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12 Style Secrets All Classy Women Know

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↓ OPEN THIS FOR MORE INFO ↓ Hey everyone! I am so excited to share this video on the 12 Style Secrets that ALL Classy Women Know (and follow!) Make sure to watch my video on Classy Style for Beginners (linked below) if you haven't already and as always, thank you for subscribing!! Xo, R SHOP THE VIDEO: Pin Stripe Jeans at Macy's: https://www.macys.com/shop/product/lauren-ralph-lauren-premier-skinny-crop-jeans?ID=5712491&CategoryID=3485&swatchColor=Light%20Striped%20Wash#fn=DEPARTMENT_TYPE%3DJeans%3B%3BPants%3B%3BShorts%3B%3BSkirts%26SIZE%3D%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D178%26ruleId%3D65%7CBOOST%20ATTRIBUTE%7CBOOST%20SAVED%20SET%26searchPass%3DmatchNone%26slotId%3D1 FOLLOW ME ON : Blog: https://www.TheRachelReview.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therachelreview/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therachelreview44/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/therachelreview For collaboration requests, please e-mail [email protected] ___________________________________________________________________ Contact me: For all non-business related inquiries and subscribers please e-mail [email protected] {DISCLAIMER: I use affiliate links and advertising sponsorships as a means to monetize this video. As always, all opinions stated are my own. Using affiliate links does not charge you, the consumer, in their use.}
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The Rachel Review (6 months ago)
08.19.18 Hello everyone! I just wanted to post a comment on here to let everyone know that I have been reading your comments and I am taking in all of the great feedback! You have all been so amazing and I am so happy that you are here watching The Rachel Review. I just wanted to take the time to address a few points on this video: 1) I published this video over two months ago and my channel was at less than 1,000 subscribers. I was speaking to *my audience at the time*, mostly American women. The video has since gone viral and people from all over the globe are comment on it and critiquing it. I have heard your comments and will add in the changes to my *NEW* videos 2) ON MY TALKING TOO MUCH: Again, I am working on cutting down my videos to make them easier to digest. I do talk a lot, but it is because I care and want my audience to have the complete picture of what I am thinking. 3) ON POLYESTER: Everyone has had (or still has) something polyester in their wardrobe. I get it, I truly do. BUT, *I stand by what I said* when I say that polyester does not last the test of time. If you don't like my view on this, feel free to NOT watch my channel :) 4) ON THE VISUALS: I published this video two months ago and have since learned that you all need more visuals! Thank you for informing me, I will certainly add many more visuals to my future videos! Thank you everyone for watching, subscribing, sharing and commenting - I look forward to creating many more videos for you here on The Rachel Review. Xo, R.
Nalini Sugrim (1 month ago)
Very good info. But not applicable to all cultures. Indian women look incredibly beautiful with many colours and huge accesdories. Less is more doesn't apply in this case.
Jo Whipp (2 months ago)
Rachel, I think you are a "Classy" young woman. I enjoyed this very much.
PRINCESS CHANNEL (2 months ago)
Anusha Singh (2 months ago)
Polyester is NOT bad.. many amazing beautiful fabrics are made of polyester and they are beautiful.
happy mahi (15 hours ago)
Rachel I must say it was just amazing!! I must say all the tips were so relatable and easier as compared to the other video I had gone through.. thank u..
Ilika Yeptho (1 day ago)
Your talking too much and not showing the picture
Suetania Emmanuel (2 days ago)
Very informative, thanks for reminding me on how to be classy. Great job
Rachel Hope (3 days ago)
Love the video! Who are some of your classy women icons?
Sherry Desmarais (6 days ago)
In secret #9 you say “hot” couture. It is actually pronounced “haute” (as is coat) couture.
Jenn Truong (8 days ago)
I heard ver-sa-tality..... What? I believe it is pronounced ver-suh-tility. Her mis-pronunciation is not classy, lol
Sharon Williams (8 days ago)
I have to admit that I like number 12 the best. If you aren’t kind and considerate toward people, they aren’t going to care what you’re wearing. 😊
Isobel Lake (9 days ago)
You look just like Kate Middleton!
