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Super Random Facts You Don't Need To Know

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Text Comments (10767)
Micah Gelok (20 hours ago)
I dont know about yall but i can stop my hiccups within 30 seconds
Tia Terry (1 day ago)
I have a Motorola!!
joker ALANSARI (1 day ago)
Sujata Saha (1 day ago)
I never experienced snow
MEGAN CHNG MIN EN (2 days ago)
im that 2/3 who has not experience snow
Natalie Henry (2 days ago)
I have been blessed... With snow. 🙄
dvhine yu (2 days ago)
There is no Snow in the Philippines so...we never experience snow..how sad HAHAHAHA
Bangtan ashlyn (3 days ago)
I have a Moto e5 😓
TheDarkLunarcy (4 days ago)
Dude I missed school and guess what, I hated it
TheDarkLunarcy (4 days ago)
During he traffic jam
Valarie Mahadeo (4 days ago)
Trinidad don't have snow
Nani Blanco (5 days ago)
Philippines don't experience snow days
Azim Sheikh (5 days ago)
I have never experienced snow or touched =[ [one like = one snowy day ]
Casey Vlogz (5 days ago)
I never expirence snow from philippines
Genesis Rueda (5 days ago)
Tall:Motorola's barley exist Me:I HAVE THE MOST RARE PHONE IN THE WORLD!!!
Bangtan ashlyn (3 days ago)
I have one too
Bushra AlAssafy (6 days ago)
When y’all where thinking that this guy who had hiccups for 69 yrs was unlucky, I was thinking about 69 years. 69 69 69 69 69
Huda Tube (6 days ago)
I never experienced snow before.😭🌨☃️ I live in the UAE.🇦🇪
Alyson P (6 days ago)
You Might Not Know Who Is The Best Ppl Feed the first word
Sharon Nicholas (6 days ago)
1:01 -but Anna came back though
Harmony Guan HAHA LOL
Harmony Guan (5 days ago)
Ayaan Mughal (7 days ago)
In my country i never seen snow Cause i live near the equator
Vlog foster Fox (7 days ago)
My mum has a motarola 😇
Vincent_Wei 20255055 (7 days ago)
I'm Chinese
Eliza-Mari Groenewald (9 days ago)
I was not so far in snow🙁
Sidney Lundstrom (10 days ago)
Yea a marble is a ball of glass they just said ball of glass to be fancy
Jade star baks (10 days ago)
Sivolee Paul (11 days ago)
1:29 I knew this one since 2017....
Krishna Ghosh (11 days ago)
I have never seen snow IRL😔
Liam Neitzel (11 days ago)
I am from M.N.
Talor 2040 (12 days ago)
Theres no youtube in china
Leticia Rodriguez (12 days ago)
I have moto...
ItsLazyPotato (13 days ago)
I have never experience or see snow ever i'm not lying!
Mandy Valdez (13 days ago)
July 4 2019 and still watching this🤣 and still hasn't experience snow🤣
Beverly Yagins (13 days ago)
I never seen snow
Beverly Yagins (13 days ago)
Im in Florida
Jacobi Garcia (13 days ago)
? =1
Jacobi Garcia (13 days ago)
I threw ? snowballs in my life
Dennise Sommer (13 days ago)
Motorolas r lit phones, can get WiFi almost anywhere, and r larger than an iPhone se, but are at least twenty dollas cheaper!!!!! Like if u agree!! ⏬
SandyYouTube (14 days ago)
I have never experienced snow🌨❄️⛄️☃️☹️🥺
Sans Memes (14 days ago)
2:22 my bully has a Motorola
Mike Hunt (14 days ago)
Never seen/touched snow in my life
Bisakha Pal (15 days ago)
I have never seen snow
Happy LittlePiggies (15 days ago)
Snow...is meh...okay.
Mekii the amazing (15 days ago)
Err I has Motorola 😅
Princess kitty Tantria (16 days ago)
I’ve never experienced snow cuz I live in Indonesia 🇮🇩 and you know indonesia only have 2 seasons. Rainy and dry season.😞
Dave Riegelman (16 days ago)
I have a motorola
09Wolf Gaming (16 days ago)
Holly Morgan (16 days ago)
Omg I have a Motorola g6 play they are Soo good better than iOS I have had both
Łêńàføxÿ Čhāñ (19 days ago)
Captain america can.
When I was a child we used to drop marbles and rubber balls from the third floor (IDK why I do that) and the marble actually reaches the 4-5 floor.
I haven't experienced snow..... Hello from PHILIPPINES!
