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HOME DECOR UPDATES! Bohemian Modern Farmhouse

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Today I'm doing home decor updates of my bohemian modern farmhouse lol! I will be doing updates along the way as we decorate the house with new furniture and new home decor, so this is the first of many to come. Today I am walking you through my home decor updates in the entry way, the dining room, living room, kitchen and breakfast nook. What other home decor videos do you want to see? Leave me a comment to let me know!! —————————————————————————— Let's be friends!! S U B S C R I B E: http://bit.ly/1SRduWI I N S T A G R A M: http://bit.ly/1VBHvAe —————————————————————————— OTHER HOME DECOR VIDEOS: HOUSE TOUR: https://youtu.be/cDKO3PJgQoU HOME DECOR HAUL: https://youtu.be/_gxsI2PCPN0 AMAZON HOME DECOR HAUL: https://youtu.be/yiWxwDdzIQA NEW FURNITURE: https://youtu.be/DcwC3pCvI1w HOME DECOR UPDATES: https://youtu.be/Bzx75XvjrcM —————————————————————————— MY TOP I'm WEARING: http://bit.ly/2Koyc4j HOME DECOR PRODUCTS SHOWN: ENTRY WAY: Macrame Stool http://bit.ly/2J8InNd Grey Diamond Pattern Bohemian Rug http://bit.ly/2JbgVdu Bench (from Bali) almost identical style here: http://bit.ly/2uUao2J Morrocan Wedding Pillows: http://bit.ly/2LIGHet Circular Basket Tray http://bit.ly/2QbzqXM Sheepskin rug https://bit.ly/2qbffcG White Wash Basket: http://bit.ly/2LX44Oe also love this one! http://bit.ly/2NKXOJS FORMAL DINING ROOOM: Table (from Bali), similar Styles Here (LOVE THIS ONE!) http://bit.ly/2NSs8CK another one: http://bit.ly/2LH05bY White Wishbone Chairs http://bit.ly/2NG8CtS Cream/White Sequin Moroccan Rug http://bit.ly/2JbDOOd Grey color (same rug) http://bit.ly/2L9oXFO Basket Pendant (from a store called summer house in CA) http://www.summerhouse57millvalley.com/ here are some online that I love: http://bit.ly/2NRAtGB http://bit.ly/2LVAKI3 http://bit.ly/2LVsW9a LIVING ROOM: Large Neutral Colored Rug: https://bit.ly/2AiqYyo Cream Couch (color is Opulent Snow): https://www.zgallerie.com/p-18603-ventura-extra-deep-sofa-2-pc.aspx Beige Fur Pillow (size is 24x24) http://bit.ly/2L5gMdc Crochet Blanket (50% off): http://bit.ly/2LRNob6 Coffee Table: https://bit.ly/2Onvbnb similar style here: http://bit.ly/2uSFaJ0 Large Candle: http://bit.ly/2LVfnXf Coffee table Books: http://bit.ly/2LObHdi http://bit.ly/2LJxhPK Plant Holder (nebraska furniture mart), similar http://bit.ly/2LTVFv6 http://bit.ly/2LJXduL Blue Agave Plant (local store) similar here: http://bit.ly/2LVrt2D Large Wooden Bowl by fireplace (similar) http://bit.ly/2LYfRfv Long White Curtains: https://bit.ly/2sg3Xp6 Black Curtain Rod http://bit.ly/2NRDhUi KITCHEN: Braided White Runner Rug http://bit.ly/2L2iOLk Wooden Vegetable Bowl http://bit.ly/2NEfCY5 Black Rattan Bar Stools http://bit.ly/2NQ6TkR (comes in other colors too!) Shaggy Runner: https://bit.ly/2NMo070 BREAKFAST NOOK: Black Circle Table https://bit.ly/2OmyZW0 similar: http://bit.ly/2NPAMBH Woven Leather Chairs: https://bit.ly/2ye05Gd Wooden Planter (Nebraska furniture mart) similar http://bit.ly/2LTVFv6 similar: http://bit.ly/2LJXduL Plain Cream Rug (from MUJI) similar here http://bit.ly/2LO7beR Basket Pendant (from a store called summer house in CA) http://www.summerhouse57millvalley.com/ here are some online that I love: http://bit.ly/2NRAtGB http://bit.ly/2LVAKI3 http://bit.ly/2LVsW9a —————————————————————————— 📩 biz inquiries: [email protected] —————————————————————————— Some links are affiliate.
