novelas Turcas Brasil (10 hours ago)
2018 algum Br? 🇧🇷
L1nx (13 hours ago)
You want it my dear I've got my Costco membership card right here!
Ad Man (14 hours ago)
The girl is su h a gold digger.
Tyria Richardson (17 hours ago)
Here for Lil Duval fool ass! Lmao
COCOAPIE (22 hours ago)
Lil Duval with dreads ❤
December Creech (1 day ago)
October 2018
Anthony Lee (1 day ago)
This song is 10 years old now damn i miss the old TI he needs to bring this music back!
Melissa Lopez (1 day ago)
Takes me back to 2009. My husband of 8 years sang this song to me trying to sin me over and he did.Things are way different now that it's been 8 years! Wish he was that same guy I meet back then now we have 7 kids and let's say were never together any more😞Don't know what went wrong!everything I feel like everything gonna fail I out this song on .I really needed to hear this song!!!!Love you my Husband 💖💖💖
To Bor (1 day ago)
T.I. = Terminally Idiotic, nice to know that the "music" industry provide jobs for the mentally retarded.
Ayaka Kirirua (1 day ago)
October 18😂
Philip Carrasca (1 day ago)
Listening to this when I was 15 not knowing that being a sugar daddy was actually a thing
Vladislav Varbanov (1 day ago)
October 2018
Víctor Gámez (1 day ago)
good music, a lot of memories
jomar spy (1 day ago)
2018 fav of all time
10 years later and still hot
Do7a1337 (1 day ago)
Night School?
Sheila Mccullough (2 days ago)
I use to dancers off this at the club
Tyler Blacks (2 days ago)
I want Joe Biden need Joe Biden
Rogerh uj (2 days ago)
tragam um troféu ae ...
Raymond Mills (2 days ago)
T.I. Insults another mans wife because he doesnt like her husband. Real Men in my part of town don’t do that.
Flightz (2 days ago)
who else is here October 2018 ??
Summ Summ (2 days ago)
He‘s soooo hoooot
Charles Laurencie (2 days ago)
thank you « night school » 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Mondairo Jones (2 days ago)
Pussy ass b****** made these kinds of songs
Making Stuff (2 days ago)
I love this song!! I make lots of money as an engineer so email me if you're interested i
OSCAR RODRIGUEZ (2 days ago)
T.i go nnnnnn
Dennis King (2 days ago)
Another pedophile fucking liberal fuck. Fuck you TI. Does that stand for total Idiot.???
Brendyn 02 (2 days ago)
Lmao I can tell that you came here after the Melania Trump issue.
Alan Philips (2 days ago)
This nigga aint shit.
Ana with one N (2 days ago)
The older adults and I at the theatre were jamming to this song when it came out in Night School 😂
Mason Maletti (2 days ago)
can i have whatever i like?
Nova Nova (2 days ago)
Daniel Mc Dowell (2 days ago)
Come on baby swing in the tree with me.
Shannon Nelson (2 days ago)
I like this song!!! I forgot about it but I like it I remember when it is came out
StEvO (3 days ago)
October 2018 anyoneone?
Ken Sears (3 days ago)
talentless garbage
Dee Ballin (2 days ago)
Shut up ken it's his new shit trash
XFX Trader (3 days ago)
Back when slow mo had emotions
XFX Trader (3 days ago)
Gold digger anthem
Wisemen Wisemen (3 days ago)
What ever you like BIHH!!! It's on him, let's go!
Janely neli (3 days ago)
This use to be my jam when i was 12😅 still a good song tho
Why tip do lil Duval so bad...?🤣
The Random Hub! (3 days ago)
First rap song i liked Back in the good ol days
James Ohara (4 days ago)
Ultimate Gold-Digga encouragement song haha love it =D Catchy A-F!
-.- TPS (4 days ago)
Ben Nguyen (4 days ago)
I'm not gay but T.I looks hella fine , does that make me gay?
Kathlyn P. (4 days ago)
Ok, but this was the first ringtone I bought (like those text to get a ringtone back in the day) 😂 man, this is still a bop tho.
LotraNY (4 days ago)
October 2018 - still going strong
Lee Luv (4 days ago)
Still! Since #ESTMMVII.
