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Akiba's Trip Review - The Gaming Shelf

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Stripping vampires and exploring Tokyo's Akihabara district. What could go wrong!? A review copy of this game was provided by the publisher on PS3 for review purposes. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TaylorsShelf
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Ruben Gaytan (1 month ago)
Bought this game on the Vita a couple days ago. Absolutely loving it 💯
Phil Nolan (8 months ago)
I was in Akihabara (and more of Japan of course) last year and I do recognize a lot of places I saw in this video. BTW, the game is $15 on Steam right now.
Anarchy Empire (1 year ago)
vintagevideogamegeek (1 year ago)
WTF is this game?
The Great MalJabroni (1 year ago)
vintagevideogamegeek a game that is surprisingly awesome
SuperVegeta25Returns (1 year ago)
rated S for silly
Darkclaw's Domain (1 year ago)
Love this game, but I was a little disappointed with the length. It only took me about 8 hours to beat, and it left me wanting so much more in terms of the character development, but despite that, I had a lot of fun with this game, and will most likely do a second playthrough of it.
Michael Bootes (1 year ago)
depending on how much each girl likes you each different girl has a very different second half so you have to play it through that many times. fortunately after your second playthrough you can see which answers each girl likes so you don't need to agonize over decision making and fast forward all the convo's(I don't I love the chatter every time)
Shortbread Head (2 years ago)
oh fantastic, just what I always dreamed of, a fucking review that doesn't give a single spoiler alert, thank you soooo much for telling me the whole game. Some of us (maybe very few but still) do actually try to avoid spoilers even years after a game has been released. I could do similar and ruin things you may want to experience yourself but nah... I'm not a dick and wouldn't want to ruin things for anyone else. It's called being considerate, look it up
Shmoopy Tron (2 years ago)
:| y da dis exsit
Jimmy a Geek (2 years ago)
Is The Game Open World Like GTA and Can I Drive ?
Christopher Lapensee (1 year ago)
The open world feels more like Persona or Yakuza than GTA.
Michael Bootes (1 year ago)
no foot traffic only but you can fight the cops
Matthew Fell (2 years ago)
I love this game. I think story really good. The guy doing review of the game, got to reales, sorry bad spelling, that Japanese got to have funny stuff in it, and odd stuff, or otherwise it be broaing with no funny and odd stuff. I rate it maybe 9/10 or 10/10, but I don't know.
Boozey Heals (3 years ago)
I like they made version for steam plus also like the unlocks you get for finishing story mode
shadonic565 (3 years ago)
I bought this a few days ago not expecting anything special but holy shit is this game incredible. I mean yeah. I got frustrated cuz I decided to go pro with gamer difficulty but after upgrading my sword and business suite (gotta kick vampire ass in style I always say) it got easier and I love all the quips and meaningful back story. it's such a dumb and quirky idea that it actually works! this game is probably the best non serious anime game I've played that isn't based on an actual anime. not to mention I got excited cuz I was able to actually see the Sega of Japan building (I'm a big sonic fan).
Zeke Thompson (3 years ago)
This game also caught my interest. I would get it if it was cheap on the PSN store.
toongrowner1 (3 years ago)
mmmh... I admit, I'm curious, but still have 2 questions: 1) Is the loading time somewhat shorter in the ps4 version? 2) Does the game include some boss fights? Is okay if they are pretty easy, but some boss fights would be nice.
Wyrdwad (1 year ago)
Yes and yes!
ProAJGamer (3 years ago)
I got the Vita version a few days ago. I am loving it!!!
Zin Htet Maung (3 years ago)
Thanks for making this review! Helped me decide on my purchase!
SparkSkel (3 years ago)
Dont say "Manga" if you cannot pronounce it.