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Text Comments (688)
Resa Shaw (16 hours ago)
I'm digging your home very natural n beau ti full, keep doing you... love it☺
Julia Havens (4 hours ago)
thank you resa!
Little Diy Corner (20 hours ago)
Love Your style , your rags and pillows are to die for...love love love
Julia Havens (4 hours ago)
ahhh thank you so much!
Mari Boo (2 days ago)
I'm obsessed with your style! It's so perfect! I love the fruit bowl. ❤
LifeofAPomer (3 days ago)
Can you do a bathroom decor video. Thanks!
Tina Harris (4 days ago)
OMG! I'm so glad I found your channel! I too like elements of farmhouse, but my style is very eclectic whether it's clothing, spirituality or home decor. I'm looking forward to seeing how you fuse the styles together.
Lleysoka Z (5 days ago)
Wow it is beautyfull! <3
TRACY Hulbert (6 days ago)
Not any color for a Bohemian kinda style
TRACY Hulbert (6 days ago)
Definitely need something large over that big entryway and deck bench
Valentine Jules (6 days ago)
Mitch G (8 days ago)
Great style & gorgeous couple!
Julia Havens (8 days ago)
Thank you Mitch. we really appreciate it!
Chris Zajac (8 days ago)
What's a good plant to have that you don't have to care to much about ? Money plant??
Julia Havens (8 days ago)
fake ones lol! jk honestly and palm type plant
Lauren Frantz-Reid (11 days ago)
I love the art in the foyer! Do you the artist name or where to get something similar?! Beautiful home. 💛
Duygu Karakaya (11 days ago)
I've watched it twice, it's perfect.
Natalia Toliver (12 days ago)
I’ve never been so obsessed with someone’s house but omg so beautiful 🙌🏻
Ruth Goddard (14 days ago)
Lovrf your style,it fits my style and not cookie cutter.you go girl
Julia Havens (13 days ago)
aww thanks so much Ruth!
I love all of the natural elements in your home. The woven items, the leather, and yes, I DO love the vintage wood items! The living room was my favorite!
Julia Havens (13 days ago)
aww thank you so much! ❤️
Evelyn Jimenez (17 days ago)
culture appropriation is real
Julia Havens (17 days ago)
Totally! Culture appreciation is a thing too, and I believe every individual has a right to appreciate and show off their own culture.
Evelyn Thayer (20 days ago)
The picture in the entry way is stunning. I know you said you got it at a local shop in Dallas. Could you share where? Thank you :)
Evelyn Thayer (20 days ago)
Thank you so much! <3 +Julia Havens
Julia Havens (20 days ago)
Yes absolutely! Hunter bought it for himself (classic) at a store in dallas called STAG. Its a mens boutique. The artist is from austin and his name is Bryan Salvi. (I believe his work is on instagram as well!)
Darling Romero (20 days ago)
Beautiful home! Love your style! But please don’t sand the table! It’s so beautiful!
Julia Havens (20 days ago)
Aww thx so much babe - yeah, We still havent! And not sure if Hunter wants to any more
Devan Hightower (23 days ago)
Came across your channel when looking for reviews for that exact couch, I’m more obsessed with it now than I was, has it held up well? The way it’s styled gave my life (esp being split in the middle) 😍
Ashley Nonii (25 days ago)
Couldn't handle the lip smacking every 2 seconds
Julia Havens (25 days ago)
Thanks for letting me know.. Sorry.
Sasha Liz (25 days ago)
Beautiful home I love it all 😍
Julia Havens (25 days ago)
Thank you so much!
Angela (26 days ago)
Did you actually move to TX from California? OMG why? I couldn't wait to leave Dallas TBH x
A C (26 days ago)
Do you wear braces? You keep sucking down on your teeth and it makes an uncomfortable sound. I apologize, but I’m sensitive to such sounds.
Julia Havens (26 days ago)
nope - i do not wear braces. just a bad habit..
I love how you blended the styles of farmhouse and bohemian together. Your home gives off such a cozy vibe, I love it 💛
Julia Havens (27 days ago)
aw thank you so much! yes its my favorite vibe :)
mclxo120 (28 days ago)
Beautiful home. It looks so warm and cozy. :)
Julia Havens (28 days ago)
thank you babe!
Hendria Markopulos (1 month ago)
Your home is spacious! I love how you used the bench from the table in the entty. You have some unique pieces.☺
fordkd1 (1 month ago)
Love it, totally different!
