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Final Fantasy VI Review: Femtrooper

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Femtrooper reviews Final Fantasy VI review BLOG: www.thefemtrooper.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/thefemtrooper TWITTER: www.twitter.com/thefemtrooper
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Text Comments (63)
Kota Kusanagi (5 months ago)
Actually when kefka comes down from heaven, he symbolised as the fallen angel lucifer
Kota Kusanagi (5 months ago)
Btw ff vi is based on the story of revalations of the bible and kefka is the antichrist.
Kota Kusanagi (5 months ago)
One does not simply beat ff vi in 3 years, you play it each day.
4biddeninja Moonjelly (9 months ago)
Ughhhh is this a review or an sjw rambling about her moronic perception of a masterpiece...u r a bad reviewer....and a complete moron. I think ur Hijab is too tight.
4biddeninja Moonjelly (9 months ago)
LMAO, one does not simply "beat final fantasy 6" i completed them all up to 9 by the time i was 12, like a MaN!!!!
Melchiorblade7 (11 months ago)
The unscripted talking without footage reminds me of Lorerunners ruminations, and thats a good thing
Krizie (1 year ago)
I don't think FFVII score is that great, VI is much better, same with the game itself..
Rashid Hafez (1 year ago)
you cant really say horrific in the sense that its dark.. its not *that* dark.
EarthDragonPuke (1 year ago)
You need to play 9 you would like it alot. 8 is still my favorite, but 6 and 9 is really good.
Jeroen van Dongen (1 year ago)
Kudos for ranting about this game for about 20 minutes straight, however, seen this is a review..... I would've appreciated you showing me the game, not tell the game... Which is also one of the reasons Kafka makes for such a great villain, as they show his evilness and might, and not plainly tell about it in an expositional manner as you just portrayed. Read a bit about "intrinsic exposition" for that matter. I think if you'd have edited some video footage, and used it while you recorded your review as a guiding factor in your story about the game, it would've greatly benefitted quality wise.
Ghost Murmur (2 years ago)
20 minutes is too long for me rn. But grats on completing it, might watch the rest of sometime. Thanks for the video
Michael Choueiri (2 years ago)
God that box art is amazing
4biddeninja Moonjelly (2 years ago)
how can u not finish them? i grew up on FF i was 9 when ff7 came out it was my first.
Denji2006 (2 years ago)
Okay... three minutes in and I'm already annoyed by the aimless rambling and repeating and not getting to the point. We've already established that you've beaten it, congratulations... This is a twenty minute video ._.
I loved the scale of the map in FFVI and I love that you don't always know where to go. it's so huge and just has a great eploration-feel to it. Also, the SNES-game came with a map for both world of balance and world of ruin. Maybe that made it easier.
Nimbereth (3 years ago)
I like to play FFVI and leave Terra in some city and listen to music while I do something else. Definitely my favorite FF!!!
Mist Sonata (3 years ago)
I'm actually a little surprised that you didn't talk about the ending more, considering how much you were bothered by the game being a little too dark. Because as dark as the game is, the ending is very uplifting and hopeful. The world starts becoming green again, the people begin rebuilding, and things start getting set to right.
Raumo (2 years ago)
If you do not count Shadow actually committing suicide it's pretty a joyful ending, but his death bothered me a lot the first time I finished the game.
J Taylor (3 years ago)
Played it on the Vita? No wonder it took three years...
kalythgaming (3 years ago)
Wasn't the PSVita port a bit sluggish as the PSOne one? I have them all and even if I managed also to finish it on PSOne back in the day, the loading times are almost deal-breakers to me now. Really annoying. But yes, I'm among those who think this is the best FF game ever and also it's in my top 5 all time favourites.
Steven Jones (3 years ago)
You're not good at this.
Triborn (3 years ago)
U seems abit drunk :)
Ian Torre (3 years ago)
They should do a prequel to FF6 with Leo in his youth and Strageo as a middle aged man.
Stephanie Woor (3 years ago)
Enjoyed you momentarily forgetting Relm while rocking her head wrap look :P The thing I loved most about this game was the experimental structure - all the party switch outs and fundamental changes to the world. It was probably the first JRPG I played where characters didn't just feel like items in your inventory.