Lαcκ σf Afrσ? (3 years ago)
Lol Gtfoh pansy
Tarks Gauntlet (3 years ago)
Cool review man. I took a shot at reviewing this as well on my channel, but I like your production style more. I'm still pretty new at this whole thing, but seeing how other people done reviews of the same stuff I done gives me ideas on how to improve. Keep up the good work.
NemuriNekoChan (3 years ago)
Kati Räikkönen? What the fuck, there are Finnish characters in this game? My national inferiority complex calls to me, and if I wasn't sold before, I am now. *BUYS* Easy money, I guess.
Harry Tran (3 years ago)
nope I have the PS 4 version it's the same as the PS 3 and the  PS Vita
dayum, i almost want to buy a Playstation for this
Nomado (3 years ago)
Subscribed :) You seem to review niche games and that was exactly what i was looking for.
Taylor Masters (4 years ago)
Though i'm not yet finished watching this video, what's the extent of the customization? If I wanted to play as a blue haired girl, could I do that? Or do I have to be this brunette boy?
this game reminded me a lot about the Yakuza (Ryuu no Gotoku) games. I love it!
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
Super fun :)
Haley J. (4 years ago)
the thought of being in Japan again makes my knickers wet. guess this game will have to do for now :P
Ghost F (4 years ago)
I bought this game for the PS4 and I like it a lot. The game knows what it is and it doesn't take itself too seriously, as ridiculous as the main story was I personally liked it and I enjoyed the dialog between characters. The game is just silly and to me personally its an aspect I love about it. I've never been to Japan but that's pretty cool that it is a somewhat accurate representation of the actual district.
Ghost F (4 years ago)
for a Japanese game I'd say the graphics are pretty good since these games usually don't have the most stellar graphics, but the actual anime art style itself for the VN aspect of the game looks great imo.
Geralt of Riverwood (4 years ago)
I only wish the graphics could be a bit better. I ain't care much about graphics in general, been having fun with this weird game for a few hours, but the graphics are just way too horrible.. 
st fu (4 years ago)
instant buy cause it has the monogatari series character design on the portraits.
Victor Oliveira (4 years ago)
Wow this looks exact, what a great rendering, great review.
Victor Oliveira (4 years ago)
I just picked this game up today can't wait to play.......or better yet visit Japan from my couch
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
Thanks! Yeah it's pretty incredible how closely they matched it with the real city
Pornhub Intros (4 years ago)
I just cant get over the fact that a semi-major character has a finnish name... Its a good day to be a finn. Torilla tavataan!
Alejandro Guzman (4 years ago)
was there a physical release in NA?
Alejandro Guzman (4 years ago)
+TheGamingShelf Thanks!
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
As far as I know, yes. You can order from Amazon at the very least. 
crazyinsane500 (4 years ago)
Akiba's Trip AKA Why would you choose anything but the third option?
Potatosaremyfriends1 (4 years ago)
Vita developers are so generous their review copies. Its like they actually care about the gamers! :p
ShadowoftheMask (4 years ago)
"Kati Räikkönen" BOO, that voice actor doesn't even attempt a finnish accent :P Needs more monotone
CliffFitter89 (4 years ago)
you kinda remind me of Saul Goodman
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
Thanks? :D
Kirbymeister2 (4 years ago)
Love the PSVita version of the game ever since release. Wasn't too assure I was going to get this but this was a huge surprise! 
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
Glad you enjoyed it!
Naterkix S (4 years ago)
I decided to pick this up after hearing the recreation of Akihabara was pretty accurate. I was a bit leery about the clothes stripping fighting mechanic but it makes sense to the story and isn't pervy like it sounds (mostly anyway). You didn't mention it but I liked the different accessories that change your characters walking and fighting animations. My favorites are the one that makes your entire animation set the same as the main character's little sister.
PollyGlodd (4 years ago)
It kinda feels like a mix between Yakuza and Persona to me (except clothing ripping).
