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spending $1000 to be an instagram baddie | transformation challenge

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follow my instagram @maiphammy previous glow up videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRSyNeEK1mc&t=786s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awsGpwb3nSw&t=789s Haley Pham’s video: https://youtu.be/8tkfbUdNOCk ❀FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: ⇢ Q: How old are you? A: 16 ⇢ Q: Where do you live? Edmonton, AB, Canada ⇢ Q: What camera do you use? A: Canon G7X Mark ii ⇢ Q: What editing software do you use? A: Final Cut Pro ⇢ Q: What is your ethnicity? A: Vietnamese 》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》 SOCIAL MEDIA ⇢ Twitter: @maiphammy ⇢ Instagram: @maiphammy ⇢ Spam Instagram: @maispammy ⇢ Snapchat: MaiPhammy ⇢ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/maiphammy ⇢ VSCO: maiphammy ⇢ Business email: [email protected]
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Text Comments (5692)
maiphammy (7 days ago)
just uploaded another transformation video check it out!!
Jessica Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Carhartt is for work, like construction, farming, like shit that real man do.
Jessica Rodriguez (1 day ago)
First off not all redneckes drink, and we do NOT dress like that, literally that’s insulting and y’all city people don’t know shit about us. I’m talking to the guy she was with, i like her she’s pretty cool.
Chigozirim ᴖᴥᴖ (3 days ago)
Dam girl how many transformations do you need??
Lydie Bala (4 days ago)
maiphammy your beautiful the way you are
Ramsey Buffenbarger (4 days ago)
what eyebrow tint did you use?
Nana Talens (1 minute ago)
new subscriber 😘
Fredd. ddd (1 minute ago)
I subscribed❤
Blake Keefer (29 minutes ago)
What did you use to tint ur eyebrows???
saray ve (1 hour ago)
if you continue plugging your eyebrows like this you probably won’t have any left at the end of the year
Tamiya Johnson (1 hour ago)
You should've showed what the pictures looked like at the end
Tamiya Johnson (1 hour ago)
I'm a new subscriber and I gotta say, your pretty cool and funny.
Toast (1 hour ago)
Why did she drag Doc Martens like that😣 They have been around for an awful lot longer than any 'instagram baddies'... They were founded in 1947 and the yellow stitching is ICONIC😭😭
Laura Corrado (1 hour ago)
can you ummm... link your friend's social media
Nerea Pacheco (2 hours ago)
wtf the lashes in the shower lolololol
Bre Kkklaa (2 hours ago)
Selena Caywood (2 hours ago)
I subscribed bb
Sweetsofia 18 (2 hours ago)
12:34 I thought that was an egg
Tiana McDaniels (2 hours ago)
She said Nirvana like "near vana" and I cringed
Aliaa Kasim (3 hours ago)
First time watching u and I already love uuuuu
Scuba Hippie (3 hours ago)
Did she seriously call them "NEARvana"??? 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️
Jasmine Viramontes (3 hours ago)
What do you use to tint your brows??
Miriama Matthews (4 hours ago)
What was the eyebrow tint stuff you used?
Phoebe Francis (4 hours ago)
She is mad and I like it . She's like me 🤣
Brandi Denman (5 hours ago)
Just stumbled across your video today and I think you're pretty cool! Imma subscribe, girl!
Ikira (5 hours ago)
16 years old and tattoos. ok
Ikira (5 hours ago)
she is fcking 16
Emily Foster (7 hours ago)
ok whoever that boy is, I've been blessed fm
Stop youre too pretty
Abosede Oyediran (7 hours ago)
You’re like a total vibe
shinel bell (7 hours ago)
I want that coat!!!!
Rossella sparkly (8 hours ago)
You should have done red or pinky toned eyeshadow
Zinnia Marak (8 hours ago)
Wow this was amazing and I love it❤️
Nima Nazer (9 hours ago)
Kia Victoria (9 hours ago)
This was so good 😭
Damilola Oladosu (9 hours ago)
Lol you said I days and I was like wait is this girl from Edmonton???? Lol turns out you are
aisukali orono orono (11 hours ago)
Its my first time watching one of your videos! but i was so thrilled to find out your also from edmonton!❤️
Nikoleta Kallipoliti (11 hours ago)
those eyelashes are too long
Nikoleta Kallipoliti (11 hours ago)
lol your friend is cute😂🤗
Zar Wallflower (11 hours ago)
At first I was confused about this video but then i listened to "without me-Halsey" in your shower and i love you now 😘
Jess Tayla (13 hours ago)
subscribed and followed ur insta! literally my fave video ive seen recently
Roxy Roo Pupper (13 hours ago)
Hi! Just watched you for the first time. New subscriber right here.
Miz1hatter (13 hours ago)
Yo what the heck! You live in Edmonton!!! littt
Pangiee Yang (14 hours ago)
I just looked up your IG account and girl... you were already and insta baddie. LOL
Alanna Adams (14 hours ago)
I like the septum ring
Jaimes Bishop (15 hours ago)
ive only gotten about 2 likes when i had instagram
The100ark (15 hours ago)
Girllll you live in Eddie??? Me tooooo :D
Missy Reyes (16 hours ago)
Omg I feel like I’m watching my DAUGHTER. Oh yeah, I subscribed.
