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How to buy the WARMEST winter jacket (for men or women)

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Some recommended jackets to check out: (affiliate links) The North Face Men's Mcmurdo Parka II Jacket http://amzn.to/2FQXDcW The wife is wearing the Marmot Montreal: https://amzn.to/2QcQWuP Eddie Bauer Men's Superior Down Parka http://amzn.to/2DeCJmj LL Bean Baxter State Parka https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/60850?page=baxter-state-parka
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Darren Levine (6 months ago)
Some folks are asking for recommendations for female jackets. There's a ton out there that i haven't(being a male) tried, but here's a narrowed search to get you started: https://amzn.to/2Pj8xM1
Joe Meow (6 months ago)
You never mentioned solarcore. It's a better insulator than down and waterproof. One uses MUCH less insulation compared to down.
KimProduce (5 days ago)
thanks for the video and I loved the bloopers 😂
Mr. Lu 1224 (1 month ago)
Galleria Of Deals (4 months ago)
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WHB JR (4 months ago)
tuoyitomkb ciclope (4 months ago)
Can you make gloves for winter the best
M W (4 months ago)
Sorry but Canada Goose style quality outperforme Any of these jackets and they do have many diffrent styles thanks
Lucid (4 months ago)
Wow i found this lesson so helpful! I’m just now at 27 in the pacific north west, starting to flesh out my wardrobe- and more specifically try not to freeze with the imminent snow storm tomorrow... and so I was at Eddie Bauer trying on parkas, when I wondered if anyone smarter and more dedicated has figured this all out and made a YouTube video! Here you are and here’s my subscription. Thank you! I like your direct and lay mans approach to video lessons. Continue to make more please!
Chris Lim (4 months ago)
COWHIDE BLACK LEATHER JACKETS ARE BEST FOR THE WINTER! I STICK TO WEARING THEM IN THE WINTER. I notice some people don't wear BLACK LEATHERS but they wear some kind of parka. When unzipped, it's got something that looks like mink fur all over inside. Dumb looking parka I have ever seen!
Sae C (4 months ago)
Great video. I have been having trouble finding a parka lately. There is always one or two features that annoys me. I like real snap buttons, rather than velcro or magnetic. The other is the pockets, same as you explained or it closes with velcro which makes them annoying to use. I just hate velcro lol
PSBeard (4 months ago)
Interesting, my Canada Goose of close to a decade of ownership has none of the downfalls like wind through my hood and such, and still looks brand new. Seems to be the very definition of value proposition.
PLEASE stop wearing the puffy parka ppl. It's like cargo shorts or black yoga pants. When you can walk into a grocery store and count 25/30 ppl in them in mere minutes....it's time to let it go. Lol.
Coco (5 months ago)
Not what people want to hear in this modern age of PC, but animal furs have been the warmest coat material for centuries. You can buy vintage fur coats that are way warmer than even the trendiest Canada Goose parkas. It's all marketing hype these days.
Yvonne Delories (5 months ago)
Thanks for this info. Your wife laughing is cracking me up!!
monica montes (5 months ago)
What about the best jacket for women? I want to see your wife’s review of warm jackets
Nick K (5 months ago)
Great video! Is that McMurdo II or III? Also, can't seem to find any in that colour. Good pick!
