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Top Ten Music Battles

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Do you know these battles? No? How tragic. Let me teach you. Here's a countdown topic I've wanted to do for a long time. This is just a topic that's always fascinated me, but I've never been able to do it because it's been difficult to find good examples that fit the criteria of a music battle. I might do a top 10 "Music Themed" bosses in video games later down the line, if it's not too confusing/similar a topic. -------------------------------- Tumblr http://joshscorcher.tumblr.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/joshscorcher FOB Equestria http://www.fobequestria.com/
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Text Comments (1967)
Deaddy Fazpool (8 days ago)
4:29 *"Hey Dudes, I found a Quarter!"*
"...some of the only rap I can tolerate" Something tells me you're a massive tool that thinks all rap is about partying or sex.
Big Guy (14 days ago)
*Something tells me this video is 5 years old.*
A.J Armour (1 month ago)
No problem dude.
SSJ4 Jason (1 month ago)
Personally Duel Duet from Shock Treatment is my favorite.
MegaManDBZX (1 month ago)
You’re assuming that Johnny wouldn’t A: keep the fiddle in his house as a trophy or B: just sell the thing.
ArcticKaiju (2 months ago)
I think Johnny is as smart as everyone else here and wisely sold that golden fiddle for all it's worth.
Richard Williams (2 months ago)
Anyone know where 7:00 came from?
Ian Laughlin (2 months ago)
Um what about cartoon beat box battles that’s a good one?
Prysm Kitsune (2 months ago)
*snickers* you've probly seen them by now but a certain remixer by the name of tridashi in the brony fandom likes to point out in just how many songs the baseline for my little pony pops up in, the reason why is MLP actualy riped that from a 'very' old bit of clasical music, which alot of songs use as base or inspiration
Chronos (2 months ago)
illogical snow dragons can easily beat a yet because dragons are reptilan
Ian Laughlin (3 months ago)
How about top ten final boss fights in my opinion it was the one from sonic forces.
Sam Butler (3 months ago)
I just realized. The Devil had a Xanatos Gambit in _Devil Went Down to Georgia._ He wins, he gets Johnny's soul. He loses, he paints a giant target on Johnny's back for him to get mugged for a giant golden fiddle, so he still wins. There are only two outcomes in the song, and BOTH of them are accounted for. Holy shit.
Dakota Metzgar (4 months ago)
So what’s with the change in lo-why do I hear falling whistle?
Jonah Faulkner (4 months ago)
I love the Goof Off to
Giraffe Dragon (4 months ago)
Rank number zero: DANCE WATER DANCE
Agent Vicky G.R.T. (4 months ago)
What's with the relocation
Jonathan BarSela (5 months ago)
There's seriously one question that begs to be asked: Have you played Brutal Legend?
Picture Game (5 months ago)
That ending though.
Adam Bruchstein (5 months ago)
Why did you change location? Ps: NUKE THIS COMMENT
Brandon Britton (6 months ago)
what is the song used in the interludes to the next number
Big Guy (14 days ago)
The ntsc version
Big Guy (14 days ago)
Philistine, from No more heroes 2
Multirl the glasses (6 months ago)
Nowadays this list would have just shapes and beats somewhere on it
Scott Stewart (6 months ago)
6:39 am sorry Josh, I don't know who this person is.
stephen goldsworth (6 months ago)
hi josh =) edit: i just wanted to say hi
Deathclaw 101 (7 months ago)
Hooray for wierdall! I knew him from his song before I knee the pony.
purplefirekitty 1 (7 months ago)
If you like medal you need to check out toxiceternity on YouTube
Yusei Brony (7 months ago)
Yusei Brony (7 months ago)
15:00, What ROCK we've been living under? Really dude? That is just cheesey.
