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Alexander McQueen's Last Show - Plato Atlantis Spring 2010 Paris Fashion Week | FashionTV - FTV.com

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Alexander McQueen's Last Show - Plato Atlantis Spring 2010 Paris Fashion Week | FashionTV - FTV.com
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Joygernaut M (2 months ago)
I really want to appreciate this fashion but I can’t look past the concentration camp thin models. Omg..as a medical professional it’s hard to watch.
Ghazala Ali (3 months ago)
He shows boobs a lot
Suzy Young (4 months ago)
These models are so anorexic it’s obvious and rather scary as they look so unhealthy.....how is that a positive role model for fashion or anything else? what is the point of dead looking starving models!? Also Alexander should have put his focus on doing wardrobe etc. for science fiction films instead of runway...REALLY...who buys this stuff?.....And FYI Mc Queen did NOT know how to make a woman’s body look great, as one starved young model said, quite the opposite..............It’s not beautiful, NOT sexy in the least...I just watched a wonderful Dolce Gabbana runway show which was also avant- garden and off beat fashion, but in which all types of woman were represented.....upbeat joyful.....not reptilian space creatures, which is so overdone, redundant....boring.
Yeah I agree, (9 days ago)
This show was very influential on high street fashion. Coral colours, organic prints and pattern, architectural silhouette, vertical symmetry, etc. Catwalk fashion is about more than just "buy this exact very expensive dress."
Jeroen (3 months ago)
calm down....... take a breath....
Antol Linkelm (7 months ago)
yay ;(
Elsa Amorio (8 months ago)
The fucking Heels!!!
warmestglow (8 months ago)
Wow. People throw around the words "phenomenal" and "genius" and "respect" in everyday life, but they should only really apply to staggering geniuses such as Lee Alexander McQueen; this is where the work and the vision is nothing but. Such a tragedy he was worked to the ground and didn't see how much he was loved on this Earth when his own life went into upheaval. And 10-12 collections a year is just stupid, and whoever had him keep to that work schedule is inhumane. Wherever you are now Lee, bless you; you have inspired so many and your work and energy will live on forever! x
Rafiel Rosario (9 months ago)
Ok Lee, you’ve rested enough now. Come back now please
Fanticide Fanticide (9 months ago)
just another example of extreme satanic worship, looks like he ripped off star trek!
Jaye Ankh (9 months ago)
disgusting non human
Cirque Du Opinion (8 months ago)
Humans are the most disgusting thing around.
Jip Fluffy (9 months ago)
Waiting for a broken ankle in those hoof shoes
cromerbeach (9 months ago)
I like the hair more than the clothes
benjamin pineda jr. (10 months ago)
For me.. Fashion is boring.. Except McQueen's...
Fernando Aries (10 months ago)
Bella Katherman (10 months ago)
That hair!! Those shoes!
chipmunktubetop (11 months ago)
"I'm not going to fall off these heels. I'm not going to fall off these heels. I'm not going to fall off these heels."
RaemundVP (11 months ago)
I miss this superb soul and uber amazing human.
NewtNukem (1 year ago)
This crap looks like something from 2049 when the world has gone to pot an McQueen looks like a serial killer in disguise. Who would even wear this stuff, if you could afford it. Yeah maybe talented in his field but what a pointless wasn't talent.
sheiladmj (1 month ago)
3:41 nuff said
Miss Mena (9 months ago)
You sound like an incredibly miserable human being 😂😂😂
Anuna Ticova (9 months ago)
@NewtNukem lmao , oh please. Foolish to such generalisation, assuming my or anyone's ability to fit a designer's piece. If i had the financial possibility to collect these pieces you best believe that I WOULD fit them and WOULD wear them; especially to deliver the idea's within my lunatic world. My healthy petite alien lunatic nature speaks for itself , but you seem to know better about my existence and possibilities stranger on the internet.
NewtNukem (9 months ago)
@Anuna Ticova Well no you couldnt cause no normal person could fit in them. You need be one of these bone skinned unhealthy models to fit in it which your not an if are you need get help soon as
Anuna Ticova (9 months ago)
If i could afford it , i'd wear it.
Maximino Morelos (1 year ago)
Those dresses should be included in the star wars movies
cute girl (1 year ago)
That Tanya girl, the 1st model who spoke; her teeth and bulging eyes scary.
T Hopp (11 months ago)
cute girl she's hot
Mateus Ribeiro (1 year ago)
Lady gaga ripped McQueen off so badly. Jesus!
