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12 Style Secrets All Classy Women Know

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↓ OPEN THIS FOR MORE INFO ↓ Hey everyone! I am so excited to share this video on the 12 Style Secrets that ALL Classy Women Know (and follow!) Make sure to watch my video on Classy Style for Beginners (linked below) if you haven't already and as always, thank you for subscribing!! Xo, R SHOP THE VIDEO: Pin Stripe Jeans at Macy's: https://www.macys.com/shop/product/lauren-ralph-lauren-premier-skinny-crop-jeans?ID=5712491&CategoryID=3485&swatchColor=Light%20Striped%20Wash#fn=DEPARTMENT_TYPE%3DJeans%3B%3BPants%3B%3BShorts%3B%3BSkirts%26SIZE%3D%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D178%26ruleId%3D65%7CBOOST%20ATTRIBUTE%7CBOOST%20SAVED%20SET%26searchPass%3DmatchNone%26slotId%3D1 FOLLOW ME ON : Blog: https://www.TheRachelReview.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therachelreview/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therachelreview44/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/therachelreview For collaboration requests, please e-mail [email protected] ___________________________________________________________________ Contact me: For all non-business related inquiries and subscribers please e-mail [email protected] {DISCLAIMER: I use affiliate links and advertising sponsorships as a means to monetize this video. As always, all opinions stated are my own. Using affiliate links does not charge you, the consumer, in their use.}
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The Rachel Review (3 months ago)
08.19.18 Hello everyone! I just wanted to post a comment on here to let everyone know that I have been reading your comments and I am taking in all of the great feedback! You have all been so amazing and I am so happy that you are here watching The Rachel Review. I just wanted to take the time to address a few points on this video: 1) I published this video over two months ago and my channel was at less than 1,000 subscribers. I was speaking to *my audience at the time*, mostly American women. The video has since gone viral and people from all over the globe are comment on it and critiquing it. I have heard your comments and will add in the changes to my *NEW* videos 2) ON MY TALKING TOO MUCH: Again, I am working on cutting down my videos to make them easier to digest. I do talk a lot, but it is because I care and want my audience to have the complete picture of what I am thinking. 3) ON POLYESTER: Everyone has had (or still has) something polyester in their wardrobe. I get it, I truly do. BUT, *I stand by what I said* when I say that polyester does not last the test of time. If you don't like my view on this, feel free to NOT watch my channel :) 4) ON THE VISUALS: I published this video two months ago and have since learned that you all need more visuals! Thank you for informing me, I will certainly add many more visuals to my future videos! Thank you everyone for watching, subscribing, sharing and commenting - I look forward to creating many more videos for you here on The Rachel Review. Xo, R.
kharal bilal (2 days ago)
Anusha Singh (17 days ago)
Polyester is NOT bad.. many amazing beautiful fabrics are made of polyester and they are beautiful.
Tesha Miller (2 months ago)
Girl LISTEN! I'm not about to sit here and read your separate explanations to everyones complaints because you had me CRACKING UP this whole video!😂😂😂😂 I LOVE your personality. You seem down to earth, real, and fun. You are YOU and that's lovely, and there's absolutely no problem with how you did this video. Keep them coming gorgeous.Thank you for all the great tips😊❤
Irma Eckford (2 months ago)
The Rachel Review .
Sandra Picciotto (4 hours ago)
Talk to much.
Angelina Zubrilina (5 hours ago)
Love your energy and knowledge. Thank you.
Christina Martins (1 day ago)
Sorry but not every ody can pull off a pair of white pants...
Christina Martins (1 day ago)
Sorry but not every ody can pull off a pair of white pants...
sandra james (1 day ago)
Excellent advice Rachel. This comes from a 52 year old successful, professional woman.
kharal bilal (2 days ago)
YOU no oooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
kharal bilal (2 days ago)
I am girl not lady
Susan Hesler (3 days ago)
Excellent message, especially point #1 - we don't want to be, as Mammy in Gone With the Wind said, a "mule in a horse's harness". Great video!
Ariel Family (4 days ago)
There is a lot of static in the sound.
I really liked what you said at the end! And thank you for the tips :)
soyearold (7 days ago)
I love # 12 the most. Respect is always in. We see people  everywhere screaming with the   phones.
Chuying Long (10 days ago)
What she said is very useful! Subscribed ~
Megan Allen (11 days ago)
I really like your sweater.
