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Alexander McQueen Spring 2001 "VOSS"

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Perhaps Lee McQueen's greatest accomplishment as a showman; Equally elegant and terrifying.
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Alejandro Morales (1 month ago)
aTeólogo De Virtud (1 month ago)
Watch with the sound off. Trust, much more powerful
Christian Bravo Rojas (2 months ago)
clau lun (2 months ago)
Ibis Occult (2 months ago)
GodBlessAmerica 2018 (2 months ago)
Unwereable clothes you can only wear during Halloween. No wonder he used these weird pretentious shows, supposedly artistic, to shift attention from his bizarre clothes
Island Dizzy (1 month ago)
Not all fashions are intended to be marketable. You have no respect for art.
GodBlessAmerica 2018 (1 month ago)
+aTeólogo De Virtud Yup, weird ass shows to shift attention from the fact that clithes were totally unwerable and bizarre. They cannot be worn in part of the universe. mcqueer was a showman, not a designer. 18 years in the fashion industry and he could not create any style. He was dated, just made fashion. Fashion goes, style remains and mcqueer had no style at all. Only fashion newbies get fool by his avant bullshit shock value crap that he put on stage
aTeólogo De Virtud (1 month ago)
Shows about clothes that shift attention from the clothes? Lmao
Carlo Mendoza (2 months ago)
Lmao all of the stuff was wearable. Take away all the additives and you have a pretty wearable outfit. And this show basically started the low-waist trend which proves that there was something wearable in this show.
Vivian Darkbloom (2 months ago)
GodBlessAmerica 2018 honestly which of these clothes did you find unwearable? I don’t mean this in a condescending way i just personally feel that most, if not all, were completely wearable. If you took away the gauze and props he used you would have a normal outfit, so I’m curious
frannyyes (3 months ago)
Azelia banks getting that promo
Ross Satterfield (3 months ago)
frannyyes actually she sampled it from an artist called MJ Cole. The song is called “Bandelero Desperado”
Kerrin Osborne (3 months ago)
Listen Music (3 months ago)
Nicki Lovegood (3 months ago)
Consrignrant Ok, I was mistaken, who cares? I wanted to defend McQueen, maybe in the wrong way. Still, I think everyone has their own spark of genius. End of story
Consrignrant (3 months ago)
+nicki lovegood.......Actually, "genius", that quote cannot be attributed to Albert Einstein. He did not say that. Furthermore, you've misquoted the actual quote you're referring to and it means something entirely different. Nice try. 🙄
Nicki Lovegood (3 months ago)
Consrignrant Einstein said that everyone is a genius in their own way 🙄
Consrignrant (3 months ago)
No, Albert Einstein was a genius. McQueen was a clothing designer.
Yunlong Zhang (3 months ago)
this is gold
Yunlong Zhang (3 months ago)
neeeeed 1080p!!!!
Boaz Johnson (5 months ago)
Wonder what the woman in the box was thinking that whole time...
Ross Satterfield (5 months ago)
Boaz Johnson she talks about it in this interview. Very interesting story! https://youtu.be/FsWLcbk0nls
Lidia Peralta (6 months ago)
Jamie Ramirez (6 months ago)
This is quality!! I dream of one day owning an HD box set of every show, Thank you 🌹🌹🌹
sensencubi555 (6 months ago)
pyrotechnic5254 (6 months ago)
Well that was stupid.
David Loaeza (11 days ago)
9:43 the music here gives me such an intensively penetrating orgasm, McQueen is a genius.
David Loaeza (11 days ago)
GodBlessAmerica 2018 first off, Gianni Versace never had the amount of talent like McQueen. Gianni is very Bourque prints, leather, gold jewelry, twirling models. McQueen is out of this world creativity, sadistic, phycoligically twisted clothes. Corsets, fabrications, models. He always had a theme and an outrageous theme. His clothes was more than just fabrics, it was art. Gianni is an amazing designer, just not as talented or above McQueen
Paneristi (30 days ago)
GodBlessAmerica 2018 that's bollocks!
Wee Wee (2 months ago)
GodBlessAmerica 2018 McQueen invented a silhouette with the bumsters, something Versace never did.
GodBlessAmerica 2018 (2 months ago)
David Loaeza genius why? Was he the composer of that music that gave you an orgasm?! Lol. Thank God that shock value is dead. Good only to put satanic rituals on stage just to shift attention from his unwereable bizarre clothes . A genius designer is someone who does things no other designer has done before. Whatever Mcqueen did, Gianni Versace had done it before him. It was Gianni Versace who revolutionarized fashion industry forever and turned it into the pop phenomenon that it is today. He changed the game for all the designers who came after him. He brought attention to fashion and to designers and the shock value Mcqueen benefited from this as so did others but never gave credit to Versace. Versace invented his own fabrics like the metal mesh dresses that are a timeless red carpet dress, his own unique prints, and masterfully combined them with baroque, pop-rock, hiphop, greek-roman mythology creating a unique distinguished fashion style that is recognizable from the rest of the brands even when it doesnt have the name of Gianni Versace on What fabrics did Mcqueen invent on his own? He was good only to put shows on stage and making bizarre unwereable clothes thats it.
Jack Kerouac (7 months ago)
That is some freaky shit
Carlo Mendoza (2 months ago)
Jack Kerouac Amazing freaky shit.
Fernando Gantier (8 months ago)
A freaking artistic genius!!!
bob Marshal (9 months ago)
Why are their heads wrapped in gauze?
Paneristi (30 days ago)
bob Marshal Bedlum
Christina Thomas (5 months ago)
Because fashion.
David Loaeza (4 months ago)
bob Marshal the theme is suppose to be a mental institution/hospitals. The box is a psych ward.
Lisa Wang (8 months ago)
bob Marshal it's mcqueen lol. His women are broken and tortured. Probably something to do with pain and loss
jose miguel mesa lujan (9 months ago)
Does anyone have the name of the music from this show?
James Bromfield (4 months ago)
jose miguel mesa lujan MJCole
Post more plsss!
Va Ko (10 months ago)
I loaned the VHS (which I bought in NYC back in 2001) of this to a coworker who never gave it back to me. That was back in 2007. This has redeemed that shitty move! Thank you.
Cheeky Ejdam (10 months ago)
These cuts look so modern, hard to believe this is from 2001
Cálin Sorrise (1 day ago)
i guess it was edited in the 2000 , by the way this video is a piece of modern art, the clothes which are couture are pure art , but this video also takes lots of time to edit and for that time only professional people could do that, now you can make beautiful videos with your phone, edit and published, using only one device . crazy only 17 years of difference
greekgodlamb (4 months ago)
Cheeky Ejdam I guess they won't ever look outdated because his art is his own. He looked at the timeless beauty of things and he never gave a shit about fads..
Super mario (10 months ago)
words cant describe this collection
Va Ko (10 months ago)
ivesvari (10 months ago)
24K Gold
marom27 (11 months ago)
true not hide but why he?
john shelby (1 year ago)
1:53 3:38 5:25 7:10 11:00 11:30 12:10
Lizzie Renata (1 year ago)
Is this the original soundtrack?
Clifton Adams (1 year ago)
Brock Langel (1 year ago)
This is amazing!! Thank you so much for actually posting a good video of VOSS
Ross Satterfield (1 year ago)
Brock Langel it's such an important piece of fashion history and performance art, it should be seen as close to as how lee presented it as possible
Clifton Adams (1 year ago)
Do you have anymore of his shows?
Clifton Adams (1 year ago)
some doesnt have the original music like this one
Ross Satterfield (1 year ago)
Clifton Adams the other ones are pretty much all on YouTube already.

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