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Top Five Best And Worst Mario Party Minigames

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In anticipation of Mario Party Top 100, here's a double Top Five! -------------------------------- Tumblr http://joshscorcher.tumblr.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/joshscorcher FOB Equestria http://www.fobequestria.com/ Patreon http://www.patreon.com/joshscorcher
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Alex Smith (30 days ago)
Rudder Madness... First minigame I ever played on Mario Party 8... & yeah, that sums it up.
Bowhunter198758 57 (1 month ago)
I had Mario party DS and I could never pass the first board in the story mode.
Dillon Green (1 month ago)
I have mario party ds
Justin/Galeem the gamer (2 months ago)
Lol 8:58
Code Bros 14 (2 months ago)
Soil toil sucks
Moffett's Solution (3 months ago)
Unrelated, but I love how your intro is by RealFaction
WaterKirby1994 (3 months ago)
How I rate each Mario Party 8>7>5>Super>2>6>4>1 I never understood why people like 4 it was easily the worst Gamecube Mario Party game because of it's lack of playable characters, & the minigames themselves weren't as fun as later entries. There was also nothing special about the game. Mario Party 5 set the standards for the entire series to be judged off of with it's story, boards, & character selection. Mario Party 7&8 had some of the best minigames in the series & had 8 Player/Wii Remote controls respectively to add to them. The boards in both games were really fun as well.
Chemicalrory (2 months ago)
One advantage 4 has over most later releases is the custom minigame list- it's such a boon to narrow the MG possibilities to just those you really enjoy. In every entry in the series there's at least a few MGs I'd gladly never see again.
SMR Super Mario Rhys (3 months ago)
I...actually like Bowser's Big Blast, and I actually don't mind Rudder Madness...but those two will never ever, EVER, beat Dust Buddies from Party DS.
Sonic34587 (3 months ago)
Why did you use the boo on the luigi he’ll kill you now D:
Rm Rm (3 months ago)
Great Youtuber!
Akros The_Speed_Demon (4 months ago)
4:13 Meh, if I designed it you wouldn't even have a floor to stand on, you would take a nice lava dive, making it even harder to not sabotage your team ma- er, friends.
Tanler Shine (4 months ago)
What's the ending music
StarlightGenesis (5 months ago)
List: Soil Toil Me: OHH GOD SOIL TOIL. PLEASE. Mario Party DS was my childhood game, so I remember it vividly. I recall times when me and a group of friends would pull out our DS and DSI’s, and play the game, though we normally just battled the piranha plant.
Ben Wood (6 months ago)
I remember wanting to play Mario party ds so much when I was young. my cousins were quite annoyed by it.
Momo Moore (6 months ago)
Mario party 10 isnt....... terrible!
Nickle Guy (7 months ago)
2:21 that sounds like hercule
Momo Moore (7 months ago)
Hey mario party 10 wasnt THAT bad!
LandT Productions (7 months ago)
I absolutely love how Josh described #4 WORST .
C A (7 months ago)
Too bad toadstool Titan got name changed to Mush Pit
Crafter The Crafster (7 months ago)
I love the game Mario party DS and it was awesome. I actually still have the game and the mini games were very easy.
Crystal Frost (7 months ago)
I own Mario Party DS and the AI is very very terrible.
Yoshi and Kirby (6 months ago)
This is a great list. I really agree with this for the most part.
Omega Sonic (7 months ago)
I played mario party 4 with a xbox controller and pain and suffering happens
Nickel Smart (8 months ago)
Long live Bowser communism!
Alejandro Coronado (8 months ago)
You need a pop filter, otherwise good.
Victor Ahmad (8 months ago)
i loved camera shy from mpds
Bored Kim (8 months ago)
Good list
GamingLuluNightmare (8 months ago)
my favorite mini game ill never forget is from Mario party 3. it,was,the one with keys where you had to get the remaining key,to win i loved it and,it was intense since the game was also old and you know,bad graphics lol
fantastic voyager 20 (8 months ago)
my friend Josiph from the Perkins School for the blind has mpds and I had a match going on between me, him and garrot (another student at perkins). Josiph went on to lend me his DSI for my birthday in 2010, while Garrot screwed me over by stealing my Wii Classic controler pro. I'm still after him and am about to punch him in the arm.
fantastic voyager 20 (8 months ago)
"use your palm like a fucking man"-flamesonfire1212
fantastic voyager 20 (8 months ago)
those mlp fanboys better get the fuck off my recommended channels or someone's gonna get murdered.
fantastic voyager 20 (8 months ago)
I think the stick rotation games would be far less painful on the 3ds, since the 3ds's circle oad is mutch smoother.
