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Top 20 Highly Creative People You Need To See

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Top 20 Highly Creative People You Need To See Thank you for watching Please Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share with your friends ------------------------------------------------------ via: Street printing: @raubdruckerinberlin Colored pencils: Nick Zammeti https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-NIwFRX5xg Basket: @dlwoodworking Coin: https://www.instagram.com/romanbooteen/?hl=en @solsticewoodworks Mirjana Kika Milosevic https://www.youtube.com/c/MirjanaKikaMilosevic For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] music: Erik Lund - Summertime (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/E338aF6QHu8 Ikson - New Day https://soundcloud.com/ikson Erik Lund - Summertime (Vlog No Copyright Music) https://soundcloud.com/erik-lund-18 https://twitter.com/eriklund91 --------------------------------------- Thanks For Watching!
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Text Comments (1339)
Marcelo A (8 hours ago)
Como se llama la musica que suena?
FireLinkz Medz (23 hours ago)
Very cool t-shirt design! I wonder if my neighbor will allow me to vandalize his driveway for my t-shirt pattern? 🤔🤔
Kumari Priya (1 day ago)
I love that coin. That's amazing. ❤️👌
Bridget M (2 days ago)
I like the coins!
Lavanya jadi (4 days ago)
Most beautiful
True Smith (4 days ago)
Ok, the shoes though.
Sharon Mallory (5 days ago)
GOD given talent!!!!!
Luis Enrique #73 (6 days ago)
Super genial la pieza que hizo en el minuto 7: 17...genial
doctormohammad adil (10 days ago)
Last one amazing
Jonan TheBeebarian (13 days ago)
The basket bowl from plywood at the 6-7 minute mark blew me away... can't wait to try that !
Iqra Esha (14 days ago)
kota hassan (14 days ago)
Very Nice
Techwise Jor (18 days ago)
Music is from the melodic world. If you wanna hear more of the same, then I recommend Fluidifieds mix "First Snow". There's also the main channel of Fluidified, as well as the channels of SuicideSheep, MrSuicideSheep, Sheepy Mixes and Arctic Empire. Those are all promoters. Some of the producers of the Melodic world where this music comes from are producers like Jacoo, Ghosts of Paraguay, CMA Music, Blackmill, Lowercase Noises, 4lienetic, Nyanara, Koda and more. That world is huge and it's all about emotions and chilling max out. One of my personal favorite artists has to be Koda. Dude makes some amazing tracks. A few good introduction tracks to him would be Staying, Leaving, The Last Stand and Emerald Dreams, but honestly all of his tracks are pure perfection.
Marga German (18 days ago)
3:25 wow! Black Theater 3:59 break in the wall
Hum Tum (19 days ago)
Peytonjacy :P (21 days ago)
Thanks for putting the thumbnail as the first clip
Althea Wong (22 days ago)
These people have a lot of time...
Bam Librado (22 days ago)
يوسف [مراكش] (25 days ago)
3:45 وااااااو
Mariya Andriyanova (25 days ago)
Я задумывалась будет елка,а вышла тарелка.😢
Tatag Mutaqin (26 days ago)
yes indo lose in creativity to western
sharon w (26 days ago)
what  material were they using for the carved bowls.  very pretty
Remie Britania (26 days ago)
I love this!
Forged F1R3 (26 days ago)
Im sorry but those crocs used to climb a fricking pole... Never seen shit like that 👀
Naseem Khan (26 days ago)
When I am involved and busy with arts and crafting I am telling the politicians - bicker and fight as much as you like, I am being productive, so go away. Thank you. Now, I will actually praise these artists for giving us endless creativity. I like this life-style better, it is healthier.
karaththa kolamba (27 days ago)
I like it
CabbDeSav (28 days ago)
Do the t shirt designs stay there after washing them??
Regan Butler (28 days ago)
How is adhering a sticker to a ceiling talented and impressive?
sauropod (28 days ago)
That bowl is very labor intensive but very creative. How much would something like that sell for?
sauropod (28 days ago)
Concerning the electric bunkbed. What happens if an electrical blackout?
No Excuses (29 days ago)
3:49 nice paying job but work on those cut out overlays smh
Shyam Prasad (29 days ago)
Shyam Prasad (29 days ago)
Emmanueli maxxaka (1 month ago)
The North (1 month ago)
Technically the first clip is not how you print on a shirt. If you print that way, the shirt will be ruined after washing.
fck fracking (1 month ago)
Wonder how many people walk around the last one!! Always loved those 3d floor paintings
Glenn Jordan (1 month ago)
That is absolutely brilliant
Flowergirl Power (1 month ago)
Native ninja Cool guy (1 month ago)
Is the first one using paint if it is would it not just wash off in the washer because it’s paint or would it stain I don’t know Can you guys correct me please
KNIGHT RIDER RAJIB (1 month ago)
1:39 Indian spotted
gustama huda (1 month ago)
music name 00.30 - 03.33?
