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How to Wear a Hoodie | 6 Ways

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Text Comments (952)
Affan Siddiqi (20 days ago)
Sean Mcmillan (23 days ago)
Excellent style advice
cheesy chicken (1 month ago)
Am i The Only girl here
wavy is okay (1 month ago)
How I wear my hoodies Step 1:grab short sleeve or classic black hoodie Step 2: grab joggers Step 3: wear all black Nike revolution 4s
dinkalinsky _hentai (2 months ago)
I don't wear hoodies that much because people say I'm just trying to cover up my fat ass
Antonio Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Where do you purchase your thinner hoodies?
viveksahu007 (2 months ago)
3D Hoodies https://bit.ly/2I0JZay
EGGBERT INKABOD (2 months ago)
Pocho where's Cisco
M I C H A E L!! (2 months ago)
I wear a white hoodie with a black jacket thin with light jeans black socks and black vans and I fold the end of my jeans, now that’s i started doing that two people been doin it which gets me mad cause I don’t like people copyin my looks but I don’t trip about it to much
Im literally addicted to hoodies
Keron Pope (3 months ago)
If you're dark skin, what color hoodies should you look at?
Ari's Moonlight (20 days ago)
Moroccan Med (3 months ago)
3:30 Rami malek 😍
Jack Hagebak (3 months ago)
1,000th comment!
hooC fifty (3 months ago)
Nobody wanna wear ya goofy ass watches
Kathryn Lindenberger (3 months ago)
I’m a girl and I legit wear a different grey hoodie Everyday. I put my laundry away every Sunday and I leave out my grey hoodies and skinny jeans because why bother putting it away just to get one out the next day EDIT* or leggings cuz duh
G_ PM_ (3 months ago)
i have oversized tees, and wear tees over hoodie, is good?
r/ Woosh (4 months ago)
1:34 Vid starts here guys unless you wanna watch the whole ad
Alex B (4 months ago)
2:20 bomber link in center?
Asgard Reynolds (4 months ago)
Why are you so sexy
Aman Chauhan (4 months ago)
You look like an INDIAN.😎
Jesse Klomp (5 months ago)
Does someone know the brand of this leatherjacket: 3:17
A Bowl of Ramen Noodles (5 months ago)
Huh *hoodies*
Chase (5 months ago)
I really like the feel of AE hoodies but they have logos all over them
æDudeæ Swedish (5 months ago)
1000th comment btw
MagicalSquid (5 months ago)
Whats the name of that blue hoodie that he is wearin gin the video?
Elijah LaPorte (5 months ago)
Best yt channel
swapnil belekar (5 months ago)
Plz share link
Zeus He (5 months ago)
Sure... but what If most of my peers know you?
Gilang ko (5 months ago)
what color does the man use?
CC_ Kasuga (5 months ago)
you either stole and made your video slightly different from a fashion article or they stole it from you
J4KER (5 months ago)
i wear a oversized flannel shirt over my hoodie, try it out
Joshua Torres (6 months ago)
So basically if it doesnt look good with him it doesnt look good at all
Rabin Timilsina (6 months ago)
How many of you are watching this wearing a hoodie??
blue sky (6 months ago)
I want toy buy a hoodie but i dont know what color to get
Party Geeker (6 months ago)
I use hoodie when its snowing and -5
chris69 (6 months ago)
There is only on way to wear a hoodie, noway.
saso 10 (6 months ago)
Oh man; you are the furthest point to which I have seen Capitalism come to. If I need to explain I would point to the fact that you're selling your affiliates' stuff - and by so doing gaining financial interest for yourself.* You do that by selling not only bad values, beliefs and creating a super-consumer community which is also a snob. But doing this with a REASON, a PRETENCE to gain whatever financial gain from in many ways. I deduct that if what you are doing falls within the freedom of speech right, then this comment cannot be excluded, banned or similarly based on the same reason - breaching my freedom of speech... Well if you can do it, I must be able to do it as well! Right? ... there can not be a reasoning as to give you priviligatory (legal or other) status, just due to a fact that you are in this correspondence more powerful in many ways: in the ability to being able to influence more people because of your followings and so because you are heard; nextly because you have a significant financial interest in this activity (channel) because of large investment in work hours etc, ... and also in your base (the followers) from which you build on... A. PS: Turtleneck sweaters for men are GAY - and have always been. Sophistication is one thing but being gay is another thing completely.
saso 10 (6 months ago)
By the way, I still need to congratulate you on your talent in getting followers, financial interest - that is good. I do not, however, congratulate you on having a style or sense of fashion - not even a habit (based on what I see) of being 'well dressed as a man'' - because that you are not. ... I do agree with you on one thing though. Bomber jackets are awesome and make any man seem more raw, manly etc...
flying soul (6 months ago)
Bro you just made the same video lol
satchit sharma (6 months ago)
The worst part in tmf is that he never talks negative about sponsers...its irritating and u have to understand that nothing is perfect even the best has some negativity.
Diego Alza (6 months ago)
alexgv (6 months ago)
3:40 ...... bruuh
Chandan Kumar (7 months ago)
1 Denim Jacket 2 Bomber Jacket 3 Leather Jacket 4 Over Coat 5 Cardigan
METHODS (7 months ago)
I was sleeping on my hoodie while watching your video, sorry
NICO BERNARDO VLOGS (7 months ago)
What would be a good pair for a blue the dye
honey singh (7 months ago)
What the fuck? You must be wearing a sporty watch with hoodie
safwan zaeem (7 months ago)
whats the fabric in your bomber?
