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Elastic Tree Hairstyle, Christmas Hairstyles

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We would love to see you on facebook! http://facebook.com/princesshairstyles Hey guys! Our hair tutorial today is a recreation of a Christmas hairstyle we posted on our blog way back in 2009 (before we did much of YouTube.) "The princess" was only 6 years old in the original post! So fun to look back at these old pics: http://www.princesshairstyles.com/2009/12/christmas-hairdo-christmas-tree.html This half up half down, elastic net "tree hairstyle" is quite subtle, which is what we wanted for today. The Princess was headed to an elegant Christmas dinner and we didn't want an overly obnoxious Christmas tree in her hair for this particular occasion! If you are wanting more of a festive looking tree for a lively Christmas party.... or even a hairstyle to go with an ugly sweater contest, ;) you could definitely add some ornaments or lights to this style. Also, if you place the elastics closer together, you can form more of an obvious triangle tree shape (if that is the look you are going for.) I'm thinking some jewels or other hair accessories placed at each elastic would also be lovely if you are wanting some added sparkle. Of course, this hairstyle could be worn for many occasions year round and is not just for Christmas. I think this particular style has a medieval or renaissance look to it which is super cute. I would plan on 15-20 minutes to complete this look. Our links: http://princesshairstyles.com http://facebook.com/princesshairstyles http://twitter.com/hair4myprincess http://instagram.com/hair4myprincess http://pinterest.com/hair4myprincess Get our free app: ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/princess-hairstyles/id815205625?mt=8 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.javatech.android.princesshairstyles Royalty free music from the YouTube library.
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Ratna Das (2 months ago)
Karima Karouma (2 months ago)
Zhaklin Vasileva (3 months ago)
This is amazing! Thank you! :)
Idrus Aja (4 months ago)
Zahra Eka Nurfuzya (4 months ago)
Harpreet Kaur (6 months ago)
Very nice 🤩
Tia Fitri (7 months ago)
I love it
Ala Talhi (7 months ago)
جميل جدا
anisa azzahra (7 months ago)
Aku mau dong
Becky Murphy (7 months ago)
It's known as a continental braid, and is seen often on horses in the show ring; the entire mane might be "braided," or only the top layer, leaving the rest free. It's very pretty.
علوش حياتي (7 months ago)
أنا بحب هاد القناة جدا جدا جدا رجاء اشتراك بالقناة بلييييز
Life Human (7 months ago)
Best hier satl
Palak Sharma (8 months ago)
Mariani Emriani (9 months ago)
Ab Wahab (9 months ago)
Rajendra Singh (9 months ago)
Kiran Kiran (9 months ago)
Nice click ylllll
Aldy Febrianto (9 months ago)
Aldy Febrianto (9 months ago)
Xtraordinary Noya Letuna (10 months ago)
I love it
Bunty Gill (10 months ago)
Tika Santoso (10 months ago)
Waw beatifull 😇
Sheraz Khan (11 months ago)
So nice
Ridhi Verma (1 year ago)
It's not that much good.😏
Sa3id HOMSS (1 year ago)
واوووو روعه انشالله اجربهاااااا🌰
Sa3id HOMSS (1 year ago)
Sa3id HOMSS (1 year ago)
يا سلام
Jitendra Meena (1 year ago)
Rohmani Money (1 year ago)
punjbi hairstyle (1 year ago)
i like it
Hmada. Mamad (1 year ago)
الفيديو اينه جميل جدا جدا
Baqir Khashaie (1 year ago)
dewi putri sihite (1 year ago)
dewi putri sihite (1 year ago)
Gus Taf (1 year ago)
Nizhoni Garcia (1 year ago)
Love it
Sahala Napitupulu (1 year ago)
Waw ini tuh bagus banget
S J siddique (1 year ago)
very nice 👌
ernestine alipala (1 year ago)
all this hairstyles of yours is what i have been finding
metha aulia (1 year ago)
I love it!
Renee Underwood (1 year ago)
ERIKA MELINDA (1 year ago)
I love it
bunso menes (1 year ago)
beautiful super
Gauri Saini (1 year ago)
really nice
Brainware User (1 year ago)
I love
Kavya Neelam (1 year ago)
Wow hair us silky awesome hairstyle 😜😗😄
Some Lese (1 year ago)
Jeg kan ikke engelsk men sykt cool
Chinaide Achy (1 year ago)
Nanu Lama (1 year ago)
Wow Nice 👍
ننوشة ة (1 year ago)
rohit cand (1 year ago)
Bagusssssssssssss banget
prabhat maurya (1 year ago)
lovely style
So biutiful to video
Rista Risden (1 year ago)
Zoe Amelie (1 year ago)
Ram Bahadur (1 year ago)
i love it
Marsitanto O (1 year ago)
Waduh cantik bener nih hahahahahahahaha
BIMLESH Misses (1 year ago)
ملكة الهدوء (1 year ago)
انا بسويها الحين لاختي عشان عندنا زواج
i girl (1 year ago)
this is easy and very beautiful
afrani mutiara (1 year ago)
So cute
Lareb Panhwar (1 year ago)
s.c. vish (1 year ago)
its a very cute hairstyle all the for your lucl
Manni Khatri (1 year ago)
vry nicee
Riduan Effendi (1 year ago)
bagus ya kuncit nya ya?
ramvir singh (1 year ago)
Mahendra Vyas (1 year ago)
good hairstyle
Tanzeela Jan (1 year ago)
nice styles
STUDY TRICKS (1 year ago)
Hastiyani Halik (1 year ago)
solafa soso stars (1 year ago)
انا نجحت معي لانو شعري حرير وناعم
AKRAM bajar (1 year ago)
precious magdayao (1 year ago)
Furaha Milliam (1 year ago)
can you came to do my hair like that
Furaha Milliam (1 year ago)
Nice do hair
موفيده هل التسريحات نتعلم منها الكثير
KOMAL MALHOTRA (1 year ago)
woww wonderfully
KOMAL MALHOTRA (1 year ago)
woww wonderfully
Taminder jeet singh (2 years ago)
its too preety... i also try it
ام سيف (2 years ago)
كلش حلو هاي التسريحة بس اكو بعد احله
Vijay Singh (2 years ago)
very nicely you have made
Nadia Majdi (2 years ago)
merci 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Anshul Chahal (2 years ago)
I do nt like
Aryan Muntode (2 years ago)
you have a very nices
Shabaz Kazi (2 years ago)
Very nice hair style I love it so much thanks di
Shoieb Khan (2 years ago)
Nice one
ehrhika ehrhika (2 years ago)
Justina UKo (2 years ago)
Reeeeely nice
Umair Beage (2 years ago)
I love hair style💋💋💓😃😘😘😘
umesh chandra (2 years ago)
Helen Sadon (2 years ago)
wow it's very nice
Esha Bashir (2 years ago)
So. Nice
DANIYAL daniyal (2 years ago)
waooo very nice
Nina Arwam (2 years ago)
aku rasa aku dah coba deh
me and my love (2 years ago)
Pushpa Raikwar (2 years ago)
very nice & Thank you so much
1 (2 years ago)
the wijaya chanel (2 years ago)
jelek aku enggasuka jelek iketan nya
ayrus Citra Salim (2 years ago)
ayrus Citra Salim (2 years ago)
ibagusbangat ajatido hahaha enggaenggak cumanbercanda
Kunal Bachhal (2 years ago)
so nice and preety
Kunal Bachhal (2 years ago)
i think this is so good
siva kumar dolai (2 years ago)

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