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PS4 - Killzone: Shadow Fall - Warzone Multiplayer Gameplay

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Hey everyone welcome to my multiplayer gameplay for Killzone Shadow Fall..yeah I got spanked pretty bad haha. If you would like to keep up with me please be sure to click the links below. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/11FvoB1 Twitter: http://twitter.com/ELTGeek Facebook: http://facebook.com/ELTheGeek Instagram: http://instagram.com/unkleel
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MrApple Cake (5 years ago)
This game is fucking awsome
Arctic (5 years ago)
Looks more fair than cheapfield 4 Seriously though bf4 is next to impossible to control with analog sticks, it was made for PC so I don't know what it is doing on consoles when it was not meant to be played with sticks
ronbobthecorncob (5 years ago)
Thanks for uploading all the next gen stuff. Makes waiting until I get a PS4 bearable
Big Chap (5 years ago)
Great videos
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
why thank you :D
Somebody can tell if you can play multiplayer with vita remote
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
Yeah I'm sure you can. I'll try it later..get my butt kicked even more but I don't mind being bad in Killzone
strongforce79 (5 years ago)
can the multiplayer for this be played on the Vita?
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
More than likely. I don't see why it wouldn't but I'll make a video of it and upload it either tonight or tomorrow.
strongforce79 (5 years ago)
does it look better than battlefield?
strongforce79 (5 years ago)
kinda wild to have a release of a playstation without a god of war game or trailer, kinda similar to xbox releasing without a Halo trailer, man no sense of tradition, this gen feels like a rush to market. I guess i am getting old lol, good vid and goregeous game El.
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
Well they did just drop Ascension this year so it wouldn't be anytime soon I'd think. But thanks :D Yeah this game is pretty fun looks awesome too.
Spectrum (5 years ago)
Battlefield 4 Gameplay?
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
I put up a multiplayer video of it earlier today
ily tir (5 years ago)
is the multiplayer typical killzone or is it a proper multiplayer game
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
Pretty much Killzone with added stuff..would have to know exactly what you are asking about.
777astercheese (5 years ago)
ily tir (5 years ago)
can you transfer data from 1 hard drive to another example 500gb to 1 terabyte
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
Saved data or Game data? With PS Plus you can upload your game saves and download them back to the hard drive..Updates and DLC I'd probably say no.
ily tir (5 years ago)

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