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Nobis Yatesy Men's Winter Parka Review

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Tis the season for cold weather. Today I look at the Nobis Yatesy Down Parka with Sympatex waterproof material. Is it worth the steep price? Apologize in Advance for gum chewing sounds. Didn't think the shotgun microphone would pick it up from a distance.
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Keith C (5 months ago)
I have a Nobis as well, but it has been used for three years and I feel like it is not waterproof anymore. Do you really recommend the Kiwi spray and any tips on application?
Stan (6 months ago)
Is this jacket a regular fit or slim fit? Is this large size jacket pretty relaxed or tight for you?
Stan (6 months ago)
I have 41 42 inches chest, do you think M or L fit me better. I am also 5'9''
Albert Hu (6 months ago)
Hi How tall are you?
StuffAddict (6 months ago)

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