faultroy (5 months ago)
Very cute, and very well done and great information for people. This is great information for the average metrosexual (person of either sex living in high density areas) but for those of us that don't fit the sizes of these companies, You may need to go elsewhere. For example, some of us are bigger people, and we need larger sizes. I happen to have a 49 inch chest, so that means I have to go with a XXL, (XL is usually 46-48) and if I want to layer, You want on average (if You are using these coats for long term outdoor activity) four sizes up for layering. These coats are too small for the most part for us slightly bigger people. Another word of warning, these companies like the North Face make their clothing for younger thinner more active people. Always check with the manufacturer's Size Guide to make sure You fall in that category. For example, from what I remember, Mountain Hardwear's Size Guide has its XXL at 49 inches whereas most mfg use 50-52 inch chest sizes as their standard for XXL. I've found that the best value is from a company called Refrigiwear. They are an American company and they special in synthetic coats for the Artic Oil Drilling industry. They are tremendous values. For example their Flag Ship coat is called the Artic, and it goes up to 5XL. The cost is about $180 USD, and they usually have a 20% discount for first time buyers, and they sell the coat for about $150.00 during the off season. Their thickest warmest coat has an average fills of 11.25 oz. This is total fill weight, and another way of establishing the warmth of a coat. Again, these are not coats for Your average Soccer Mom or Dad. These are working man coats that are tough and very warm. They are certainly tougher than Carhart. Wiggys is another American mfg that specializes in synthetic working man coats. Wiggy's wear is super tough, and much more expensive than the coats of Refrigiwear. Note: they have catalogs on line. And they have items that are not available in the average sporting goods store. One last point. While down is certainly the most efficient insulation, it has serious drawbacks in terms of its propensity to retain moisture from both the air and body moisture in the form of sweat. If all You are going to do is use it for commuting, than it is a great and very light product. However if You want it for serious outdoor use long term, the two best and most efficient insulators that we have today is Primaloft and Climashield. Primaloft was developed for the United States Marine Corps to replace their wool clothing requirements. I have a few pieces of gear made of Primaloft. If is fantastic gear similar to 3M's Thinsulite. I've never been a fan of Thinsulite but that is personal Climashield is the neweist high loft Synthetic. Both are fantastic products that come relatively close to down in terms of warm and weight. Both Refrigiwear and Wiggys use a proprietary synthetic and they don't indicate what their fill is, but I can say it is excellent synthetic fill..
Richard Robertson (5 months ago)
Just realised this isn't a fashion channel, real shame because this video is so superb, I would have loved a whole series of you talking about clothes 👍
Richard Robertson (5 months ago)
This is so great! There's so much more detail in this video than most fashion/clothing youtube videos! I love that you've addressed the activity as well, since it's so true that standing around is so much colder than sports or other intense activities!
B B (5 months ago)
Canada goose.. done
Roger Reyes (4 months ago)
North face it’s stronger and warmer , and better water resistant
campkira (4 months ago)
Could be too hot for above freezing.
Lexi Ryan (5 months ago)
He said mid-range. Canada Goose is not mid-range. The least expensive coat is $595.
muchas gracias (5 months ago)
Lol your wife is the star of this video as she's super cute! As for your choice of coat I think you made a solid choice. TNF McMurdo 2 looks to be a great performer at a sensible price. Can you follow this up with a long(er) term review please?
zach nix (5 months ago)
Just buy Wiggy’s gear. You will be warm and toasty no matter the weather.
Jessica Domingue (5 months ago)
What do you think about "Superdry" brand ?
dklyde (5 months ago)
Very funny
Polkadot (6 months ago)
That dog is so precious ♥️
Robert Wintle (6 months ago)
Monclers 💸
Rookie Budget Fishing (6 months ago)
Carhartt case closed.
Brandon Andrews (6 months ago)
What about Arc’teryx, Montane, Patagonia??
Darren Levine (6 months ago)
All good brands, most key thing is to try before you buy, i put a lot of points in personal fit
Kristine Pua (6 months ago)
You and your wife are so adorable.. really reminds me of my “bloopers” moments with my hubby..
Umut kanyilmaz (6 months ago)
Guys trust me Never by bomber jackets or coat Buy parka’s they are the warmest the ones that the inuits were
Samantha Wilkinson (6 months ago)
Great info. Will never look at jackets in the same way again. Also, made me laugh so much! You two are too funny!
Seamuzzaman Nahid (6 months ago)
You guys are cute ❤️
Tom Webb (6 months ago)
I had a McMurdo MkI jacket and I was *so* disappointed with it - I took it to Iceland, layered properly and I FROZE, it just wasn't warm enough for me. I know that YMMV, but the lack of an internal cuff and the issue you pointed out with the wind around the snorkel meant I got super cold super fast. I ended up spending a lot more cash and bought a local jacket and it's kept me warm, even with last year's 'bomb cyclone' in the US where I was out in temps lower than -20C.
campkira (4 months ago)
Quicksilver snowboard set with Columbia heat tech. When go below freezing don't just hope one jacket is enough.
