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Miss Universe 2011 - West Africa Tour

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Leila travels to Senegal, The Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, and Nigeria to visit SOS Children's Villages. To learn more about SOS Children's Village visit: www.sos-childrensvillages.org
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Text Comments (52)
Anh Thư Trấn (2 months ago)
she' so beautiful
Sdgxzs Sgjgd (2 months ago)
yeah hi miss leila and welcome new again to cambodia , my dear and thank you big big from here , idol love you with bye & goodluck !
Sdgxzs Sgjgd (2 months ago)
Yeah hi idol lovely ! leila came to cambodia when she get 1 !
dança agitada (7 months ago)
Se todo mundo que fosso famoso tivesse o coração igual o seu leila Lopes o mundo seria bem melhor
06rockdj (1 year ago)
wow some people says that Leila is the most boring or plain Miss Universe ever, but after watching this videos, she had already made a great job as Miss Universe. Just notice that, how many countries she visited, just watching this video, show to all of us the relevance and importance of being Miss Universe. i'm pretty sure we are missing those days. IMG put the MUO at the big level we're used to know. thank u.
DarkRedZane (4 years ago)
Liela said, "this country is like being the Philippines really good" hahaha on 2:43
Noel Ramos (4 years ago)
this country has been developing really good.
Amelia AP (4 years ago)
<3 <3
God's Girl (5 years ago)
what is wrong with you Nigerians? do you actually have to put Darego down just to say how much you love Leila lopes? There are people of other nationalities here who's citizens have won the MU before but you don't see them saying "I like lopes and even the lady from my country wasn't my fav.", you guys have to change that warped mentality...smh
my tow favorites miss universe Ximena Navarrete and Leila Lopes
Adam Ouologuem (5 years ago)
Good deeds indeed!
Reniel Anca (5 years ago)
Go Ghana! Go Ghana! Aww.. Too cute! :)
dex campos (5 years ago)
very very good my sister we Angolan are pround off u god bless
rollwithgovo (6 years ago)
Did i just see her do the azonto when she was singing "Go Ghana!"... she's super cool. I'm Nigerian and not even Abani Derego was my fav Miss Universe winner....
jeffrey jingco (6 years ago)
i love leila lopez and shamcey supsup angola and philippines is the best...
deqli mohd (6 years ago)
leila i'm from malaysia...i'm white skin people...but i really proud of you leila...u shown to the world what the real definition beauty is...u really inspired peoples and open the world eyes..beauty in the eyes of the beholders...god gift beauty to everybody and everyone has it inner and outer beauty... really2 proud of you leila..u are good role model and good example
brokecreole (6 years ago)
Africa is more than hair and skin color it is in the heart of the individual. Anyone can be black with coarse hair but not necessarily African
plumeria66 (6 years ago)
If she really wanted to be a role model for African children, she should have let her hair grow natural and wear an Afro. White girls tanning is like black girls straightening their hair. Everyone wants to look beige and boring.
Loretta (6 years ago)
Lol african ghana? You mean ghanaian ;)
deqli mohd (6 years ago)
WOWWWW...in this video one kid told leila...he said he really like leila cos she's so pretty and look like african ghana and leila said...we should happy cos we are same african..we must accept who we are before we want world accept us cos we born this way and we must proud it ...i lover her answers to the kids
Fabian Matos (6 years ago)
i like how she answers about she looked like Ghanan. HAHA! I LOVE YOU LEILA!
LittleMonsterGaga0 (6 years ago)
We love you Leila
Carlos Irías (6 years ago)
Leila! Siempre bella, dulce y elegante. Es un placer verte, y enterarnos de tus estupendos proyectos y viajes.
Earthz Midnight (6 years ago)
I love you -form thailand
Tyson Smith (6 years ago)
woww ell a qd mem un gros nez hein
ana99 (6 years ago)
I don´t understand why the MUO dosen´t make more videos of her, there´s a lot of time between one video and another!
Eduardo Beltran (6 years ago)
cogratulations for you work from El Salvador in Central America [email protected] god bless you Miss Universe Leyla Lopes
lana lang (6 years ago)
Real beauty.
ogn neves (6 years ago)
esta miss angola esta sendo uma das mais linda misses de todos os tempos congratulation Miss Angola
RAVID TORRES Parra (6 years ago)
Excellent beautiful and tender Leila!!!!!!!!!, you´re doing a great work. Your feelings, words, smile, shining eyes, dancings and beauty are gifts for those marvelous people from ancient Africa.
Belle Yuen (6 years ago)
milky way (6 years ago)
eu amo ela
Julio Cesar (6 years ago)
Very Good Miss Universe that I like from Queen to care about her people
katsan88 (6 years ago)
I am happy that she has visited different countries in Africa and exalted the culture and people, as a opposed to always the grim picture of children starving and so on.
Jessica Iyer (6 years ago)
Crown is very heavy and africa is very hot!
DONWEBA (6 years ago)
why she's not wearing the freaking crown??!! & OMG she's gorgeous!
TheLouisedogs (6 years ago)
How cool! Leila is left-handed! Haha, I get excited when people are left handed. xD
sky bird (6 years ago)
Why canort plye YouTube
ever5622 (6 years ago)
I am SOOO excited to see more african countires in Miss Universe this year...can't wait
0090D (6 years ago)
damn she is such a hottie!
sky bird (6 years ago)
Modher focker
sorayaforever (6 years ago)
its the first feeling of all the miss universe, when they are crown you disagree then they steal your heart!
KissOfDanger (6 years ago)
Longest reigning Queen. Don't you forget it!
jadewillowmilian (6 years ago)
Love it!
Mohanad M. Ibrahim (6 years ago)
Actually didn't like she winning the title at first. But now I feel she deserves it. So lovely and beautiful =)
Jason Barnes (6 years ago)
Go Ghana,Go Ghana!!! Hahahaha love you Leila! :)
Godsvessel11 (6 years ago)
Yahhhh Ghana!! thats my schoolll and my country!!! Love you Leila!!
mgparis (6 years ago)
Leila is extremely beautiful inside as well as out :)
spoyledbratt (6 years ago)
What a lovely woman!
Arthur Zuza (6 years ago)
How Lovely she is. Leila, The Queen!!!
gacho77 (6 years ago)
first comment (: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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