Amoni C. (11 days ago)
Kate Middleton has a twin in America!
Amoni C. (11 days ago)
Wow. You look just like Kate Middleton !
baluga agulab (11 days ago)
you look like princess Catherine
Michael Kalivoda (12 days ago)
I love silver jewelry...., But the belt purse .. shoes match is this ok ????
Ana Mae Rubio (13 days ago)
You are beautiful but I suggest next time please put pictures so that we can familiarize the idea that you are sharing. Thank You.
shash.x (14 days ago)
i just checked my tag and it says it's made from 100% recycled plastic bottles...
Tiffany and Co. (14 days ago)
I enjoyed this video, but I notice people always say to invest in better quality more expensive because cheaper things don't last. I would like people to start speaking to how you should care and wash your items because I never have issues with my cheaper items. I have literally had items from Forever 21 for over 10 years. I am 33 and still have some classic styled pieces from cheap stores that I bought when I was 19. Basic/classic items not trend.
anon a (16 days ago)
why shes so excited!
Anusha Singh (17 days ago)
Leather is so cruel. It is beyond words what the animals endure. They are branded, roughly handled, straved, broken and slit in their bloodpool where they die while the flesh is ripped off their body while alive. Are you mentally sick to try to influence people into buying this crap? Animals are not ours to use and abuse in any way and people like you should visit the slaughterhouses where they die and bleed to give you your stupid belt. Go for manmade scientific durable materials instead of cruel animal derived things. Please do research and see animal videos before saying all this.
Anusha Singh (17 days ago)
Wool and cashmere, angora, fur etc. Are very cruel fabrics. Please do not influence people to buy animal cruelty. See petas videos on what goes on behind the scene for these materials.
Anusha Singh (17 days ago)
That unblended eyeshadow is killing me
17thUnicorn (18 days ago)
Great, fun video!
17thUnicorn (18 days ago)
There's no pink sheep??
Foxsecrets (18 days ago)
Please talk a bit slower and less excited
Elite Imperials (21 days ago)
What are you saying that women that can’t afford a $45.00 t-shirt can’t be classy ? Can’t stop laughing 😂. Laughable and sad at the same time. .... moving on
Munaza Pari (21 days ago)
Can u do a series on how to dress for occasion... a series in which u show us different looks for different occasions to do and to do...that would be really helpful
Delia FM (22 days ago)
I don't usually comment here in YouTube, but I truly think you deserve it. Don't let people take you down by harrasing you and making your content look less attractive to whoever read these comments. I totally understood what you wanted to say without pictures, and loved the enthusiasm you put in your words. Keep up the good work, a new and forever subscriber :)
L.A. Hair Design (25 days ago)
Tone of skin never changes.
EnMode (26 days ago)
If women stopped buying polyester, Zara, H&M, Macy's, and even some high-end designers would go out of business COMPLETELY. LOL!
Raddhasurya Patel (26 days ago)
No 12 is the most crucial. Thanks Ma'm for even thinking about it. You are really Classy!
Daisy May (26 days ago)
Sorry, but you CAN find quality at H&M and other high street shops if you shop around. And you are far too long winded. I couldn't get passed writing this comment, 3.5 minutes into the video.
Thanh Nguyen (27 days ago)
Shut your mouth off
K V (27 days ago)
Right right right right super annoying pick another word right
MsLouisV (28 days ago)
Some advice is outdated. Also this is a video—- video means visual. Way too much talking and not enough visuals. that’s kind of boring ☹️
Xomarah Dickison (29 days ago)
By point #2 I tuned out. Sorry but a polyester knit lasts longer than necessary. And I have never seen a pink sheep but dyes work on cotton, wool, leather, linen, silk. Natural textiles does not mean natural colors.
Cynthia Arons (1 month ago)
Why is she so hard to listen to? Too much talking/chatter? I could not even get half way.
FelicciaMonino1818 (1 month ago)
Your new subie XO
FelicciaMonino1818 (1 month ago)
I see what you're doing you are getting inspired by Kate middleton lol! Love you! You look little like kate she have a coat in that same color of your turtle neck! Thank you I love you and love this video XO! Please more more classy please ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Sovanni Bun (1 month ago)
Awesome tips. I just subscribed!
Jin James (1 month ago)
https://myshopprime.com/product/heavily-damaged-blue-jeans/114183885 click here to become trendy
welesh mahary (1 month ago)
Why don't you give us an example ( model) or yourself doing what you are saying
Awie Mulder (1 month ago)
Fantastic love it xxx
WildKittyCat (1 month ago)
Great video! Thank you sooo much! Super subscribed!