Miss Mena (9 months ago)
Literally at 9:50 he closes the show playing lady gaga 😂. Designers dont pick random music to play or close their shows. Ofcourse he was cool with lady gaga!
Hoswendt (10 months ago)
Mateus Ribeiro gaga wishes she were friends with Lee
Jose Capistran-Guzman (10 months ago)
VOLANTIS Ok, let's move on. They were not friendly they simply worked together on a project. He's dead and no turning back time. I would hate to have friends and feel all alone. So deep down he felt unloved. Having people or celebrities around you doesn't fulfill your needs. Either you allow them in or your not comfortable enough with them. Let's see the NEXT design darling...keep the talent moving.
TaRon Thomas (1 year ago)
just so we're clear people. you cannot steal a well known legends work in such a way that it depicts their creativity through your music. Gaga would've been sued by McQueen's estate. he definitely gave her permission to use his clothing.
TaRon Thomas (1 year ago)
I am glad someone pointed that out. I think people should do they're research before commenting. how dreadful.
Strable Fable (1 year ago)
These models look otherworldly when they are walking in that runway but when they open that mouth to talk ... no , just no .
Hoswendt (10 months ago)
Strable Fable walking mannequins. What is there to expect?
Stephanie Putnam (1 year ago)
Strable Fable Models are usually all younger than 24. All these girls are probably 16-22 years of age. They don’t have a lot of life experience. I hate that everyone gives models a hard time, not realizing they are still kids. And most don’t even do this job full-time.
Не Гальяно это! 
Jacob Del Negro (4 years ago)
Henis the reason im going to be a fashion designer
MylesHampstead (4 years ago)
Luis Rojas (5 years ago)
Countless non-talented designers ripped off this collection, Lee was my last hope in fashion.
Mark France (5 years ago)
Harvey Robinson (1 year ago)
I miss him
Caligula Longhbottom (1 year ago)
i think it was a pair of the ready to wear bootie styles with the metal plate on the front and arched heels (very similar to walter steiger) not the infamous armadillos or alien shoes. the only ones that were made were the ones worn during the runway, they were destined to be used in editorials and lent to stylists and sold to a few eccentric friends....daphne.
Jane Hopper. (1 year ago)
Irkajavasdream (5 years ago)
Alexander McQueen and John Galliano...talented men, beyond talented, flippin GENIUSES! I am so sad still, I cry about Lee, and I fear JG will soon follow him, since wtf is wrong with the world of fashion that he is not placed right back where he was, DOING COUTURE AND RTW for the biggest lines??!! Anyone would be so lucky to have him as a designer. As if no one else gets messed up and says stupid sheisse! Lee pushed those boundaries on a much larger scale, the Punk Rock designer the rebel who was my hero! John said ONE thing, one night and loses his entire career?? World of Fashion I hate you for not letting John back in on a huge scale. Perhaps John prefers a break? We will never know the truth. It is a secretive world, his. Alexander, sweet love, I can't express enough grief over your short career that fills my world with so much love and beauty. So much intrigue,so much fascination. your every design is from your heart and gut, your creative was never ending, but just like pop stars, actors, and models, the world you live in expects way too much from you.Without some sort of drugs, how could one keep up? Alex had to do cocaine to try to keep us, and damn it, it caused him to lose his grip on reality! This society kills our best talents by wanting more and more, and having no respect for the woman, or man inside. We have no compassion, just wanting more and more, look at what we write to our entertainers..."when will the next ____ be out? Hurry! What's taking so long? Why did you do this, why didn't you do that? You gained weight, you look like shiz...Hurry and entertain me more!!! Sadly Alexander was a victim of this disregard and greed. Your art and your smile, you inside, Lee will live on forever in my heart. Thank you deeply for everything you gave us, and will continue to bless us with, as we have the luxury to see your clothes, shows, and other creative works you did during your short stay. if you don't know how much of an impact you had on the world of fashion, I hope you do soon. So many after you have been inspired by youo and your work. THANK YOU MR. MCQUEEN, ART PUNK, MY HERO!! I LOVE YOU
Z M (9 months ago)
Irkajavasdream ‘stupid sheisse’?! Are you taking the piss?, he made 30 Antisemitic insults in 45 minutes, hardly stupid sheeise
enzo lim (5 years ago)
I missed him :(
M .Crandell (5 years ago)
supz kewl.

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