Hello Ms. Rachel I am a beginner to your channel and totally agree with your opinion. From listening to you realized a person's outfit represents or speaks of his or her mindset. Also, I think it goes in hand with having core values as you stated near ending of video. You are very informative, and exuberant as well as a cheerful giver.
Dehbia Yanes (10 days ago)
Nice video! I like the way you talk with excitement as, and the fact that the video is not cut, it makes you sound more natural. Keep going!
Grateful Girl (11 days ago)
Spot on with Polyester!!! I hate polyester. Makes me itch, sweat . . .I love natural fabrics. COTTON is my fav. You just cant beat it. The only problem I have is its so hard to find 100% clothing. They always want to add polyester or some other synthetic and ruin the entire piece.
สำหรับฉัน รู้สึกมีความสุขมากๆ สำหรับการต้อนรับที่ดีมากๆ และอบอุ่นและสุขใจที่สุด ที่เจ้าชายเฮนรี่ แห่งเวลส์ให้ความรัก และความจริงใจอย่างสุภาพที่สุด ของเจ้าชายเฮนรี่ ที่เต็มไปด้วยความเป็นบุรุษ ที่ติดดินมีน้ำพระทัยและกรุณาต่อฉันด้วยความรักความห่วงใยดุจท่านคอยเป็นกำลังใจ ให้ต่อฉันอย่างดีจนมาถึง ณ. ในอนาคตนี้ ที่ท่านจะให้ความรักต่อฉันในการหมั้นการเสกสมรส และยศตลอดจน ตราสัญลักษณ์ประตำตัว และทุกครอส ของการทำงานเพื่อเด็กและเยาวชน รวมทั้งทุกๆการเรียนรู้ของทุกบุคลิกของ การเข้าสังคม ไปว่าการแต่งกายหน้าทรงผมเสื้อผ้า ด้วยความกรุณาเหมือน ดัชเชสเคทลีน เป็นอะไรที่ยิ่งใหญ่มากสำหรับชีวิตความเป็นคนไทยชองฉันฉันก็ขอขอบคุณเจ้าชายเฮนรี่มากๆ อยากจะบอกท่านว่า ทุกๆอบ่างที่ท่านให้ความรักและกรุณาต่อฉัน ฉันขอน้อมรับด้วยความยินดีและกราบท่าน ด้วยความรักทั้งหมด และด้วยความภักดี ทั้งหมด ของผู้หญิงไทยที่ชื่อ วันนา อย่างสูงคะ และฉันก็ขอส่งทุกๆ ความกรุณาถึงท่านด้วยความรักและกรุณา พร้อมพระราชินรอลิซาเบธที่ 2 เจ้าชายฟิลินป์ เจ้าชายชาร์หดัชเชสคามีร่า เจ้าชายวิลเลียมดัชเชสเคทลีนและราชวงศ์อังกฤษทุกองค์ และทุกๆองค์ในโลก ทุกๆผู้นำของโลกและปราชนทั้งโลก ทุกสื่อทุกศิลปิน มีแต่ครอบครัวที่ดีรักและอบอุ่นมากๆ มีแต่ความสุข และมีหน้าที่การงานเจริญก้าวหน้า คิดการงานใดๆสมปราถนาทุกๆประการ มั่งมีศรีสุข มีแต่สุขภาพดีๆ อายุยืนยาวมากๆ และมีแต่ความเจริญก้าวหน้าและมีความสุขมากๆตลอเไปคะ ด้วยความเคารพและนับถืออย่างสูงคะ wanna laugh
Abbey G (13 days ago)
Wonderful, wise advice. Kudos - this was totally on point!
Ermz kaye (14 days ago)
Why No Samples girl??!!! Why all just Blah! Blah!!!! Gee....!
Ellie B (14 days ago)
I wish this video had VISUALS 😁
Sandhya Thapliyal (15 days ago)
Shirley W (15 days ago)
Your videos Always make me smile 😆😊😊👌
croberts247 (18 days ago)
I love this. I soooooo agree with dressing for the occasion. To me it's the most important rule for fashion.
