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Oracle Unified Directory Installation and Configuration

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Blog Link : http://prasaddomala.com/oracle-unified-directory-installation-and-configuration/
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R P (7 months ago)
You are awesome. Nice meeting you.
Sunny Choudhary (7 months ago)
Hi prasad, Your videos are really very usefull. Can you please release come video for Configuration of SSO through OAM. Thanks Prashant
Nirav Jadav (8 months ago)
Very good video! Thanks Prasad..
Amit Chouhan (8 months ago)
very nice video
Geoff Fx (1 year ago)
Hi Prasad, I used this and another one of your videos to install current version ( of OUD/OUDSM/WLS in to a Oracle VM environment. How does one implement a stable environment with these products? We've found the solution to be a little touchy and unstable, any changes to OEL 7 breaks OUD & WLS. Also what is the best practice for auto loading OUD & WLS after reboot? Anyway, we've enjoyed your video and keep up the great work! Cheers
Todd McDaniel (1 year ago)
Prasad, you installed JDK 1.8 here but JDK 1.7 for OIM/OAM install? Why is it compatible here and not for OIM/OAM?
bert torres (1 year ago)
Hi Prasad, do you have a video wherein i want to connect this oud to our outsystem platform using LDAP on configure authentication? i cannot connect this one please help
sreedhar s (1 year ago)
installer will open in GUI mode right. we need any software for that?
Jagdeep Sethi (1 year ago)
Anand Subramaniam (1 year ago)
Very precise and well made video. I followed it to the dot for my OUD install. Thanks very much.
Prasad Domala (1 year ago)
+Anand Subramaniam Thanks
Prasad Domala (1 year ago)
Anand Subramaniam Thanks Anand.
Abhishek Sinha (1 year ago)
Hi Prasad, the video was really helpful. One thing I wanted to ask is how do we create suffix from the cli in OUD? Browsed internet and got confused in workflow and elements.
Anuradha Mishra (2 years ago)
Very HelpFul video Prasad
Gayathri Devi (2 years ago)
Hi Prasad, thanks for the Wonderful Video and explanation. Can you please share some more videos on integration of OUD with Oracle Database and Integration of OUD with Active Directory.
Gayathri Devi (2 years ago)
Hi Prasad, Firstly thank you for your response. Yes, OUD I what to implement as the Proxy server to integrate AD with oracle Database. As AD can't directly integrate with Database for authentication so I felt OUD with proxy can fix the issue. So, I need to integrate with AD-OUD-Database for Authentication.
Prasad Domala (2 years ago)
Hello Gayathri. Can you please elaborate? Do you want to setup some kind of replication between OUD - AD - DB ?
Just rock :) No comments
Prasad Domala (2 years ago)
Thanks :)
Down Dog01 (2 years ago)
Excellent you get 5 stars
Mike Farrar (2 years ago)
Thanks Prasad. Excellent video.
Saurabh Asthana (2 years ago)
thanks a lot for such a good explanation. can you just share some details , how have you configured virtual box to run linux
Prasad Domala (2 years ago)
+saurabhraj asthana Mobaxterm is just SSH client. Find the IP of your IP using if config command and connect to it using ssh ipaddress
Saurabh Asthana (2 years ago)
thanks for your reply :) i was able to install linux on vmware successfully. But i am unable to configure mobaxterm on my system to run the linux on VMware. I have seen ur videos, where u r using mobaxterm. can you please guide me for the same. Thanks
Prasad Domala (2 years ago)
Thanks. To create a virtual box, you need Vmware Workstation Player & Oracle Linux ISO file which can be downloaded from Vmware & Oracle sites respectively. After installing Vmware Player, you can select create new virtual machine and choose your Oracle Linux ISO file. After the VM is fired up, you just need to follow the onscreen instructions and your VM is ready. Please let me know if you face any issue. I will try to make a video on setting up Linux VM soon.
Sathesh Kumar (2 years ago)
Nice Video Bro ! Thanks !
Shekar Pandiya (2 years ago)
Very nice video and very well explained
Prasad Domala (2 years ago)
+Shekar Pandiya Thanks Shekar
Kapil Khanna (2 years ago)
U are just awesome. Very nice explanation. Thanks.
Prasad Domala (2 years ago)
+Kapil Khanna Thanks Kapil. Stay tuned for more videos on Middleware technologies.

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