Honeymoonrapsody22 (7 months ago)
I dont listen to much metal. When i do its usualy instrumental or metal when an opers like feeling. But i ❤ transiberian orchestra. Ive always wanted to go to one of thier concerts. I love when people nix classical music and metal. If done right
Gavin Stevenson (7 months ago)
Do POSITIVE comments about the change in location get nuked? Because I like the new location.
jackson nightmare luner (7 months ago)
Hay, I was wondering what is your top 10 kingdom hearts keyblades?
Yusei Brony (8 months ago)
MrAlmostCool (8 months ago)
What about CROSS ROADS????!!!
Tsu Lee (8 months ago)
Don’t worry Josh, real men wear pink. 😎💖
Alex XLVI (8 months ago)
You could have said drumline instead of drum corps, a drumline is what is shown, a drum corps is a group that has Baritone, Mellophone (French Horn), Trumpet, Contra (Tuba), and percussion.
spinnirack Roberts (9 months ago)
"any comment about the change in location will be nuked"
Jeremye Tremblay (9 months ago)
18:50 LOL
Joseph Armstrong (9 months ago)
Here's something to check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy7vw6lCIY4
Molly Maloy (9 months ago)
trombonist over here geeking out
William Allison (10 months ago)
any comments about the change in location will be nuked!
rachel s (10 months ago)
this needs to be redone its been over 4 years so i wonder if its changed
A. person 456 (10 months ago)
what's the video in between
1withthelion (10 months ago)
I had a feeling you were going to hear the My Little Pony theme song in there and I'm glad you did
Ying the Eevee (10 months ago)
Josh is probably the most fun at a rock show
Benjamin Roedl (10 months ago)
I love the Devil went Down to Georgia!
Phoenix Rose (10 months ago)
Rainbow Rocks says hi!
Alberts Choise (10 months ago)
*hides in an orphanage* why the new place, Joshua?
Robert Park (11 months ago)
That song is so awesome its appears twice on your list.
martin 8934 (11 months ago)
I comment about the change in location
ArcticKaiju (11 months ago)
Haven't you thought that Johnny just sells the damn fiddle?
Pizza Games (11 months ago)
It’s obvious you are a brony
Karate Shark (11 months ago)
Weird al is my god
Shining Silvally (1 year ago)
I personally think that this is my favorite Top Ten you've made.
EnderBorn (1 year ago)
whats the transition music
Cody Hines (1 year ago)
The whole music battle vs the devil may have spawned from those myths of mortals challenging Apollo at the lyre. Of course those stories were meant to be warnings against pride and instead of Apollo it's the devil so we can show him up and feel awesome about it.
terminator pony (1 year ago)
Patrick's rock why
eaven hagston (1 year ago)
I was living under country rock and still herd it
Joeyjoejoejoejoe (1 year ago)
Nice new location nerd
Harry Thompson (1 year ago)
The ending ... once you know .. you can never unknow OMG!
Herman Cillo (1 year ago)
The inversion rule. If you combine enough stuff people don't like, it can cross the boundary of badness and loop all the way back around to awesome. Number four. All of my yes. Same goes for number 3. Well shit, I saw this years ago, and probably when my roommate watched it. I love that final joke/revelation before the credits!
golden soulider (1 year ago)
What is this song 6:25
Brendan Milburn (1 year ago)
golden soulider philistine (English version) from No More Heroes 2.
Eduard Khudoley (1 year ago)
Did you move?
Franklin King (1 year ago)
Rhapsody Ps1 or Ds
Startify (1 year ago)
No lu bu's? 😂😂
Fred Reindl (1 year ago)
The clean version is just as funny if not funnier than the original version. Speaking of funny edits, TV edits are hilarious, if there is something in place of it. "I've had with these monkey bitin' snakes on this Monday to Friday plane!"
The scarfed Eevee (1 year ago)
I know at least one of the album covers were Iron Maiden
Lost Ones soul (1 year ago)
Five words Devil. Went. Down. To. Georgia.