Kathrin Huber (20 days ago)
Pigs are pink, though.
Denise Ottie (21 days ago)
I believe posture or carriage is very important. Good posture makes a big differences in the fit and how one looks in their outfit. One will even look thinner and feel better with good posture.
Af G (21 days ago)
Very nice video thanks 👍
J Good (23 days ago)
Drinking game: Drink every time she says elevate or quality 😭😉
Mahika Patel (23 days ago)
Loved all the tips, New subscriber💕
Zi Hye Han (23 days ago)
This is more of a talking video
Amber Kapas (24 days ago)
I do wear a few items with large floral prints...it can work if everything else you are wearing is toned down....very minimal accessories if any! Also, if you go with high end brands of "polyester" fabrics it can cross over as dance wear and it doesn't show sweat. Most of all, being classy is living clean with integrity.
Seema Maheshgauri (24 days ago)
So much talk
yves (24 days ago)
Dawn Stonerock (24 days ago)
Don’t care for BBS. Too Matchy matchy
Xyz (24 days ago)
Great video!!! Thanks for sharing!
Raddhasurya Patel (25 days ago)
Rachael dear, Many thanks for the 12th point! I totally agree with you, without that all the others will just not be enough!
Dakota Velazquez (26 days ago)
She isn't loud or loud mouthed. The fact that some of you women think a classy lady has to be timid and quiet and sit perfectly still is so oppressive. I see a passionate woman who is smart and confident, we should move on from what men in the 1800s thought classy women should act like
Vanessa D. (27 days ago)
I really love blended fabrics, I especially love cotton mixed with linen, it is my absolutely fave!
alliseearedemons (28 days ago)
I love neutrals so this is right up my alley haha
Sandra Remolina (29 days ago)
Sandra Remolina (29 days ago)
Kay Parcell Hoff (29 days ago)
Regarding rule #8, my mother always told me that you should try to dress one "level" (2 max) ahead of what others will probably be wearing. You will still fit in but will be better put together. This also "saves" you if you dress a little too casual for an event because of a misunderstanding.
Beverly Rhys Puguon (29 days ago)
Talking doesnt help...y not just show..duhhhj
Bliss WKC (29 days ago)
Thank You sooo much dearest 💐 You’re such an inspiration 🥰 Be Blissful Eternally 🙏🏼😇
Lena Dawud (30 days ago)
you really talk toooo much, boring
Afroza Nasrin (1 month ago)
Beautiful sharing!
hunter walker (1 month ago)
60% of clothes are made of Polyester! It is the weave or knit or way fabric is made of the fiber that makes the quality. There is good polyester out there.
Elizabeth Elizabeth (1 month ago)
I clicked the subscribe bottom cause You are so beautiful 🥰 I want to be like youuuuuu!
A Jen Nungshi (1 month ago)
Your idea doesn't comply with my idea of classiness. I'm a classy kinda a women and o do my way
Elionor De Asis (1 month ago)
You're amazing...
Mickey 85 (1 month ago)
Love this video😊
Amy K (1 month ago)
#1 most good quality fabric are made from animals. Animals aren't treated well even if its for wool. Id rather not. Leather is animal skin. Some people dont care about cow pig goat and sheep but trust me dogs are included in that leather making product as well. None of these animals are treated well. Watch just 1 video Sorry to be a downer but you lost me at #1 Your video is great all points perfect except for me i would rather wear man made materials so i know.an animal didnt suffer for my look
Alice2035 (1 month ago)
ah i am of Hispanic/ White decent and have Oliveish skin undertones with Dark Hair, so me wherein any shade of Beige, Tope, Tan, or White washes me out or they blend too much with my own skin tone. However i am trying to incorporate more shades like black and pops or subtle hints of color into my wardrobe.
Lee Francis (1 month ago)
I think Phillopino woman have the best manners overall they could help all women with their classy ways.
Chia-Li Amy Yu (1 month ago)
This video is awesome. Your clean makeup, classy look and your confidence make your video even more convincing.