Gimpler Da Happenin (3 years ago)
THAT'S IT! I CANNOT LIKE YOU ANY MORE!11! I object: your opinion is invalid!! The world map is the mostest, bestest one EVARRR! How daaaaare you??!! Ever. JK. Yeah the map is kinda too close to be useful.
Mor Keiichi (3 years ago)
'I LOVE IT MORE THAN LIFE!!' - me circa 2015 so happy you finally got around to finishing this game! probly one of the best/the best ff game to finish.
femtrooper (3 years ago)
Thanks! It was definitely an amazing moment when I finished it! Such an iconic game!
Crom Tuise (3 years ago)
Does the 3DS have this on the store? I've been itching to play this game again after beating Bravely Default for the third time.
U T 99 (2 years ago)
femtrooper m8 kelfka split the world
femtrooper (3 years ago)
Yeah that would be a good way to play it!!!
Crom Tuise (3 years ago)
Oh darn. Guess I'll have to hunt down a GBA copy (my only other handheld). Thanks for the heads up.
femtrooper (3 years ago)
No, all the SNES games are on the Wii U e-shop - it drives me nuts! If you have a VITA tho, you can play it on that!!!
yokonakajima75 (3 years ago)
This game is closest to perfect as a game gets. Only chrono trigger And xenogears comes close..
(3 years ago)
Kefka should get his own game.
Alexander Keurvorst (3 years ago)
He did. It's called Final Fantasy VI
BJGvideos (3 years ago)
At least you can play as him in Dissidea
Frank Beezy (3 years ago)
Good Review btw though. Best Rpgs of all time FF4, FF6, FF7, CHRONO TRIGGER, FF10, DRAGON AGE ORIGINS, & SKYRIM... Ps. Can't wait to play FF7 remake. FINALLY!!!!!
Frank Beezy (3 years ago)
Try FFV and/or FFIX I'm sure those would be right up your alley.
BawesomeBurf (3 years ago)
Even though Mitsuda is my favorite composer, I believe Uematsu beats him when it comes to final boss music. It seems like nearly every FF I've played has some absolutely amazing music at the end.
Persephales (3 years ago)
No mom I can't go now I'm at the boss!!!!
Persephales (3 years ago)
This girl is like a 1990s kid in an adult's body...I LOVE IT!!!! :D
dustinkreis (3 years ago)
The "Citizen Kane of gaming"...I like that. This game just came at a very formative time in my life...i remember salivating over pictures of it in Nintendo Power. To me it's just perfect because it is so dark but each character finds something worth fighting for even though everything is "lost".
David Fernandez (3 years ago)
FF VII is the one that gets all the retro attention (and remakes !) but why do you think that is ? why not FF VI as reviewed in this video ? Me personally I only played FF VII and then I put it down 72% through the game (near the sniper cut scene) and this was in the days of PS One.
LordMalice6d9 (3 years ago)
+David Boris Fernandez FFIV is actually the most remade game in the FF series. It has had at least 3 remakes already.
Rakka of Glie (3 years ago)
That isn't true. FFVIZ got a few re-releases, new translation which they never gave to VII and it was remade for mobile. The one that gets all the attention is really Final Fantasy IV.
TaintedEquilibrium (3 years ago)
This one's a great game, but I personally think that FF9 has the darkest story, even more so than 7 or 8. It looks kind of childish, and it wasn't as appealing to the people who were drawn to the series after playing 7 and 8 because of that reason. It was also a return of sorts to the wizards and dragons stuff of the earlier games, so those two factors combined make it kind of a black sheep . . . but it's really, really dark. Let's just say that Kuja makes Kefka's creation of the World of Ruin seem like child's play. My personal favorite from the series is 4, though. I just think it's a bit unfair that 9 gets the shaft so often : /
LordMalice6d9 (3 years ago)
+TaintedEquilibrium I must disagree, Kefka destroying the world has to be one of the most jaw dropping plot twists in the history of video games, most villains never achieve their goal of destroying or recreating the world in their image, but Kefka actually does!! All Kuja did was blow up an already dying planet.
aaron nolasco (3 years ago)
"thit rythm", "tydus". So many mispronunciations. It's pronounced "theater-rythm" and "Teedus."