Levantez (4 years ago)
I've played both this and the Sequels. Story-wise, the 1st one was more of a masterpiece.
lococrash (4 years ago)
i like how they adapted or entirely wrote new dialoges to make jokes or references like the wit "WOLVERINES" and another one is "im okay-naw-ah" can't remeber the frace but it was something like that and the litle sister with bro nicknames was funny too buut u cried at the lack of BRAH!
Kirbymeister2 (4 years ago)
Bandersnatch187 (4 years ago)
What part of Korea did you live in? Were you an English teacher? I did that 2011-2012, living in Incheon.
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
Oh cool! I was there from '09-'10 as an English teacher in Busan. Best year of my life.
Noah Isaac (4 years ago)
I have the Vita version and I absolutely love it only on my second playthrough, and the arguments on "Pitter" remind me of the stupid comments you would see on FB, Twitter, Youtube etc... really funny, also seeing Disgaea 4, Mind Zero, and Conception 2 advertise  was pretty cool, overall I really enjoy it, my only regret, is that Disgaea 4 came out the same day, I pre Ordered both games only played Akiba's trip. atm lol
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
Glad to hear you're liking it :D
AtticusMJ (4 years ago)
Due to the loading system and lack open world I have to say this more of a Port of the Vita game most likely 
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
I might do a small video or something, but not a whole new review. 
AtticusMJ (4 years ago)
Ya I mean I understand your way of thinking at 1st pop in my head too but then recalling this is on Vita and also the fact this is Akiba 2 in japan the 1st game was a PSP only Made me come up with idea must be just nicer looking Vita port No idea if there going do anything for PS4 it be nice but they would need to re-program stuff to make it open world with little to no load screens
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
My roommate literally just said the exact same thing lol.
DarklordKyo (4 years ago)
6:16 Product Placement GO!
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
That's ALL over the game :)
Seiksae Phaddy Onka (4 years ago)
Why would the player's character die if his clothes were ripped off, is he a vampire too? Also thanks for the video, keep them coming.
Seiksae Phaddy Onka (4 years ago)
I see, lol. Not sure it's my cup of tea, but I still enjoyed the video so I could learn a bit about it.
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
You'll have to to play the game to find out =X (but yeah, kind of) 
KingOGreen (4 years ago)
6:22 There's a Mind=0 Poster in the shop. That's actually a really good Vita title and I recommend it to fans of games like Persona. It's a bit of a dungeon crawl, but fun never the less. Nice plug there Aquire.
Kirbymeister2 (4 years ago)
+TheGamingShelf Super Sonico comes during the loading time advertisements and hanging advertisements. From my knowledge she's this college girl that likes to play rock and is this "model" for products that well... she promotes.... uh... 
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
+KingOGreen There's a ton of that all over the place :) There's ads for Disgaea 4, Conception II, and a few others that I don't know the English names for. 
EscanorTheBrave (4 years ago)
I'm curious about something, Taylor. When you play Japanese games that have an option for Japanese voices, which language do you choose?
EscanorTheBrave (4 years ago)
+TheGamingShelf Oh come on, you're making me blush!   :)
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
Thanks for always watching my stuff. Means a lot. 
EscanorTheBrave (4 years ago)
+TheGamingShelf I see. Thank you for your response.
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
+EscanorTheBrave It depends on the game. Usually I just go for English so I don't have to sit and read the subtitles. But for this I switched a lot just to see the differences. 
animedude8712 (4 years ago)
Good review. I saw this game at Gamestop about a week ago. It looked fun, but I didn't want to wast the money right away before looking into it. Also wasn't really sure what it was about. Now that I have seen a review of the game and I know a little more, I might end up getting this game some time in the near future.
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
+animedude8712 Glad the review helped! Definitely a lot more to it than ripping off clothes. So much fun to just explore around. 
cyechan50 (4 years ago)
I've defeinly been curious about this game. Might pick it up at some point..
Exuin1 (4 years ago)
Damn almost platinumed this game. All I need is the stupid flyer trophy. 