Regan Rose (1 month ago)
This is the first video of your's i have watched and i just love your enthusiasm
Karle Maye (1 month ago)
have a uniform and then vary it - my basic uniform is the best quality black pencil skirt i can get. this skirt with a few blouses and jackets will take me a long way. i also wear pointy kitten heels. these pumps are stylish yet comfy and work for me because i am tall 5'9. (i do have other colors in pencil skirts but the black one is my core item). this is my basic work and church uniform and my casual uniform is skinny jeans, cute pointy flats, and cotton button up blouses. these looks continue to get me compliments. find what works and repeat it. last tip is keep your weight in check because you do not want to invest in finding the right pieces and then grow out of them.
wendyisafarmer (1 month ago)
Ew had to stop watching since she promotes wearing animal skin 🤢🤢🤢 nasty.
devannenotes (1 month ago)
At 5:07 She says that shades is adding black and tones is adding white? Is that just how it works with clothes? Because when painting, tones is adding gray and tints is adding white.
Sharon Woryn (1 month ago)
If you are a plus size gal, small prints will look ridiculous on you. It's about scale with prints, jewelry and handbags. You need to wear what works with your size. Oversized jewelry on a petite woman for example looks wrong because it doesn't work with her frame. You need to consider this.
lala foster (1 month ago)
This info is outdated. Surprised this was from 2018.
Waldina May (1 month ago)
Love it ❤️
Petras Petraitis (1 month ago)
Mano mamyte neleidzia ziureti i jusu madas.Sako kad jus rodote plika kuna.Mamite man vakar nupirko si telefona.Ar jus mano dedes panele.Jei taip turesiu grazia teta😊
Ingrid Weiner (1 month ago)
Never have I ever seen a BBS set in any store.
Rachel Kagombora (1 month ago)
We share the same name
Sooner boy (1 month ago)
I am a classy women. I could make a video.
Josie Buhain (1 month ago)
You talk to much
Jacquee Noel (1 month ago)
i... i just.... just blend your eyeshadow.... please.....
Geline Avenir (1 month ago)
Lot of talk...no visuals...
Christy Rivers (1 month ago)
Show more visuals, speak less. It took until half way through your video to see any visuals at all.
Dear classy women take off my clothes from my wardrobe wearing stolen clothes you are fake
Robin Smith (1 month ago)
I happen to really like your "lecture hall" style of instruction. It's well thought out, explained in detail, and simple to understand. Also, I find your styling tips appealing because you're not teaching people how to wear the latest fads and trends, but how to consistently dress in way that will always look classy and therefore trendy. I love this because I don't usually buy in to a lot of trends that I know are ridiculous and will fade out quickly. Thank you :)
Kiky Burnett (1 month ago)
Great Video, Thanks. The last one is the Top One 👍👍😍
butterfly9274 (1 month ago)
I wish this was visual☺️
Lovely! All of them. Especially the last one. Love you. ❤ Thx.
Megha Bhardwaj (1 month ago)
i m ur big fan swty😘
Polyester is fabric that you can rely. On.. Neutral collor is boring..but you can combine
ErumZeeshan memon (1 month ago)
Chatter box
Risha Rene (1 month ago)
Now I have to throw away all my clothes and start over
Veronica Lacson (1 month ago)
Is it only me or does she really look like Kate Middleton in some angles?
nashwa (1 month ago)
I loved your tips but I wish you had used photos to support them. Visual aids makes info stick
Taijana Tijuana (1 month ago)
Too stepford wife, cookie cutter looking for me. Classy maybe but there’s no character. 😴
dishhatter (1 month ago)
Awww!! Thank you.hugs
Raquel Podesta (1 month ago)
You lost me at White Shoes 🙀 never
Dawn Harper (1 month ago)
I don't mind buying inexpensive clothes, because my style changes regularly, and my clothes don't usually last me more than two years.
Loraine Spencer (1 month ago)
I disagree with number one. My longest lasting non fading t-shirts are fake materials. It may not look elegant, I don't want to buy black t-shirts every year.