Ambrose (1 month ago)
someone explain the potato thing? afaik this is how it's done...
21rokhmate 21rokhmate (1 month ago)
Leonard Knox (1 month ago)
Welcome to join our Facebook Group: Do Your Own Business, we are promoting kinds of hundreds of goods, hope you will like them.
Patricia Fernandes (1 month ago)
What a waste of wood!
FireBricker (1 month ago)
1:50 what if someone closed the bed with you in it
Guinevere Binnu (1 month ago)
OK the coin thing really got me
Marina GoogieBear (1 month ago)
Wow Amazing 👌
Matt Giamporcaro (1 month ago)
Ha! Vandalism! ☺
ANTIQUEFOTOS (1 month ago)
Who cleaned up all the black paint they left behind on the road?
James Juggler (1 month ago)
Movie is great. music is terrible.
helmfer (1 month ago)
Americans used be like that. But then they became conservatives...
Dalia (1 month ago)
The very first one is pretty cool. I wonder if I'd get in trouble if I wanted try it though.. just randomly painting on the street to make a T-shirt.
Gamer kid (1 month ago)
Legends Never Die ,They just Respawn!🙃
Cannibal Chickens (1 month ago)
I am creeped out by the colored pencils.... I don't like a bunch of holes or look alike holes.... (I'm trypophobic) other than that this was a nice vid
Anthony Curnow (1 month ago)
Those coins were fuckin sick
Bhupinder Kaur (1 month ago)
hs5hen (1 month ago)
One of the bgm used is from TTEOTS, lol
osuushiza8 (1 month ago)
Idu the farmer part...? *i bet those coins r worth banks!
SIIN XX7 (1 month ago)
like four of theme were a total waste of resources and time with zero artistic taste whatsoever, the other ones were pretty cool, I will label as "highly" probably the savespace forniture, the coin and the tshirts
Judi Christopher (1 month ago)
"WOW" Great Video
Ezaarkash (1 month ago)
a few pretty cool things...
Creative Minds (1 month ago)
I love this stuff !
Michel Chapman (1 month ago)
The chick with grey hair can get it!
Michel Chapman (1 month ago)
Holy wow
Mocking69 (1 month ago)
--cLAsic-- (1 month ago)
Hey wait a minute , that white girl painted herself black , According to mainstream media , that is racist.....
stilliving (1 month ago)
it's white to black so that makes it ok
Kristiana Sionruva (1 month ago)
Ingénieux, fabuleux 😍😄💖
TAMI Hieroglyphs4Real (1 month ago)
I Love everything about this especially those coins & the folding table!
farhat nisa (1 month ago)
the last one is amazing
warsame Yaahoo (1 month ago)
there a lot of genius in Africa who ca create but there is no tools I'm sorry
Sonia Ortiz (1 month ago)
Snooby66 (1 month ago)
Pretty standard stuff
Desere Olson (1 month ago)
Was that nick zametti!?
The Pine Dock Dot Com (1 month ago)
Oh, the things I could do if I had time!
Mohite Navinchandra (1 month ago)
Nice vid
Leonie Gureghian (1 month ago)
Tks much for sharing your ideas ... If I may ask, wherre such coins could be found? Very interesting ones actually ...
aiyanna peoples (1 month ago)
I would like to do the t-shirt thing but might get in trouble with the law
Die Münzen sind ja der Hammer
Jikook Cortez (1 month ago)
3:39 Song ?
Sweet Slimez (1 month ago)
I really love the coin
ALIAS PROJECTS (1 month ago)
What about those coins?
Doug Boggio (1 month ago)
The hole in the ceiling ...........what a frikken neat idea And the sidewalk art...........wow
My brothers shared my channel I want to help you to become a subscriber😘😘😘
TOP_WSP (1 month ago)
I want that coin
Surasa Wandenoor (1 month ago)
At first,I thought we we Will be spared the idiotic soundtrack.Too bad.
Qazi Waqar (1 month ago)
Zid z (1 month ago)
Pass them coins
Ronnie Nam (1 month ago)
So relaxing watching this. If only people could enjoy and not start wars.... if only
Ashleigh Matthews (1 month ago)
Wow, loved it.
DON ARUNX ZEIN (1 month ago)
sunnysideup12 (1 month ago)
Where to find 1921 silver dollar!?
Frisbee dog (1 month ago)
Oh god the music
Jennifer Rhone (1 month ago)
Why bother if the video is so fast? ???
StringsNBlingz (1 month ago)
The segmented bowl without a lathe is pretty impressive.
John K (1 month ago)
why doesnt the pole climber shoe slip ??
Healing City (1 month ago)
AMAZING VIDEO beautiful 🙏 Namaste 🌸 I like this Nice fantastic video! your perfectly to me. New friend here, and channel let's be friends:D I sub and 👍🏻

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