Liam God Of flames (21 days ago)
I can never expierence snow. Cause I live in the pilipinas!
skuul binder (22 days ago)
How do you think BlackPanther came back alive when he got frozen
Dark Knight (23 days ago)
I saw snow when I was 5 6 or 7
hussain 4 gaming (24 days ago)
I wish I see snow
Gaming Bunny (25 days ago)
I have never experienced or have seen snow in real life cause I live in India 🇮🇳
Hawk Gaming (26 days ago)
I have never seen snow
Kiana s. (27 days ago)
i never experienced snow :(
Avenger Guy (27 days ago)
1:03 so how do yuh think captain America made it outta the ice
Conroy January (27 days ago)
I haven't experienced snow I am in South Africa
Manidipa Sardar (28 days ago)
I haven't experienced or seen snow
Captin Shnacke scwiin (28 days ago)
3:38 What the hell I watching this with one I also have 43 Moto phones
lets gameplay (28 days ago)
2:25 I have a Motorola phone :( BTW they are the most popular phones in Mexico :/
Alice Morongwa (28 days ago)
There's no snow in South Africa
Voltron Rex (28 days ago)
I never touched or see snow because I'm in Malaysia I will one day though...
Jón Ingi Halldórsson (27 days ago)
Voltron Rex yea but it’s cold all the time
Voltron Rex (27 days ago)
@Jón Ingi Halldórsson lucky you
Jón Ingi Halldórsson (27 days ago)
Voltron Rex i am from iceland and on the winter is snow all the time
Bassel Nehme (29 days ago)
I saw snow 4 times in my life and I turned 10 today, Monday, June 17th, 2019. Like if you want to tell me happy birthday 🎂 😁☺😃😄 thanks if you liked. 😄😄😄^o^
Ninjagos Minecraft Fan (1 month ago)
I never experienced snow!
Honesty Is Honest (1 month ago)
I have a Motorola phone.😐
Furous Destoreryer (1 month ago)
Abu Huraira Aayan (1 month ago)
In bangladesh there is no snow
Abu Huraira Aayan (1 month ago)
Yep I never touched snow
chikennuggets (1 month ago)
Frogs are like lobsters
Rainu The Octoling (1 month ago)
I recently saw someone with the Apple shirt
Shyamkumar Khangembam (1 month ago)
I have not seen or experienced snow until now and I will never experienced it 😟😟😞
Nikeisha Pragasen (1 month ago)
I live in Durban, South Africa and it doesn't snow because we live to close to the Indian ocean...another random fact is that KwaZulu Natal has the largest population of Indians outside India😂I have seen snow but only in Drakensberg😁
Buttuchka (1 month ago)
Tals videos are scripted.
Asif Ghani (1 month ago)
I am nine and I have not seen snow like this comment if you have never seen snow before
AsnThesurpent 69 (1 month ago)
AsnThesurpent 69 (1 month ago)
Fairlane Bynum (1 month ago)
I haven't seen snow 😭😭😭😭😭
Marcus Lopez (1 month ago)
Click bate
Galaxy Wolf (1 month ago)
2019 anyone? No just me?
neetha shetty (1 month ago)
Im the one who never experience d sniw
Alaa Bridan (1 month ago)
I’m in Australia
I've never seen or experienced snow in my life.......
Rudy Sierra (1 month ago)
I was bore in 2010
Ivy Jackson (1 month ago)
2:16 in Belgium we still call every phone with buttons a brick or "een baksteen" in dutch
Jadis Noakes (1 month ago)
Zombie fish ...no lobster sorry ( * -*)
Nexnang 122 (1 month ago)
Tal: Who buys Motorola? Me: (has the newest Motorola phone (z3 play) ) ........Me...................*sigh*
JDHunterG (1 month ago)
On G10 In China There was Road Work
Estrelly De Guzman (1 month ago)
Im from the Philippines and were one of them
sweetwickedrose xoxo (1 month ago)
That explai6 unicorn poo it's sherbet 😲😲😲
Lesi PlaysHacks (1 month ago)
I've never seen snow because we don't have snow in our country.
Brick Boiz (1 month ago)
Philippines example
Eckhard Smit (1 month ago)
I have never seen snow😔
Nicki Wyse (1 month ago)
I bought a Motorola 5 minutes ago 😱👽😅
trexer gaming (1 month ago)
Lol thats just in the china traffic bruh go to the philipines haha
Raymundo Austria (1 month ago)
I'm part of the people who didn't ecsperience snow
#Jolby Shipper (1 month ago)
No wonder the traffic lasted for 10 days! Everyone kept getting out of their cars. The cars won’t go if there isn’t a person to drive it🤦‍♀️
Dani (1 month ago)
I experience a hell lot of snow, at least 5 ft every year
DarkDestroyer 433 (1 month ago)
Shuaigelongfei Shen (1 month ago)

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