EpicFace 640 (9 months ago)
First Alex, now you finally made a Double Top 5.
Captain Mario (9 months ago)
Extremely good choices for the best, brought up great points
PORTUGAL PLAYER (9 months ago)
I love M.P.I.Q. and I don't understand why people hate it. It is one of the best Mario Party mini games ever for me.
L X96 (9 months ago)
You forgot the stick rotated minigames those are the worst minigames ofmthe franchise
TheMarioManiac (9 months ago)
And now Mario Party has gone to shit. Everybody has to win now.
Andrew Carver (10 months ago)
Am I the only one that liked Bowser's Big Blast?
T - Siries (10 months ago)
Holy shizz dude. That intro nearly gave me a Seizure
Lava Bidoof (10 months ago)
2:46 does this mean flowey is gonna join mario party, or is it his favorite game?
Bats RULE (10 months ago)
I've only played the ones for Gamecube and Wii and I didn't like the one for the Wii. Here's my personal list (I potentially have Dyspraxia) Mario Party 4 best: Three Throw Worst:Mario Medley Mario Party 5: best Leaf Leap worst Later skater (cos GRRRR!) Mario party 6: Best: Note to Self worst: Lift Leapers/Tricky Tires (again, cos GRRRR!) Mario Party 7: Best: Pokey Pummel Worst: Kart Wheeled
Trixie Truelove (10 months ago)
The first Mario Party was definitely the most cruel. Especially grab bag. People would start out with huge bags of money on their backs and I would get them in a lock and rob them till their bag looked like a deflated ballsack.
CuriousGerudo (10 months ago)
Isn’t Bash n’ Cash a bowser mini game Bowser gives you in order to sabotage you?
Dr. Tex (10 months ago)
*Raises hand* Though, to be fair, there was also the DS Download Play, that also worked.
Mario & total drama fan (10 months ago)
Am i the only one that likes The Beat Goes On?
AJ Genovese (10 months ago)
Top five best and worst Mario kart tracks!
Rsp2264 (10 months ago)
There was another way to play MPIQ to infuriate your friend. Just press a fast and guess on the question you have a 1 in 3 chance to get it right. If not eh you lose a turn no big deal and rinse and repeat. Only do this when three or more people are playing to ensure maximum fury.
the fastest link (9 months ago)
same thing works with another minigame in 6, odd card out. as someone who likes skill more than luck, I find it INFURIATING that me dad just presses a button the moment the cards are shown...
Salmence (11 months ago)
Wasnt mario party ds one of the best selling in the entire series tho
Maddy (11 months ago)
I have Mario party ds and I still play itvtovthis day. Occasionally with my dad. But I’ve got to agree, soil toil was the WORST
Viggzplashfilms (11 months ago)
I agree you Dungeon Duos is best
Random Chick 29 (11 months ago)
Rudder madness = lilypad level from sunshine 😬
Marshall Elder (11 months ago)
This was to celebrate Mario Party: The Top 100... while the video is brilliant, if only it knew the horror show we got from that game.
GamerLogan1903 (11 months ago)
Is it bad that I liked Mario ds until I accidentally erased my save file
MariosNum OneFan (11 months ago)
Don’t know what you’re talking about; Mario party ds was a game everyone had for the ds. In fact, it was in the top 10 list of best selling ds games. So idk what you’re talking about. Get ur facts right.
JTR (11 months ago)
I disagreed with all of your BEST picks except Dungeon Duos, and I agreed with all of your WORST picks except MPIQ. Basically 2-5 I agreed with your WORST list but not your BEST list and for number 1 I agreed with your BEST list but not your WORST list. Hell, I'd rather play MPIQ than Toadstool Titan. That might be the most overrated mini game to me. People are rating it as highly as Bumper Balls and I don't think it's even top ten on MP3.
JTR (11 months ago)
7:12 Also Kee-pa-Way was a co-op mini game as well.
Super Smash (11 months ago)
you sound like patrick at the end XD
VGamer1308 (11 months ago)
I thought that Hexagon Heat was a really good one
CryingPilots (11 months ago)
Bryan Ung (11 months ago)
I owned Mario Party DS. I have no problems with Soil Toil.
Dio Gio (11 months ago)
I still love mario party ds and I think the AI in this minigame is not really that bad for me, probably because I am a god at mpds
henfjo (11 months ago)
The beat goes on was a great minigame
E P H (1 year ago)
Everyone says heat stroke is the most unbalanced mario party 5 minigame for the 1 vs the 3. but really? did anyone play tube it or lose it? the game where anytime someone in the the three went up a required ramp they'd be stuck in midair while the one player could easily manuever to hit them? like, i don't think i've ever seen the three win that game...