Exuin1 (4 years ago)
It was more of the case of its summer and I'm stuck at home with not much else to do.
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
Wow! Really glad you loved it so much :D
Exuin1 (4 years ago)
Scratch that I just got the last trophy. Guys I 100% this game and I got it exactly one week ago.
Exuin1 (4 years ago)
Oh and for anyone who's playing this game. There is a item cap even tho its outrageously high but you can only tell you've hit that cap when the game starts crashing every time you tear someones clothes off. Really the cap is only reachable if you haven't sold or fused anything for a couple of playthroughs but if you do happen to reach it just goto a store or your sister to sell or fuse equipment to lighten up your load and it shouldn't crash anymore for you. I personally only experienced this bug when I was on my fourth playthrough and I had my ridiculously overpowerd crap that I never switched out from the end of my first playthrough. So really unless you powered through without selling stuff It's really hard to get this crash.
Neon Wave (4 years ago)
I think I might get this once I have the time
Exuin1 (4 years ago)
As for my opinions on the world Acquire set up when creating this game. OH MAH GOD THIS IS A OTAKU HAVEN. So many references and pokes and jabs not just to anime and gaming culture but to actual anime and games themselves. You wouldn't believe my face when I saw a japanese trailer for the Vita version of Disgaea 4 playing on one of the TV's in the back ground. I honestly didn't see that coming even after I saw the ads for Mind Zero in the background. (Seeing how Acquire owns Mind Zero I thought it was no big deal, but them showing a Nippon Ichi game, wow, knocked my socks off.) Plus all the loading screens spoofing a youtube video with a still images of the new Genshiken and ads for Super Sonico, not to mention all the flyers you can get for (what I'm told) real resturants, cafes, and stores that fill out your log book. This game is top notch for any person who loves anime, games, and japanese pop culture.
Matthew Fell (2 years ago)
Yeah that me :)
deserada (4 years ago)
Imagine how it felt upon hearing that my favorite club (club Mogra) was the base of operations for the game.
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
+Exuin1 Completely agree with all that. There's also actual music videos for JPOP idols playing on TV screens in front of certain electronic stores. I was actual pretty surprised with the game advertisements as well. Very fun game world to explore. 
Kidlink77 (4 years ago)
Not really my style of game, but great review none the less!  Will you be reviewing Tales of Xilla 2?  That's a game I'm planning on buying soon!
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
+Kidlink77 Absolutely! Already got my copy and there will definitely be a review on it soon :) 
Exuin1 (4 years ago)
I've got the Vita version and as of now I can only say that the time I was not enjoying the game was when I was doing my second and third playthroughs on the gamer and otaku difficulty. I don't know if there are problems executing the heavy guard break attack and breaking combos so you can guard in the PS3 version but there are in the Vita version. While it didn't bother me on my first playthrough on casual difficulty, that was mostly because I didn't need to do much of anything else except button mash, but on the higher difficulties enemies guard and attack at least 3 times as much. So much more skill is needed in the actual combat itself than really just planing out who to attack and where to execute large chain combo strips. But while the broken mechanics didn't bother me at all my first playthrough, and I was honestly having fun strategically setting up and pulling off large chain strips, the higher difficulties brought the unusable combat mechanics to the forefront. That made me want to skip all the side missions and arena challenges while I was on those playthroughs so I can rush through the stories and get the trophies for them done and over with so I can go back to casual and stop being frustrated with the combat and go back to having fun. Oh god if i were to start talking about the environments that'd be a whole other paragraph I think I might leave that for another comment.
Kirbymeister2 (4 years ago)
+TheGamingShelf  From what I know is you can counter using the blocking mechanism which helped a lot. Learned that the hard way. Also get the end boss weapon and updating it helps A LOT. 
TheGamingShelf (4 years ago)
+Exuin1 I could barely go through the Gamer difficulty, lol. Had to restart the game because I kept getting my ass kicked. 

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