ANGELA (1 month ago)
I love the last TIP, for me It's the most important. no matter how you look if your behavior not match.
Thanh Nguyen (1 month ago)
Crazy, you have to show physical pictures not just talking. Who has time to listen to whole statement without the visual looks huh? Your channel will be DEATH. SHUT OFF
Dreamer 1 (1 month ago)
And o yes, of course I liked and subscribed :)
Dreamer 1 (1 month ago)
So much fun listening to you. You are a pleasure watch and listen to. What a sunshine, some expressions even made me laugh "avoid it like the plague" lol
daisyys (1 month ago)
thank you for making this video! love love your energy and radiance!
Egle Heins (1 month ago)
Polyester is awful and pollutes the water when washing the garments. However suggesting cotton may not be the most ethical fashion decision as it is the most unsustainable material in terms of how it is grown and processed for the fashion industry. The only bigger offender towards the environment is oil! Cotton may seem like a great idea but I think leaning towards the man made synthetic fibres such as viscose can look just as classy and also more environmentally friendly.
glenda reserva (1 month ago)
I just learnt that all these things do not really matter when you are weak and dying ... 😊
Deborah Sauter (1 month ago)
Matching Shoes and Handbags ! What a concept that everyone has been RESISTING for the last 20 years.
Petit White (1 month ago)
If all women followed your advise, then women all over the world would look monochrome-plain look. Polyester is not good for the environment but in terms of lasting for years, polyester would last for over 500 years compared to natural fibers. I have a polyester dress in 1995 and still looking good as new. Buying polyester is not good for the environment for sure.
L * (1 month ago)
larks...too much chatting...if I don't agree with ur views on polyester, I should feel free to not watch your channel...really?...ok....bye!
Chuck Norita (1 month ago)
Major rule of dressing classy: White is for casual shoes, not for pumps. Only exception to this rule are the *satin* *fabric* covered pumps for your wedding dress. Any shade of beige is the way to go if you need very light coloured pumps. They will make any outfit look posh and classy.
glen adams (1 month ago)
Anastasia Morgan -Rose (1 month ago)
I have always loved cotton, cashmere, leather but I do think a splash of colour against neutral palette. Know your colours too - orange and blue look great providing one dominates, e.g navy blue (a neutral) with a splash of orange - match that with a statement piece in rose gold or copper hardware or simple, under stated jewellery. Thanks for the advice though
Lydia Fatemi (1 month ago)
your content was fine, but the editing was choppy and weird.
Jackie Olivia (1 month ago)
If you want to look classy maybe blend your eyeshadow
Leticia Vargas (1 month ago)
Excellent communicator...didn't need pictures...I got the visual...motivational also!
Ruby O'kosi (1 month ago)
All talk. No examples
Rosario Quiroga (1 month ago)
Can we get some pictures of outfits what’s is good what is not? Thanks for sharing .You are great
Julie Thompson (1 month ago)
7. Prints and plaids = smaller is better..... Not always. I feel like it needs to be said that it should be the smallest size you can do for your body type. I'm curvy. When my patterns are too small, or too big, they draw more attention to those curves. Most floral prints or stripes that I wear HAVE to be mid-sized or they draw attention in ways that I don't want. If you can, try on clothes with different sized prints to test which minimize that effect. Then look for clothes with prints that have a similar size.
NEW NORM TRUMP (1 month ago)
Princess Julia (1 month ago)
Would find pics so much more helpful.
Sorryscene (2 months ago)
You are just so likeable 😊
Roberta Norma (2 months ago)
Totally agree on natural materials. Linen is the best for summer. MagicLinen dresses is the number one for me. Any opinions on this brand? Haven't tried any pants yet.
Nannapa Malayapron (2 months ago)
Hello. Big kiss from Thailand .
jaylotter aspital (2 months ago)
Please u talking a lot that displaying🙄... So boring while listening
Brittany Sweitzer (2 months ago)
I find this to be true! Sometimes I feel boring...but I'll gladly stick to classic, simple style.
Ceaaa22 (2 months ago)
17:12 So true and I've known many who have it the good looks and wardrobe department, but are basically horrible, horrible people.
violethill37 (2 months ago)
I agree about really cheap shirts, but H&M does have these shirts they sell every season for $5 or $6, and surprisingly mine lasted years and the material never looked worn. It is hit or miss, others at H&M only last a week, but I sure got an investment lifespan out of those shirts.