Reema (1 month ago)
I Love the details of the farmhouse 🌿
Adam Toner (1 month ago)
Ur eyebrows r 👌👌👌
Em M (1 month ago)
you spent $500 on a candle?!
Julia Havens (1 month ago)
nope - if you rewatch it, i tell you that I received it as a gift :)
FreecoinHunt (1 month ago)
This is good.
Linda Green (1 month ago)
Love your style... happy decorating 👍
A Work (1 month ago)
Love the style. Looks like a house for giants lol
Marissa Haven (1 month ago)
Love your home and decor definitely got me inspired to re do my house lol. Btw my last name is Haven so love your last name ❤️
Lisa Ardu (1 month ago)
Ciao questa casa è bellissimaaaaaaa❤💞💕❤💞💕
Melina Santos (1 month ago)
I love your home decor I wish I had your eye in decorating my home. I need some serious help but I'm obsessed with all of your home decor videos!!
Karen Yvette Murillo (1 month ago)
First timer on your channel! I loved this video, definitely gave me some inspiration since we just got a new home ourselves! My style to a T! What part of Texas do you live in?? I live in Texas too!!! 😭 New Subbie here 🥰
Julia Havens (1 month ago)
Hey Karen - Welcome to the channel and our lives! We are in the Frisco/Plano/McKinney area in a small town called Prosper. Thanks for watching babe ❤️
Стася Чайка (1 month ago)
Hight quality! Like museum or TV place ❤
Tanya Koliada (1 month ago)
Cannot get over how cute you are!💕 so happy I found you :-)
veverly sumlin (1 month ago)
Soooii beautiful in my head your my sipping wine friend cause our style is completely the same
Julia Havens (1 month ago)
omg yes i love this! we totally would be :)
Canal Lar da Mari (1 month ago)
Cozinha linda
Adaiane Barros (1 month ago)
Jadine Rafi (1 month ago)
LOL the way the fruit was placed 😂 love the house tho
Ronald Alba (1 month ago)
Love it
Why (1 month ago)
I love, love, love the bench in your entrance way. What a beautiful piece.
Michelle Angela (1 month ago)
absolutely love your home and style! I also love how you find such beautiful pieces for affordable prices. so inspired :)
rajesh kumar (1 month ago)
jbug watson (1 month ago)
Love it my only tip is to DD more green in ur house as an accent beach forest feel and checkout woven grass plant holders even laundry hampers work awesome for more texture..and a cool mirror huge one by ur table with pho greens in the center thingy with twinkle lights lololol ..
Aisha Hamza (1 month ago)
Memelovespeace (1 month ago)
Who is your home builder?
Memelovespeace (1 month ago)
Julia Havens thank you!! I live in Dallas too and just curious😊
yusif şəkərəliyev (1 month ago)
+Julia Havens 😁😁😁💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💛💜💜💔💔💔😉😀😊
yusif şəkərəliyev (1 month ago)
ERaagĺ rayusalannaha
yusif şəkərəliyev (1 month ago)
+Julia Havens 💜💛😭😁💜💛💛💜💜💗💚😁😁😀
yusif şəkərəliyev (1 month ago)
+Julia Havens salam
Tiara Michelle (1 month ago)
Tiara Michelle (1 month ago)
hey i am a new you youtuber and i would love the support of a sub and i will subscribe back :)
ইংলিশ নেকেট
All System (1 month ago)
مجد النعيمي (1 month ago)
mysingalongsong (1 month ago)
What is the paint color on the walls?
mysingalongsong (15 days ago)
+Julia Havens Cool! Thanks for getting back to me.
Julia Havens (15 days ago)
Hey, sorry! alot of people have been asking for the interior paint color and Hunter just found it. Its called 'Early Evening' by PPG.
mysingalongsong (1 month ago)
? is it bm revere pewter?
Mama Hessa (1 month ago)
ل ط و ً -و وش تغر
Met. Get (1 month ago)
With my best wishes Happy new year
Julia Havens (1 month ago)
Thank you thank you xxo
얼음TV (1 month ago)
Met. Get (1 month ago)
Modern decor is good
Julia Havens (1 month ago)
thank you!
Met. Get (1 month ago)
Home decor is good home decor is modern
Julia Havens (1 month ago)
Thank you!
Tammara Shaw (1 month ago)
Beautiful,I absolutely love everyone of your tables. ..
