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BLUE ORANGE ASIA | BLUE ORANGE UK IS AN AWARD WINNING BEAUTY FMCG, SKINCARE, HAIRCARE, COSMETIC PRODUCT BRAND MARKETING-ADVERTISING AGENCY BASED IN BANGKOK THAILAND. . WE CURRENTLY SERVICE clients in Mayfair, London, UK, Central London, England United Kingdom, Bangkok Thailand, Central Hong Kong, Singapore, HCMC Vietnam, Yangon Myanmar, Vientiane Laos, Mumbai, India, Shanghai China, and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. . MANY OF THE BEST LUXURY BRANDS work with us as their consultants and agency partners because we are credible and deliver better ideas and better results, optimizing sales in the process Our past and present clients include Faconable, Avon Cosmetics UK, SUNSILK, P&G Olay England and Hong Kong, Givenchy Europe. . OUR OUTSTANDING SERVICES INCLUDE Beauty FMCG, Skincare, Haircare, Cosmetic branding and design | new FMCG, Retail, Beauty brand and product marketing, advertising Communications | New Beauty, Skincare and Hair care Product Marketing Strategy and Marketing Communications | Copy writing | new FMCG, Retail, Beauty Corporate Video productions | new FMCG, Retail, Beauty, Skincare and Hair care TV and film commercial productions | new FMCG, Retail, Beauty Photography | New Beauty, Skincare and Hair care Product Photography | New Beauty, Skincare and Hair care Product Digital Online Marketing and Advertising | New FMCG, Retail, Beauty Brand and Marketing Strategy | Consumer Shopper Advertising Strategy | Strategic Marketing Communications | FMCG Retail Marketing, Brand Positioning | retail product brand activation | Digital Online Marketing & Advertising | New FMCG, Retail, Beauty Website design and building | Search Engine Optimization | Viral Brand Marketing. . HOW TO STAND OUT FROM YOUR COMPETITION AND BEAT YOUR COMPETITION IN 2017? CONTACT US NOW AND WE’LL SHOW YOU HOW. . BLUE ORANGE ASIA EMAIL: [email protected] www.blueorangeasia.com | www.blueorangeuk.com . OUR CLEAR DIFFERENCE: 20 years of Award Winning Experience with the best Agencies in the world. 20 years of Expertise Servicing Fortune 100 Companies. Better Ideas. Better Results. Over 40 endorsements on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/brandmarketingagency . TOP 3 TIPS FOR FMCG BEAUTY PRODUCT DIGITAL MARKETING IN THAILAND. 1. Have a direct, continuous, two-way dialogue with consumers FMCG Brands are traditionally built using mass TV advertising to drive retail sales, supported by promotional marketing. Digital enables ongoing connection using a range of channels and platforms – via social and CRM, and useful services and utilities delivered on mobile. 2. Drive engagement and sales in retail Through innovation in point of sale systems, mobile and marketing platforms there are now opportunities to drive engagement and conversion in the shopper/retail environment. Working in partnership with retail partners, or via established payment or couponing platforms (such as the UK's Pay point), we can deliver discounts and offers in real time, direct to the consumer, for immediate one-time redemption through retailers. This also enables shopper centric utility delivering inspiration and information in the shopper journey. 3. Get data on consumer preferences and purchasing behavior Extend the conversation to be continuous and into the retail environment on digital platforms. This generates a huge amount of data about how consumers choose and buy products - insights previously at the fingertips of retailers and kept at a distance from brands. These are valuable for product development, the ongoing development of the consumer experience and in trading negotiations with retailers.
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