Loretta De Stefano (2 months ago)
Hi Rachel. Thank for creating this in-depth and insightful video. I agree with all of your points and appreciate your professionalism, in terms of diction and quality of your video. You have set yourself apart from the crowd. As our earth becomes increasingly contaminated with plastics, I agree we should avoid buying polyester products. When I think of my ancestors, I appreciate even more the effort they made to dress with quality, well-pressed clothing. It is nice to know that someone like you exists in the world.
India Madsen (2 months ago)
I love how enthusiastic you are in every video! Maybe you could do a lookbook video to show some of your styles?
Nephilir (2 months ago)
Please take some make up classes cos you are so very pretty but that makeup is done quite poorly and is not well blended . It does not look classy at all.
tammy cameron (2 months ago)
I think you did a GREAT job! Love this video!
Gisselle Adriana (2 months ago)
The hiss Is killing me! We need to invest un better cables/sound recording equipment. As to the content: Fantástico! Just a little repetitive a bit more practice at the mirror before actually recording should Fix this repetitive repetitive repetitive habit.
Priya Roy (2 months ago)
You are too cute😂😂😂😂mainly expression
Heather Day (2 months ago)
Where did you get your top? I've been looking for a turtlneck with those sleeves. Thank you!
Alice Verberne (2 months ago)
Alice Verberne (2 months ago)
I enjoy your enthusiasm and the fun comments like a pink sheep. Adorable. Great tips too.
A Clutter-Free Life (2 months ago)
I have a red leather bag Ralph Lauren a red suede slides ..I also have a dark reddish brown bag from fossil also in leather.. and i recently got tan suede slides ..oh and I have a muted pink bag from coach .. I hope I can mix and match I donnno they are amazing quality..
Life As We Know It (2 months ago)
I don’t know if I should trust you, if your turtleneck is not even folded right 🤦‍♀️
Meair Scheuer (2 months ago)
Hi I am so happy to have found you on youtube tonight! You are an amazing teacher. I just subscribed. You are my role model. I eas so depressed today, I am feeling so much better. I feel I am taking steps to becoming a more classy woman just for me! Thank You please continue doing your videos you have a fantastic gift!
wally 007 (2 months ago)
find the best deal ahttps://amzn.to/2UJwC2st this time
wally 007 (2 months ago)
find the good deal https://amzn.to/2PwUSkN
Christine DesArts (2 months ago)
Also this my experience having worked in 6 years in retail and as a personal stylist & shopper sometimes when you do a small print it can look too busy depending on your frame. If you’re a size 10 or up do not under any circumstances buy something with the small print or solid they can make you look bigger than you actually are. Choose medium and large prints to balance out your frame. The more space btwn the print and background lead the eye to focus in on the dead space. Less dead space and the smaller you look. And the opposite if you’re a small frame choose more solid tops and small medium sized prints to fill out the space! Less dead space and more details make you look fuller. So example medium to big polka dot blue & white shirt on a size 12, a small polka dot black & white shirt on a size 2. A plain grey or Dark Navy Blue pin stripe shirt or pant on a size12 where the vertical pin stripes are spaced narrow but a grey or navy blue wide spaced pin striped shirt giving the illusion of less or pants on a small frame giving the illusion of more. Consequently once you start layering or w/clothes that have texture, more texture on smaller frames and less texture on larger frames. It’s all about perception: covering a surface area. Think of your clothes as how fabric lies on a dining rm table. A runner makes a long rectangular table look longer and table cloth makes it look fuller. You wouldn’t put a runner on a small square dining room table you would want to put a full table cloth making the table space look bigger than smaller! Ex. If you have a large bust wear a modest v neck or scoop neck if you have a small bust wear a crew, boat neck or turtle neck top.
kenny (2 months ago)
I admire bright colors... in fact I really look fantastic in pink, and my favorite pick shade is hot pink.
Sandra Picciotto (2 months ago)
Talk to much.
Mary Chialastri (2 months ago)
The spelling is too, not to.
Angelina Zubrilina (2 months ago)
Love your energy and knowledge. Thank you.
Christina Martins (2 months ago)
Sorry but not every ody can pull off a pair of white pants...

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