Julia Havens (1 month ago)
Aww thank you so much Tammara! ❤️
Eva Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Les_lee 2013 (1 month ago)
That bench...😍
I'm Isamely (1 month ago)
beautiful you
Roman Haller (1 month ago)
We Also ja oder nein
Roman Haller (1 month ago)
Würde mich freuen wenn wir uns treffen könnten und Spaß haben wenn du Lust hast heute Abend
Alison Lam (1 month ago)
The pendant lights in Wicker are my fave
Razzaq Soomaro (1 month ago)
Alison Lam xxx
Razzaq Soomaro (1 month ago)
Alison Lam sex
Julia Havens (1 month ago)
we lovve them so much!!
vivi iomika (1 month ago)
Julia Havens (1 month ago)
Katherine Velasquez (1 month ago)
Whats the measure of the rug you have on your dinning area? It’s stunning
SAH LIFE (1 month ago)
Love the living room!! Love your Style. Bravo. ✔👍👍👏🙌🙌🙌
Julia Havens (1 month ago)
thank you babe!
Jason Yang (1 month ago)
U have good taste and style. And on a budget too
Julia Havens (1 month ago)
Thanks babe!
I'm Isamely (1 month ago)
+Julia Havens I love you much
Julia Havens (1 month ago)
Thank you Jason!
THE BLV (1 month ago)
This reminds me of my aunts house...just your hoUSE is a little more BAM
Caitlin Holdcroft (1 month ago)
Where is the footstool from at the front door? :) I was so bummed to see that the very first item wasn’t mentioned hahahaha. If anyone knows, please help a gal out!
Julia Havens (1 month ago)
girl - absolutely! thanks for pointing it out and letting me know the link was missing! Please dont ever be afraid to ask us! Thanks for watching Caitlin! ❤️
Caitlin Holdcroft (1 month ago)
Julia Havens 1. You’re so nice 2. I wasn’t expecting a reply so I appreciate this! 3. THANK YOU
Julia Havens (1 month ago)
Hey babe, sorry about that. I just added the link as the first item in the description box titled 'Macrame Stool'.
omg love everything awesomeness
Julia Havens (1 month ago)
aww thank you so much!
Paisha Sjoquist (1 month ago)
You home is so beautiful as well as you are! I’m in love with your videos! ❤️💕 Your such a inspiration!!
Paisha Sjoquist (1 month ago)
Marlow Chavez really 🙄
Marlow Chavez (1 month ago)
Micah Lehman (1 month ago)
Did anyone else notice the fruit being placed in a... um... position that resembles a ... weiner . Lol at 11:35 I think hahahahaha
Bianca Millar (1 month ago)
Are you aware the painting in your entry way is Sitting Bull....& do you know who Sitting Bull is? 😬
Bianca Millar (1 month ago)
Julia Havens thank goodness! You have no idea how much of this kind of stuff I see but the person not actually knowing a single thing about my people, or that the artwork in their home or the t shirt they’re wearing is actually a Chief or in a sense hero to my people! So thank you for being truly aware and also educated about my people!💕 Summer Moon is a fantastic book! My grandma bought it for me a few months ago and as soon as I started reading I couldn’t put it down 😩
Julia Havens (1 month ago)
Yes ma'am - we love Sitting Bull...Sioux Chief. We also really want Quanah Parker. really great book about him if you are interested. It's called Empire of the Summer Moon. About the Comanches.
Patricia Amador (2 months ago)
Don’t sand the table! It’s gorgeous as it is. Great house design. Hello from Canada.
Nicky creary-mullings (2 months ago)
Decor is really nice
stb22 (2 months ago)
ugh love this decor so much!