AndRoit 0 (7 months ago)
I am really glad i found this channel when i was 13
Josh Kou (7 months ago)
Absolute genius styles Jose!
quang huy nguyen vu (7 months ago)
What is his green bomber jacket made by??...... Pls.. Someone help me. :(
Fernando Fernando (7 months ago)
I have a dream.... to one day watch a TMF video without an annoying ass sponsor
The Grind Don’t Stop (7 months ago)
I like how you always rub your hands when showing a 360° view of your outfit, you kinda got it on to me. I'm doing it all the time now
YouKnowMeQuandoTV (7 months ago)
This Will Help Me Very Much !!!💪💪💪
DraconiteGaming (7 months ago)
Im 12, can i do this too?
jakob main (7 months ago)
jakob main (7 months ago)
jakob main (7 months ago)
i love that hoodie your wearing where is it from
Khalil Ahmad (7 months ago)
I like your blue hoddie how could I buy it in India I m your big fan from india
infrapunaperse (7 months ago)
Not that stylish color matching imo.
Le o (7 months ago)
My 2 bombers have a hoodie on it
Phoenix Agario (7 months ago)
😂😂2:06 the struggle man ahh Trying to put hands in pockets rip
The Niqqaman (8 months ago)
Stop moving pls
Will Baldwin (8 months ago)
Hey! I have a question! Please reply aha! Is it acceptable at 23 to wear an Adidas hoodie ? I know it’s branded, and the logo is big on the front, but is also really good quality and comfortable!
Half of this video is juat an ad for some stupid watch
Joel Foy (8 months ago)
Black hoodie and light blue jeans?
scoutBAR Labs (8 months ago)
Great Video Watching you from long time, Keep Posting more videos on best mens products keep up the good work. Checkout scoutBAR for Great Trendy Hoodies and get worldwide shipping https://www.scoutbar.me/collections/hoodies-for-men
Ben Everett (8 months ago)
Where he getting all these hoodies?
ritiksfilms (8 months ago)
What about flannel over hoodie?
Hello Sir (8 months ago)
Says every one needs a leather jacket but doesn’t have one himself
Mr Burns (8 months ago)
What about wearing shorts with a hoodie? I’ve seen a lot of people (mainly guys) do this.
Tyler Playzzz (9 months ago)
I don’t have hoodies bc my girl 😂
Fabian te Raaij (9 months ago)
Do you read my mind?
Albert Mago (9 months ago)
look hold on I live in Florida (i know you do too) but it's WAY too hot to layer
Curtis Moreland (9 months ago)
Ad ends 1:34
wowie (9 months ago)
What hoodie were ya wearing in this video?
Gaming Ocurence (9 months ago)
How to wear hoodie? Tighten your hood and disguise yourself in the public.
NeonZ 1135 (9 months ago)
In my country if u ever wear a hoodie or at least 2 layers of clothes u r considered as crazy
René Vos (9 months ago)
Just wear a white hoodie with a black denim jacket. It's literally the most styleful thing possible to wear, I swear.
William Warlick (9 months ago)
29% of this video is an ad... im not mad just saying
Tongs (9 months ago)
Do a video how to style sweatpants(red color)
Osaze Gabriel (9 months ago)
i won't weara Hoodie with a sakko
Levi Woods (10 months ago)
what if your watch is completely constructed of wood?
explore with Aryan Jain (10 months ago)
Subscribe #teachingmensfashion and #explorewitharyanjain
Amr Aljuberi (10 months ago)
Where do you get the hoodie from
Jacob Federici (10 months ago)
Mans in florida no way we're wearing a denim jacket, a hoodie, and a t shirt, in one outfit. Still love the vid tho
Lainey K. (10 months ago)
It's a hoodie. We don't need a video of someone showing is how to wear a hoodie. Everyone knows how to wear one.
Da Zewsed (10 months ago)
Why the f**k is it always watches
johnny. (10 months ago)
is there a link to that blue hoodie your wearing in video?
Hu3rta10125 (10 months ago)
What’s the brand of the hoodie he is wearing
King of Comedy (10 months ago)
Yo Jose, if you’re reading this can you pls tell me where you got that overcoat from? Thx for the amazing vids and keep it up!
The Windex Man (10 months ago)
I have the exact same hoodie as you (first one)
Markas Brown (10 months ago)
What's that blue hoodie brand??
Prince Of Youtube (5 months ago)
Lil x (10 months ago)
u look like Miguel
Teen Gohan (10 months ago)
I wish I could like stay over his house for a whole summer, just so he can teach me like everything he knows about all this dressing stuff and basic hygiene stuff
Justin Marzán (10 months ago)
Came to a video about hoodies hoping for a hoodie ad, disappointing
Emmanuel Lee (10 months ago)
what to wear with green nike hoodie and cap?
Delta Aviator (10 months ago)
Hey Jose where did you get that blue hoodie?
Yahya Helal (10 months ago)
How to wear a hoodiee Step 1 : Buy esntls Step 2 : Repeat step 1
SDG - Daily Destiny (10 months ago)
where did you get that blue hoodie from
Rabbit (11 months ago)
How 'bout women?

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