DomyDuz (1 year ago)
I know I'm the only person who likes The Beat Goes On. Where do I start? It's long, as a minigame to me should be, nice beat, it's tense, hilarious, and my favorite minigame in all of Mario party! (It came in top 100, and so did Toadstool Titan, but it's now called Mush Pit and I originally thought it was Toadstool Tighten :) )
dewottsriensupreme (1 year ago)
hey look its bootleg rabbidluigi! Its just a joke, calm down.
NanoPhoenix (1 year ago)
I have Mario Party DS.
The Thievingjester (1 year ago)
What about booksquirm? U forgot?
PinDaGreat (1 year ago)
2:08 actually, Wipe-out has a game, it's on the wii and I played it.
SirMaxGaming (1 year ago)
i dont know why everyone hates MPIQ first PBS next this
SirMaxGaming (1 year ago)
i had mario party ds
D C (1 year ago)
Brad Lawonn (1 year ago)
I love the guy's tone of voice between 13:40 and 14:00 when he was saying how the questions to M.P.I.Q. were either insulting or impossible. LOL!!
Rsp2264 (1 year ago)
So running of the bulb if I saw that someone was close to the star, Immediate Sabotage.
BrainWave Productions (1 year ago)
7:21 Very good Goku! That is the shade of your hair!
SuperSloBro (1 year ago)
Man, Yoshi must have had a lot of trouble BLINKING HIS PUPIL.
Natasha Charles (1 year ago)
Mario party ds all three
I like Dungeon Duos
Rebecca Weems (1 year ago)
I loved Mario party DS
Rebecca Weems hey Rebecca how are you? It's nice to meet you and you're very cute.
Apple Frost (1 year ago)
I'll be honest. I've played Mario a few times in my life. The only game I was good at was Super Mario Sunshine. I personally prefer Sonic the Hedgehog over Mario, anyway. I grew up with Sega, so why not?
Gabo0802 (1 year ago)
10:43 you do realize that Mario Party ds is the best selling game in the franchise right?
Darksymphony777 (1 year ago)
I love mp3 & 5 had some of my favorite minigames
gracie day (1 year ago)
The best is locked out shock drop and roll look away and Strom chasers The worst was slot car derby platform peril baby Bowser broadside tug of war And frigid brigides
Momozono Love (1 year ago)
Soil Toil ugh Deserves its spot on the worst that’s for sure!
magicmasterfan1 (1 year ago)
rudder madness is bad, but how is it here and not flip the chimp??? i also hate dungeon duos since its mostly button mashing and i suck at it...justice for bowsers big(ger) blast and the beat goes on. also MPIQ as the worst in the series,wtf??? in general the questions that seem unfair have ridiculously easy answers, for example hell say who has won the most minigames or whatever and then the options will be 2 people not playing the game and someone who is...like really, theres sooo many worse minigames... finally soil toil can go die in a pit, only get the lead out manages to be worse than it.
just a normal pokemon (1 year ago)
10:40 Me Sullypwz Me I love the game tho
CrasherX 2000 (1 year ago)
Mario Party DS gets a mention.... ...for a bad mini game Man Mario Party DS is criminally underrated That game is my childhood
CrasherX 2000 (1 year ago)
AgentRedhead (1 year ago)
I don't know why, but I just love the way Josh says "Wii." It gets me to smile every time I hear it.
Nintendo Style (1 year ago)
I have mario party and I know someone who owns it( my friend). I'm surprised
Diana M (1 year ago)
Binging his countdowns right now.
ZetDerp (1 year ago)
I owned Mario party ds ;(
Dartanyan Elson (1 year ago)
All's fair in love and war and Mario Party.
wraithrater 76 (1 year ago)
Okay, A. M.P.I.Q is a great minigame, and f u for dissing it. 2, Cheep Cheep Chase was WAYYYYYY worse.
Zach Hodge (1 year ago)
My First Mario Party Game Was The DS Version. And Heat Stroke Is Like Favouritism For The 1 Player.
Emerald_Plays (1 year ago)
Only Mario Party Game I Owned Was Mario Party 4 (I Would Say I Got Pretty Lucky =D)
Benjamin Bocast (1 year ago)
I have all three of the questions
tankmon123 (1 year ago)
I like rudder madness
DeltaKnight (1 year ago)
13:58 to 14:04 MY SIDES.
DeltaKnight (1 year ago)
2:18 That's a great Bowser voice!
Mickspad (1 year ago)
One joshscorcher video in the suggested videos for me... weird

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