Mythicalphan Stylinson (16 hours ago)
Only here cause youtube wont stop recommending this to me
The Doll House (16 hours ago)
lolllll girl. your personality. <3 new subscriber. xo
Kyana Joy (16 hours ago)
That moment when one of your favorite youtubers lives in the same city as you
Dawn Rose (16 hours ago)
Omg weird that I listen to without me by hasley in the shower too!!
Rene Aguiniga (16 hours ago)
Wowow 😂
Ashley Fuchs (17 hours ago)
omg i just found your channel and i STAN sis !!!!! just subbed :')
Daisy Martinez (17 hours ago)
Alexis Paytyn (18 hours ago)
Girl I'm from lacombe ab You live so close
Pluto Yung (18 hours ago)
just subscribed from watching this! you're fcking hilarious girrrl. i'd totally rock all those looks too ahah <3
Tiffany Senpai (18 hours ago)
"How am I gonna f***ing wipe my ass? Idk." 😂😂😂
myasia johnson (19 hours ago)
You looked cute before tbh new subscriber tho
Alex Johnston (19 hours ago)
If she would’ve used 40-50 developer then it would’ve came out that orange. She didn’t do that good of a job anyways
Alex Johnston (20 hours ago)
I’m a punk.... why am I here?
Nathalee Marcos (20 hours ago)
New subscriber and Instagram follower! You’re a whole mood! The pictures came out amazing, love your personality 💛💛
Princess Hernandez (20 hours ago)
New subscriber! Love your energy, you’re like a whole mood.
Anabell Soriano (21 hours ago)
Yassssss Forever 21!! Yeshhh
Coot Newt (22 hours ago)
Who knew skipping the ad doesnt give them as much money lol
Hey Itz Vaeh (22 hours ago)
I want to try this so much but I’m so scared to post a lot on my YouTube
Lex Gonzalez (22 hours ago)
where did you get that baby necklace from 😍😍
afeisha leshmore (23 hours ago)
Enjoyed every bit. Your hilarious.
Sierra Storm (23 hours ago)
“Near-vawna” 😂
Rock Flipper (23 hours ago)
heyy loved this, thanks! I just randomly found this, too. lol i just subscribed.
Mar Nogueira (23 hours ago)
Kooked Buns (23 hours ago)
How come I have never seen you before??? Subscribed
Katherine (23 hours ago)
Why does every youtuber edit the same way now? with all the zoom-ins...
Loyyaalty X (1 day ago)
I love this video so much❤️😍 i didnt even have to skip thru ✨💋
Perri Senpai (1 day ago)
George wendt (1 day ago)
Not going to lie id fuck you now for sure look hot as fuck.
Zweetbaby29 (1 day ago)
First video and i just subscribed! 😊🤗 Love your personality.. So fun to watch!
Leigh Averill (1 day ago)
and that's the tea ahahah
TheSims4 (1 day ago)
you is so pretty
Raven Astrum (1 day ago)
I enjoyed the video. Bringing humor to unrealistic expectations .keep it up <3 totally worth subscribing to
Ms.Jazzy Jay (1 day ago)
Just subscribed 😁
Alison E. (1 day ago)
i subbed RIGHT AWAY!! ilyyy♡
Vika Aries (1 day ago)
Finally, it turned out to be one looong advertising of her Instagram😂
Cassidy Pitts (1 day ago)
Anyone else get just a tiny bit offended by the doc martens diss? Cause they’re my favorite pair of shoes I own....
Emily Morris (1 day ago)
this is the first video i watched of you and i absolutely love it !!
Saxophone Chihuahua (1 day ago)
Daniela Lopez (1 day ago)
I like the pink shoes in back
Kuba Józefczuk (1 day ago)
Taylah Ruge (1 day ago)
I can't find your instagram. 😭
Doris E (1 day ago)
Nails that long are so disgusting, when I do mine I do them way shorter and cuter. Not hate against you though, you did it for the video
Theresa Broad (1 day ago)
"How am I gonna wipe my ass?" Bahahahaa!
carlyforniakid (1 day ago)
I feel like shes wanted to do these things for a while loll
Todoroki Shoto (1 day ago)
HnHHHHHhhHHhhhhhhhhhhhlhlgmll.l..qcfr4gccrdeffffffhghghgtytfytttft I watched this with my cat and she wrote this comment :)
Brianknight paul (1 day ago)
Your editing looks EXACTLY like Antonio Garza
Ruthie CRUZ (1 day ago)
What did you use for your eyebrows??
Nafeesa Mf (1 day ago)
I honestly love the results of her hair eventhough the hairstylist blablabla. I still love ur grey hair tho. So pretty and smooth like a snake
「Reminiscent 」 (1 day ago)
"I've spent so much unnecessary money for this video, you guys better not skip the ad" *looks at my adblock in the top right*
Valerie Escobar (1 day ago)
wat is the elf pencil called?
nilla (1 day ago)
recommended to me from an ariana grande vid tf
sæM iEE (1 day ago)
Wht product you used for eyebrows?
Halsey in the bathroom
Cris .ox_ (1 day ago)
first time watching your vids and your personality is everything loll
Ornella Uchiha (1 day ago)
y’all can’t be serious, she’s 16 ? she looks older than me
It's a mystery (1 day ago)
I didn’t know you were in Edmonton! Crazy
Jessica andalon (1 day ago)
got turned off at the guy disrespecting doc martin smh wow

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