Mr JONES (6 months ago)
I am sorry about your disappointing experience. What jacket have you decided on very cold and wet environments?
Darren Levine (6 months ago)
I never got to try v1, but i am properly liking the v2. Though the snorkel air gap may annoy me enough to sew in some buttons!
Matt Miller (6 months ago)
A nice vintage USAF N-3B parka is the best choice for me. Any of them made before 1972 are the best.
George Lewis (5 months ago)
@faultroy Thank you for the info. The Refrigiwear looks good, warm and the price is right, too.
faultroy (5 months ago)
@George Lewis That is a good coat. I have a M-90 Swedish Military parka which I paid $35,00 for new on the Surplus Market, It also does not have a hood, but if You want high value with a hood, go over to Refrigiwear. They make coats for the Artic Oil Drillers. They are an American company and make their gear inhouse. They service the Frozen Food sector as well as the Artic Workers. Prices are very reasonable in comparison to the high end Gucci Ski Wear Fashion Industry.
George Lewis (5 months ago)
Ditto on that. I no longer have one, but I've since bought a Czech M95 parka with the fleece liner. It keeps me warm at -15 degrees, although it lacks a decent hood.
Robert Smith (6 months ago)
Yes I have the same fishtail parka with the Arctic bibs the bibs was from World War II when it was the Army Air corps old guy from church gave it to me he was a survival trainer in the Arctic and he gave them to me there in mint shape
Bri (6 months ago)
Its getting colder everyday in New York I need a better snow jacket.
we do customize leather jackets with sheep napa in india
Karen T (6 months ago)
What about costs for women?
Ran Ji (7 months ago)
lol dmv
Natacha Jaxaldebehere (7 months ago)
Hello you love birds! Great review, and your model is cute as a button. I got the North Face Cryos Gtx Expedition Womens Parka...a veritable cocoon of warmth and coziness. As much as I love the Canada Goose jackets, I wanted something with superior Goose down fill power (800 fp)and No Fur! Plus those hand warmer pockets are a dream! Word of caution, the size finder on the North Face website recommended an XL. When it arrived, it fit like a tent, I could fit almost 2 of me. Otherwise, the jacket is everything I wished for, other than the boring colour selection, Light grey or black, the colour of your parka though is stunning ;) Cheers from Canada
Darren Levine (6 months ago)
An excellent choice! and yes i hate ordering online because i'm very particular about fit. some brands i just can't get the right sizing as i'm between a small and medium. I almost went for boring color, but got bold and did the red!
Ashray Mallesh (7 months ago)
Great video, you guys are really adorable!
peter yuan (8 months ago)
I just got the North Face Cryos GTX expedition parka!!! It's $800, but its got everything you can ask for in a parka!!! Also the hood is 100X better than the Mcmurdo hood. It's goretex water proof, and with 800 goose fill power!!! It even has a snow skirt built in😎
je'suis Elle (6 months ago)
Nice, I'm about to buy this one today! I came to check out videos to make sure it's the right choice. 800 down fill is step up from my 625 DF from overpriced Canada Goose!
Smakprz 009 (7 months ago)
Does it have a face warmer like this one?
Katie Howell (8 months ago)
Your wife is adorable! Thanks for the video. Very helpful
What a shame Mary Jane (8 months ago)
Hey Darren, thanks for the video! It seems you really did your research about winter jackets and you gave some very precious infos.
Darren Levine (8 months ago)
Glad you found it useful!
Michele Olson (10 months ago)
Great review! What parka is your wife wearing?
Darren Levine (6 months ago)
@Ashley Mathis Correct! she likes it but it certainly doesn't have as much fill as my parka. As is common with wife's choices, function doesn't (entirely) win over fashion.
Ashley Mathis (9 months ago)
Ashley Mathis (9 months ago)
almost positive it is the Marmot Montreal

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