Maria Cecilia Bugayong (2 months ago)
Your hair is soo so beautiful <3
Stefanie Bolton (2 months ago)
Loved the video that you did on the style secrets !! Due to unfortunate, painful memories of unfortunate past things that happened to me years ago, I am currently in the process of taking better care of myself, including my stubborn streak, and I feel like the video on style secrets is going to further help me with my sense of style and with how I view the world at large. You are a true inspiration to me as I further my " style education " ! Thank you so much for your videos ! Chao !
Tatiana Braine (2 months ago)
Belt bag and shoes -wrong ! It was the way a 20 years ago , sorry
Kalizzy21 (2 months ago)
Thanks Rachel for sharing your insights. I have learnt a lot. I could be wrong but I see some resemblance between you and Kate Middleton hehehe......Its your channel, do it your way. Cheers.
Mia Hess (2 months ago)
Hate to tell you, dear, but nowadays the occasions for getting dressed up are too rare. Such a pity. Otherwise you are on the money. You sound like my mom!
Mia Calixte (2 months ago)
I love this!! I just bought my first pair of oxfords and I’m thinking of wearing those with one of my button ups with a sweater, but I’m just not sure how to completely make up my wardrobe! I want a rider look, but I don’t know how to style it, so this is the first video I’m taking on my journey to dress more like a woman, and not some emo teen from Waterford, Connecticut 😂 Thanks again!!!
em. (2 months ago)
AMEN to all the points you made in this video. This is common knowledge that everyone should have and that is yet so often overlooked, deemed "too old school" or "too elitist". Thank you for sharing this.
Francesca Brembilla (2 months ago)
I love this video! Thank you for sharing
Aisha J (2 months ago)
I just came across this video right now, and I honestly LOVE the way you speak. I know several comments in here said that you need to have some visuals, but honestly, with your confidence and your communication skills, it made the video flow really nicely. Overall, thank you for getting to the point, speaking with so much enthusiasm, and being bold, it's not something I see in a lot of youtubers (even the popular ones). Please continue to make more videos like this!!
VictoriaOfAmero (2 months ago)
I love your blue turtleneck blouse! It’s a beautiful pop of color. May I ask: where did you get it? I love your channel. You’re such an inspiration!
Ivy Tania (2 months ago)
The key I guess is just to be modest and pretty, hence classy 😊
Daisy Darling (2 months ago)
Love this topic ! I just started my own fashion brand and have classy fashion too ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc5IN26bMb4
journeyLynn (2 months ago)
I abhor polyester. Everything sticks to it and it clings to all my rolls. It seems like there are a lot of expensive brands that use polyester. I guess they buy cheap and sell high. It's not right though.
H Hicks (2 months ago)
Love your videos. You're energetic and know what you're talking about. Ignore the comments about you talking too much. You're fine. The folks who don't like your style can get a book on style out of the library.
Heidi (2 months ago)
being overly animated and waiving with your hands when speaking is everything but class
Tatiana P. (2 months ago)
Me+neutrals=besties. I actually always prefer go neutral colored and love how i can mix and match them. I don't see it as boring.
Naomi Cox (2 months ago)
A small percentage of synthetic fiber content is fine for some jeans, sweaters, etc. Be very careful with white pants and white shoes. They can look quite cheap. Also, try not to look like you're trying so hard. Live a little!
An Cel (2 months ago)
You slightly look like kate middleton!! 💓
Heena Gupta (2 months ago)
you look like kate mideltown
lovila arina manasikana (2 months ago)
yes, NO polyester. I hate it. but where is the secrets? i already follow every rule for ages, it is like a basic rule isnt? not helpful (i know all the rule) but it is very nice video.
Elli Valmont (2 months ago)
Aww the entire time I’m watching your video I felt like Kate Middleton is giving me advice. Love it!!
Juliette Matoski (2 months ago)
Honey, you do you!! You're enthusiasm is great!!
Lea Ottaway (2 months ago)
Silly Are you being paid to sell ? Plastics dont wrinkle and are classy. Hahaha
Natalie Clarke (2 months ago)
I have a question? How do you style a body that is more bottom heavy (pear shaped) in measurement but has an hourglass silhouette from the front? 🤔 aka I have a big butt 😂
Renae Phillips (2 months ago)

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