Mega Rayquaza Gaming (1 year ago)
Hey, you changed your-( The rest of this comment has been nuked.)
Melody Text (1 year ago)
16:34, what is that song? I've been trying to find it.
Brendan Milburn (1 year ago)
Melody Text philistine (English version) from No More Heroes 2.
Leostar (1 year ago)
johnny lives for 10 years after the duel, theres a follow up song
The Firesword Dragon (1 year ago)
Oh, I've heard of it. On the road. On repeat. A million times.
Andari Voom (1 year ago)
personally i preffer the ghIII verrsion of devil went to georgia... sounds way better
Rose Lynch (1 year ago)
I cant ... stop ... laughing! XD "holy shit that's my little pony!" and that face tho!
Verserer Gred (1 year ago)
MLP, Yay.
Nuke Overdrive (1 year ago)
What about guitaroo man ?
Leathurkatt (1 year ago)
You should listen to "Faerie Queen" by Heather Alexander. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbEwUTjKwLU
James Gurdyal (1 year ago)
16:04 Me right now
Silent Protagonist (1 year ago)
Things i will never understand bronies.
dr sokol cz (1 year ago)
sorry how it change (joshscorcher):WE NEED NEW PLACE (someone) ok and that how the place ment of couch change
Hall of Fame (1 year ago)
This video inspired me to draw up pictures of my own music battle game. My dream career is being a video game designer, and I already have several ideas for my own games, and games for other franchises.
The Patient One (1 year ago)
Rock remix of Little Fugue for the credits? Awesome. I also really like that you mentioned Oogie's Revenge, that game doesn't get enough credit, I say.
Ren Yuzu (1 year ago)
No Teatrhythim?
Blu Night (1 year ago)
just started watching your stuff and i know this video is 3 years old. but i love the fact you used Philistine from No more heros 2 boss battle music in this that was one of the most annoying but fun battles i did (the final boss was the most annoying) i have always loved that song in NMH2 and its my fav from the games.
Agent Maine (1 year ago)
I see...you changed location.
Zack V (1 year ago)
does anyone know what song he plays in-between the list numbers?
Taco Fish Bird (1 year ago)
No dueking banjos
LightningFedora3 (1 year ago)
What's with the change in location Please nuke my comment I want to feel special
DirtyBlonde (1 year ago)
Hard to believe something made by Disney is all the way at number 9
DirtyBlonde (1 year ago)
I'm glad I'm not the only one who HATES dubstep and rap.  To bad that's the only music in the youth group at church.  Seriously, before the service, they always have the same rapping songs.  When you've heard one you've heard them all...
Dima's Girl (1 year ago)
"The Devil watching his mouth. What did Hell freeze over or something?" Spoken like someone who has never seen Gounod's "Faust".
Were are you
Leostar (1 year ago)
also, bout devil went down to georgia, johnny lives for 10 years, there's a sequel to the song
ArchAng14 (1 year ago)
one for your consideration- Rock and Rule. obscure Canadian animation.
Swoosh Mcjuice (1 year ago)
i wanna watch mlp but idk wheres a good starting point
Archangel Supreme (1 year ago)
Congrats dethklok you've made the MLP gen 4 intro epic... WITH METAL!!!😝🤘
princecrimsonrain1199 (1 year ago)
Weird how he promotes the Charlie Daniels version of the song Devil went down to Georgia, but is showing clips from the Primus music video.
nathan dravis (1 year ago)
*Cough* Half of the Deemo Soundtrack is dubpiano *COUGH* And its amazing *Shot*
darkrai hedgehog (1 year ago)
hey Josh thanks for turning me on to tenacious d i really appreciate it i would have never known what a great movie it was without you so thanks
MaxTheGreat14 (2 years ago)
That cut to Animaniacs is so funny.
Zelda Nerd (2 years ago)
omg change in location... I love it
train fan 4014 (2 years ago)
during the transitions between numbers what was that animation behind the numbers from?

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