BisA Sam (4 days ago)
I can do whatever i´m White
PupinPetr (4 days ago)
Nice hd)))))
Dark Blood (5 days ago)
DominiQue White (5 days ago)
T.I. has ALWAYS been Zaddy 😘😍😁😝👌😊😋💦
DominiQue White (3 days ago)
+James Leran Earth is trolling its people stop replying or im reporting you
+DominiQue White because I can!
DominiQue White (4 days ago)
My profile pic is an old pic, and im the one on the left of the pic not right so ....
DominiQue White (4 days ago)
+James Leran Earth is trolling its people Why you even reply to my comment???
DominiQue White (4 days ago)
+James Leran Earth is trolling its people Im actually 22 LMAOOOO 😂😂😂😂
Libtard Refuter (5 days ago)
Rapper Lo IQ
Kevin Prater (5 days ago)
I’m K.Prater, an up-and-coming R&B musician. I have an R.Kelly-styled record entitled “Take The Rubber Off” that I want you to give me two minutes of your time to check out. I’m not asking you for money nor to buy my CD. I just want to be heard: https://youtu.be/5mgsYoWZJMU
Noah Anderson (5 days ago)
October 2018 lol
Flat Iron (5 days ago)
Alba (5 days ago)
Man this song makes us dream about the high life, but we broke as shit.
Anilor Zenni (5 days ago)
I love this song so sad he and Tiny divorced:/
Felicia Rozzelle (5 days ago)
That was a cute video
Isella Isella (5 days ago)
A love T.I. es muy sexy 🙊❤️😍🙈
bubu bubu (5 days ago)
The girl in this is a good actress. Ti's shit tho fact
Abdelhakim Bennouhou (5 days ago)
Who is listening to this song because of the movie nightschool 😂😂
Jr El Guero (5 days ago)
Deem I feel so old 😢
HTX Lemarc (5 days ago)
I'm here again after watching Night School lmfao
roblox 10amazingme1 (5 days ago)
I was 1 when this came out
Pretoria Rollins (5 days ago)
he is so cute and fine
Alan Liner (5 days ago)
why is he talking about patron on ice while pouring don julio?
Kid I know (5 days ago)
back when duval was in like every video lol
Kaylee Falin (5 days ago)
😍😍😍😍 this music video
kodiene Koda (5 days ago)
damn now I want a sugar daddy
roblox 10amazingme1 (5 days ago)
bounif Abdel (5 days ago)
The Zombie Warz (6 days ago)
T.I I like yur music except KANYE is right bro... Get with the TIMES. Fck the Democrat Party #Walkaway
The Zombie Warz (6 days ago)
At least T.I. is not mumble rap....
rosie 123 (5 days ago)
The Zombie Warz (6 days ago)
We LOVe Kanye. Kanye is off the Democrat Plantation. #WalkAway
T.S. J. (6 days ago)
T i changed so much from wife beater to not paying his taxes and now he can't figure out what side is on good luck.
Airton PSYCHOTROPIC (6 days ago)
Milupi Like (6 days ago)
Soon 2019
Iezul Gaming (6 days ago)
I am came here because rucka rucka ali hahaha
NELL a damm fool (6 days ago)
Tiana Magee (6 days ago)
Idc idc idc T.I can read the friggin Webster dictionary to me and I still wouldn't get tired of hearing him😍
Anthony Herrera (6 days ago)
Did anyone find that sugar Dady and having whatever you like yet? Nooo!? Realy ?lol
Cindy Mell (6 days ago)
U family awesome
Cindy Mell (6 days ago)
So special
peejhay26 (6 days ago)
2019 anyone?
peejhay26 (6 days ago)
+denise widgell its a joke dumbass! a lot of people saying 2018.
denise widgell (6 days ago)
2018 loser
Jaynelle Delgado Cruz (6 days ago)
❤️❤️this so cute
Lucas Danilo (6 days ago)
Curto muito
warren joseph (6 days ago)
And baby u can go where ever u like yeah!
Sai (6 days ago)
Caralee Rush (6 days ago)
Ya lol
John kenneth Bantug (7 days ago)
old school
STILL IN 2018??????
iffytiffyAJ catler (7 days ago)
2018 Still here.
Wendy Torres (7 days ago)
I miss u guys ... I don't know u

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