Kisareth Studios (3 years ago)
Congrats on beating the game! :D One of our teams' favorite games of all-time.
Oliver Surpless (3 years ago)
Solid review, and I can see how Mode 7 airship can be annoying. I guess that is why the minimap is there for those who prefer the original viewpoint. As epic as Dancing Mad is, seeing it in concert (Distant Worlds and others) is even better!
Zee Dee (3 years ago)
I'm glad you enjoyed and finished it. It was my first also and it is a big deal! I really wish they could do a really improved version of the game. I don’t mind the graphics, but it would be cool to have an orchestrated soundtrack and fix the game mechanics that were annoying. This is definitely my favourite FF, second only to the holy Chrono Trigger in my list of all time favourites. PS: You might be the first person that I heard talk about the game and never mentioned the opera scene XD
Texas Rangers (3 years ago)
Great review, but why never any gameplay video? You're lovely to look at, but you'd probably get many more viewers if you showed the game as you spoke. If I'm watching a movie review, I want to see scenes of the movie, not a talking head for 20 minutes.
Unnatural Selection (1 year ago)
You get the sense just from the intro that she's into seeing herself. Who does a gaming channel and opens with selfies???
Wave Play (3 years ago)
Didn't you beat FF13?
Ryan Hoffman (3 years ago)
I wouldn't recommend playing the SNES to PS1 ports from PSN, at least when it comes to Square Soft titles. This game and Chrono Trigger are infamous for being bad ports. The load times are unbearable, at least when you've played the originals.  For FFVI hunt down the GBA version, its worth it!
lurock (3 years ago)
@Oliver Surpless The newish graphics are a really nice change of scenery. I feel they did a great job with the new backgrounds in battle and in the field. The changed sprites is what people were kind of iffy on, but I didn't mind them. My only gripe with the mobile version is the terrible control =/
Oliver Surpless (3 years ago)
The iOS/android version are quite excellent as well, regardless of how you feel about the "newish" graphics.
UltimateFloyd1 (3 years ago)
Hey this was actually the first FF game I finished as well. It was pretty much the first FF I played too though. This is often considered the best game in the series but after finishing a lot more FF games it probably ranks somewhere in the middle for me personally. Apparently the GBA version gives more character to Kefka. Interesting I loved the World Map and I always love them in JRPG's. There's an extreme lack of direction in the 2nd half of the game though and yeah it bothered me a bit so I can understand your frustrations. My biggest beef with the game was the final dungeon and the fact you had to split your team up. Some of my characters were very underlevelled so I had to grind a bunch which really dragged the game down for me. Perhaps some of that is my fault though as I should have expected it.
Rakka of Glie (3 years ago)
I don't remember Kefka being different in the GBA version. It isn't your fault you were underleveled for the final dungeon because the game expects you to have trained more characterd than are actually needed in the rest of the game.
The Itch Network (3 years ago)
I'm actually playing through it right now.  I can definitely agree on more than a few of your points.
lurock (3 years ago)
My favorite video game. To me it is perfect (even though I know full well it's not ACTUALLY perfect, but to me it is heh). I love the characters, the MUSIC, the events, the pacing, everything.  Some notes!: that psOne version of the game (anthologies) is the vita version you played and it's my least favorite version of the game due to those horrendous menu loading times! Sabins blitz's were just as hard on the snes, so what did we all do? input the shortcuts! half circle left to right can be inputted as left, left, down, down, right and it would work. there are shortcuts like that for all the blitz's. as far as the monotonous town designs, i never really thought of it, but in retrospect it's a valid complaint. i just differentiated them all by their names obv, the weapons/armor for sale and the people in them. the world map, i was very used to and never bothered me. But yea, i can see nowadays why it would be annoying haha.  Really glad you enjoyed the game! This review, as always, is sooo real. Love it! =D I wonder what you'll play next, hmm...
snesdude7 (3 years ago)
I got this game on GBA recently! But I haven't played it much yet...
The Itch Network (3 years ago)
@snesdude7 Earthbound is Awesome!!! Sorry, not replying to your comment, I just read your description.

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