msdangerqueen (2 months ago)
Hunter is cuuuute! just wondering, what do you guys do for a living? I love your style but everything seems kind of expensive lol
weisabunny (2 months ago)
Julia!!! I just found you yesterday and LOVE you videos!!!! I *WANT* that Ikea mirror!!!! I mean... I have a long list of wants now seeing your house! It's so bright, light and clean. The couch is DREAMY!!!! AND it's on sale!!! (A girl can dream).  Is this the Ikea mirror in your entry way? https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50038213/ And by the way, I'm not on social media much... but I'm SO SHOCKED anyone would stop and take the time to write something negative!!!!! WHYYYYY!??!?!?!? Just keep scrolling. Sad. So sad.  And don't you listen girl!!!!!! I LITERALLY didn't notice ONE tooth sucking (whatever that is) or "umm".  You do you boo!!!! Cuz I luv ya and appreciate you sharing your home and life with us! xx
Joashley Tinoco (2 months ago)
Your home and style is SOOO beautiful. I’m obsessed 😍. Totally my style as well 🖤
Julia Havens (2 months ago)
Aw thank you so much! 💘💘
Laura V. (2 months ago)
Hey Julia! Love your videos! So glad I found y’all! Anyway, I’ve been binge watching your videos LOL and I am from the Dallas area and I was wondering where you got your blue agave plant and maybe I can find it since I’m in the area. I’ve looked other places but none look as good as yours😊
Laura V. (2 months ago)
Julia Havens Thank you so much!!! And thanks for replying so fast!❤️
Julia Havens (2 months ago)
Hey hun! Thanks so much. It’s from the Frisco mercantile :)
Julia Havens (2 months ago)
Hey hun! Thanks so much. It’s from the Frisco mercantile :)
Taylor (2 months ago)
hey girlyyy i’m thinking about making a youtube but i wanted to talk to some smaller youtubers about what they do. if you would love to talk pls let me know. thanks so much !! ❤️
Tinker Bell (2 months ago)
Loved this beautiful 😍😍
Razzaq Soomaro (1 month ago)
Tinker Bell sx xoxo love the
HouseOfPenn (2 months ago)
I love your channel. Check out our store on facebook @farmhousestory and on instagram @farmhousestoryfhs, we specialise in farmhouse decor.
Gris G (2 months ago)
I love love love your whole house decor!!!! Your style is beautiful. 🖤🖤🖤 By the way if you don’t mind my asking what size is your entry way rig size?
Kristina Ashmore (2 months ago)
Let me just say I watched this and felt like finally someone decorates like I imagine in my design dreams! (I live in Alaska so trends and style sometimes takes awhile to start popping up here) Secondly this is the first time I showed my husband home decor and not only did he get what the bigger picture was but we vibes on decorating our home. It seriously filled my heart with so much joy!! You nailed it! 💕
K D (2 months ago)
i love your style. beautiful house
Mia Sabatino (2 months ago)
no hate, but her eyebrows are bothering me
Andrea Tovar (2 months ago)
How is it possible to be so pretty?💘
Wallace Dennis (2 months ago)
Pretty home! You must be hard workers to have such a beautiful home at such a young age! You look like Mariah Carey alittle :) thanks for sharing your home!
Julia Havens (2 months ago)
Thank you Wallace! Yes - a lot of hard work for the both of us but we enjoy what we do!
Beatriz Olascoaga (2 months ago)
You had me at "modern farmhouse bohemian" that's exactly how I describe my home decor style!! Lol.
Julia Havens (2 months ago)
haha yayy! Glad you have a similar taste! Hope this video was helpful!
Britany Fernandez (2 months ago)
Bohemian modern farmhouse is so ME TOO!!! Love the long bench at the entry, not too much the accessories, and your kitchen table is so adorable too! Love the combo of being and chairs.
Julia Havens (2 months ago)
thank yu so much Britany! so sweet xx
Sheila F (2 months ago)
your house is beautiful! youve got great taste !! 😉 haha my immature self had to chuckle at the orange and potato placement ..
Julia Havens (2 months ago)
aw thank you so much! haha Hunter thought it was funny! lol
anzz anzz (2 months ago)
Hi.. Are thise couch covers washable n do we get exta covers for the couch, just in case to change for wash?
Julia Havens (2 months ago)
they are washable yes - but they actually stay pretty clean. We have a dog and we've never had to wash them because we just vacuum them often to keep them clean. You do not need extras!
Lynn Staton (2 months ago)
I love love love your style. The pieces are just so on point.
Julia Havens (2 months ago)
really sweet Lynn! Thank you! ❤️
gerafina li (2 months ago)
My ideal house!
Julia Havens (2 months ago)
thank you so much!
Gamze (2 months ago)
Hello, thanks for the video! Great taste! The link for woven chairs in breakfast nook is not working. I would appreciate if you check and provide a working link.
Gamze (2 months ago)
Julia Havens you are awesome! Thanks so much!!!
Julia Havens (2 months ago)
Ahh Thats so frustrating! They must be sold out! Heres one very similar that we have also purchased! https://bit.ly/2ye05Gd

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