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Magic Colour Changing Genie Lip Paint from Barry M

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Available now in the UK at Boots, Superdrug and online at: http://www.barrym.com/products/lips/genie-1/genie.html Genie lip paint is green... but magically turns your pout an ultra-long lasting personal shade of pink. It does this by adapting to the Alkaline in your lips. In other words, every person is different and every look is unique! Genie lasts for eight hours too so you can achieve an all-day custom kiss that's all your own. (Genie is an improved formulation of Barry M's popular 'Touch of Magic' lip paint.) Huge thanks to the staff and students at the London College of Beauty Therapy -- LCBT -- for their help in making this video. www.lcbt.co.uk
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Text Comments (24)
mikayla myers (1 year ago)
It's fuckn shit! Will not come off!!
kacpi20043 4 (2 years ago)
in che negozi si compra?
Neha Bhatnagar (2 years ago)
Such a sweet and good advert.
Larisa Ion (3 years ago)
We had the same thing but over 40 years ago, and it turns bright red and it last almost 2 days!
Evie Waters (3 years ago)
I bought this thinking it would be great! Next thing I know I'm using it and I got it on my tooth... Took me 20 times brushing my teeth to get it off would not recommend as it stained my lips and my grandmas aswell as my tooth!
Evie Waters (2 years ago)
+NSA88 haha just letting everyone know 😂
NSA88 (2 years ago)
I literally saw your comment on every single genie related video that I watched
Nova Alyousef (3 years ago)
this lips exist since the 70's or probably the 60's it's old the magic green turn to pink thoo  and the 70's people concoder it old fasion in my country thoo 
Laiken Carrington (4 years ago)
Were these limited addition or can I still buy one?? I really want this.
Laiken Carrington (4 years ago)
Okay thanks! :)
MSNT (4 years ago)
Just bought mine from Asos with 15% off!
kay bee (4 years ago)
i swatched it i love it i like the fact that it turns into a pink that matches your skin tone
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h s (4 years ago)
I'm buying this!
lorna zhang (4 years ago)
I swear it stains
Evie Waters (3 years ago)
It does look at my comment
M M (4 years ago)
It doesn't stain but it lasts... A long time.
Andrea Chyne Machica (4 years ago)
Need this in my life. This reminds me of ky childhood.
Karen Oderkirk (4 years ago)
This concept has been around probably for about 30 years now...... it is nothng new
sarita (4 years ago)
Yeah my mum gave me hers before barry M s released
Kiss MylipStick (4 years ago)
yhh our grandmothers had tht
ines laref (4 years ago)
Yeah ! In marroco since 30 year ! Really it´s nothing new
Belinda Chance (4 years ago)
Love Genie!!! Lasts ages too :-) :-)
Meg Davies (4 years ago)
doesn't this already exsist? i have one my self xx

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